Thursday, May 29, 2014

fairy garden time

Finally getting a chance to post the little fairy garden I did.  I like doing these miniature gardens.. they are fun and MANAGEABLE!  real gardens overwhelm me.  lol!
 I added the real birds nest that my friend Brenda gave me.  I think the branch should be up higher and maybe this weekend I ll find a different branch and redo it.   I also made the mushrooms on a whim while I was in the middle of planting the little garden!  lol.. I ran in the house, grabbed the sculptey and had the little shrooms in the oven in about 5 minutes!  then I didn't even wait for them to completely cool before I had them painted.. and because they were still warm, they dried really fast!  so I had them finished and popped into the garden in about half an hour from start to finish.    blaah blaah blaah..  do you really care??  lol!  
Sorry, sometimes I think I just go on and on about the stupidest stuff,  like this dragon fly that Ive had for years and years.  Isn't he cute?  He came off of an old fountain that I used to have.  I thought he'd be happy flirting with the fairy that lives in the garden!   
I still haven't finished planting.  I need to pick up a few more plants for the window boxes on the back of our house. But I did manage to get these Pansy's planted into this rusty old toy wheel barrel.   My friend Brenda has a big old tub of Pansy's that I just love.  And she has the cutest little painted Pansy sign stuck in the pot.  I was trying to sort of copy her.  but my pansy sign is just a piece of chalkboard.  Im going to paint a sign this weekend. maybe...    or.. maybe not... who knows!
So glad tomorrows Friday!   For a short week, its seems like a long week!  I had domestic violence training all day long for the last couple days and then I had to work late doing our parenting program tonight.. Just have to get through one more day!  Its supposed to be beautiful and warm this weekend.  I have a bunch of bear orders that I need to work on.  other then that, I really don't have any plans.. just hanging around!
Well I'm off now to do some blog hopping!  have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

may something... what is today anyways???

 Happy day after memorial day!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I had a perfect weekend!  working in the yard, planting flowers, shopping, cooking, eating.. and time with my family. the only thing lacking was crafting.. but I think when youre out playing with flowers that takes the place of crafting pretty well.. 
 Except that one makes me very sore and makes me realize how out of shape and old I am.  Crafting does not!
 I am a wimp!  
but I have cute little grand daughters dont I?  
We missed Torry pie yesterday... sometimes we have to share are pies with other families...    
Ive never been very good at sharing....  lol!
gotta go..  back to work today...
have a great day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

starting off the weekend!

 Good Morning bloggy pies!    Happy Memorial day weekend!  Someone posted a picture on facebook this morning of a women and a child grieving at a grave site with a reminder that memorial day is not all about picnics and beaches and 3 day weekends..  etc.  I think most of us know that.  I am totally aware of the reason for memorial day and I am very very grateful for those who have fought for and died for the freedoms that we have in this country... and with that said... .I will enjoy my, not three, but 4 day weekend, hopefully with a picnic and the lake! lol!
 So.. I have so much work to do around here... I need a fairy god mother.. probably several of them!   I m starting my weekend out cleaning up my craft room, bedroom and bathroom, then I'm off to go shopping with a friend and out to lunch.  There are two yard sales I'm planning on stopping at on my way to my friend's house.. maybe I'll find some cheap treasures!  fingers crossed!!   Hopefully this afternoon I'll have some time to get some groceries. 
( I only have ONE teabag for this morning!!!) 
If its not raining I'll be out pulling weeds and cleaning up the... lol... "garden".  I LOL, because.. I am soooo not a gardener and I have NO CLUE what the heck I'm doing out there!
 I am excited to plant my fairy garden this weekend.. I bought all these little plants to use this year.  Im hoping to work in the yard tomorrow morning and then maybe shop for the rest of my plants and flowers I have time.  I'm babysitting for violet in the afternoon.  If its nice out, maybe I'll bring her outside and she can keep me company while I plant some stuff... we'll see!
I haven't made any real plans for memorial day.  I figure we'll cook out.  I'm really hoping to get to the lake for a while, not necessarily to the beach, but at least to the lake to sit in the sun for a bit!  OH I HOPE ITS SUNNY AND NICE OUT!!
anyways.. that's all for now ... I'm just rambling at ya's..  I've got go get something to eat and get busy!
Happy Day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

good morning!

hello my friends!  OH, Ive been such a bad bloggy friend lately.  havent been keeping up very well.  though I do think its been pretty quiet out here lately.. with the weather getting nicer, I think people step away from their computers more.. (our little windows into each others lifes!) 
Still not exactly warm here.. this has been a disappointing spring to say the least!  
but it will warm up eventually, Im sure! (fingers and piggys  crossed!)
Ive had this mushroom doll dancing around in my head for weeks.  I bought the tiny head at the doll show a couple weeks ago and finally got her finished last night.
now I just dont know what to do with her! lol!

Ive been on call since friday, but have managed to squeeze a lot in along with it.  I think I have about 7 hours of on call in and on top of that, I had torry overnight on friday night.  He wanted to make carmel popcorn.. and you know me, I cant say no to my babies!

Then on saturday, I had to go to brockport, so I called Tiffany and she met me there with miss marla pie!  We went to Sarahs Garden shop.   Marla LOVES flowers and fishies!  she is sooo stinking precious.  I honestly dont think I could love anything more then my grandbabies!
I did also get to see violet saturday night for a few minutes, but I didnt get a picture of her..  but I just have to say, she is one beautiful baby! 
oh.. they all are.. yours and mine.. all children are beautiful and precious.

so.. lets see, In between on call homevisits and phone calls, baby visits and a little flower shopping for my fairy garden, I also went to a show on sunday that my daughter Jen and her friends were in.  I forgot to take my camera so I got no pics..  but I thoughly enjoyed the show, called "Company".

this week is looking busy, but I like to have stuff going on.  We had foster parents appreciation dinner last night. tonight is the last american idol night  (just about the only thing I watch on tv... )  Tomorrow night we find out who wins.. do any of you watch?  I'm pulling for Jena, though I do like Caleb too..
then Wednesday night Im going out to dinner with two girls from work... 
thursday night I facilitate a parenting your naughty teenagers class..
then ahhhh.. a 4 day weekend for Memorial day! Havent made any solid plans for the weekend yet other then that Im going shopping with a friend on friday and I plan on planting some flowers and doing some yard work.   Im keeping my fingers crossed for beautiful weather and hoping to visit the lake one of these days this weekend!
sooo. thats whats going on in my little world
whats going on in yours?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

club little house fun!

(wip.. club little house)
hi Girls!  I hope everyone had a great mothers day.  Sorry I didnt do a mothers day post, I was so busy over the weekend I never had time.  Plus I only took a couple pics on mothers day and they didnt come out very well.   but I will have good pictures in the future, cause the kids gave me a gift certificate for having our family pictures done!  I want to wait til our new baby comes, shes scheduled for a c section on july 2nd.  Robert and Tiffany have decided to name our new baby pie, Lillianna Grace.  I love that name.  Anyways, I figured sometime this summer we'll do a family picnic at the lake and Erin, (the photographer) can come to the lake to take the pictures.  
For weeks Ive been trying to decide what to make for AMy Powers "club little house" swap.  we needed to mail out 12 of something and we will recieve 12 other doll house items in return.  I cant wait to see what comes back.    These little tables were pretty easy, though a bit time consuming.  They are made from match boxes, covered in card board then painted, sanded, distressed with distressing ink, and then modpodged.
I think they turned out kind of cute. I need to make myself one. 
Notice the doll in the background?  and the head in the nest?  I bought that doll and head at the doll show this weekend.  the doll will become a witch for halloween and the head is going to become a mushroom doll very soon!   CAnt you just see her painted green and hair dyed black with a witches hat and broom!?  maybe a little clay pointed nose? 

I bought a tiny little donkey too.  I only spent a few dollars there this weekend.  But the show was better then it has been in years.  there was a ton of stuff I would have liked to buy, but Ive gotten to a place where I can talk myself out of buying some things because I already have too much stuff!  but I have to admit there was a cute baby doll there that I wish I had bought!  "dont need it dont need it dont need it!"  thats what I keep telling myself!

 well, I suppose I have about 45 minutes before I need to leave for work.. and I still need to clean the litter box and the bird cage.. feed figgy frannie and buffy, make my lunch, iron my clothes.. and go!  
sooo  toodles til later!  I'll be blog hopping and visiting tonight.. see you then! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

just rambling on and on!

hee hee!!  finally warming up!
Makes me happy.. lets see how long before I start saying.. "It's too freak'n hot!"  LOL!
Finally, though today may feel more summery, I feel like spring has arrived. The trees are budding, some flowers are coming up, and its staying light out til after 8:00!  We've been still on the cool side, but it seems that that is about to change.  Its supposed to go up to 80 today!  cooler again tomorrow and then Sunday is supposed to be pretty much picture perfect and 70 degrees..  perfect for mothers day!
So..  Happy Friday!   I wish I could fast forward to 5:00, because I truly don't feel like going to work today. I'm always so thankful for my weekends.. but I try so hard to enjoy the week up to the weekend.  I don't want to wish the days away.  but sometimes I really wish I didn't have to go to work!    Oh well it is what it is. 
and its the weekend!   and not just any weekend, but Mothers Day weekend.  what will you all be doing to celebrate?  any special plans? 
(me and Frannie watching Idol Wednesday night!)

I wish I was going away somewhere...  to a beach! 
 but I will be home puttering and playing.  Tomorrow there is a doll show in Batavia, so I'll head there and probably get some groceries while I'm out.  then come home and putter and clean.. 
Sunday the kids are all coming over, except for Vanessa who has to work, and who I will miss muchly!   We're just going to do hot dogs and hamburgs on the grill.  maybe I'll clean up the picnic table and we'll eat outside.  I told the kids I wanted hotdogs, baked beans, cheesy potato's and lemon meringue pie and that I would make it all, I just don't want them spending a bunch of money for us all to go out somewhere.   And besides the girls are all mommas and I don't want them to have to be cooking and doing anything.  
Maybe I'll let them do all the clean up though!  lol!  that's the part I hate.  
well, I suppose I should start thinking about getting ready for work......  I painted my toenails yesterday morning.. its finally time to wear SANDALS!!!!  My footsies are very happy!!  

have a great day my bloggy pies! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


good morning bloggy pies!  happy weekend!
Ive been "Nesting" this week! 
when is enough enough?  
I seem to never know!
I just like to play.
I had to quick make mushrooms last night at 10:00 
because I "needed" them.
Im  pretty ridiculous. 
I was freak'n tired as heck... but I had to make those silly shrooms before I could go to sleep!
luckily they were a quick and easy project and only took me about half an hour.
I wish I could have all my bloggy pals over for a craft day and show everyone how to needle felt!
(I think I need to make another mushroom..)
So glad its the weekend!  having a little gathering this morning.  Vanessa's sister in law is selling origami owl so we booked a party for her.  
still need to do a few things to get ready.
I love having company.. but   
I really hate having people in my falling apart old house! 
if that makes any sense! lol
guess what time I woke up this morning?  
4:12 am
uh huh.. thats a bit too early for this early bird.  
I tried to go back to sleep and laid there until I couldnt stand it anymore, that and figgy and franny were fighting next to my bed so I needed to get up to keep them from waking tony up.
anyways, it was only 4:50..  but I got up.
I love getting up at 5:00, but anything before that just doesnt seem right.
OKeedokie.. got to go clean the bathroom and make some food.
toodles bloggy pies!