Sunday, March 30, 2008

rambling on !

(17 in the miniature swap so far girls.. pass on the swap news!)
I have so much to do today.. I really need to do some cleaning. I ve not lifted a finger barely all week.. so things like, vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash bins, putting a ton of craft supplies away.. cleaning mirrors, changing bedding.. and POSSIBLY putting easter away (oh..just breaks my heart!) are all first on my agenda.

then this afternoon, I need to cut out a couple new bears for bear orders, and one that Ive been wanting to make for myself.

plus I want to start my miniature for the swap! Which I will make two of, cause I know when I get it finished, I wont want to part with it! I most likely will not start that today.. but its in my brain and will be haunting me til I get to it!

speaking of haunting! OMG! Just remembered my dream from last night. I dreamed that someone was giving me a tour of their huge home, and they took me around back and down these stairs to where they used to have a day care. the door hadnt been opened it years and was all covered in moss and mold and dirt. she opened it to show me the inside and it was dark and dusty and their sitting on the steps I saw this (my dream was in black and white.. how wierd!) little boy ghost! he had been closed in there or something. She didnt see him, but I told her he was there and that we had to help him! ok. from there my dream shifted to some where else, like a meeting with other people and we were talking about how we were going to get this kid back to his parents.. and we decided to have him run for this bus that would take him to them, (it was like a ghost bus) so the bus came and the boy, who had a name, but I dont remember what it was now, had to run and run to catch it, and in my dream I was crying and yelling for him to "run run hurry you have to catch that bus..." I was so emotional about it! he finally caught it! but when the bus was gone and the meeting was over, there was someone else, another ghost person, that got off the bus when the boy got on! At this point in my dream I knew I was dreaming... and I told myself to wake up, I wasnt going through this again!! How wierd wierd wierd!! I never dream about ghosts!!!

Went to a wedding shower at a bar in town yesterday..for my little neighbor girl who grew up with my girls. A little strange in the bar.. but whatever!.. anyways, a school bus pulled up and (this is true I swear!) It was like the little car at the circus where clowns keep getting out forever, except..bikers just kept pouring out of the bus and into the bar! The bus was totally packed with them.. there were on a bar run.. the bus was taking them from town to town to visit and drink at all these bars! Ours was the first! It made it a little difficult to hear what was going on at the shower... and the poor girl was opening all her gifts and Ha!! there were a few leaning on the pool table watching.. she was opening her sweet little nighties and they were showing their approval! It was a bit funny.. (Maybe that school bus, was where the bus in my dream came from!)

Anyways for the shower, we all had themes, I had christmas, so I bought her some beautiful bride, groom and church ornaments and I made her a heart shaped wreath with a boy and girl elf (she wanted me to make her something!) I did take a picture.. I thought it was kind of bland, but she loved it. I'll post the pic.

After that shower, I ran with daughter Jen to Greece to try to find birthday presents for two of my girlfriends, which I was unsuccessful at! And then last night went to a friends to hang out for girls game night. we had a good time and I didnt get home until a little after midnight..

Well my, arent I just a chatty cathy today!!

I suppose I should probably get busy! I forgot I also have to go to my daughter Beths apartment today to help her hang some lanterns and stuff, and I still need to find some birthday gifts!

Friday, March 28, 2008

miniature swap badge

just a quick swap update!

Hi all! just wanted to post the badge picture. so please post this on your blogs and pass on the info if you know someone that does miniatures that might like to play. so far there are 13 or 14 of us..
also, I've had a couple people ask if it has to be a bear.. I say no.. it could be any little animal or a doll. dont forget the little prop to go with it! Im not sure what I'm going to make! I have so many ideas! maybe we'll get an uneven number again and I can have two partners!! hehe!
(Other details are in the last post below)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miniature doll and bear swap!!!!!

hello all.. Ok Ladies! .. finally, I think I'm ready to undertake the next swap.. A miniatures swap! There were quite a few people interested in doing this swap. We will make either a miniature doll or bear and include some small prop with it. Miniature meaning under 6 inches tall. The doll or bear must be handmade by a very talented you. The prop can be either made by yourself or you may purchase something to go with it.

Sign ups are now through april 5th. Please sign up at my email You need to include your name,email address, home address, blog address, or flickr site. Or if you dont have a site, you need to provide me with a picture of something you've made! Please dont sign up unless your serious about it. I dont want anyone being let down! I do have to say that my last swap, the doll swap was 100%!!! Yay ladies! everyone that started, finished. This makes me sooo happy!

Ok.. so sign ups start now, and I think we will have a mail out date of May 10th! so that will give everyone from now til then to get their creative juices flowing to design , create and mail!!

Miniatures are where my heart is! I love tiny dolls, bears, toys, teasets.. anything little.. cant get enough of them.. so this swap really excites me!!!
Ok.. I will be checking my mail... ALOT! looking for lots of wonderful creative doll and bear makers wanting to make something tiny!
Heres a few pictures of some of my tiny things.. the first one is my ballerina elephant! She is one of my all time favorite creations..

This one is a shelf my husband built for me with some of my tiny friends.. I didnt make all of these.. but alot of them..

This is my first monkey.. ♪♪ the monkey he got drunk♪♪ do you know that song?

This is one of the first tiny bears I every made.. I think it was about 10 years ago..

This is from one day a few months ago when I dug out my old doll houses and got some of my friends together for a tiny tea party!!

OK! Now race off to sign up for the swap!!! Hugs to you all!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter baskets easter swaps!

another happy easter post.. lots of pictures.. I thought I would take the time to post from a couple of swaps.. The first one is from the easter basket swap hosted by Genevieve Olsen of Bella Enchanted. Genevieve was my partner and I had mor fun filling a basket for her. Then I recieved her wonderful basket for me! I was so excieted and I love everything in it including the awesome basket itself. I took this picture which does not do it justice because you cant see whats in it! So Sweet ! I love it all! Thank you Genevieve! the next picture is of a little nest that was in the basket.. I stuck it in a plant.

this picture is of the basket I sent to Genevieve... ( i feel like this is all show and tell on blogland.. I think my next post needs more substance.. hmmm...) anyways.. She loved her basket! I'm so glad. I really did have fun making this basket up for her.

this next basket is the basket I recieved from my secret pal at work.. so cute isnt it? she even made the basket and cross stitched the eggs.. LOVE IT!

OK, the next pics are from the hippity hop easter swap hosted by heather Bluhm

day one: the gift was from cheryl connell. I love this.. Im looking for the perfect place to hang it. thank you Cheryl!

Day two, a sweet little bunny box from Amy Bauer! Inside the box there was some candy and a little nest and chick! Absolutely adorable!

Day three was from Stacy of Creative Muse, a wonderful paper doll pin, sweet tags and a bunch of wonderful little buttons! the doll pin is so pink and frothy! I have it setting on my dresser! thank you Stacy!

Day four, bySandra Feasel. What a precious little chickie tag! and it came in a handpainted bag! I'm saving the bag for some special thing!
I hung my tag with a bunch of other eastery tags that I've collected this year. Thank you Sandra!!

Day Five, the sweetest little nest necklace!! and a bird! The bird found his way to a nest I have that is more his size! and the necklace is waiting to be worn! love then both.. thank you Brenda Bliss!
Day 6.. the fabulous Kecia made our treats.. just look at this sweet rabbit not only that the tag is freaken precious as well. I LOVE THEM BOTH! thank you Kecia.

Day 7: another great necklace and card made by Kim Boehm, Precious Precious, Precious! thank you Kim!

Day 8 I opened the cutest darn little bird house! Made by Lonnie Jenck. I adore this! I quickly found the perfect spot for it in my house! thank you Lonnie!
Day 9: Check out the Awesome easter frame made by Sandy Camarda.. she put the badge for the easter swap on it. I love this frame. I took a picture of my son this morning with the cat and am thinking of cropping it and using this frame for it! Thank you Sandy!!

And on Day ten I opened this sweet gift! A wonderful little bunny box.. It also has a little nest and chickie inside. I love it. The little bunny has a perfect little crown on, and is adorable! Thank you to ann Marie Skrabo!
Day 11 was my day but im not posting that picture, I made little chicks on boxes for everyone. Youve already seen pictures if youve been following my blog! Hopefully everyone liked them!

Ok.. enough enough enough!! no more show and tell for now.

I watched Enchanted this afternoon.. I missed a bunch of it because I was trying to get dinner done, but Im going to watch it again soon. What I saw was so good! A really cute movie! I thought it was creatively done. I love those princess stories! YOu do know.. Im supposed to be a princess..
ok.. must go have a piece of pie.. I made two pies today and havent had any yet! Goodnight!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm in my easter bonnet! well my new easter crown! I just absolutely adore this thing! It is my newest treasure.. And of course, I think I've told you all that I was supposed to be a princess.. now do I look like a princess?
ok.. so tomorrow is easter! " thank you Jesus... thank you soo much" I get so wrapped up in the shananigans of the world and forget what we're celebrating here. I get so caught up in the cute bunnies and chicks and easter eggs and candy and as much cuteness as I can surround myself in, and I forget there is a real reason that we celebrate and that is, that on the third day after being crucified, and dying for our sins, Christ arose!!!
So anyways, I will be going to church with my daughter tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I hardly ever go anymore.. just dont.. no excuses here. but I do love God and Jesus!
I will be cooking also.. actually I have some baking to do today.. gotta make the goodieS!! cherry pie, pecan pie and coffee cake for the morning.
Were having ham, mashed taters, sweet taters, asparagus, brocoli salad, rosa marina salad, develed eggs, pickles, rolls, and pies. I couldnt decide which potatos I'd rather have.. so I thought why not a little of both!
Well, I may post again later.. who knows. I'm working on a few things today.. but actually I probably wont post til tomorrow now that I think about it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And now, back to easter time blogging~
Hello all.. I'm back with a few more pictures from the doll swap! I do believe that there are only two more pics left to collect and post!
This sweet little doll is made by catieann! Isnt she adorable?! Her doll went to Melissa. Melissa made the doll in the next picture! a very bright doll with a lot of heart!
This wonderful bunny was made by the fabulous Debra! (one of my idols!) her bunny went to Elaine!

This beautiful mermaid was made by the very creative Kai and was sent to her partner Michelle.

OK.. Ive spent the past couple nights making these little bunnies and the little chickie for my secret pal at work. Except, that its really no secret, we sort of cheated so we could be partners! She is a dear friend of mine, seen a couple times on my blog already. she made her first appearance afor the halloween blog party as wanda the witch! then she was on not too long ago when we made miniature bears together.. anyways.. so shes my partner.. I dont know what shes making me, but its sure to be something awesome. I think shes doing some needle work!! she makes beautiful things!! so anyways, this is what I gave her and she loved all of it!

Now.. this is the icecream on the cake.. I joined the bunny crown swap at the faeriezine group on flickr and my partner was tracy of traSEAlee. She made the most wonderful crown. I about died when I opened the box. Each piece of the crown is soldered and each one has an adorable bunny picture in it or two actually as they each have a front and back. Really, I suggest you go to my flickr site where you can view the pictures on largest setting and really look at them. This is so awesome! I am sooo lucky! thank you soooo much Tracy!

this picture youve already seen, this is the one I made for the swap, which of course tracy got. I'm assuming she recieved hers today too! I hope she liked it

Well, I have to admit that i was totally distracted the whole time i was posting this. we were watching I AM LEGEND with Will Smith.. eye yie yie.... that was some movie.. I adore will smith, but though I couldnt help but watch the movie, I dont think I really liked it. It was pretty gross. and the ending sucked.. Just my opinion!

OK little blog friends.. I need to get off of the computer and let someone else on for a bit.. its pretty sad that when the mother is the computer hog!

besides.. I m thinking its time for some ice cream!!

oh.. just one more thing.. or two.. I'm coming up on my 100th post.. it seems to be the norm here in blog land that there is a give away for the 100th.. so I'll be thinking about what I can make to give away. so stay tuned..

And also.. I'll be posting another swap with in the next week or so. Miniatures!!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

We interupt this easter time blogging.. with a little break in preparation for st patricks day.. I made this little leprechan a couple years ago, when I realized that I didnt have any st pattys decorations or goodies to put out! My husband says we arent the least bit Irish and we dont need to celebrate it, eh.. but who listens to husbands anyways. So I created this little guy and I think I created a little pest!! just look at him.. thats my bottle of Baileys Irish Cream he's getting into!!!

OH dear.... I hope he saved me some!!

Well, this other little leprebearchan is a much gentler soul.. Hes not a drinker.. unless theres a little honey in it.. He was made a couple years ago also. Thats it for st Patricks decor for me..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a few more dolls and other treats

(little edit here.. added another doll may not have seen yet!)

Hello Girls.. Its been a busy week.. I've been on call at work and put in quite a few over time hours in over the weekend. but I did have some time to play regardless! I finished my little lamb this weekend. I made her to lead my little easter parade train!

I've been recieving more pictures of dolls from the doll swap! This doll below was made by Sheila! Sheila has no blog.. so unfortunetly I dont know her! But you can see she did an awesome job on her precious little doll! I'm quite partial to raggedys, so this baby doll sings to me!!! This doll went to the lucky Sherrie!

And this one is the one that lucky Sherrie made for lucky Sheila! Dont'cha just love her! Great Job girls!

This next set of dolls, was the sweet result of the swap between Lucy and Cheryl! Lucy made lovely lizzy the lizard, and cheryl made the sweet and sassy faerie bear! Check out their blogs! On Lucys blog you will also see the wonderful vintage apron that Cheryl sent with her bear!

This sweet bunny was made by one of my favorite artists out here in blog land.. Elaine . The precious bunny went to Debra another of my favorite artists! I have not seen what Deb made yet.
oops! I'm back with another doll! And isnt she awesome! This doll was made by Sammy and sent to Kecia! Im so impressed with all these dolls and all the creative talent girls!! I wish I could hold them all and look at them more closely! thanks girls! there are a few more out there that we havent seen though. Im soo hoping the girls will send me pictures!

... Speaking of my blog friend Debra, we had done a little swap of our own for valentines day. I recieved her package this week! She spoiled me with the cutest darn things! Thank you so much Deb!

I love my precious valentine and the awesome bunny!!!!!!! as well as all the sweet pictures!! ARent they wonderful!

IN this last picture, look at the sweet little chickie basket!! This I purchased from Dale at seadream studios! Ive actually purchases a few items from her! she makes such cute things!
OK.. enough pictures for now! a while back Elaine tagged me to do this and I noticed last night that Jenny tagged me for the same thing! so finally I am going to do it!

Heres the rules!

1.Link to the person that tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. 4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. 5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1) I have toooo many bears and they overwhelm me.. I occasionally pack a bunch up and put them away.. I have wittled it down quite a bit.. but they are still overbearing to me sometimes!! (HA! overbearing!) used to be if there was a bare spot in my house it became a bear spot.. Ha! I do have to say that I've become much much more selective about the bears I keep now!

2) I would spend everyday on the beach, or creating , umm.. and lets throw in treasure hunting and decorating the house if I could. and lets just cut work right out as long as were wishful thinking here!

3) I love to go out for breakfast more then dinner! but I want everything so its really hard to order!

4) I blew the transmission in my car this week!!!!! and my son had an accident and rolled his truck the same day.... (he didnt get hurt thank god!) ruined the truck though.

5) I am a procrastinator.. and I work better under a little pressure.

6) I love banana splits! and.. if I have one for a meal, I can eat the whole thing!

so... now who should I tag? hang on.. I'll be back!

sorry girls hope you dont mind!!

Ok.. well, there should still be a few more doll pics to post, if I get pics of them i will post them!

For now, I have to go finish up those two bears for the lady that lost her daughter. I want to get them to her by friday. One is done.. the other is almost done.. I'll take their picture when they're both finished!
Ta Ta for now!