Sunday, February 27, 2011

winter morning
oh spring!! Where art thou o spring??
Only three weeks to go... I just wonder how much more snow we might get between now and then.
friday we had quite a little storm, It took me 50 minutes at 30 miles an hour to get to work. It usually only takes me 20 minutes. I am feeling quite tired of the snow.
Though, I do have to admit it really was pretty this morning when I got up. We had gotten about 6 to 8 new inches over night. I am really looking forward to the season to change! but I also have to admit, that I dislike the very early stages of spring.. when everything is muddy and ugly.
yellow chick
I did manage to get a few needle felted chicks on pinkeeps finished over the weekend. I wish I could get some good pictures of them, but I could not! I must have taken about 50 shots.. I can not capture their cuteness for the life of me!!
pink chick
My favorite is this little blue one below. Or, i dont know.. maybe the pink is my fav. next on my list will be lambie pies!
blue chick
speaking of Pies... look at my little torry pie! isnt he just freaken adorable!?
torry pie
All the kids came over tonight and brought pizza and wings over for dinner. I got to play with my baby. He smiles and coos and kicks now and omg.. I dont want to share him at all! Sooo freaken precious he is!!
well, I know this is short.. but I am exhausted and need to do about 15 minutes of bloghopping then off I go for the evening!
have a great week!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I ve been playing with a leprechaun!

So far he has been behaving. You know they say the leprechauns are often pretty mischievous.

I did think I heard something during the night and I think thats when they get into trouble.. but everything was in order when I woke up. well, not really... everything was a disaster, but thats how I left it.. I cant blame it on anyone else. Not even the silly leprechaun.

St pattys day is just around the corner. That's one holiday that I dont have any decorations for. nothing! notta! zip! Zilch! except one leprechaun.. well now two, if you count this little guy. My family says, I dont need to have any st pattys stuff cause we're not even close to being irish.. but isnt everyone irish on st pattys day?

I did see a cute little garland at tj maxx and I wish I had bought it. maybe I'll have to make one. oh maybe I'll just settle with the two little green friends I have now. I have no desire to decorate in a big way for st pattys.. but it would be nice to have a few things dont ya think?
does anyone want to join me in making a st pattys garland? not a swap.. just a challange?? Maybe I need a little inspiration! not enough time to put a swap together, but that would have been fun....
Working on some easter stuff too.. will show you next time.
for now.. its off to work for me.
have a great day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

grammie's mammogrammie

grammie pie had her yearly mamogrammie yesterday.. and what to their wondering eyes should appear but a spot on my right breast so round and so clear! So more pictures were taken and it disappeared. then they did an ultrasound.. but found nothing! the whole thing was kind of surreal. I really didnt get nervous or afraid. The thoughts that I had kind of surprised me. The absolute first thought I had was to pray, even as she was speaking to me about it, my mind was busy praying, "dear god, dont let this be anything.. please.. thankyou and amen"
Then I thought, "I wouldnt want to be one of those people who say.. why me? and I thought the opposite, why not me? Its gonna be somebody.. why not me? " Then I thought, (this is the truth girls) omg.. Now I really have to lose weight, because Im not dying fat!" But I was never really scared and really not that worried.. how strange is that? Anyways.. It must have been nothing. But I do have to go back in 6 months for a recheck.
After words.. I went to tim hortons and got a freaken donut! I deserved it! eiy yie yie! Then I picked up Torry pie and brought him home for the evening. OMG.. I just love him to pieces!
And.. this morning I woke up with another cold! what the heck is that about? I just had one a few weeks ago. oh well, Id rather have a cold then that flu bug thats going around.
OK.. now to share a recipe with you! Oatmeal in the crock pot. start it before you go to bed and wake up to it! so yummy!
3 cups of water
1-1/2 cups of old fashioned oats
2 cups of chopped apples
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/4 cup of sliced almonds.
OH.. and I added 1/4 cup of raisins too
thats all!
but! I would use a little less apples next time and I would use chopped walnuts instead of the almonds.
also, I sprinkled brown sugar splenda on it when I served it.
it was so good.. gonna make more tonight!
Ok.. I'm off to the store, need birdseed, vicks kleenex and some excedrin!
have a good weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

friday morning thoughts!

or should the caption read.. friday morning nonsense!
The ocean is calling me..... I hear it I hear it I hear it!! (picture from last june!)
but, no ocean trip this year. Unless one of you would like to treat me to one.
oh god.. I miss the ocean and the warm sunshine and hot sand.. and cute boys on the beach...
I have to remember to pay some bills today! REALLY!!
mamogram this afternoon.
followed by spending time with grandbuddy torry pie .
if the aspca saw my filthy bird cage they'd take buffy away!
if he doesnt stop beeping like the microwave Id let them have him! (lol... NOT ever!)
3 day weekend.. some presidents have been good for something!

must be nuts 11

if I eat something good, as in good but not good for you.. you know like fattening.. I seriously feel like Ive commit a major SIN and need to pray for forgiveness!
last night I tried margarita pizza... omg... (natalea it was awesome!)
then I ate a regular piece of pizza.. and if that wasnt bad enough, I then ate a russel stovers, coconut cream easter egg!!
all of which I ate in the car on my way home from spending 329.01 at wegmans grocery store!
uh.. I also had bought a giant choc chip cookie but gave it to my hubby when I got home , I had to ask him to save me from myself!! he gladly did.. but I'm missing that cookie now!

must be nuts 13

I have a new office at work.. i need to decorate it.. dont know what to do with it! any ideas?
my house is old.. needs work... will probably never get done!
I think I need a trip to hobby lobby.. Micheals, joanns , buffalo stamps.. tj maxx..
I wish I was skinny!
I bought some work out clothes... two weeks ago.. havent worked out yet! ha..they are still int he bag!
only three hours of work this morning!
should consider doing taxes.. so afraid though! I'm sure we owe.
gotta make a st pattys day creation for my swappy with Kelly my every holiday swap pal! I have something cute in mind!
need to order some green roving...
I want to create something awesome...
Im thinking of hosting an easter parade, not sure if it would be a swap or not.
my tea got cold...
I would like to eat 6 donuts! lol
god, Im not even catholic, but I think that would send me to confession and I'd have to say a million hail marys or something!
Im thinking of putting a small aquarium in my craft room! oh.. this thought is exciting!
I dont know what else to say.. except TGIF!!
happy friday everyone.
must be nuts 16
(just remembering a fun timeI wish I was going back again this year!!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lots of cuteness here!

hello everyone.. I took these pics the other day and have been meaning to upload them here. I couldnt decide which ones to share, so I hope you dont mind.. I put them all here! I hope they dont take ten years for your computers to open.. :(
This little shelf sits on my craft table and is full of the sweetest little things. Alot of it from some very sweet friends in blog and flickr lands.
I have other areas in my house that look similar with other sweet little things displayed too.. and lots more sweet pieces made by my bloggy buds! I love every piece I recieve and I need to be able to look at it all often! do you think I'll become a hoarder?? Uhh.. I do have a very small house! and a lot of stuff.... my poor hubby!

I have to admit something to you all.. I am tired....
I LOVe the wonderful worlds I've found on line, and I ADORE everyone of you.
But, I am finding it so difficult at times to keep up here. and I cant bare to miss a day, so I dont know if taking a break is possible. but I find I cant even get comfortable at the computer lately!!
well that sucks! makes me want to run out and buy a new computer desk and big comfy chair! I'm finding that I might almost rather crawl up on the couch with my afghan and kitties and watch tv.. but hubby always has on stupid stuff that I dont like to watch, which would make me fall asleep and thats the last thing I want to do.. even though im tired! lol!!
truthfully I dont really like to watch much tv at all. but I havent gotten myself in the right frame of mind to start on easter crafting .. so I'm sort of in limbo.. a little tired of the computer.. not liking tv and not ready to start creating for easter.. so what shall I do with myself!?
Maybe after I put all my valentines stuff away, I can focus on easter better. but I cant put valentines away yet.. not yet.. its all just sooo cute!! maybe this weekend.. who knows. it always happens when the mood strikes me. All of a sudden I will just be ready and I'll jump in and get it done!
Easter is late this year, april 24th I think. so really I dont want to decorate for easter until mid march probably.. what do you think? I have a ton of the cutest easter stuff... maybe the end of feb would be better! lol!
Im thinking I need to have some ice cream now.. dont worry, its sugar free, only 1 point for 1/2 a cup. I have 3 points saved for tonight.. oh yeah.. looking forward to my icecream!
frannies in heat.... but figgys fixed..... oh broken hearted me.. no more sweet little siamese kittens..... I really wish I could have more!!
3 litters, 18 kittens total was enough for Frannie dont you think? argh!! I would love to let her have more. I just dont think its just not good for her precious little body to be pregnant so many times!
well ive rambled on here long enough.. (are you even still with me???) lol!
Off I gooooo..... I think I'm going to look through craft supplies and see if any thing strikes my fancy to play with!
huggles all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I ordered the cutest valentines from blumchen on tuesday and they were here on thursday! I was surprised at how fast they came. And they are so cute that now I dont want to give them away. really.
At work theres about 35 of us that make little mailboxes and exchange valentines, just like if we were in grade school! this is the third or forth year that we're doing it. I wasnt going to this year, but at the last minute decided "oh, what the heck.. why not!" but I didnt want to buy the same ones at wally world or the grocery store that everyone else is buying. so I got these.

Arent they adorable?? Even cuter in person. soooooo.... I know were not supposed to, but I scanned 6 of my favorites and printed them out on heavy cardstock and now I have to cut them all out. This way I can keep the originals.. then I'll have then for another time!
I've been ordering a bunch of stuff on line this last week, I bought roving for easter needlefelting, tiny glass eyes,the valentines and some other easter trimmy stuff! I am very ready to move on to easter creating! maybe even this weekend. and.. I plan on opening my etsy shop back up with easter treats!so what does every on do for valentines day? does anyone really celebrate it? Any true romantics? I like to decorate for it and bake and give my kids stuff, but other then that, we really dont do anything anymore. I suppose I should go out to get my hubby a card though and maybe monday we'll cook steaks on the grill or maybe we should go out to eat this year! I'll have to see what he wants to do.
I made cupcakes this morning for the kids for valentines day. I usually buy them gifts of somesort, but just cant think of anything that I want to buy for anyone! so I bought some nice bakery boxes and pretty pink ribbon, will make some little valentines to tie on to the boxes and that'll be that! except for baby torry pie.. I bought him two little outfits.
I'm on call for CPS this weekend thru next thursday and thankfully its been quiet. I'm hoping it stays like that. besides, its really cold out. so, I'm hoping to stay in and warm and just poking around inside! I need to cut out all these valentines and make some simple little ones for my kids!
hey! has it been quiet in blogland or is it just me?
see yas later!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

valentine swappies show and tell

I have been swapping with my friend Kelly (kelbug on flickr) for over a year now for every holiday. we have the best time with it. I love thinking of something special to make for her and then receiving what ever special thing she has made for me! Look what she sent for valentines day! I love love love him! I've had pigs in my brain lately, so this was so perfect for me!

and the little heart ornie and kitten valentine ornies as well are sooo freaken adorable!

couldn't be happier then a pig in mud! (just had to say that.. you know how I am!)

Then I did a couple Valentine swaps through Elizabeth's Dolly Dingle valentine swap. I swapped with Cheryl comfort and she sent me this amazing valentine. I love seeing it hanging on my tree. look at the little bow and the little quiver and arrows!
from elizabeth front side
Then of course I had to swap with our blogger darling Elizabeth herself! How cute is this valentine with the tiny teddys!! Its always a treat to recieve anything from E in the mail.

I failed to take pictures of the valentines that I made. duh!!

Then theres this sweet little valentine girl made by Rella of faeriluna for a swap hosted by thimbleprimstudio. she has the softest doll hair Ive ever felt! thank you Rella! and again.. I forgot to take a picture of the doll I made! slipping here arent I?
I'm excited as I still have few more things to look forward to in the mail, a couple valentines and a package from Debra Schoch!
Okeedokie! once again.. off to work I go! Not looking forward to the weekend as much as I normally do because I'm on call this weekend and all next week. I'll be praying for a VERY quiet weekend! I want to start easter crafting this weekend... oh the things dancing around in my head!
see yas later!

Ive been keeping a secret!

well, its really not a secret.. just something that Ive been meaning to tell you about for MONTHS! YOu know the little trips ive been taking with natalea and sandy and the other girls to Niagara on the lake and Nataleas valentine teas?

Well weve put a little magazine together.. well I say we, but really, Sandy put a magazine together and were all in it! its so cute and they are for sale at Sandys blog if your interested. I love looking through it! such a fun reminder of good times!

Should you be interested, you can expect to find just how we put together our little retreats.. everything from start to finish, there are tutorials (mine on needlefelting) there are snippets about wrapping pretty packages, special foods... decorating... etc!
Sandy did a great job on this and Im proud to be part of it! anyways, if your interested and want to order a copy.. hop over to Sandys site and theres a place to buy it right at the top of her side bar!
OK.. I feel better now that I've done that.. like i said Ive been meaning to tell you about it for months!
now.. its hi ho hi ho.. and Off to work I go...
in the snow... in the snow.. in the snow!!
joy joy joy... (NOT!)