Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pinkeep giveaway and a little video! (a little edit here)

For Valarie for my giveaway this past weekend! I hope she likes it!
(EDIT: girls I did not make this little bear. I had collected all the littlest gund bears at one time and I have a ton of them. But I dont have them displayed anymore, because I have so many more that I like so much better, that are either artist miniatures, ones that I made or some that are just really special to me.. These little gunds are cute, but they are all the same and they are great on pinkeeps and in some other art work. so .. NO, I did not make the little bear! Just thought I should let you know that.)

Look how freaken cute they are!

they are getting so big...

I have got to get off this computer~

I have got to get sewing on these bear orders, I have 17 to make.

One order for 12 the other for 5. I'll be sure to post their pictures when they are finished. I have the 12 all cut out, i just need to get off the computer, plug in the sewing machine and get busy! But first I have to eat dinner.. just left overs.. but good ones.. I made homemade chicken cordon blu, mashed potatos and corn last night! yummy leftovers!

OK, so Off I go.. hi hohiho!

Monday, June 29, 2009

such patriotic delights!

by jane

I just wanted to show you.. I was in this swap that originally KEcia put together for easter, but we all had so much fun with it, we decided to do another one for the 4th, and one of the other girls hosted it. Much to my delight, I recieved my package of goodies today! Everything was so sweet! I already took all the pictures and put my little 4th of july tree together. but.. I have to put it up high... why? because Frannie pants and Figgy wiggles are a bit naughty! eiy yie yie! I have to watch them every minute! Anyways. I wanted to show you the pictures and then I have to get jammies on and camp my butt on the couch to watch a movie with my husband and eat fudgicles!by Melissa Merrill

by Keli hansen

by Allegra smith

by Kecia

by lonnie Jencks

by joanne huffman

by lori Guerin

by Theilia Abrok

by Me!!

by pamela H

by Danielle Green

So thats it girls! I have them all on my little tree now I even trough the ribbons that some of them were wrapped in on the tree too. And the sweet doll? shes on the top of the tree!

Ok.. jammies, fudgie and kitties.. here I come!

OOPS!! I have to draw a winner...

be right back!

and the winner is.. number 66.. and if I've counted correctly.. that would be my friend Valarie! send me you addy val, to: vivianneroni@yahoo.com

I dont know what youve won yet.. but I'm make something!

And!! I just want to thank everyone who came by and for all the sweet comments on my last post! You guys are all so awesome! I'm glad you liked that pinkeep. I'm going to take it apart now though, I have to put the cat back on his pumpkin and alice has her own special spot somewhere else too!

have a good night girls!!

see yas tomorrow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the mad hatters teaparty and a giveaway!

Welcome to the madhatters teaparty!

I've baked a cake specially for today.. I'm sure you'll find lots of cakes out there in blogland today.. besure to click on the invitation above and hop over to Vanessas site to check out the very extensive list of others who have prepared a little something for the occasion as well!

What would a madhatter be with out a cheshire cat?

And of course we needed some pretty "china" for our party!

And the mad hatter... needs a mad hatters hat!

remember me??

And, we had to have a pocket watch of somesort, so that silly rabbit wouldnt be late!

Theres tea and cake for everyone!

This party takes place in a garden doesnt it??

underneath a giant mushroom!

And little Alice did show up too....

poor alice, she had never been to such a strange land or tea party before!

In my cast of charactors, I had to convince my cheshire cat to play along.. He is actually a halloween friend, who prefers to spend his days sitting on a pumpkin.. but I told him to GRIN and BEAR it! (hahahahhahhahhaa.. I kill me sometimes!)

Well my party was short and sweet.. I dont think I could have fit another thing on this little madhatters teaparty pinkeep!
I hope you enjoyed .. and have fun visiting all the rest!!

mad hatter hugs to you all!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

thunder, lightning and rainbows!

After an afternoon of thunder storms and lots of lightning this is what I came home to! a total sun shower and this double rainbow!
I made tacos for dinner.. and now I really have to do some serious bear cutting out. I have two big memory bear orders, one order for 12 and the other for 5. so I'll be cutting, cutting, cutting tonight! I've been sitting on the first order for the 12 for a few weeks and now I have to get serious..
I have so many projects I want to do.. but for now these orders need to come first.
yay!! tomorrows friday. Next week we start our summer hours at work. We start half an hour earlier, only take a half hour lunch and then get out at 4:00 through july and august. plus, I have taken a vacation day each week throughout the summer on either mondays or fridays so I always have a three or four day weekend.
and.. I hear the beach calling to me.... Im needing a beach day soon!
Ok girlies.. I'm off to cut out bears!
have a good night!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

time waster... well.. is playing wasting time???

oh my goodness... you must be wondering what ever did she have for breakfast this morning..

I guess I just got a bit carried away! (btw.. cinnamon toast and choc milk is the answer...)

i just have to tell you that I got up early at 5:45. I didnt have to leave for work until 8:30. almost 3 hours later.. Plenty of time to get ready for work! but no.. what does this nut case do? first plays with the kittens, then fiddles with a project I've been working on for vanessa's madhatter teaparty for this saturday... then does the dishes.. after the dishes were done, I still had over an hour to get ready for work.... but then something strikes my fancy and next thing you know I'm playing with this little fairy taking these pictures and back on the computer making up some silly story... God only knows why.. but I was having fun.... then... when I'm finished I look at the clock... and good grief! its 8:15! And I had someone picking my up in 15 minutes or less, cause my car was still in the shop! So I flew... like a wild woman... ironed a pair of capris, and a top, jumped into the shower.. shaved... did my face.... blew dried most of my hair... dressed... and my friend pulled up as I was finishing up by brushing my teeth... YEs... I am amazing!!!!!!!

tomorrow.. getting ready for work before I get playing............
night 'all

fairy in my window box

Good morning girls!
Have you ever had the feeling someone is watching you?
I was just doing up the breakfast dishes and I felt that strange little feeling..
but there was no one there..
then I saw something moving around outside my window..
I thought it was a hummingbird.. and didnt think anything of it..
but then again, I felt that strange feeling that little eyes were watching me..
I peeked again out the window and there she was, the sweetest little fairy, dancing around in my window box singing a little song..
" the sun is out, the day is bright, the air is full of flowers sweet.. come out and play, lets have some fun.. hurry before the day is done!"
I told the sweet little fairy How very happy I was to see her, and that I would like to do nothing more then come out to play today, but that sadly, I am stuck in a silly grown up world and that I have to go to work.
She smiled and said she understood
and I closed my window and finished the dishes...
then I wondered to myself.. was this a dream?
that couldnt have really happened...
I finished the dishes and then opened the window back up to water the window box where I thought I had seen the fairy,
and there on the window sill was the tiniest sweet little bouquet.
No I dont think it was a dream!
And so , now its off to work I have to go.. back to reality..
ho hum..
I do so think I would much rather have preferred to dance with the fairy in the flowers today!

PS.. Dione... I know what youre thinking..... youre thinking... "shes a freak!"

Monday, June 22, 2009

here I am...

Wow!~ I was sick all weekend.. that just sucked, my first summer weekend and I was in bed for the whole time! What a nasty flu bug I had/have. I have to tell you, My sweet little kittens are PURRFECTLY sweet! They stayed by my side all weekend~ they are quite funny, they follow me from room to room unless they are sleeping umm, or getting into something! this is how i found them this afternoon while I was puttering in my craft room! Cute arent they?
Im still not feeling 100%, but at least I didnt sleep all day. I sat around though, and puttered a little.. I didnt do any thing constructive.. well, except the dishes.

At about 1:30 I thought "OMG... I'm starving" and I thought I wanted something with some real flavor. so I order this buffalo chicken finger sub and had it delivered. heehee.. I even ordered a large! Well, as good as it looked, I only ate about a 1/4 of it. I m sure it was better then it tasted to me, in fact someone in my family will be sure to enjoy it! I'm starting to feel a little hungry again now.. but nothing tastes good.

So I pretty much hung out in here, and finished up this little bear that I've been carrying around in my purse for weeks to work on on my lunches at work, but havent gotten to it! dont know how thrilled I am with the little guy. but I have plans for him for later this week.... so be sure to come back for the madhatters teaparty (cant remember if its the 26th or the 27th!)

Well, both of my sons are here harassing me to use the computer, and I suppose even though I ve barely used it in the last 3 or 4 days, I should share.

I had today off from work as vacation day, I'm hoping they will let me switch it to a sick day when I go in tomorrow. Actually I just hope I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow~! OK.. people are scrounging in the kitchen I should go see whats going on!
oh.. and thanks for all the get well wishes!
HUgS and good night!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


oh so sick........fever 101.7, chills, headache... cough... ear aches, did I say headache.. I should say killer headache....
I'll be back... good night again

Friday, June 19, 2009

summer home!

Yup! this is our summer home! and our winter home... and our spring and fall home.. Bethany used to answer the phone..."Neroni's summer home.. some are here, some are not!"
I always pretend my little house is a cottage in the summer and a cabin in the winter. Of course I prefer the spring, summer and fall months.. I only like winter til about a week after christmas. then Ive usually had enough.
Its been very rainy here this past few days and the rain has beat the heck out of my plants! this poor peonie bush has been beaten to the ground!

But they are still pretty. I think i might go pick a bunch to bring inside since theyre just going to fall apart there on the ground! I have white and red ones too. I want to get some soft pink ones also, one of these days.

Thank god its friday. I've been a bit lazy all week, which is really not like me at all. I have off on monday. I try to take a vacation day everyweek during the summer, either a friday or a monday. This way I always have a 3 or 4 day weekend. So when I get home on friday nights, i usually try to clean the house up and fix it up for the weekend. I also try to get my grocerys on thursdays during the summer months also, so that come sat morning, i'm free!!
This weekend I will be staying fairly close to home. Its fathers day and we have a graduation party to go to. but other then that I will be sitting at my sewing machine. I have 2 memory bear orders. one for 12 and the other for 5~ so I will be busy for the next couple weeks.
Also... mY car is in the shop.. blown head gaskets! 1000.00 to repair! oh so wonderful.. that really sucks! I was going to put in a patio... I dont think thats going to happen now!

OH look! I needed to show this to you! I was in that circus cart swap and this is what I recieved from me very talented partner Rachel Christy! I adore it!!

She did a great job and I this is the second mermaid that I own.. she even wrote a little story to go with her. YOu might be able to read it if you click on the picture.. (maybe~)

anyways, I love it!
this next picture is a picture of the sweet yo yo doll I recieved from Natalea on our niagara weekend! and the other doll in the picture is from maija! such sweetness!

and lastly this cute little raggedy is from marcel, (auntpittypat) from her annie swap. isnt she cute!? I have to find a better place for her though as figgy and frannie keep attacking her!

In other news, there are two confirmed cases of the swine flu in our little school! One of the foster boys I work with was really sick last night too and his mother took him to the hospital and they tested him for the swine flu. scarey!

Well, I need to get off the computer.. I will be back tomorrow, as I need to post something about my two year blogversary which was this past week!

night for now!