Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wish some of you halloween lovers lived near me,
as Im all dressed up with mice in my hair and no where to go!
big witchy hugs to you all today!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

wonderful witchy royalty!

I had several girls join in the crown making fun for halloween and they all turned out sooo cool. I love them all!

This first crown was made by Linda in new mexico.
Isnt it absolutely wonderful!!
I love it!

I love how she coiled up the pieces of newspaper and also the great newspaper fan in the front! Thanks for playing along Linda!
hese next two crowns were made by the fabulous lulu kellogg. I love the shape of the first one and the picture of the angry sisters! (Im pretty sure thats what she called them!)

In this one she used the chicken wire which is something that I was wanting to try, but i dont want to have to buy a bunch of something Im never going to be able to use. I dont think you can buy just a small amount.. like a couple feet! Anyways, I had bought that same beware piece to use on one of my crowns, but forgot i had it! great crowns Lulu! and thanks for sharing them!

This adorable crown was made by Julie Campbell of A Vintage Chic. SOOO freaken cute.

I love the little pumpkin girl picture.

I LOVE the little hayride tickets and that the little witch with the moon pic!

Thank you so much for joining in the fun Julie!

This one was made by Jane Palmer. Again, I'm so glad she joined in the fun.
Love the spider webs on her crown and that very famous picture is one of my favorite halloween images... as is the witchy girl that linda and Julie used on theirs!

Great Job Jane! how did you do the spider web?

Really I am sooo glad these girls joined in the fun. there were a couple of others but I didnt get their pics yet, if I do get them I'll post them.

I did a google search for halloween crowns and there are quite few out there. I wouldnt usually ever take someones photo like that, but I HAD to show you this soooo awesome crown. It was made by a girl named karenlouiseM . I couldnt find out if she had a blog or flickr, so I couldnt contact her, but I LOVE her crown! There were other crowns there too, but Holly Abston and Lisa Kettell that I just loved! Anyways, that brings me to mine! You already saw the first one I made which I am reposting at the end here, but I just made this halloween candy one this week..
I had fun making it. I make them flat and then when I'm done I tie them closed with ribbon, but this one I really liked flat and was thinking about framing it open like that.

any how.. thats it for tonight.. lots of halloween fun..

Cant believe its almost here.. and soon to be gone.. and then I'm going to have to put ALL my precious halloweenie stuff away!
crown 6
Its such a big job.. and time consuming.. I'll end up leaving things out that can double for thanksgiving. I dont really have lots of thanksgiving stuff. but I'll get there..
crown 4

The thing is, there is such a short time period for having it out! really only a month. The day after thanksgiving christmas comes out!
crown 3

OK.. I'm tired and am rambling on here..
just want to say thanks again to the girls who sent me their pics!
halloween crown 2
THank God tomorrow is friday!! I'll be working on bears again this weekend..
fiinished 6 last weekend.. will show you pics sometime soon.
night night all!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Frannie had her kittens last night.
I missed it!
We had gone to buffalo to see the broadway musical of Mary Poppins and Roberts girlfriend texted me while were there and said they were coming.
I felt so bad that I wasnt here for them, but I guess they didnt need me. She had the last one just before we got home.
6 little babies!
6 wrapped in daddys tail
And once again, Figgy is the father of the year!
He loves to curl up with frannie and the babies.
Amazing.. really!
they are all so sweet. I can hardly stand it.
Im home from work sick today, so I've been able to peek in on them ALOT!
3 fig fran adn babies
OMG.. omg omg! They are sooooo
1 papa and babies
Dont you agree?
They will be ready to go the week before christmas!
Christmas kittens!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

halloween crown challenge!

halloween crown

HEY all...
A few posts back I had mentioned doing a Halloween crown challenge. there were about 6 girls that mentioned they were interested, however, I got sidetracked and dropped the ball. I would have been posting the pics tomorrow, but Ive decided to do it on friday the 29th to give everyone a little more time, because its needed. I got pictures from Linda in new mexicos Wonderful crown the other day, and I am working on another crown myself, but I'm hoping to get a few more girls to participate..
so how about it girls.. dig out those halloween supplies, I know you didnt put them away yet! Lets create some sweet crowns and we can all be queens of halloween! 0r princesses.. princesses have more fun then queens!
And, it doesnt have to be a crown.. it could be a decorated witches hat or a top hat.. or whatever.. but please do throw something together and email me the pics! I'll post what ever I have on friday!
come on little bloggy friends.. please do come out and play with me!

Friday, October 22, 2010

we interupt this cheerful blog for a moment of misery!

I could just pull all my hair out..
I know I paint such an oh so happy picture
on my blog most days..
but sometimes I do get quite miserable!
This would be one of those times...
I am frustrated and irritated...
Somethings are just out of our control.
most things in fact.
and I hate that.
eiy yie yie..
(dont worry.. I'll be fine....)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

home sweet home!

Halloween pillow 1
Today is one of those days when it just feels so good to get home!

sort of blustery, rainy and cold outside... the bottoms of my pant legs were dragging and wet.

a quick stop at wallyworld to get a few things, kleenex, paper plates and some halloween treats for my secret pal at work. (I wish I could just make her something, but then she would know who her pal was..)

dial up 798-1100 Avantis Pizza! forget about eating smart tonight.. I was up two pounds on the scale at work this morning.. Pizza and wings! I'll pick them up! and OH they smelled so good in the car on the way home!

driving home, I managed to open up a package of weight watchers cookies with one hand.. (simply amazing arent I?) and scarfed down 2 of them!

In the house, I got the groceries unloaded. lit a few candles, turned on the halloween lights, jumped into some warm flannel pjs.. and filled up my plate with hot cheesy goodness and sweet chicken wings! mmmm... and with yummy blue cheese!

Now the tea kettles on.. waiting for the whistle to blow! But I'll catch it before it goes off, that is one sound I dont want Buffy the bird to learn to make!!

now, surrounded with warm halloween cheer.. and my sweet pets.. and hubby too.. what more could one want?
I know.. the day off tomorrow and a pound of choc walnut fudge! lol!

Did you notice the award at the top of my post? My sweet "bloggy sister" Paula Clare, honored me with her Oct's "YOu INSPIRE ME" award! She made me feel quite special! I just love blogland. I left her a comment saying that I am inspired daily here.. really, I dont think theres a blog that I've visited that I havent been inspired in someway. I have learned through blogging to find art in every single day. sounds a bit corny.. but its oh so very true.
thank you Paula Clare!
thank you to all of you!
and... isnt my birdy really FREAKEN CUTE?!!
oh... and did I tell you that Frannie is about to have another litter??
frannie pies a blimp!

love sweet love

sweet dreams friends!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

halloween ornie swap!

the loot!

My good friend Natalea Kandefor of Kandeland hosted a fun halloween ornie swap. I just want to show you all the great things we recieved!

by theresa whitmore
Theresa Whitmore for sycamore moom studios made these two awesome little pumpkin and skelly friends! I loved them so much I ran right over to her etsy and bought two more! A cat and a radish head guy!
theresa whitmore
Kris Hurst of Blissful Elements made this wonderful witchy paper doll. Kris is a great artist, I love all here creations. Also Kris was one of the very first people to "pay attention" to me when I entered cyberspace through flickr and blogging!
by Kris Hurst
Natalea the hostess with the mostess, made these wonderful witchy tree toppers! too big for my tree, so she stands by on guard! Love her!!
by Natalea kandefor

by Brenda Radzinski
My dear Friend Brenda Radzinski, who doesnt have ablog but should! You should see the stuff this girl makes! Especially the quilts. I am lucky to have bunches of stuff created by miss Brenda.. love her kitty ornie!
by me
I made these little black cat pals!
by kim laws

Kimberly Laws made this awesome fabric collage piece. wow! I almost feel like I should frame it and put it in its own special place!
by Jeanne S
Jeanne S (cant spell her last name!) of Dream create Inspire also made kittie ornies for us! one can never have too many black cats for Halloween! I love this!!!
by heather of speckled egg
Heather at speckled Egg made these jeweled spiders! He is perfectly spooky and I love him!!
by tammy L
Tammy Lucik made us BATS! every halloween tree should have at least one bat! I love him!!
by barb burkard
My SWEET friend Barb Burkard made these cute teddybear witches! Barbs another of the first people I met when I started blogging! And I have lots of goodies through out my house from her!

This awesome piece was made by another old blogger pal, Kathy Lowry! I lost the picture and had to go back to find it.. now I'm really gonna be late for work!
so thats that.. Heres a picture of everything on the tree..

and now I have to run. I wanted to take time to leave a quick post this morning, but it always takes me longer then I think it will and then I have to really hustle to get out of here and to work on time!!!

Got to fly!