Sunday, May 31, 2009

A circus parade!

I had signed up for Lisa Kettells circus cart swap and I have to admit I was a little worried after I did, because I had never made anything remotely like a circus cart before. But I thought it would be fun to try anyways.

I was a little worried though for my partners sake, because I really had no idea what she might end up with.

So I went online and found some vintagey circus pictures and printed them out, dug through my junk and found an old tin and a couple wooden thread spools and the little bear. I went through my little pile of scrap book papers, and then started cutting and glueing things together.. with no clue what I was doing!

And this is what I came up with. I had so much fun making it! However, I took the pictures thinking I was done, wrapped it and boxed it up and had it ready to mail, then realized it those polar bears needed to be dressed up! so I opened it back up and glittered them with clear glitter gave them each a tiny crepe paper ruffle and a party hat. then I added bright red glitter to the wheels.. let it dry and wrapped it back up to go... with out taking another picture of it! (duh!)

So this is what I sent to my partner for the circus cart swap! I hope she likes it. I'm thinking she may have recieved it yesterday, if not then hopefully tomorrow!

In other news.. I gave you a little sneak peek of my raggedy ann that I made for Aunt PittyPats annie swap. Aunt pittypat herself was my partner (Marcel) and she recieved her yesterday and loves her. Im so glad she did! I was really liking her myself too. she had on the cutest little dress! I'm looking forward to seeing what Marcel sends me.

I'm expecting a few things in the mail. Sometimes I forget what I have coming and then its a surprise when they get here. Well, if its a swap, its always a surprise, because you dont know what wonderful thing someone might make for you!

So whats everyone doing today? Im still on call and have to do a home visit this morning, then I might go to michaels, I need something. I dont know what i need, but I'll know when I see it!
I need to do laundry...
I need to clean the bathroom...
run the vacuum...
and do some general picking up..
and I took pork nibblers (country style ribs) out of the freezer to cook on the grill and I'll probably make a potato salad..
Look how sweet these kittens are! can you barely stand it??? I cant. dont mind me.. this was taken at 7:00 am, right after rolling out of bed.. Eiy yie yie! I'm looking older and older all the time!
Have a purrfectly delightful day girls!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Yay!! its friday.. but once again.. i'm on call this weekend and coming week. but this is the last time for the summer. We have to sign up for two weeks out of a three month cycle. I was lucky to get my two weeks in early and be done. so I dont really have anything planned for the weekend. I have a couple projects to work on, ornies for a 4th of july swap, and my softie for the niagara girls retreat (coming up in a few weeks! yay!). I also have my quilt to work, which is going to be soo pretty when its finished. And, I just got an order for 12 memory bears yesterday. I also really need to clean my house! So I definitely have things to keep me busy. not to mention my very adorable and playful kittens, who both love me now! I know where the phrase copy cat comes from now.. She, (franny) follows figgy around and does what ever he does. its pretty funny! However, there is a creating keepsakes scrapboooking convention going on this weekend in Buffalo. Jennifer and I usually go, but shes busy, and I dont drive in buffalo.. so I guess I have to miss out on it. Come to think of it, I was on call last year at this time, because I had to find a quiet spot to take a report while we were there. I should call Natalea and see if she wants to go! I hate to miss it, there is sooo much wonderful stuff there!

There are two giveaways that you should go check out.. My friend Diane at she has a bunch of sweet vintagey sewing goodies that you will all want in on! And also Johanna parker is giving one of her sweet halloweenies away.. make sure you enter to win these goodies!

and.. let me add one more... Cindy at is also doing a sweet giveaway!
so be sure to visit all these blogs!
Also, there is a madhatter party planned.. you might like to check this out too..

oh! Ive stumbled upon another giveaway.. this one is by the Apron Goddesses! go here and good luck.. the aprons there are gorgeous!

Well, I really had stuff to show you, like the raggedy above, but I'll have to come back tonight to post again..

I've only got about 30 minutes to get ready for work now.. so

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

did ya miss me?

Im back. I've been off the computer all weekend! A huge piece of farm equipment came down the road and pulled the cable wire down! At least it didnt bring down the electric or phone wires with it!

For all of you that left me comments on my last post, thank you SOOOO MUCH! It really means a lot to me. I miss marmalade terribly and losing him made me miss Jasper all the more too. Friday night and saturday morning were pretty rough, but I called the lady who had my kittens on sat, and we went and picked them up .. so its been quite literally a whirlwind of activity here since then. Ok.. Ive not had kittens for 15 years! wow! they are crazy little fur balls! Its hard to get some good pictures of them, because they really dont hold still much. They are sweet though and they have made it a little easier to deal with losing marmalade. The boy, Figgy, (thinking of changing his name to frankie.. my son hates his name and refuses to call him by his name... ) is a sweet heart. He loves to be petted, and purrs up a storm, but then likes to get down and go play or sleep under the couch. But he likes to check in often. Frannie, is adorable and sweet, but really would rather not be handled! She looks at me and I swear she is saying.. "oh please do not look at me or pick me up!!" shes coming around though and has made quite a bit of progress in the past 4 days. Shes timid but I think she'll be fine. They are quite a pair and both of them are cute as heck! I keep saying "oh my gosh, they're so freaken cute!" I think I might be annoying my husband!

So what else is new? not much really, I spent a fortune on flowers and worked outside sunday and monday planting them and pulling weeds. I made a raggedy ann doll for Aunt PittyPats raggedy ann swap, but cant show pics til after she is recieved. She did turn out cute though. Other then that, I've not been very creative the last few days. I'm trying to decide what kind of little momento I can make in memory of marmalade. I'll probably make a little needle felted orange tiger kitty sometime soon.

Ive made 5 charm braclets to put in my etsy.. if I ever get it started! I have a couple other things for it too and I want to make a couple miniature bears also. If I ever get it up and running, I'll let you know!

No one's home tonight, both my husband and Robert are out working on their trucks, so I'm not cooking. Not sure what I'll have for dinner. theres left over pizza, or peanut butter toast and tea. Or popcorn!! or maybe eggs and toast, I'm getting hungry now.. and should be as its 8:10.

Well, I am way behind on your blogs now, thanks to one of my friendly neighborhood farmers! but I'm going to find some thing to eat and then start blog hopping!
have a good night and see you at your blogS soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

goodbye precious baby.......

Marmalade is gone ... I'm dying ... going to bed now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

franny pants and figgy pudd'n pie!

How freaken cute are these?? please let me intoduce francesca and figerow
(I honestly dont know how to spell either of those names.. ) but I will be calling them franny and figgy.. Oh my goodness I can hardly stand their cuteness..
franny pants is the first one, she is a siamese himalayan, born march 23rd and her little friend, figgy pudd'n pie is a sealpoint, a boy, born march 31st.

Jennifer and I went last night to look at them and found that they needed us to rescue them. The woman who was selling them lived in a nasty little dump! and had quite a few cats, though we only saw a few of them.. YOu definitely knew they were there. these kittens were a bit afraid of us and were not really wanting to come out of the room she was keeping them in. They really needed us to rescue them. But, I didnt bring them home yet.
We will pick them up sunday afternoon.. OMG I cant wait! but on the other hand.. I can because I'm going to have to put marmalade down this week. I cant stand the thought of that.
He is struggling to eat last night rob tried to get him to eat some chicken and he couldnt. I gave him some wet food this morning and he just licked at it. then I gave him a jar of baby food and though he ate two jars of it last night, he only ate about half a jar this morning. Other then his damn mouth, he really seems to be ok. He wants to sit on one of us all the time, and he's been sleeping on top of me every night. and PURRS all the time. but, he is not well and we know it. the drooling is gross and there is pink in it. so his mouth is raw and bleeding. Though he will not let me look. I've considered taking him to the vet so he can look, to see if there is anything we can do, but I know what the vet will tell me. Ive actually already called the vets office to see if he would come to the house to put him down as it will be so TRAUMATIC to take him out and I hate to think of the last minutes of his life to be filled with fear. anyways, I have to call them back this morning. Vicky the girl at the office, told me she thought they could work it out. the vets very busy, but he really is only about 8 minutes from here. I dont know.. then I wonder how much he will charge me to come here. I'm about broke after buying those two sweet peas!

well.. just wanted to share this picture ... now Ive got to get ready for work.

Work! Eiy yie yie! There are things going on there that I just dont want to deal with! really.... not good things... really... not good at all....

But, have a great day girls!! I'll just escape reality by thinking about little franny pants and figgy pudd'n pie all day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Morning girls! finished this charm braclet yesterday morning. I've been having fun making these little flower charms! And I have to admit, that I have spent way over a lot of money on crystals and beads and hardware and special little charms in the last month. but oh well.. such fun!!

The girls at work think I could sell these. Maybe I'll make a couple more and put them away for when I start my etsy. I have 4 things ready to go on now. but I really dont want to start it until I have at least 10 things to post.

I finished my circus cart for Lisa Kettells circus cart swap! I wish I could show you. but I cant until my partner recieves it. I think I like how it turned out. But I havent had a chance to compare it to anyone elses yet.. It was fun to make.. different for me. Thats one of the things I like about blogging and swaps, You're always being challanged to try something different!

I also finished my Sweet Tweet swap items, and those are going into todays mail. so in a couple days I can post those pictures. That was a fun swap too. I had actually made something different for my partner and then found out that she like black toile and red gingham together, got an idea and made her something else!

I started cutting out my quilt pieces sunday at a friends house. 5 of us got to gether to work on quilting projects. the quilt is going to be so pretty when it ever gets done! I have to cut the rest of the pieces out tonight. Then hopefully this weekend I'll go back over to my friend Bambi and she can show me how to put it together. she is making the same quilt! (Hi Bambi!! ... she reads my blog!) shes way ahead of me now though!
Its american idol night .. we're down to the wire. I like both the final choices, though I think that Adam should be the winner. He is so awesome.. I have a feeling though, that he is probably pretty full of himself and I dont think that sweet Chris is. Well it doesnt matter who wins at this point.. Adam will make albums and so will Chris!
Im hoping to go look at siamese kittens tonight too.. right after work if Jennifers available to go.
Marmalades really not doing so well. His mouth is a mess. poor baby. I'm going to have to make a decision soon I think. so sad......
well off to work I go.
I'll try to get caught up with all your blogs later tonight after american idol!
have a great day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning!

Awww... Heres my little Marmalade. I think he just had a birthday... according to Jennifer.. I cant remember which day she thinks is his birtday. In any case she thought he is 16 but he is not, he is 15. either way, hes getting up there in age. He really isnt doing to well, that tumor on his tongue is growing again and he is in a constant state of drool! and he is always wet as a result. The poor baby. Still eating well though and very affectionate and sweet. Unfortunetely I know we will lose him , I assume over the summer.

I have my eyes open looking for siamese kittens, I am going to want to get two of them. So far there are none around here, which is just as well, I dont want to get them yet. Just need to know they exist!

So, I was tagged by ZOE of If you have not met her, you should stop by her blog. she lives (I believe) in singapore, and she is adorable and funny. So here goes:

8 things I am looking forward too:

1) niagara sisters art retreat!! only a few weeks away!
2) getting all my flowers planted!
3) going to see the sound of music in toronto
4) making my 1st quilt (starting to cut it out tomorrow!)
5) many summer days at the beach!
6) starting up my etsy (dont know when~)
7) working 4 day weeks and getting out at 4:00 all summer
8) seeing Jennifers musical

8 things I did yesterday:
1) bought the first four of my hanging flower baskets!
2) had dinner with a bunch of girl friends!
3) play catch phrase
4) worked
5) prayed for people that I'm worried about!
6) called a friend to get her to talk me out of going shopping after work! (forgot about girls night, glad I didnt go shopping!
7) played on the computer, reading blogs and looking at flickr
8) worked on a swap project for the sweet tweet swap

8 things I wish I could do:
1) hire a gardener, maid and construction team!
2) (should be number #1) win the lottery!
3) work 4 day work weeks all year long!
4) pay for my family to come visit me, so I dont have to go visit them!!
5) wiggle my nose to pop in and out of far away places!
6) pay all my kids bills!
7) buy a cottage on the lake and hire someone to take care of it for me!
8) go back in time and change a few things!

8 shows I watch:
this one is more difficult to answer, because I really am not a huge tv watcher..
1) AMerican Idol
2) funny home videos
3) CSI
4) criminal minds
5) with out a trace
Really on the first two things are shows I will really want to watch.. the others if I'm in the living room working on a project, i will pay some attention too them.
I cant think of any others. I'll list some I liked when I was a kid...
6) brady bunch
7) bewitched
8) mary tyler moore

now I'm supposed to tag 8 people.. but I'm not going to.. If any one wants to play along, let me know your posting this, so I can see your answers!!

I have banana nut bread in the oven.. cant wait for it to be done! I'm hungry!
I've got lots of projects to work on today.. so off I go to get busy!

had to come back and pop in these pictures of the banana bread!
have a sweet weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ummm.. yeah, i bought some flowers.....

Well, luckily for my family, I am very quick to get over things! the junk is still out there, but I got to thinking and it is not in the part of the yard i use and if Robert would take the time to clean up a bit, It wouldnt bother me so much.. what bothers me is the oven and washer that he picked up on the side of the road to scrap! those absolutely can not stay. the other stuff is workable and not so noticeable and where I spend my out door time, I guess I wont be able to see. Unless of course I want to pick more lilacs! He wasnt happy, because I got after his father and then his father got after him. Robby came in and asked me next time I have a problem with him to come to him myself.. yeah, nah, His father will get better results then I will.
So.. I stopped on my way home from work and bought the first four hanging baskets. I'll be making sseveral more flower shopping trips as I have 5 window boxes and four very large containers as well as at least a dozen large pots. I really would like to dig everything up around my house and plant bushes.. then do all my gardening in pots. I do have a bunch of plants in the ground, but I hate taking care of them... weeding.. ... I hate weeding. and I dont like bugs. or worms..
I was supposed to be a princess.. I'm sure I've mentioned that here before. I'm sure I was switched at birth.. I just know it. Had I been raised like the rich princess I was supposed to be, I would have a gardener!! and a cute pool boy! (I dont have a pool.. so I suppose I would get one.. if I had someone else to take care of it for me.) Though I guess if I were a rich princess, I wouldnt need to work and then maybe I would have the time to take care of the pool and gardens myself and would maybe even enjoy gardening more!
So thank GOd its friday. You know I love my weekends and I'm not on call anymore! Tonight I'm going to girls night at a friends house for a while. I think tomorrow I'm planning on staying around home. I might go to the grocery store. though I really only need milk and cat food. I have projects here to work on. If someone were to twist my arm, I probably could be convinced to go to joanns or micheals.. though I shouldnt.. Or to get more flowers.. but its supposed to be rainy and cool. I really should just stay home.
Sunday morning I'm going to a friends house. Theres a bunch of us getting together to work on quilting projects that were doing. I'm going to start cutting out all the pieces to the quilt I'm making!
So.. those are my weekend plans.. how 'bout you girls??
oh.. and I did end up making dinner last night.. but not til after 9;00, and only because I got hungry and wanted chicken fajetas! have a sweet weekend blogger girls!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

grumpy and need to vent!

In spite of going out and picking all these sweet flowers, Im in a bad mood! and it was the going out side to pick them that actually put me in a bad mood. How can someone be grumpy after picking such pretty and sweet smelling flowers?

Its because I'm married to freaken sanford and son! remember them?? So really I havent been out back yet this year.. I have noticed when I pull in the drive way that there is a bunch of junk back there, but I hadnt noticed just how much.. until now!
I could barely get to the lilac bushes! My son thinks hes going to scrap all this scrap metal! Thanks to my husband and thanks to his father that tought him to do this! my yard looks like a freaken junk yard back there.

So now I've decided I'm not doing any gardening and I'm not buying any flowers, and this place can just look like crap... I'm not putting the money and effort into it, when theres all this junk out there. I had wanted to put in a little patio.. but I have no desire to sit out there now...
So then I come in and start looking around.. and everything in my house is bugging me now too!
And now.. I'm not cooking dinner either!
so there!
Sorry I'm grumpy tonight girls.. I hate when there are things that are out of my control that I cant fix or change on my own and I just needed to vent a bit.
and, I dropped the lid to a pan on my foot!

Monday, May 11, 2009

hope you had a happy mothers day!

I hope you all had a great mothers day.. I had a sweet day, even though I was on call and had to work a few hours. I started my day out having breakfast with my babies!

then my son called while I was out working and asked if I wanted to go out to breakfast.. well, I didnt want to wreck his plans, so of course I said sure! so I went and had breakfast number two with child number four! I ate half an omelet, I was so not hungry!! but it was nice to spend time with just robert. then I went back out to work.

when I was done working I went to my least favorite place in the world.. walmart.. with my daughters. i needed a window shade.. (and by the way.. I looked tonight at Valu and also at the dollar general and they didnt have them either!!) can you believe that walmart doesnt have any plain old window shades? but oh well, I had a good time with the girls. then we went home and watched.... benjamin button.. DO NOY WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS MOVIE! It was painfully weird and slow and LONG! Bethany slept through it.
This is one of the things I got for mothers day, Jennifer must have managed to buy this at the doll show when I wasnt looking! isnt she adorable!? Bethany gave some Mary englbriet things and also a princess mug!

Tony and his girlfriend came over before the movie ended and we eventually had a nice steak dinner cooked on the grill with veggies and potato casserole. For dessert we had banana splits.. well actually I had a banana split, the girls had sundaes and the guys didnt have dessert! Thats why they are all much thinner then us!

(ummmmm... and I had a banana split for my dinner tonight! tony ate last nights left overs.)
anyways... I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day too. I didnt get any pictures of the kids while they were here. but bethany took some interesting pictures of my sock monkey dancing and my son pointing a rifle at her!! when she down loads them I'll copy it and post it.. but beware.. its not a very nice picture!
Have a lovely week my friends!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

finished it.

So here is the little needle punch project i was working on . a couple years ago I made 11 of these little bags one for each month.. with the exception of may. just never got around to doing that one ! anyways, each little bag was made to represent a month and then I made a little bear to go with each bag. I've been saying for a couple years that I wanted to make the may bag.. and finally I got a round to it this week! the picture above is a front view, this one below is the back side. Also each little bag had charms to represent the month also.

Here is the bag with the bear in it. he needs to lose that hat. but I dont feel like redoing it tonight. maybe sometime during the week, it will only take 5 minutes to fix it up or make a new one, but not tonight!

The bear didnt turn out as cute as I would have liked him too. I may still need to tweak and play with him a bit. If you want to see the rest of these bears in the bags.. go here.. I took their pictures and posted them on flickr, but dont really feel like uploading them all over to blogger tonight.
Today Jennifer and I went to a doll show in the city. I got this sweet sweet tiny little german baby! isnt he adorable? I love tiny dolls! I almost bought a couple more nancy anns, but I ended up buying doll clothes and the cutest little baby shoes and these old nesting blocks.. I just thought they were so cute!
See the tiny little purple crocheted top and the tiny little red dress? this lady crochets those itsy bitsy things! And she can still see! I make tiny things, but my eyes are horrible. I dont know how anyone can crochet so little! Anyways, those two pieces are for violet and my 8 inch mary englebriet doll! And they look so cute on them! The other dresses are for other dolls I have and also one special one for another sock monkey I'm going to make!

Then there were these sweet old nesting blocks. god only knows why I had to have them. but they were cheap enough and oh so cute.

Now.. I'm hungry! Jen and I went to lunch at red robin and I ate a HUGE burger and fries and then of course didnt want any dinner.. So Tony ate left overs and I think now it might be time for some POPCORN!! I really like eating popcorn for dinner! And it wouldnt be so bad for me, if I didnt use half a stick of butter on it.

OK girls.. I have to do some blog hopping.. I signed up for a couple swaps and need to check to see when I need to be mailing things out! Have a great night!

and... happy mothers day!