Monday, January 31, 2011

please, can I ask a favor?

valerie and me
This is my little sister Valerie. This is her blog Loraxlover
My family though, we love each other dearly is not close, we do not talk alot. I havent talked to her in a couple months, but I noticed just now that she updated her blog tonight. Please add her and her husband to your prayers. And stop by her blog to read what is happening there and to let her know your praying for them. I think she would appreciate it. Val hasnt had the easiest of lives and struggles a lot.. Her husband is precious to her. I'm heart broken for her. I love her dearly and I wish we werent all so far away.
just, please read it and pray for them
thank you.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

ahhh chooo!

feeling kind of crappy.. got very little sleep last night (about 3 hours total) my torry pie likes to be awake. not crying.. just awake.. and he likes to eat often. I felt ok last night but woke up with a nasty cold. I kind of thought earlier in the week that I might be coming down with something as I had a sinus headache for a couple days. I just hope I didnt pass it on to my wittle baby!
Its been a tea, honey and lemon kind of day, and that pink coconut snowball?? the hostess pink coconut snowball fairy must have thrown those in my cart at the store last night! OH MY!
My sweet hubby went to paneras and brought me home a LARGE container of their brocoli cheddar soup and bread. He is a good boy. That made me feel better!
I actually lied/layed (??) on the couch and watched two movies today (I never do that!) I watcd remember the titans, with my honey denzel, and then a movie called Town. I will surely go to bed early tonight. very early! I think I'm going to take a bath, and then have some popcorn.. then off to bed I go! have a great week everyone!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

♥grammie loves torry pie♥

we interupt this blog for a quick baby break! Torry pie is here visiting his grammie pie for the day and night!

grammie pie is very happy to have him here!
we had to have a little photo shoot...

OMG!! isnt he perfectly wonderful?!

I LOVE this baby!!!
oops.. I dont usually post twice in a day.. so if you missed this mornings post be sure to scroll down! will be bloghopping shortly! see you there!

such sweetness!!

Recieved this box of valentinesy goodness in the mail this week!

Natalea Kandefer hosted a sweet little swap with a handful of girls and we each made valentine ornaments. I was amazed at the awesome creations! wait till you see them all!

This lacey little heart was made by Alisa Noble, I dont know Alisa, but I have to find her blog and run to thank her this morning!

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that its the weekend!! ?? and best of all, I get to babysit today and tonight for my little baby torry pie!! Ive already been cleaning the house and have dinner planned and some magazines set aside and Im going to watch eat pray love.. a quiet comfy day planned for me and my torry pie!!
(I'm gonna bounce back and forth.. hope not to confuse you..!) this sweet ornament below was made by my gal pal, sandy camarda! I saw these on her blog and was so excited cause I knew one would be finding its way to me! I'll be seeing sandy next weekend ! cant wait!
natataleas having a valentine party/sleepover with lots of fun things packed into the day, night and next morning! cant wait! wish you all could be there!

speaking of natalea, she made this sweet little hot air balloon of love! adorable isnt it?

And look at this freaken adorable little heart girl!! made by sweet Cindy of thimbleprimstudio! LOVE this!!

One of the things I love about blogging is that all my blogging buds are so freaken creative and just plain get it that we pretty much live to create! Can you imagine not creating? what would we do with ourselves? I cant imagine.

OMG!!!! Is this not the most awesome freaken creation ever??? I was floored when I opened this by Marion Ballog! GEEZ LOUISE!! I FREAKEN LOVE THIS!!

HOping to get to the postoffice this morning to mail out all my valentines and my valentine doll swap and my giftie to my swap pal Kelbug! if I get off this computer I might be able to do that!!

LOOk at this sweet cup of LOve! made by Nataleas mother Ludonna! I just love this! Its too big to hang on my little tree, so I have it setting beside it. Its so creamy and dainty! I just love it!

I think I already showed you the ornies I made for this swap. this is the one I kept for myself. I just think its so cute! OKeedokie bloggy pals.. one more thing before I go... does anyone know how to deal with this screen? I keep getting this when I try to go to Elizabeths blog or to my friend Terris blog. It doesnt seem to come up for anyone else. I can get to E's blog still through my google reader, but I cant click on it with out getting to this.. HELP someone.. I'm sure to go through Elizabeth withdrawal with out some sort of intervention!!!!!

Have a great weekend Everybody!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

silly ol me..

Good morning blogland. Is it the weekend yet? do you girls who stay home know how jealous I am?? I do love my job and my work friends, and the kids I work with, but I wish I only worked 4 days a week.. I just really need a third day on the weekends!! oh well.. whine whine whine!
I truely am ever so grateful to God that I have a good job.. so thats enough of that!
hehe.. I keep meaning to tell you a funny little story.. ok, I talk to myself all the time.. Its how I stay focused ( come to think of it, it doesnt work well , I still dont focus well!) Anyways.. I was talking to myself the other day while I was working on a project and all of a sudden I said, "OH honey, you dont want to do that!" lol!!! I called myself honey I just thought it was so funny it made me really laugh out loud. Some people think I'm a freak... perhaps they are right! but at least I can get a good laugh at myself ... umm, most everyday! Just thought Id share that little story with you.. cause I thinks it really funny!
So on to this little bear. He is a valentine gift for someone special! cant say who... she might see my blog. i dont know if she comes here or not! Ive been working away of valentines things.. I did two sets of ornaments for two different ornie swaps.. cant wait to see what comes in the mail! I made a valentine doll, that turned out quite cute.. will show you after she is recieved by my partner! I also made 5 valentines for the five girls I'm swapping with. I couldn't handle anymore then that! Plus now I'm working on some little valentines for a special tea party that Im going to at Nataleas house! and a couple birthday gifties for natalea and sandy as well! So I have been busy. But!! I have to admit that Im about done with v day creating and about ready to move onto easter! my goal is to get some things in my etsy shop for easter.. so lets see if I can do that! Till then, lets just keep enjoying sweet valentines things!
one valentine tree

OK girls, stay warm and have a great day!!
Oh! one more thing... Terri.. I keep trying to click on your name to come say hi, but I'm unable to gain access to your blog and dont have an email address to email you! IM so glad your blogging again and happy to see you here.
I hope you can reset your blog of fix the link or something so I can get over to see you!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a little monkey business!

The weekend flew by! I've been pretty busy the whole time! Saturday am, I started making my valentine monkey!
the beginning of some monkey business!
I think I mentioned in the previous post that I've had a little monkey dancing around in my brain for a couple weeks. He needed to get out! I had no idea what he would be until he was finished!
I just knew he was in there!
So I worked on him early sat, then went to a baby shower and then grocery shopping where I spent an absurd amount of money!! I had hubby with me and let him pick out what ever he wanted. I shop for two weeks at a time and really I'd be ashammed to tell you how much I usually spend.. I am curious how much you all spend if youd care to share with me....
Saturday night I finished putting mr pink monkey together and got his pants made.
I also stained and scruffed him up so he didnt look so new. then this morning I got up and finished him.
I then cleaned my craft room because it was trashed.. really! Look at my flickr pics if you want to see what my work table looked like.. theres some cute pics there of figgy and frannie enjoying the mess.
It was the coldest day of the year today, Im not sure what the temp was, but I know it was in the single digits. So what do the crazy neronis do on the coldest day of the year? We have a cook out! I had bought a bunch of steaks yesterday and Tony cooked them outside. I really had intended to go out and take a few pictures, but I forgot!
The kids all came over and my sweet little gwanbuddie was here. torry pie
OH. mY. GOD!!!
I just love him to pieces!!!!!! He is so freaken awesome and soo freaken adorable.. I can hardly stand it!
WE had steak, sweet potatos, salad, peas and cheesy garlic bread. And then to top it all off brownie sundaes! uhhhh ... yeah.... lets now mention that diet word again today .. ok?
So now, everyone has left and I'm in my pjs thinking that I really need to go put the mountains of laundry in my room away so I can find clothes to where to work in the morning.. but ... Im feeling a bit more like grabbing up a couple magazines and curling up on the couch~ ( I never do that!.. but I have to admit that I have been tired lately!)
I hope you all had a great weekend.. It seems that it has been fairly quiet here in blogland. I'm gonna do a little blog hopping before I hit the couch..
see yas later and have a great week!

Friday, January 21, 2011

what diet??????

F the diet!!!

oh dear. oh dear oh dear!!
I was so good all day.. but on the way home I could think of nothing else but pizza and boneless wings... I was going to go grocery shopping but the roads were really crappy and I didnt want to shop in our local grocery stores. I prefer wegmans, even though its a 40 minute drive. I dont run into clients there and their produce is awesome. the whole store is really. I always seem to run into people I dont want to talk to at the stores in our little county. So I mostly shop elsewhere.
Anyways, so I didnt get any grocerys... I stopped at the corner store to get catfood, bread and CHIPS AND DIP!! What diet??? shhh.. we arent talking about that.
Yay!! its friday! Tonight Im going to start a valentine something or other. There has been a monkey dancing around in my head.. so thats the first thought I have, but when I start pulling things out and making a pattern, it could end up being almost anything else! I'll show you when I get done.
Tomorrow I have to go to a baby shower. One of the girls I work with is expecting twin girls. How exciting is that? And then Sunday Im planning on being home all day. (oh tomorrow, I have to get grocerys too)
uhg.. I have a tummy ache.. ..
I deserve it!
talk to yas over the weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

running on empty!

Was up half the night at the hospital! As Jennifer was having severe pains in her stomach. they did a bunch of blood tests and a cat scan... then sent her home with the flu. Poor kid!
Then I woke up a couple hours later..very tired, with a headache and a sore throat.... but now that Ive been up for a couple hours and had 3 cups of tea, I think I'll be just fine. Maybe the sore throat was from sleeping with my mouth open.. the headache just from being tired?? The lack of sleep will hit me about 2:00~ luckily I dont require a lot of sleep. Though I do like to get 5 or 6.. and I think I only got 3 and a half last night.
In any case I'm ready to head off to work. but geez.. i wish I didnt have to work. In my next life Im not working!! lol! (I dont really believe that I get a next life.. but I do believe I'll go to heaven and if I have to work there, I 'll love it!)

These pics are of some ornies I made for one of the valentine ornie swaps Im in. I forgot to take pics of the others before wrapping and sealing the box! duh!!! I've been bad about showing swappy things these last few months.. sorry!! I'll be better this year....

I also finished my valentine doll for Cindy of thimbleprims val doll swap! cant show you yet.. till my partner gets her. Uh.. I have to remember to take her picture!!
OK.. so I really do have to get going .. I have to go register a new foster child at school. Then off to the office to work on notes! I'm soo behind on my notes!
have a great wednesday.. hopefully you dont have to go to work......! OH.. and Im tired of winter now!! lol!! still have another 8 weeks to go.. better get over it huh?!
see yas later!

Monday, January 17, 2011

urgent prayer request

Baby Addison, that I told you about a few posts back is in need of more prayers.. my daughter just recieved a text from Addisons mom saying that she needed prayers, She has developed bleeding on the brain. I dont know any more then that , or what that even means to a 2 lb 3 oz baby.. but it cant be good.. so please send those prayers up again right now.
thanks all

Sunday, January 16, 2011

wittle baby torry pie

The girls and the baby came
over yesterday for a little visit.
Just thought Id do a very quick post to show you my sweet little boy!

isnt he adorable!

he's eating his mothers nose.

jen and bethany mauling torry.
hes soo serious!

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

smoshy smoshy torry pie!

hi little pumpkin!

grammie pie loves you!

so does aunt jen...
and all too soon he had to go home..
and left his grammie pie all alone..........
♥He is my little valentine♥