Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm home from work today!

So happy to be home!! I have today off because we're going to see the transiberian orchestra. We thought we had tickets for the 3:00 show, however while we were out to dinner last night my daughter was looking at the tickets and realized that we had tickets to the 8:00 show. I had already taken the day off and for a minute considered going in, but then I thought, WHY??? so I am puttering around playing and enjoying being at home!
Jen and I have been hitting up some of our favorite spots looking for after christmas left over bargains, and have been disappointed. I think all the stores around here bought less and had more before holiday sales so they have less left over things! Which is actually smart of them.. but sucks for us!
I did find these sweets at crafts and creations in lockport. Love those bethany lowe garlands and bought all that they had left! also found the little tin tree candle holder clippy mobobs.. 15 cents a piece. I bought 20 of them, but thinking I should go back and get the rest! I have so many ideas for them!

I made this little snow friend on one of them this morning.. Next will be a little bird in a birds nest! I have so many ideas.. my head is spinning! I probably should grab a pad and sketch some of them out.

The little guy looks like he has a huge nose.. but its just the angle of the camera.
Frannie and Figgy are happy to have me home this morning.. They are never far from my side and sometimes figgy is tucked right into my shirt! Frannie doesnt do that much anymore, but figgy loves it. Gives me a back ache though!

Well all.. I have mice and valentine tags to work on.. and a couple emails to send. But first.. I need to make a pot of tea!
ohhhh..... by the way... I ...... gained....... half a pound....... over christmas weekend. I guess in the scheme of things and seeing as I pretty much ate whatever I felt like eating.. that is not too awful bad! However.. I'm totally back on track and will lose 38 if not 40 pounds by jUNE!! With that said.. I think I'll turn the stereo on and dance around the house while I clean up here!
see yas later!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a shout out..for a friend....

Just a quickie post..
Anyone interested in a fun valentine swap?
Cathy Scalise of treasured heirlooms is hosting a valentine box swap..
click on the picture above..
or right here
to go check it out!
thats all for now folks!

Monday, December 28, 2009

home sweet home!

Its so very cold outside and the heat in my car isnt working very well! And it was quite stormy on the way home tonight. Needless to say.. with all that heavy wet snow and not much heat, my window kept freezing up! I had to pull over on the side of the road and wait awhile for the heat to heat the window up enough for me to see! And then I only drove about 40 mph all the way home because the roads were snow covered and slippery! by the time I got home I was freezing! as, what little heat I was getting , I had to keep blowing on the window.. so my tootsies got pretty cold!

So as soon as I got here it was into pjs and warm booties.. and to the kitchen to feed the kittens and make some hot tea with honey! And some popcorn in my new hot air popper that I got for christmas! I love it! isnt it the cutest thing?

Popcorn is a daily staple for me since I've been losing weight.. especially air popped.. no points unless I eat double what this machine makes in one cycle~ I may turn into a popcorn kernel someday!

I didnt just have popcorn for dinner though.. (that was a predinner snack!) I also made some sweet potatoes in the oven and cooked burgers for Tony and I. I make the best burgers for only 6 points! 4 ozs of 95% lean ground beef, a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese, on a weight watchers wheat english muffin, with roasted red peppers, onion, dijon mustard and picadilly relish! VERY MESSY and VERY GOOD!
So after eating and getting warmed up and cuddling with figgy.. I feel better and here I am! Though I just told my husband that I was coming in the living room to watch tv with him. (hardly ever do that!) Just feeling like vegging out for a change!
I have a feeling that I probably gained some weight over Christmas weekend! I learned that I can not live in the house with christmas cookies if I'm trying to lose weight!!!
OH girlies.. (and guys.. I think chris is the only guy that comes here.. but dont want to disclude him.. is that a word? disclude?)
anyways.. only 3 weeks til frannies kittens are due! she is getting so fat! I'm sooooo excited!
Well I'm off to the couch with some needle felting to work on! need to make some mice for a mouse swap!
hey.. one more thing... Im brewing up an idea.. NOT a swap.. but a challange to make something to keep not to give away.. more thinking to do .. I'll let you know when I get it figured out!
Later blogland!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

let me introduce to you... FURBY POPPINS!

OK.. so at my house we are all a little nuts.. maybe even more so then a "little"! In fact we've had dozens of people tell us that we should have our own reality tv show.. sort of on the same line as the ozborns or roseann (I must say I didnt like either of those shows..) but I can definitely understand why some people think we might be funnyand if a camera were to follow us around for a few days there would surely be some very laughable times but, on the other hand it would be pretty boring at times too. We are all a bit impulsive and pretty silly, and probably yes.. some of us most likely fall into the "tiny bit ecentric" catagory. hey.. it anyone out there wants to make a tv show about us.. as long as I get rich for it.. I'd be willing to give it a shot! (haha!) (NOT!)

So.. Miss Bethany (who is 24) for years has been saying how much she wants a chinchilla.. or as she calls them an enchinchilla.. kind of like an enchilada. This year as I was trying to figure out what to get her for christmas, I couldnt think of anything that would be exciting to her. then I started thinking about the chinchilla idea, not sure if it was a good one or not. but I looked on craigslist and low and behold.. I found some very nice people who had one, but felt that they werent giving her the attention she needed. So, my daughter Jen and I drove out to buffalo to check her out.. unprepared to bring her back with us, they offered to follow us home with the cage which is the size of a large dresser. So now, I've had this sweet little (sweet but very messy) chinchilla living with us, hiding in my craft room for a month. I've grown very fond of her and almost hate to see her go. Bethany was ecstatic about her, and cant wait to take her home! She has remamed her Furby poppins snuffleupagus, hippopotomus... and sometimes elephant. (I dont understand either... but if you know bethany, you dont question her, you just say, "ok Bethany .. thats nice!"
Bethany loves her new little friend, which I am quite happy about because I ve been thinking for the last couple weeks that maybe it had been a mistake to buy it for her. Not only does Bethany like little "furby poppins snuffupugus hippopotamus sometimes elephant", but I do think she likes Bethany as well.

Figgy and frannie have enjoyed furby this past month and furby loved them too. It was raised with cats and was used to playing with them. Figgy and frannie would stick their feet in as far as they could to touch her and then they'd both stick there noses through the bars nose to nose. they would lay on top of the cage and they were all quite comfortable with each other. I think they might miss her when she goes (hopefully today)!

In other news.. went to see blindside last night.. great movie! Sandra Bullock is perfect for the role. see it if you get the chance.. and its a true story!

I'll be back later! see yas then!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love Christmas....

We had the best Christmas day. The kids all came over and we made quiche for breakfast and we ate bagels and honey butter. We opened our stockings and all of our awesome gifts, then off we went to Tonys parents house for an afternoon with his family and more FOOD!!!
I was completey naughty Christmas eve and Christmas day...
as far as sticking to my points..
in fact I totally rebelled and ate anything that was in my path...
and even some things that werent in my path!
But I fugure thats all ok.. as of today.. I'm back to the plan!
I have lost 32. something pounds so far.. and I have another 38 to lose.
My goal is by June.. so I have to stick to it..
which up to this point hasnt been a problem....
it was just a little tiny giftie to myself to pig out for two days! (bad gift!!)
Speaking of gifts, omg.. my kids spoiled us as always..
so much great stuff! Maybe later I'll get back on and show ya a few things!
What I really want to tell you about is Bethanys Christmas present.. which I have had hidden in my house and cared for it for the last month..
but you will have to wait til the next post!!! pictures and video to share.
For now.. Im getting ready to go do a little shopping..
(gotta get a couple bargains.. or the holiday is not complete!)
and then off to see two movies.. the princess and the frog and blindsided.
Have a lovely day after christmas!
I think I'm going to leave all my decorations and my tree up for 2 more weeks.. I just cant part with them all yet!

Friday, December 25, 2009

JOY to the World THE LORD has come..let earth recieve her king!



Monday, December 21, 2009


OMG !! Just look at them all.. What a great swap! so much talent here! I would have loved to have swapped with every single player! REALLY.. I thought about it too.. wondered how to pull it off! Anyways.. its late and I need to go to bed, but I promised the elf parade today.. and I wouldnt want to let down some of my favorite peeps in the world! By the extremely talented Debra Schoch! Isnt he so freaken Awesome!!
and look at the extra goodies below! Check out the sweet elf paperdolls!

This cute as heck siamese kitty is by Darlie of libbys buttons!
Isnt is adorable!?
And talk about cute as heck.. and talented...
this one is made by Jackie of Fat Jack originals!
Amazing isnt he?

Nancy Dontigney made this sweet sweet sweet little bear elf!

just dying here I tell you..
see why I would have wanted to be
partners with EVERYONE!!!???

My Very wonderful friend Barb Burkard made this awesome elf

and sent her off to TASMANIA!

(I just love that through blogging

I can say that I have a friend in Tasmania!!..HI GRACE!)

And speaking of Tasmania...
Grace Garton made this awesome little elf..
DYING here.. want them all!!
Hope of Pixies ponderings made this precious little elf!
isnt she sweet!?
Love those cheeks!

This awesomely sweet littlest elf was made by
the very talented and creative
Theresa Whitmore of sycamore moon studios!

NOw.. see.. arent they all fantastic?
Heres another over the top cute as heck one!
This one made by Kelly Cottrell!
I told you lots of talent in this group!

My friend Fran Paragan Meehan made this little guy!
Wonderful isnt he??
OMG! I can hardly stand all the cuteness here!

And here, Catie ann porter not only created the elf
but also the whole stink'n busy little workshop!
The creative and artistic Amy Sullivan
created this adorable little elf on a pinecone!
love it!

There are a few more that I dont have pictures off yet.
When I get them I will post them!
Thank you to all of you who participated in this swap!
I am always in awe in the end when I see all the wonderful creations!
Now. I'm off to bed!
nightie night !

a few more!

OOOPS! A few more...

susan Oconnor made this great little prim elf!
love the cinnamon stick arms and legs!
And the rest of there are some of the elves I made!
The only ones I have pics of anyways!

4 more days!

OH the life of a cat!
so much relaxing!
just eat.. play and relax!
Not a care in the world.
While I hustled and bustled around saturday
finishing projects and baking tons of cookies
(of which I cant even eat!)
They just relaxed!
I just cant imagine..
Well, for one, I am not a relaxer.
I am always doing something.
Though creating is relaxing to me, I guess!
so we're in the finally count down! only 4 days til christmas. i still have some work to do.. final projects to make.. and some gift certificates to pick up. I am broke. and after christmas I will not only be on a food diet.. but also a spending diet as well!
I'll be back tonight to post the elf parade! If any of you were in the elf swap and havent sent me pics of your elfs yet, please do! I dont want them to miss the Christmas elf parade!
Have a bright and shiney day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ornaments galore!

wow! Only 7 days before Christmas! It always seems so far away and then all of a sudden its so close.. Im sure this will be a hustle bustle weekend for most of us and we try to finish up the last minute shopping.. decorating and baking and wrapping! I know it will be for me.
I have had so many wonderful things come in the mail from swaps lately and I need to show them to you ... I'm getting backed up! so let me start with the two ornament swaps I did. the two pics above are not from those swaps, but are pieces that I made for a couple friends. I love the first one especially. I would like to make about 6 more of these over the weekend.. but I need more little tart tins! maybe i'll have to do some quick shopping in the morning!
Anyways! Here are the ornies from the 12 days of Christmas swap which I did with an amazing group of talented artists.. which I'm sure you can tell!

On the first day of christmas lori Guerin gave to me... A partridge in a pear tree!

On the second day of christmas Michelle Geller gave to me.. Two turtle doves!

ON the third day of christmas Zhulia Abrok gave to me.. Three french hens!

On the fourth day of christmas Melissa Merrill gave to me... four calling birds...
On the fifth day of christmas Lori Guerin gave to me (again).... five golden rings!

On the sixth day of christmas kathy Lowry gave to me.... 6 geese a laying!

On the seventh day of christmas Joanne Huffman gave to me... seven swans a swimming!

UMMMMMM.... On the eighth day of christmas.. Vivian killed the cow! Yes.. the eighth day was mine. I had a terrible time with my ornie and I hated them so I'm not posting it.. And not only that.. but I am going to come up with a better idea and will make new ones to send to each of the girls.. (it was so ugly and stupid that I hated to mail it!) so.. lets just move on!
On the 9th day of christmas Amy Huff gave to me.... Nine ladies dancing!

On the tenth day of Christmas Maureen Baranov gave to me... ten lords a leaping!
ON the eleventh day of Christmas ... Natalea Kandefor gave to me... 11 pipers piping!

And... finally.. on the 12th day of Christmas.. Sandy Camarda gave to me... 12 drummers drumming!
Arent they all wonderful??? I love each piece and feel like I have treasures! I will make up for the ugly cow .. I' promise girls!
OK.. so the next swap was done between 7 of us that are going away together in june.. we call ourselves the Niagara sisters.. so this was the niagara sisters christmas ornie swap! More amazing talent!
No theme for this one.. just christmas! this first ornie is from Jenny Kapinski ! cute !
This one was done by Amy Powers!
I made this one.. (and wont hide it from you this time!)

Martha Brown made this one....

Sandy Camarda did this one!
Natalea kandefor did these!
Oops.. these came with Sandy!

There is one more on the way .. by the fabulous Maija lepore. will show it when it comes..
SO thankful that today is friday.. I have a canker sore on the side of my tongue that hurts like heck.. ! Figgy is tucked into my bathrobe sitting here with me at the computer.. wish I could stay home like this all day! but today is our big christmas party that we throw for about 200 kids.. with hundreds of gifts (every child gets two!) and lots of pizza and cookies.. (none for me!) and of course Santa Claus, a clown with balloons and music, face painting, a coloring contest.. and prizes! I do the face painting with another girl.. which reminds me.. better grab my brushes!

I suppose I should get a move on here.. I need to go pack my healthy low points lunch! Hey GIRLIES!!!! I'm down 31.2 pounds now! isnt that amazingly awesome?? I'll be back over the weekend to show you more sweet stuff.. plus.. I need to show you alll the elves from the elf swap!
Happy Friday!