Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween photo shoot!

here the witch is getting ready for work today!  (  I was trying to show you my orange eyeshadow!  I have so much mascara on.. my eyes might not stay open! lol!)
spinning around and around like a witchy princess...(secretly wanting to cast evil spells on real princesses! HAHA)
sending you halloween kisses!

peekabooing with figgy and franny!  
(I look like a really fat witch in this picture.. so i removed half the fat !! lol!)
sending you Happy Halloween wishes!!  
(look at frannie the background.. Oh those little naughtys! How I love them so!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

900..... thats NINE HUNDRED....

 new shelf
(loving my new shelfing!  a good friend gave me on sunday!)
900... 900 times I've posted something here.. isnt that unbelievable? What makes us spend so much time blogging.  someone should do a study on it.  I think Ive said before that it started for me years ago when a friend sent me a link to her live journal.  at first it was just looking at and reading other live journals and blogs. It was sort of like when my husband would drive us somewhere at night, and peoples lights would be on in theIr houses and I could get quick peeks inside as we drove by!  I loved doing that! 
pressie from Grace!
(loving birthday gifts received from my dear friend Gracie in nyc... 
I hope she is ok after this horrible storm struck there last night)
Then I found that I was making friends, sharing pieces of our lives and all of our creative endeavors!  Before long I became entwined in this unending series of blogs and budding friendships! "This blog leads to that one, that one to another one.. and then another..."  You know how it goes!  And I found all of these wonderful fun girls out there, who are loving the same things as I do.  I think that might be the key.. you all share my obsession!   most of my in person friends appreciate me, or at least tolerate my obsessions, but not necessarily truly understand it, or share it!   They may not understand the need to drive an hour to go buy some halloween scrap paper! lol..  but you guys do!
from lulu
(loving this birthday giftie sent to me by mu dear Lulu in Maryland... 
wondering how she fared the storm also..)
Anyways.. Blogging has added a lot of flavor to my life.  I've met people and done things that I wouldnt have done otherwise.  And, I can share all of my artsy fartsy stuff here and get lots of wonderful comments on my stuffies..  It beats dragging stuff to work to show it off.. I dont have to do that anymore.. most of them dont really care anyways!   Oh, they may like something, but there are only a couple there that really understand what goes into anything that I make. but.... you guys get it!!  I'm soooo glad for that!
spooky earrings from lulul
(loving these crrrrazzzzzyyy earrings that lulu sent too!  wearing them tomorrow!)
so anyways.. 900 posts later.. I'm still here typing away while my butt gets bigger and bigger sitting in this old chair!  LOL!! (thats the down side of blogging!!  lol)
nosey kitten
(figgys loving the new shelfing!  little nosey kitten pie!!)
loving all my girlie pies!  
gotta get ready for work now friends!
thanks for all the blogging JOY!

Monday, October 29, 2012

a little halloween tutorial for you!

halloween candles
The last halloween craft...  and, I thought I would share with you how to make these!  I made these last year too!  I was cleaning up my craft room and found more of these little peat pots.  sooo.. thought Id give you a fun quick project to do!
obviously, starting with the 2&1/2 or 3 inch pots.  cut into the shape you want.. or leave as is, if you want.  I leave frankenstein with a flat top!
Paint the inside of the pots.
then paint the outsides.  When they dry, paint on your faces!  when your faces dry, paint a coat of glaze over them.
When they are dry, use a hole punch to punch holes on each side and add wire or pipecleaners for handles.  Add some rick rack or ribbon trim at the bottom.  Or, anything else you might want to add.  Ive made them before with paper collars and little candy corn charms hanging. Ive also tied ribbons and trims from the handles on some others I've made. 

Then for the finishing touch, add some battery operated votive candles and hang them on your halloween tree!  You will love them.  Arent they cute!?
Happy MOnday everyone and Happy Halloween!!  
I dont know what this storm will be bringing to us, but we are in its path.. however, not as bad as those right along the coast in new jersey and nyc.  We are right near lake ontario.  It will get pretty ugly here I'm sure though. I worry about the wind and the old trees near my house.  And, I hate the thought of losing power.  I'm just praying for safety for everyone that is involved!
I shall return.. unless we lose power.
huggles all!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

teaparty pics

living room
Im pooped!  I was up at about 4:50 this morning.  I needed to clean house and bake for my little teaparty because I didnt end up getting it done yesterday.  I went shopping after I got out of work and then to see sweeney Todd.  I didnt think I was going to like it, but I loved it!  I didnt get home until about 11:00 last night, so needless to say, I didnt do anything productive then. which meant that I needed to get up early today to clean and bake. 
waiting for our guests!
I finished right at the last second.. 10:00 am.. everything done, then Figgy and I waited for our guests to arrive.
some of our treats.
we had way too much food.  this is what we started out with that I made, but they all brought stuff too and the table was loaded!  I tried to have a bit of everything!  pumpkin bars, donuts, applecrisp, cinnamon rolls, cookies, eclairs, pumkin roll, cantalope,  breakfast casserole  and ... that might be it.   needless to say,  I was full for the rest of the day!
anyways, it was a nice way to spend a few hours.  these girls all live in my town.  some of them are the girls I go to ocean city MD with....  speaking of ocean city, I wonder how it will hold up in this frankenstorm that  is coming our way?  Everyone is a little worried about the possibility of major storm damage.  I'm crossing my fingers that we are far enough inland to avoid too much trouble.  It wouldnt take much to blow my old house down!
torry pie
Torry Pie came and graced us all with his presence at the teaparty today.  Everyone thought he was adorable. Of course, cause he is!  He's here again tonight as I'm babysitting.  I am typing about 5 words at a time while I chase him around and keep him out of trouble.  I made him some popcorn and he promptly dumped it out all over the place, on purpose.  not once, but twice.. so we are done with the popcorn now.
laura and carol
I have no plans for tomorrow, other then to make soup.    Its been raining here since last night, pretty much non stop and its supposed to rain for the next 6 days. rainy days make me want to cook.. i bet my husband appreciates it, because most of the time I would rather eat toast then fix a meal! lol!
a bunch of beautys!
OK.. Torry is really making it difficult not to give him my undivided attention.. so Im going to play with blocks now.  Its 10:40 and his mother wont be back for at least a couple hours or more.  I'm going to cross my fingers that maybe he'll go to sleep for me. 
halloween teaset
toodles for now friends.. have a great sunday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

peek a boo!

the cans are done!  theyre ok.  not my favorite thing.  but I like them well enough.
I like the little pumpkin peeking out of the one can..
thank God tomorrow is friday.  im only working half a day.  Then doing a little shopping..
Then tomorrow night Im going to see Sweeny Todd.  Jennifers in it.  I suppose its a good halloween musical.  I've never seen it.  Its a dark story about a barber the kills people...   hope I like it!  doesnt matter.. I always love to see my daughter on stage!
finished cans
Somewhere tomorrow I have to bake and clean my house too for my little tea party on saturday!
OH LOOK at this other pumpkin!!  isnt he freaken adorable?!!

so big!!
And here he is very serious about his pumpkins!    I went over after work to watch him play in the leaves, and he wanted to go in grammys car so I brought him home for a little bit and let him color.  Then he went with me to buy some parrot food at the pet shop.  He loved seeing all the birds there! 
funny face
Have a great weekend everyone!!  I'll be doing a bunch of blog hopping on saturday!  see you then!!

simple stuff!


Found this cute idea on pinterest and knew I had to do it.  so I googled vintage pumpkin labels, ran to walmart and bought 4 cans of cheap green beans (the cheapest, because I was not going to eat them.. I threw them away.  I hate canned veggies! )  I only took pictures of the cans above just for the pictures sake!
anyways.. emptied the cans and washed them printed the pics and cut them out glued them to the cans, poked holes in the sides, attached the wires and Ta Dah!  heres the finished product!

pumpkin cans 
Except.. really I'm not done yet.  I'll be embellishing them a bit when I get home from work tonight.  I think there needs to be a pumpkin face peeking out over the top of one of the cans... or something..  im not sure what I'll be doing.. but something!  
so see yas later.. have a great day.  its supposed to be summery here today.  highs near 80! woohoo!!
now if I just didnt have to go to work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

yoohoo oh yoohoo ghoulfriends!!

oh boo2
Im back!  hubby took my sweet little 'puter friend to one of his friends and he fixed it and brought it right back!  whew!!!  was starting to have some pretty serious withdrawal I think!
oh boo
I really didnt know what to do with myself!   What I did discover though, is that the computer is not what makes me almost late every day to work... because Im still rushing around at the last minute... its just me! 
for annabella
I did manage to stay busy for a couple days, creating.. and CLEANING my craftroom!  I got started cleaning it last night after dinner til about 11:30 last night and then you know me, back up at 5:00 am right back at it!  though, if I'm honest, I supposed though you wouldnt know it, but, I'm still not done.
bella 2
So these are the things I've been working on the last few days. The top two pics are of a little pumpkin guy riding on a raven that I made for myself.  I thought that he was so cute that I made another one, a little different and a little bigger for my friend kelly.  (hers is below)
for kelly
And the little kitty girl is my girlfriend at works' daughter annabella.  
NOw.. I'm officially done with halloween creating.  
(I think!)
for kelly 2
Its on to memory bear orders.  I have about a dozen bears to make.  I'm looking forward to some bear time! I originally would have been going away this weekend to my friend Kellys in OHio for her halloween party, but It is not going to work out.  so, I will be staying home doing some stuff around here. 
for kelly 3
Im having a little halloween tea party on saturday morning.  Sort of a spur of the minute thing.  wish you all could come!
Hey.. I just notice that this is my 895th post!  a few more and I'll be hitting my 900th post!  thats freaken alot of posts!!  What ever could I have been talking about all that time!  I think I may have to do another giveaway when I get there!
OK for now.. I'm got to do some quick emails and peek at a couple blogs.. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

oh pooh!

My computer died.   dont know when I will be able to get a new one....  
no time soon thats for sure.   I will miss you all!  I'll check in when ever I can.  i dont blog from work, but I do peek at your blogs on my lunch sometimes.  so I will try to keep tabs on you all..

Saturday, October 20, 2012

it was not meant to be.....

Thomas the big white stray.. 
did not come home from the vets with me today.............

and the winner is......

backyard 3
(out my kitchen window) 
Good morning girlie pies!   Happy Saturday!! Happy Weekend!   Happy winner day!  LOL!
Took these pics yesterday morning on my way to work.  It was such a pretty day yesterday.  I dont think today is going to be.  I think its supposed to be rainy.   Fall really is such a beautiful time.. too bad it turns into winter.  I do think winter is pretty.  but I dont particularly like it, mostly for the reason that its cold and I dont like to drive in the snow... but lets just not go there yet.. we still hopefully have another month or so before it really arrives.
I have a halloween gift to make for my friend Kelly this weekend (and I have the best idea!) then I'll be working on bear orders. and then... I think.... it'll be time to switch gears to christmas crafting.  Im only doing one christmas swap this year and thats Elizabeths box ornament swap.  I think I need a little swap break!  though really, if my arm was seriously twisted in the right direction..  I might change my mind!  LOL!
This morning I'm taking Thomas the big white stray to the vet.  He is in need of some medical care..  He is just the sweetest animal.  my husband hates him.  but I have a secret plan....  Thomas will have tests this morning for feline luekemia and kitty aids.  If he passes those, then he will get shots, dewormed and deflea'd.  Then of course an over all check up.  He has ear problems and usually a neck sore.  so I want to get him all cleaned up and healthy.
that'll be todays visit.  then in another week or so, he'll go back to get neutered.  they wont do it all the same day.  So what is my secret plan?  to bring him in the house!!  My husband is pretty adamant that wont be happening.  but I love thomas and so does figgy.  Frannie, not so much.  I dont know how he would do in the house. maybe he will only come in once in a while.. I dont know.  but I want to try.  And if tony really throws a fit and doesnt want him inside, then he will have to build him a house for outside where he can stay warm this winter.  So if you hear bellowing from this direction.. its just Tony blowing off some steam while Thomas gets comfy!  heehee! 
  I dont know what the big deal is anyways.... !
so.... Do you want to know who the winner is now that youve listened to me ramble on here?
I bet you do!  I wish I had the time and energy to make something for everyone!
my husband picked the lucky winners number and it was MERI!!
so send me your address my friend!  and for the rest of you.. I will surely be doing a christmas giveaway in dec!
Have a great day everyone!