Tuesday, December 30, 2014

there are pink and red hearts in my head...

finding myself a little ... dare I say... lost.. or bored?  
or something...  lacking inspiration?  Is it just that 
post Christmas let down?  possibly.  I think.. 
 so I went on Pinterest and started looking at 
my Valentines board.  so much awesome stuff there!  
Then I went into my own picture files and 
looked at last years valentines pics.    
 And now... I think Im ready to move on.  
Im actually feeling the urge to decorate and CREATE 
for Valentines day!  but is it too early?   
I'll need to decide 
whether to take Christmas down on new years day 
and then decorate for valentines day over the weekend.. 
or to leave christmas up til the 11th.
 I say the 11th, because we're having a baby Sprinkle
 here on the 10th for Vanessa..  
(remember, I have a new grand daughter coming 
at the end of Jan!! ).  
So... do I want christmas still up for that?   
I dont think so.. 
I think Im talking myself into taking christmas 
down on thursday.    that is early for me!  
but I was looking through my pics and I had started 
on valentines stuff early in Jan. last year 
and had decorated my house by the 11th.. 
so whats a week earlier right?  
And so.. with all that said.. 
I've also decided to host a valentines swap!  
OH.. and by the way.. 
Erica is also hosting a valentine swap for our 
soldiers.. that I urge everyone to join in for. 
For my swap, I think it will be a one to one 
valentines goodie package swap.. 
to include a handmade valentine, valentine ornie 
and whatever other little goodies you want to send.   
I'll figure out the details and post about the swap later.  
but this is just a heads up that its coming.  
I had thought about doing a valentine card swap 
in groups of 6 or so.. but Im going with the one to one 
valentine package instead.   
but, If someone else is up to hosting a 
valentine card swap, 
I would surely join!
Okeedokie.. I suppose I should go get ready for work.   
toodles for now girlie pies!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Remember these? many pics..

ONe of the best swaps ever!  Im pretty sure Elizabeth of creative breathing hosted this.  I think of her a lot.  I wonder how she is and what she is doing these days.  I miss her here is blog land.  she was such a bright spot for all of us.  Wasnt she?  
anyways..  this is one of my most prized christmas trees.   
I dont know anymore who made which.  but I love each one of these little creations so much!
I always feel like Im walking through some city looking at all the department store window displays.
YOu know, like in new york city, the big windows at Macys, bloomingdales, saks and tiffanys.  

Dont these remind you of that?

Dont you think it would be a fun job to be a window designer?  like Rhoda Mogenstern on Mary Tyler Moore?
 I know!  
lets all meet in NYC next year at holiday time!  we'll go to the best cupcake bakeries, shop at tinsel trading,  go see the rockettes,  see a broadway musical and take in all the glorious window displays!

Wouldnt that be a blast?
I have no need to sight see while Im there. .but you can if you want.
I did the sight seeing there before and have no desire to do so again. 
Just want to do the fun stuff.

 This sweet one right above here is an ornie that Kim K sent me.  I keep it with these little shadow boxes because it fits in perfectly!  

cute cute cute little scenes!

Each one made by one of you!  
Im not sure if they are all signed or not.  I should check.  
I'll look when I sadly put all my christmas stuff away.

 A long post.... sorry...   but a fun one!  

So Christmas has come and gone.   I suppose this will probably be my last christmasy post. 
well, New years eve sort of fits in this catagory still.
not sure what we will be doing on new years eve.  we usually go to our friends house. 
 but we havent talked about it yet... hmmm, only a couple days away..  I suppose we should do that.. talk about it! lol!

This little creation above was made by our Elizabeth.  see her little deer?  

 OKeedokie..thats all folks.. I need to get ready for work now!

Have a happy day!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

here I am!! here I am!!

OH my sweet friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful, fantastical, Merriest of the merriest Christmas!!  I could not get to my blog to spend any more time then a minute or two over the last couple weeks.  And then we lost our cable, internet and phone from christmas morning til last night due to a wind storm!  but, Ive been so busy with all the Christmas business and family that I just couldn’t focus on blogging well anyways.  I love the holiday season and all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas and I get totally wrapped up in it.   Or maybe I should say, obsessed.. but probably not as obsessed as some people.. but I do love my holidays you know!! lol!

I have to admit that I did not create anything, nothing, notta single cute little thing for Christmas this year. Those bear orders kept me tied up for about 2 months!  But look at what my daughter inlaw Vanessa and son created for my Jennifer.  We were all so impressed and Jennifer LOVES it to say the least!  Im sooo glad to have such creative peoples in my family!  (no complaints about those bear orders though.  I was grateful to have so many orders.. 36 bears and 22 stuffed santa stars!)  Im on a bear break right now, though I do have an order for one that I probably will do next week.  Im dying to make something cute... soon.. I just dont know what it might be.  I'm going to have to conjure up some inspiration.. maybe for something new years-ish..  I dont know what yet.  

so anyways...   Santa was very very good to us.. all 17 stockings were filled.. and a katrillion gifts were left.. and some were brought over by the kids when they came.    My favorite favorite christmas picture ever is the first one I posted above.. Torry and Marla just in awe.. looking at all those packages.. and sweet marla noticing something on the tree.   Seriously though.. the kids got too much.  not just from me though.. they are well loved by many generous people.  Im sure they still have no clue what they received.. especially Violet and of course Lilli.  


You know how it is though.. 
you just want to give give give them everything!!  

a few more of my fav pics..  
 I do think Torry ate about 8 of those little sweet rolls.... 

And these two... cousin love!
just stinking precious! 

And sweet little LIlli pie... is such a good baby!!  I failed to get any other pics of her.  I really didnt take a lot of pics that morning. But, you just need to see how stinking awesome precious she is.. so I've stolen this one from Tiffanys facebook page... 

this baby is just beautiful!
As for christmas decorations..   I dont know which ones to post here..  so Im just gonna give you the link to my flickr album and you can see what ever ones you want to see!  theres only about 10,000 of my pics there! LOL!! (not kidding!!)

heres the link...  you may need to scroll down a bit to get to the decorations...    https://www.flickr.com/photos/vneroni/  
and for now.. I really need to get over and visit at some of your blogs!!  Please forgive my scatteredness and my inconsistent blog visits.. hoping to get back on track now that Christmas is over.   welll..... but I do have a new baby coming in janurary...   LOL!!  theres always something going on around here!  
love you all!  and have a great day! see you at your blog soon! lol!

Friday, December 19, 2014

just checking in quick!

 so much hustle and bustle!  finally down to the last weekend before christmas!  It'll be a busy one.   I feel like Ive neglected all my bloggy pals the past few weeks.. all that bear making took up all my play time.  but I got them all finished.. 36 bears and 22 santa stars.  Thankful for the orders... but not wanting to make another bear for a while! LOL!  Ive done NO christmas crafting...   but I'm hoping to make a little something this weekend.  I had wanted to do a christmas giveaway... but, obviously that wont be happening! LOL!
 The mail lady has been dropping packages off here right and left.  Mostly things I've ordered on line, but also some really fun things too.  I particiapated in Ericas christmas swap and my partner was Susan Clayton.  she definitely spoiled me!
  check out all this sweet christmasy stuff.  It was all packed neatly into that delightful box above.  You can see Frannie pants was excited to help me open and unpack the box!  (shes a nosey little girl!  lol!)
 Susan made some really cute little christmasy things for me. 
 check out the rag wreath above with the vintage cookie cutter.. and look at all the stuff in the pic below that was packed into that box!  Ive eaten about half that bag of candy already!  Thank you so much susan for the wonderful package of christmas treats!  I hope you like the things I sent you as well...  I mailed with out taking a pic so I cant post a pic. 
 My friend Sandy Camarda sent me a little package the other day too and this cute cute cute little garland was tucked into it.  I just love it!  But impossible to get a good pic so you can see just how darling it really is.
 And another fun package I received came all the way from England.  I won this fountain pen on Happy Loves Rosie's blog.  I havent tried it out yet.. but I sure am looking forward to using it. I LOVE to write with fountain pens.  makes you want to use your very best handwriting!

And in these days of computers.. my handwriting has suffered terrible.  When I find myself writing anything by hand, it seems that Im in a hurry and just scribbling something down!  
OK.. Ive got to get ready for work... I shall return this weekend to do some real true blog hopping!  This next week is going to fly by girls.  but Im looking forward to all the baking and wrapping and last minute things I can do now without bear making on my brain!  
Happy day my friends!.   toodles for now!

Monday, December 15, 2014

only 10 sleeps until santa comes! are you ready?

wow!!  I feel I have not had a minute to do any blogging!  not only that but Ive not done any real christmas crafting.   those darn bears have taken up most of my play time.    two more days of bears and then I wont even think about them again until janurary.    
The house is decorated.  well, I never did put the garlands up in my bedroom, or the wreath that goes in there.. and I also didnt change the quilt and shames yet.  maybe I still will.. maybe I wont.  
and, Ive not done any baking except some cheating baking with Torry and Marla yesterday when they came for Grammies christmas sleep over! 

We had a lot of fun!   they each decorated their own trees.. which they loved doing...
We made popcorn  (which they loved watching more then eating..)  and watched rudolf.
We attempted to go to bed all in my bed.. booboo (grandpa) slept on the couch.  I eventually also slept on the couch..  one little pie... (that would be torry) tried to talk to me all night...  
The next day they made special presents for their mommys and daddys!
Which involved painting their hands brown... 
Which they loved!
And then their was the marathon baking and decorating of a batch of sugar cookies..   which even though I rushed them through it they loved.    
In between all of that, they played hard, watched christmas shows, fought a little..  and collected a million hugs and kisses from me.   well and there was a short sit in time out for one of them.. but we arent telling anyone about that!  lol!  
they are the most special little people.    Next year we will do it again.. only.. it may become a day long event and then they can go home to sleep!  lol!!  next year Violet will be able to come!  

I only have three bears left to make.. 
Im about to cut them out right now..  
I hope youre all enjoying the holiday season...      
only 14 sleeps til santa comes!  
heres a little kitty treat..    
UP on the house top.. kitty Claws!

toodles for now! Ive got to cut out those bears and get ready for work..  a long busy work week ahead and then next week Im only working one day.
have a great day my bloggy pies!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

birthday time!

 Somebody, one of my favorite little people in the whole world, had a birthday yesterday! And that little someone turned a great big 4 years old!  unbelievable!  wasnt he just born yesterday?  its seems. Bethany threw him a birthday party at the YMCA, which turned out to be  great idea.

The kids all had a great time running around.  And, one of the Y guys, came out and played games with the kids for a while. 

Torry had a good time. They went with a ninja turtle theme, as he is pretty into ninja turtles right now.  
Good thing he likes then because 90% of what he got was ninja turtle related! 
Not only was it Torrys birthday this past weekend, but it was also his mommas birthday on saturday.    my little girl turned 29!

Do you ever look at your life and think.. How the heck did we get here so fast!?

One more birthday at the end of the month...  Marlainas in dec 28.    
so how is everyone doing in the christmas dept?
I still have to decorate outside.  maybe this morning before I go to work since its supposed to rain and snow tonight.   I guess that means I should get off the computer, get my shower and get busy! 
hey, did you notice my torry pie go a big boy hair cut?????  hes soo handsome.
Big plans for this weekend,
 Im having a grammie pie christmas sleep over with marla and Torry.  I think Im going to make this an annual event and next year violet can come too!  
Ok.. gotta run.. I'll be back soon!