Monday, January 30, 2012

♥today is a good heart filled day!

from renee 1
Today is a good day for a couple reasons.. the first reason...
from renee 2
Tony( jr) and Vanessa went to a pediatric ♥ heart♥ specialist... and they were told that the babys heart is not defective. ... it looks like one side is a little enlarged. but that could be because the stomach is pushing on it, (remember the herniated diaphram allows organs to get into the chest cavity...) anyways.. it was very good news! The dr said he sees this stuff everyday and that he believes that little Jacob Vincents heart is good!!!!!♥♥♥
from renee 3
The baby still has the herniated diaphram and it can be very serious and even fatal. but we are praying for a miracle that what ever we end up with in the next 4 months that it can be repaired and that Jacob will not have any resulting handicaps.
from renee 4
I just feel so hopeful now. my heart ♥ is happy!! I know his parents are definitely feeling better right now.
from renee 5
The 2nd reason: I came home from work and found this wonderful HEART filled box on my front porch from the amazing REnee at my vintage mending! do you see all the goodies? I love it all. the hand cookie cutter with the little heart in the center, the vintage hankie cone!! (so excited about this!) the awesome heart box with the felt rosettes all over it! and the red checked heart pinkeep!
from renee 6
Not to mention, the box of candy and the heart is full of candy too! And... .if all that were'nt enough... all the little vintage valentines!
from renee 7
And this awesome valentine that renee made as well!
thank you so much Renee. youve made my day!
Renee was my partner in my heart swap. I was so glad that we ended up partners.
I actually have two partners because I kept Stephanie from Germany for my partner too! LUcky me!
yes.. today is a good day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

marlaina princess pie

marlaina princess pie
good morning everyone! Marlaina came down stairs all ready for church this morning. Isnt she beautiful?
I've been up since before 5:00.. woke up with another stuffy nose and couldnt breath, so I got up. which was good. I finished the penquin cake topper.. I hope they like it.. I think its cute, but pretty silly looking.
we have a birthday party today for my son Tonys girlfriend Vanessa. They are the ones who are pregnant that I've asked you to pray for. I'm afraid it might be hard today as we havent all been together with them since they got the first news 4 weeks ago. It might be awkward for everyone as princess marlaina and Torry pie will be here. so i'm praying for peaceful, loving, sweet and kind hearted spirits with in everyone today. I cant take the stress other wise!
so Ive got to make a cake, a huge pan of lasagna and a couple loaves of garlic bread. Its going to be hard not to eat too much of all that! There will be salad too..... I will try to eat mostly salad.....
(yeah right! lol!)

princess pie 3
so.. I suppose I should go make my bed now that hubby is up and get myself ready for the day!
Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

snippets... and stuff....

valentine snippets...
Ive been like brain dead this week.. nothing positive has come to mind to blog about, and I try to be positive here.. didnt want to whine.. you know! been falling asleep on the couch at like 10:00 the past few nights and sleeping til 6:00... very unusual.. usually I'm going to be at 11:00/11:30 and getting up at 5:00. my old body must need the rest huh?!
valentine snippets...
but if I'm to be honest, Ive been in a bit of a funk this week. Just stuff, you know.. we all get there sometimes.. worrying about kids, irritated with people, annoyed that i'm not rich....
you know, those kinds of things...
valentine snippets....
Just stuff. Everyonce in a while I realize how old I am.. and I think REALLY??? this is it??? then I get a little depressed.. but I work my way back out of it... counting my blessings ... of which I have SOOOO MANY! But, there just are things that need to be done, that I cant do, or cant afford to do that get to me a little and sometimes.. alot!
valentine snippets...
one thing that is weighing heavy on my mind and heart these days, that I guess I havent talked about much here is my son and his girlfriend who are expecting in June. I did tell you that the dr. recommended terminating the pregnancy because the baby has a herniated diaphram and also a severely defective heart. The dr. told them that the baby wouldnt live 24 hours after he is born. But the kids have decided to carry the baby to the end. Im glad thats what they've decided to do. but the fact remains that they will give birth and the baby will not live. So very sad. but at least they're not giving up on the baby and miracles happen.. so my bloggy pals, Im asking you all to pray for them and put them on your prayer chains at your churches.. etc...
OK?? I know I can count on you all.
valentine snippets...
so anyways.. thats were my mind has been this week.. in a bit of a funk.. but it is friday.. and I have the weekend to play. and.. I've lost 8 pounds!!! woo hoo! Had a bit of a fight with myself this morning as I just wanted to pig out on something.. but I didnt do it.. I was a good girl and Im thankful now that I didnt do it!
valentine snippets....
I have a bunch of swappy things to show you, but I cant until everything has been sent and received! so stay tuned! this weekend I'm finishing up the penquin wedding cake topper and then... Im making a something thats been in my head for weeks for valentines day! (I almost wrote halloween! heehee)
valentine snippets...
thats all girls..
I am fine.. so dont go worrying about me.. Im already snapping out of my funk... ITS THE WEEKEND! I can play.. and I've been so good with my weight watchers this week, I can splurge a little this weekend! lasagna.. here I come! lol!
huggles to you all!

Monday, January 23, 2012

its like a bakery!

<span class=
Lainy cake!
Torry pie!
<span class=
arent they adorable?
I think so... oh yes I do!
And I could just eat them up!
kind of grumpy tonight girls.. so I'm off to find something to sweeten my disposition!
choc would work well.. but it'll have to be sugar free hot choc.. only 25 calories! but I'm using peppermint marshmellows! just a few of the miniature ones! they are yummy and they are really cute too!
ok.. I'm out of here!

Friday, January 20, 2012

blog hijacked by figgy and frannie!

we'z help'n sew vawentines

"dum de dum de dum... we iz help'n sewing up some vawentines!"
ok.. enough pictures already!
"and she is eat'n turkey ruebens....

we tink saurkraut stinks!"


"Pooo yukky! but she.. (vivian.. our beautiful modder..)

is wike dying over it! she tinks it sooo good!"
friday night turkey rueben!

"den shes runn'n aw awound dah house

wif dah crawzy camera tak'n pictures of everyfing!"

"some times we worwy dat she wikes doze dum bears better den us! shes always pwaying wif dem and setting dem up aw over dah house.. we wike to bat at dem and knock dem down!"
another tree

"see doz vawentines in dah twee box?

Doze iz da ones we waz mak'n!"
valentine tree

"we are verwy interested in dat tree...

dere iz wots of fun stuff hang'n off it!"
love bug

"we wike dah pipecweaner wegs on dis wady wove bug!

we is gonna attack her when our modder isnt wooking..

oh yes we is!"

"happy Friday aw you girwz!"

wove figgy and fwannie


Monday, January 16, 2012

marla cakes and a valentine project

Look at this baby pie!!! isnt she just beautiful? I could just eat her up! I still havent quite figured out what I want to call her. baby pie, marla cakes, lainy pie, Lainy cakes, baby cakes... I know.. its silly that I stick the pie or cake on the end.. but its just what I do. torry pie is so stuck with torry pie.. everyone calls him that now. but I think its precious. speaking of torrypie, I got to spend the whole day with him today. He tires me out! but oh my goodness he and I just laughed at each other all day long! I cant wait til sweet little baby cakes can join in the fun!
so I've been working on some valentine projects. Mostly for swaps and I made some really cute things that I just cant show you yet. but I can show you this!
tiny valentine box
I got a little inspiration thinking of my little grand pies! isnt it cute?
blue puppy
The little blue puppy represents Torry and the pink kitten represents Marlaina. I just love it. I still have some other swappy things to finish up and then I have something thats been hanging around in my head for a couple weeks that Im going to have to get busy on.
pink kitty
So as far as being sick.. still not over it. I was hoping to be 100% for work tomorrow. Oh well, I feel better then I did!
Anyways... Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

trying to perk myself up here!

its soo cute!
Ive missed three days of work this week and didnt even feel good enough to blog or create in my craft room! when I'm home sick, I like to be well enough to at least play a little bit. darn it.
I did manage to put christmas away.. well, to take it down and box it up.. its still all in bins on the front porch and there is still the porch and outside to take care of, but I'm not feeling well enough to be out in the snow taking stuff down.
I also managed to get decorated for valentines day. but I have to say, it took me allllll week long to do what I would have normally done in one day!
I went to the dr. yesterday and got an antibiotic for my sinus's and throat. Hoping it'll kick in soon. I've had three doses now. Thankfully its a three day weekend.. (Marin Luther King Day). So I should be much better before I have to go back to work on tuesday.
I'm planning on playing with my valentines supplies when I finsih here. I need to stay busy and out of the kitchen. Im back on weight watchers and doing the biggest loser at work again. the first week i lost 5 pounds.. but since I've been sick Ive been wanting to eat.. sweets and comfort food... so I may have a little set back here! but its ok.. its the beginning and I will be fine.
I still havent been able to maul my new grand daughter.. I just need to keep my distance til this thing is out of me.. but I will make up for lost time! she is sooo cute!
another valentine tree
I mentioned before that there is snow here... Not that I missed it, because I DID NOT! but we usually have had lots of snow by now. Weve had like almost none up to yesterday. now its cold, snowy and blustery out. all good reasons to stay home!
and so.. I do believe I will stay in jammies or something equally as comfortable and just hang at the house playing with my valentines projects!
poor little ol'me!  ah choo!
Have a great day all!
stay warm!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

baby news, good and bad...

bath time
heres my new little baby pie! having her first real bath now that her belly button cord fell off. she is the sweetest little thing. but Ive not been able to hold her now for two days because I've been sick. I think she misses her grammie pie!
not so sure shes liking this
I havent been to work in two days, and honestly, I feel worse tonight then I have the last two days, but I have to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. Its been a tough day, besides being sick, we got some very sad news
and I have a broken heart now too. I would like to ask you all to pray for my son and his girlfriend as they have found out today that their baby will not survive if he is born. He was supposed to be due june 4th. He has a herniated diaphragm and severe heart defects. This is devastating to all of us, but especially to them. It just breaks my heart to think of the pain they are in. So please pray for them as they figure out how to deal with this and for comfort for them. I wish there was something I could do to make them feel better. but there isnt. they are also to close on their new house in 3 weeks.. so a lot going on for them right now. I know I can count on your prayers, so I thank you in advance.
OK.. I'm taking my sick, broken hearted self to bed.
good night friends

Monday, January 9, 2012

ah choo!

funny picture!
Home from work and directly into my jammies! coming down with yet another cold! eiy yie yie! Its quiet here tonight. hubby went somewhere and rob, tif and my little baby pie went to tifs mothers for dinner. I love being home alone!!!!
valentine goodies
getting ready to go play with valentinesy things soon as im off the computer. Gotta start my hearts for my heart swap! so many ideas in my head! too many.. I dont know what to do first!
uh oh where'd the baby go!?
UH OH.. Where'd the baby go!?
they could get in big trouble for this.. I got them right out after I took the picture. some people would not be impressed with this. well, really, Im not either. but they are such sweet little naughties... who could possible be mad at them. you know me.. this is how I yell at them..
in a little bit of a stern voice I say.. "Naughty babies!! naughty naughty!" then in a sweet little talk'n to my kitties voice I say.. "Oh I love you my little fluffy little pumpkin pies.. now you be good little kittens. " And then my husband shakes his head and tells me they run the house. well they do. and thats ok with me!
OK.. off I go. I have to work on some valentineys!

Friday, January 6, 2012

chitter chatter...

4Align Centeryeah! its friday!! I wish it was saturday though. my house is a disaster and needs my attention... I need to get some groceries and do some organizing in the kitchen.. and I have things I want to play with in my craft room.
Christmas is still up... every bit of it.. allll over the house.. bins and bins of stuff that I just dont feel like dealing with putting away! lol!! soooo much work...
Plus, I love all my christmas stuff! but I am excited about decorating for valentines day too..
are we all insane or what? I have valentine projects brewing in my head... cant wait to play!!!
so really?? I think I'll have hubby bring the bins back this weekend, but I probably wont undecorate until during the week.. I just dont want to spend my precious weekend doing something that I dont want to do! you know what I mean?
so my plans for the weekend are: get groceries, buy a new vacuum, clean house, go to buffalo stamps and play in my craft room!
Im back on weight watchers and joined the biggest loser again at work.. so far sooo good! this is serious business girls.. you know that 55 pounds I lost two years ago??? I found back 54 of it! Does that freaken suck or what?????????
well you just wait... Im losing all that and more this time for GOOD!

OH... and there are 18 of us in the valentine swap at this moment.. when I come home from work today I will match everyone up and send out emails.. so.. if you want in.. this is your last chance!
hope to find your name in my email later! lol!
have a happy day girlfriends!

Monday, January 2, 2012

first creation of 2012

first piece of the new year!
Whoops.. forgot to get dressed today!
pretty much vegged out in my craft room (in between playing with my little baby cake!) didnt do a stitch of housework, never cooked, ordered out... havent even really talked to my husband! sometimes I just need to ignore the world and play by myself !! How about you?
I was torn between an elephant and a bird.. its funny, I never really know where I'm going when im making something... until its finished. I really had visions of a large bird holding the clock in its beak. but the elephant kept thumping around in my head... and before I knew it, I had a pattern made, and a piece of gray upolstery fabric that was exactly the right size! once the elephant was made, I made the tiny bird. The bird is about 1 and a half inchs square and the elephant is 5 inches tall with out her hat or base. such fun!
well, I just wanted to show you my little new years friends. I wish you could see them in person!
Back to work tomorrow! (blaaahhhhhh!!!) I already cant wait for the weekend ! lol! I have valentine charms to make for a swap Im in. Now that I got this out of my head Im ready to think about making them. And I have several ideas I want to play with!
I suppose I should get off the computer for the night and I should go put the pizza away from dinner.. I havent been out there in hours.
dont forget to sign up for the valentine hearts swap! there are 14 of us so far!
should be fun!
later girls!