Saturday, October 31, 2009

my daughter made me this....


My very creative daughter Jennifer, made this wonderful book for me!
I love it.. and thought I'd share if with you for Halloween!
so Enjoy!

The End!
I didnt take the best pictures ever..
in fact they dont begin to do the book justice...
but I think you can see the pages well enough.
isnt it wonderful???
Thank you Jennifer!
mommy loves you baby!
Have a happy and safe halloween everyone!

Friday, October 30, 2009



This is the strangest picture

I've ever seen of myself!

Kind of SPOOKY!

Fits the occasion!


happy day before halloween friday!!

Happy Friday Morning everyone! I'm soo glad for the weekend to get here. And its the day before halloween, so things should be a little festive at work today. Well, at least I hope so! I should run into the kitchen and make something yummie to take in, but then, I will want to eat it..

Anyone out there dressing up this weekend? I'm not dressing up.. but I recieved some little trinkets from my secret witch sister from Genenvieves swap, and I made them into barrettes so I will be wearing spiders, bats and mice in my hair today. and probablytomorrow too..
Got all my laundry done.. and going to brockport right from work to get grocerys.. then my big jobs will be done and I wont have to do anything this weekend but putter and play. I do have a Longaberger party to go in the morning, probably wont buy anything.. but a bunch of my girlfriends will be there, so I cant pass on going.. besides.. it'll give me a reason to wear my mouse and bug barrettes again!
Finally finished my punch needle pumpkin project (above).
I love how it turned out!

click here for info..

Also.. sign ups for the littlest Christmas elf end tonight. so if youre riding the fence.. you need to decide today. I would love to have you join! I will email everyone their partners tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm thrilled with the girls that have signed up so far..and struggling..
I want them all fror my partners.

Look! caught Figgy and frannie getting into trouble this morning!!!

I should dress them up like devils for halloween!

One more thing before I go.. I'm planning a giveaway! I havent done one in a while and should have done one for my birthday or halloween..

I'll think of something and post it this weekend.
see yas later!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

vintage pictures!! oh my!

An old friend posted some OLD pictures on face book today. look how adorable my husband was.. ooopss is! ANd.. how freaking skinny I was! yeah.. I used to smoke.. but quite over 24 years ago! eiy yie yie.. we are getting ELDERLY!!! look at the freaken patch on my pants.. in a lovely spot! I used to patch my jeans til I was patching the patches! And check out those gigantic glasses!! but I was soo skinny! those were the days my friends.. ummm.. actually.. those were the wild days! whoo... glad we survived them! thats all I'm saying about that!
I think this was our first christmas
what babes we were..
our first date was that Jethro tull concert
that he is wearing the t-shirt from!
And then..
there was this day!
we had the simpliest of weddings..
and I cant believe I wore those fake orange flowers in my hair!

Ha!! NOw look at us!! yeah...
he is still adorable..
come on .. admit it...
you know he is!

And he is stuck with this !!
33 years later! see I told ya..

oh.. one more thing..
lost another 3 pounds this past week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

came home to a little surprise!

I am not afraid of mice.. and I do actually think they are cute for the most part.. In fact there was a time in my life when I had a couple of fat rats for pets. but I dont like to be surprised by any type of little critter running around in my house!
I came in after being out to dinner with 4 girlfriends.. (such fun!) and frannie and figgy did not come running to see me... I went into the kitchen and they were extremely interested in something else that was hiding behind the vacuum cleaner that I had left out yesterday! I moved it a little and out it came!! My son and his buddy came out and wanted to catch it.. so Now I had two adult?? boys and 2 cats after one litte (though rather large) mouse! it ran towards me.. and up onto the chair I jumped.. as I screamed ummm.... and screamed.. umm.. a few times...
robert caught it.. then held it in front of the cats noses.. it was jumping around and I thought it would bite them.. so I screamed again.. get it out of here!! He said he was going to kill it.. and then I screamed some more.. "YOure not going to kill it!! take it out and let it go in the cemetary!! " then he started out the door talking about how it would come back in and he was going to have to kill it.. so I ran in the bathroom and opened the window and screamed some more at my husband... "dont let him kill that thing!! make him let it go.." I got a "what the hell are you talking about and whats going on in there?" then I yelled some more telling him about what was going on.. as my son carried the poor thing by the tail out to the barn to show him!
I dont know what happen to the mouse..
frannie and figgy are still looking for it!
and I have a sore throat!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Good morning blogland friends! It looks like it might be a nice day out today. I already walked 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning, but I'm thinking if it stays sunny out, a walk outside later would be nice too! I do love the fall. Since we took our big maple tree down last year, my enclosed porch gets a lot of sunlight, which heats up the house if I open the door.. which I'm oh so happy to be able to do!
In the summer.. I had to keep the door closed alot, because it was like an oven out there. I think I'm going to have to buy some bamboo shades or something for during summer time.. but for now, its perfect!

anyways.. Heres some pics of fall at my house this morning... starting with my big breakfast!

And then some breakfast reading material... I'm so obsessed about losing weight. I keep buying cook books!

And on my kitchen table.. Halloween hodgepodge!
I love these little battery operated candles..
I could not get a good picture of this display for nothing! Its so cute in real life!
OUt side my kitchen window.. Fall is here!

My front porch..
its soo nice and warm out there with the sun streaming in!

I should have taken pictures of the other side too..
maybe next time.

And here is Frannie soaking up the sun and warmth!
Figgy was in the first pic..

Say it with me girls..
"Arent they Freaken Cute!!!"
HOpe you all enjoy your day!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

angels bears.. angel kittens...

This little angel bear box was mailed out this morning to someone... I'm sure a lot of you recieved the art exchange "chain letter". I recieved it twice and had to turn it down the second time. Anyways, this is what I made to send out to the person who was first on my list! I'm interested to see if what I might recieve from others! I hope my person likes this!

This pic is of my two live little kitten angels! a very typical picture of both of them trying to fit on my lap while I'm on the computer!

Frannie is smushing Figgy! but he really doesnt seem to mind. I dont know how they sleep like they do sometimes! You can barely tell in this pic above where one stops and the other starts! almost like real siamese (conjoined) kittens!

Ha!! at least Figgy thinks my sick jokes are funny!

Just hanging around the house today and tomorrow.. puttering and creating.. and trying not to pig out on anything! Thank you God for popcorn and Unsweetened icetea!

Dont forget to check out the elf swap posted below!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the Littlest Christmas elf swap

Announcing the littlest christmas elf swap! I have alot going on and probably have over extended myself with Swaps.. but this one I just cant pass up. I have to host it.. the last one for the year. Then a swap break should be in order! (at least for me!)

Are you interested? To sign up please email me at . I need your name, your blog address.. (sorry you have to have an active one..) and your mailing address.

YOur elf can be made of any material you choose and should be under 10 inches. I will take sign ups until the Oct. 30th.. and will notify you of your partners on november 1st. Mail out date to your partners will be dec 1st. The main critera for this swap is to make something soooo totally cute that you dont want to part with it.. so you may want to make two.. one for your partner and one for yourself. And as always, before mailing, please forward a picture of your creation to me so I can post a christmas parade of elves!
OK.. let the sign ups begin! HEres a badge to post on your blogs!

mr postman....

Sometimes I wonder what my mail lady thinks! I think I get more packages then bills or junk mail! I bet shes jealous!
I am suffering tonight from a silly little headache behind my eyes.. which is going to cause me to plant myself on the couch early I think! But before then and before I totally forget to post these pics, I want to show you some of the mail I got yesterday!

I did a special little one to one swap with Kelbug on flickr.. and she sent me this awesome little pumkin guy creation! I love him. I had sent her the pumpkin from a few posts ago.. "pumpkin prom"

Then a total surprise from my sweet friend Barb Burkard, 123lavenderlane... dont ya just love those siamese kittys? Thank you so much Barb!! When this headache goes away, I will find the Purrfect spot for it.

OK.. then... I did a raggedy ann swap with Cindy of thimbleprimsstudio. Cindy.. always.. and I do mean always.. goes all out for her swap partners. I Adore the doll she made for me.. and check out that little change purse!!

And.. look at these little kittens! they are sooo tiny. These are actually part of my birthday present from Cindy. she ordered them from someone in england.. I love them so much... I have to find somewhere special to keep them!
and if thats not enough.. check out this next picture.. she sent me all these patterns, a raggedy address book and cards! Thank you so much Cindy! If you ever have the opportunity to swap with her, you wont be sorry!
And speaking of Cindy.. I still havent posted the cute birthday gifts she sent me! It wasnt just those precious little kittens.. look at all these goodies too! Once again, thank you cindy!

I also recieved a package from my dear sweet Kai for my birthday.. She has a sense of humor like no other! I posted quite a while ago, a picture of figgy and frannie up on the counter eating a bowl of peas... so she made me a little crocheted siamese kitty, eating a plate of peas!!!! lol! I love it.. as well as all these other sweet things! Thank you Kai!ONe more birthday package to show you.. from my cute friend Natalea.. (kandeland) You cant see it too well in the picture , but the book is like a journal, with tons of questions and prompts of things to write about myself. I'm going to start it one of these days.. I just hate to write in it! and look at the sweet little forever friends hanging collage! Thank you to Natalea too!

I know that I recieved a few other things too, that I havent posted.. Please forgive me.. I promise for now on to post my pics.. before too much time goes by and I forget!! I am soooo forgetful

I want to apologize for not leaving too many comments lately on your blogs.. believe me I've been to them.. all.... but I'm struggling with time management right now... I will be by again before the weeks done.. and will try to leave comments! I'm promise!

I lost another 1.4 pounds this week.. but I came home tonight and pigged out a bit... Not totally out of control. but i ate more then I should have.. Oh well There will be those days sometimes!

toodles for now!