Saturday, March 31, 2012

yippee!! its the weekend!

lamb with egg 3 x
Good morning all you sunshiney bloggy pals! yay! happy saturday!
Im so glad its the weekend. not so nice outside... cold and dreary... but thats ok.. I've got plans and the weather wont matter. as soon as my hubby fixes the hole in my exhaust I'm taking tiffany and princess pie out shopping for an easter outfit. Jennifers coming too. not sure if bethany and torry are coming or not. If they do, they will have to meet us there. as I dont have enough room in my car for two car seats and four peeps. I wish I did though!
I'm actually going to look for a new car this weekend. Should be interesting.
I havent seen torry pie since last weekend and I do need a torry fix today!
easter treats 2
so shopping today, fun shopping and grocery shopping.. (NOT fun). Not in any hurry, will probably be gone all day. Theres also a doll show an hour away, that I usually like to go to. but I guess I'm passing on it this time since its in the opposite direction then I'm going in.
Tomorrow I'm meeting with Vanessa's aunt to plan her baby shower. Vanessa is wanting to do baby jacobs nursery in a Dr. Suess theme. I need to get some fabric and stuff today so I can get busy making some things. Her shower is april 22. He will be here before we know it.
Anyways.. then Im not sure about tomorrow afternoon, one of my besties had her 50th birthday this week, so I thought I'd take her out. not sure if that'll work for this weekend or not.
to thats it for today girls!
see yas later!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

little miss princess pie!

"my gramma makes me laugh!"
"My grammie pie makes me smile and laugh"
"gramma makes loud spitting noises!"
"and I make her laugh and smile!"
"I find my grammie pie quite amusing!"
"grammie makes strange funny sounds that amuse me!"
"uh... but these bunny ears?   really?  not so amusing.."
"but, there bunny ears? not so much..."
"now I'm more interested in the hockey game...."
"now I think Id rather watch the sabres game....!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Here I am!

good morning
Figgy and frannie looked bored. I asked them where all there toys were and figgy told me... "under the entertainment center! well really, I already knew that.. because he likes to bat them under there for some reason.
so I got a long dowel and fished them all out. I do think there are more under there, but this was all I could get. there were 22 half chewed up mice.. all missing there tails.. (he eats them!) A couple with no fur left on them.. and also 8 mangled pipe cleaners!
figgy and toys 2
He was very happy to have so many of them back and then he proceded to bat a few back under there!
"love to eat those mousies... mousies what I love to eat... Bite they little heads off.. and chew they tiny little feet!!" (from kilburns cats)

Eiy yie yie!! you know how on tv, in the old days the guys in jail would clang their metal drink cups across the bars of the jail cell to get the sheriffs attention? Well thats what this crazy fricken bird doing right now! he is clanging his metal bowl against his cage... He throws all the food out of the bowl and then clangs til he gets more! very annoying!
Jacob ultrasound
girls, this is my little jacob, this is the baby I hope you will keep praying for. He has 1o weeks to go before his arrival into this crazy world. I'm so excited and so worried for him and for tony and vanessa. He is going to be so cute.. I can already tell! I just hate to think about him having to have surgery as soon as he is born.. and then more surgery in a few months. Ok.. just keep praying.. K ? Im praying that God will heal Jacob before he gets here adn that he will be perfect and not need any surgeries.. wouldnt that be a wonderful miracle!
So where did I disappear too?
Ive just been busy busy busy!
I was on call for a week and on top of that I had been painting scenery for the musical that my daughter was directing. Then I had to do makeup for the show. (The show was freaken awesome I have to say! ) I have been running non stop, coming home late and what ever free time I came up with I would be working on some swappy pieces. I have been visiting your blogs, quick trips in and leaving very few comments.. but if you see someones been visiting you from medina or albion ny.. its probably me!
The weather had been over the top beautiful out for about a week.. spoiling us. i even wore sandals for four days! now its really cold out. Pray we dont get a freezey frost.. the apple trees are starting to bloom... a freeze will destroy the apples! This is a big farming community. I cant imagine my livelyhood depending on mother nature. (My job does depend on another kind of mothers though... bad ones! lol. uhh.. thats not really funny is it... oh dear oh dear... )
So that is some of the reasons I havent been around this past week. cuppie cakes
OH!!! and lucky lucky me!! I won Meris give away!!! wooo hoooo!!! so exciting!
thank you Meri!
ok.. girls thats all for now...
sweet dreams!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mail Call !!

bunny friend from Barb!
really girls, I mean really.. my bloggy pals are the bestest!
from barb
Look at all this wonderful eastery goodness that has found its way to me this past few days!
This awesome bunny and his painted eggs above are from my dear friend Barb Burkard . I just LOVE this. look at the names the bunny "painted" on the eggs! even one for my unborn yet grandbaby jacob! Thank you so much barb!
from kim 3
Then yesterday I received this package full of goodness from kim K! She spoiled me! look at the loot!
from kim 4
KIms creations always are combined with some vintagey goodness! look at the little pin in the front and that awesome bunny !!
from kim 6
and the chickie topiary! I just love it all.
from kim 5
thank you Kim! Kim and I have had a great year becoming great bloggy pals.
from kim 2
so much fun in this package! I love it all!
from kim
And then another package came yesterday... this one from my lovey, Kai!

kai 3
Kai saw this peter rabbit childs teaset and knew immediately that she thought her vivvy needed to have it!
kai 4
what a wonderful easter surprise! I love love love it!!
kai 5
ohhhh.. I feel easter teaparties in the makings for my little grandbabies and their grammie pie!
thank Barb, Kim and Kai.. from the bottom of my little easter filled heart!
I have the bestest life full of such sweet friends!
gotta go.. gonna be late for work if I dont hustle my little bustle!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy saint pattys day!

happy st pattys day!

So whats on everyones agenda
for today? I'm on call and have several visits to make this morning, then theres more painting to do on the set for the musical my daughter is directing .. other then that.. there are groceries needed here and I have easter swappy things to finish up.
so thats what I shall be doing today and tomorrow!
the weather is supposed to be fairly nice too I think.. so maybe I can get an hour or two in outside poking around the yard..
have a great day everyone!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

lions and tigers and bears oh my!

playing easter games!

ok. ok.. so I lied.. its more like bunnys and chickies and penguins OH my..
getting ready for the easter parade
seems that they are all getting ready for an easter parade!

easter pinkeep

these ones in the pic below are the ones the girls and I made this weekend.
play day bunnies and chicks

what? did I say Penguins?? yup.. I said penguins..
princess marla pie meets penquinsmarla meets penguins 2
marla meets penguins 3'so

see! I told ya! penguins! And it appears that the penguins were very interested in my little princess pie!!

so cute!

OK.. so thats what Ive been up to this weekend. (not the trip to the aquarium.. I wasnt there.. )

cooking up lots more.. but for now.. its off to bed... im exhausted. Ive been painting the sets for the lyndonville school production of legally blonde the last two nights and will continue for the rest of the week.. then.. I wish i could say that i'm looking forward to the weekend, but I'll be on call.. hopefully it'll be quiet. It's supposed to be beautiful out this weekend!

see yas girls.. Ive got to go nightie night!

sweet dreams!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

grammie pie's torry pie!

I love this baby!!
I babysat for a while last night... He is in nonstop motion... busy busy busy!!!
I love this baby!!
and adorable! He makes me laugh! and he gives me hugs...
I love this baby!!
and he wont keep his socks on! lol!
I love this baby!!
I love this baby!!!
craft day with some girlfriends today, then hopefully later I'll get some good pics of my other baby pie!
have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

come here and look again!

I just had to show you what I found at Target! (I know, we all love target dont we girls!?)
LOOK at the felted easter eggs. arent they perfect? I bought one bag. I'm going back later to get another bag. I could have easily made my own, but it was awesome to find them there aready done!
cute Huh? I was so excited to find them. and they fit perfectly into my shelves, just like they were made to go there.
OK.. I really need to get off the computer.. there seriously is something wrong with me. why on earth I spend over an hour in the morning taking and uploading pics and then posting them here, when I really should be doing something constructive like getting ready for work!
oh! and heehee.. since I'm in repeat mode.. heres the bunnie cupcakes with a few little plastic jello beans thrown in, brightens it right up.
I know.. Im insane right? No one but my bloggy buds gets it!
have a great day

Monday, March 5, 2012


easter shelves
I'm pretty sure that when I hit the "publish post" button that about a third of the above picture is going to get cut off. so be sure to click on it so you can see the whole thing. lots of cute stuff on those shelves!

omg.. ran out of parrot food.. when I went to buy it this weekend the pet shop was closed. (there was still a little left so we were ok... ) but I forgot to get it before I came home from work today and now I'm out of it.. hubby just left to go to the pet shop to get some. thank god.. because that freaken parrot is driving me insane right now.. making as many annoying and loud sounds as she can to get my attention. I already fed her some peanut butter toast.. she just needs to hang on a little longer.. believe me she is not starving. eiy yie yie! I'm surprised the bird has not learned to say "buffy shut up!! Just shut up!!" very loudly! heehee!
life in this house is always interesting! I need a sweet sunny sandy beach!!!!!!
finished my easter cupcakes last night. I'm going to add some little eggs to them I think.. they need a little something else, doncha think?
Okeedokie.. Im pooped out and I have some stuff I need to do.. so I shall end this here.
oh but one more thing...
I had a horrible nightmare last night! I dreamt I was pregnant... good grief! what on earth do you think that was about? once I dreamt I had a baby and kept it in a shoe box! lol....
well that cant happen so I guess I dont need to think about it any more.. . but it was such a bizarre dream. and my husband was the father.. the dream could have at least been a little more interesting... if you know what I mean!
see yas later girlie pies!

wanna see something cute??

grammie and torry pie
♥♥my little pumkin pie♥♥
lainy pie
♥♥ my little princess pie♥♥
torry pie
they are sooooo awesome!
sooooo sweet!
I could just eat them both up!
i iz freaken adorable!
♥♥happy Monday♥♥

Sunday, March 4, 2012


one of my faves..
OMG! what a freaken job. you know, one of these days I'm going to be too old to get all this stuff out. its such a big freaken job! what I really need is a bunch of different holiday houses. Then I can decorate each house a specific holiday theme. you know, some people have a summer home, I would have a halloween house, a christmas house, an easter house, a summer house... you know.. Either that or one great big mansion with different wings for each season/holiday! yeah, I dont know who would clean it all..
you know speaking of big mansions... I keep thinking about tiger woods wife tearing down that freaken mansion and saying.. I have enough money to build another one. that just makes me sick. I hate her! lol
anyways.. (dont know where that came from... I guess it was the thinking about big houses thing!) you know.. but really.. I only need about 20,000 to fix up my house a bit... and shes wasting millions! ok ok... deep breaths... just cant think about it....

from Natalea
So anyways... easter is out at my house now. now I need to clean my bedroom, the bathroom and the front porch today. and I need to run to the pet shop for parrot food and unfortunetely I have to go to walmart for a couple things. I HATE going to walmart. It depresses me!
Hey!! arent these cupcake toppers the cutest things? I was gonna say "arent these cupcake toppers the bunnys whiskers?" you know, sort of like "the cats meow" but then I thought maybe youd all wonder what the heck I was trying to say.. lol... Anyways! thank you to my dear friend Natalea for thinking of and sending them to me! I was so excited when I saw them!
oh well, off I go , I have a ton of stuff to do today.
have a great sunday everyone.