Wednesday, October 31, 2007

OH so lovely... my halloween faerie friend.. "wanda"!

BOO Happy Halloween!
I'm so glad you stopped by! Be sure to leave a trick or treat comment, as I will draw a name for a special treat, which I will make and send out to some lucky ghoul!!
Make sure the sound is up on your computer for some halloween music!
Take a a few minutes to play some halloween games! Start here with halloween KITTY BOWLING! click on the link below.. but watch out for that mean evil witch!

When youve finished bowling, try carving your own pumpkin!

What party would be complete with out a few bad jokes! I thought this one was pretty funny!

and then theres these two very corny ones..
Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
dayscare centers!

What did the ghost buy for his haunted house?
home moaners insurance!!
Here are some pictures of some of my favorite halloween friends!

raggedyhalloween skelly6-1 greta miniature halloween bear

halloween friendsann estellepandabooandhalloweentreats

jaspershalloweencostume-1Jasper and I wish you a very scary halloween!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Snowman Swap sign up is still going until Nov 9th. there are 11 of us right now. It would be nice to have a few more people .. or even lots more.. but even if there were no more.. we will still have great fun making our snowman ornaments.. If your interested let me know either here or through email!
Also, dont forget the blog halloween party! Be sure to stop by on Halloween night for tricks and treats! In fact I might even do a little give away (i've been dying to do that! ) so for every one that leaves a comment, I will throw their name in a Hat and someone will win... something! I dont know what it will be.. I will make something fun!
Speaking of making something this is what I did this weekend.. mostly yesterday...
greta miniature halloween bear
then this morning before going to work I decided that she needed a skirt and pumpkin, so I quick did that. Now she is finished. Yay! Now I can get back to work on the big bear orders.. ! theres just so many of them.. I should not complain, I am greatful for the orders and I really do like making them for people, its just that there is so many things that I want to make for myself!!
My brain is packed full of ideas of things I want to do. Not to mention the swaps I'm in! Im in 5 right now. the snowman ornament swap that i'm hosting, an altered christmas stocking hosted by, an international christmas stocking hosted by Tinis-arts through the swap ladies group on flickr, a christmas garland through gaga for garlands christmas swap, and lastly an pink ornament swap throughthe pink Christmas group on flickr..
well hate to end abruptly.. but my daughter just got home and we are running into the city to Joann Etc! got to get supplies for all those swaps!
make sure to come back on halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2007

First of all.... Dont forget to sign up for the snowman ornament swap! (One entry below this one!!!)
second of all....
Check this out.. theres going to be a wild halloween party !

this just sounds like so much fun! trick or treating from blog to blog.. mingling with all the little blog monsters and ghouls! I've got to think up something fun to do!! OH my.. thats only a few days away! I guess I better get thinking!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

snowman swap? what do you think?

I've been thinking that I would like to host a swap. I finally decided on a snowman ornament swap! Im wondering about how to spread the word.. I think I'm going to make up a little flyer inviting players, take a picture and post it on flickr!? Is that dumb? and then perhaps I will visit a bunch of my favorite blog spots and invite some of the gals in person! I'm thinking that sign up could go from now through November 9th and the ornaments should be mailed to our partners by dec 5th. I would appreciate anyones thoughts on this. Im hoping people will be interested!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

pumkin friend dilema....

pumkin friend
Originally uploaded by vivianneroni
OH MY! I'm sitting here looking around at all the tons of Halloween stuff I have and I'm already thinking what a pain it is to pack it all up. theres a "blank space" between halloween and Christmas. So when I put the halloween stuff away, its too early to get the christmas stuff out.. which means I either have to put all the "regular decorative things" back out or leave it empty til its time to put the christmas stuff out!
I have to put the other stuff back out, other wise my house would be bare.. (hmm... my family would probably appreciate that though!)
I really only have a few little thanksgiving things.. I will get christmas stuff out the day after thanksgiving.. or.. maybe before... hmmmm..... I really have to put the other stuff back out because its all stored in the bins that the halloween stuff came out of! Its just a lot of work ! I just have too much stuff!!!
But I love stuff! dont you? And I'm always ready to get more stuff.. eiy yie yie!!
When my kids are finally all moved out, I will have so much more room for all my treasures! and more new ones too!!!
Do you love this needle punched pumkin face doll? A friend made her and was selling her in her store.. before she had her finished I knew I had to have her!! I love her!
so I'm off to work on teddy bears.. maybe I'll have some bear pictures to post later!

Friday, October 19, 2007

does anyone know how to get rid of the little tools all along my side bar?

hmm.. forget it, they disappeared! ??

Thursday, October 18, 2007

home again home again jiggity jig... (isnt there a nursery rhyme that goes like that .. something about visiting a pig?) Anyways.. Yay! I'm home.. I love home.. I was a little homesick. I missed my husband, kids, kittys, and house! I even missed being at work! It was interesting and I learned some new things. I have to say I guess I'm a home body!
The day was very long yesterday.. uncomfortably to sit all day.. and good grief did they ever feed us! the food for every meal was spectacular! I was surrounded by many attorneys and judges as well as directors and commissoners of social services. there were some lower forms of life... like myself there as well! We learned about the effects of parents drug and alcohol use on children.. sad... just sad. i wish i could explain some of what I learned.. but I cant even begin. some of the Doctors that did the training were amazing.. (other parts were painfully boring!)
I have a bad habit of doodling while at trainings.. I just can not sit still.. I am a very fidgety person.. you should see when I'm on the phone at work.. I even have colored pencils at work!
I took a halloween needle punch project with me to Albany to work on in my hotel room and have it just about finished. It'll be cute when finished. I'll show you then.
I wish I had tomorrow off.. Id like to stay home and work on bears, clean, and putter!
Oh well.. such is life huh!?
doodle day
here is my first doodle from Wednesday.. the others I gave away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I have to go out of town for a few days. A work conference on drugs/ families/ social services and family court... It hopefully will be interesting.. I'll have my own hotel room so that will be nice.. unfortunelty I dont have a lap top.. so i will have to go through a bit of computer withdrawal! I'll be back on Thursday night..
so till then, let me leave you with this fun Halloween song!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ive been tagged!! by annie from Beautiful crazy life wasnt that nice of her! now I have to think.. then I have to find people to tag..eiy yie yie!!

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Ok.. 7 random things about me....
1) I have a very distinctive laugh.. I've had friends hear me laughing in walmart and come looking for me!
2) I am obsessed with halloween, easter and Christmas crafting and decorating. It drives my family nuts.. My son tells me our house is too cluttered. (hes probably right!)
3) My favorite meal is peanut butter toast and choc carnation instant breakfast.. any meal..
4) oh..... I hate earth worms.. I cant stand them. They give me the heebee-jeebees! When it rains I'm afraid to walk in the grass and sometimes even the road or sidewalk, when the darn disgustingly gross things come up out of the ground. I think part of the reason I hate them is they dont have a face. no eyes. I dont mind snakes, at least I know if they are looking at me!
5) I am addicted to magazines. Seriously. And, I hate to throw them away.. but I do toss some of them occasionally! There are some that never get thrown away, like Home Companion.. amoung others.
6) I wont drive on express ways! dumb huh? I just hate all the cutting in and out!
7) I actually went to "charm" school when I was 13!

there you have it.. now who can I tag? I dont really know anyone out here very well.. but here goes..
I tag

There you have it.. 7 ! now I have to run and tell them all I tagged them!

Friday, October 12, 2007

serendipity atc swap

serendipity swap atc's recieved
ATC's from the serenditpity ATC swap. recieved yesterday!Arent they wonderful! ?
I am in awe of the internet.. when I think about all the people around the world that are able to communicate and share artwork and stories and just their wonderful daily lives in general.. It amazes me! Youve heard people call the internet "a window into the world" ? It really is that. It's so awesome to keep in touch with so many talented creative awesome women all around the globe! I love it! It is however a little addictive. If there is a down side, I guess that is it. I sometimes find myself glued to the computer for longer then I should allow myself! oH well..
I suppose on that note, I need to go iron my clothes for work and get a move on out of here.. I would say "thank god its friday", but I'm on call again this weekend.. and I'm afraid its going to be busy!
have a wonderful day !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

neocounter... unbelievable!

So I have this crazy Neo counter thing.. But I think its a phony! I dont think its for real.. I've only had it for about a week and its telling me that 126 people from all these awesome countries have been here.. but I dont believe it, not for a minute because not any of them say hi! I think its something that someone just made up that doesnt really work!
so thats what I think !
I have to go stuff teddy bears now.. have a lovely evening.. or day or what ever it may be where ever you are!

Monday, October 8, 2007

bears bears bears

I've been a busy little blogger today havent I?
I think I'm finally over my "bear block"! I have a business called "Always RememBEAR". I make memory bears out of peoples clothing. Usually after someone passes away, but sometimes out of something that some one wants to save as a bear.. like baby clothes or something..
Anyways, I have so many orders and I just have not felt like making them, plus this last order was out of tanned deer hide, which is very difficult to do the hand sewing on, and I've had a bit of an attitude about them. In anycase, I finally got busy on them again today!
There are 6 bears in this order, three of the deer hide and then three of a sweat shirt. then I have an order for 11 bears; out of a mink coat, a persian wool coat, and a synthetic fur coat.. after that order, I have several smaller orders.. all together there are 27 bears to made now. And a miniature horse...
I need to get these done as quicky as possible.. in fact I should be working on them now.. not sitting here! after I finish the bear orders, I have elfs to make!!!!!

SPeak to me people!

OH my goodness! I totally impress myself sometimes! I figured out how to hook music up to my blog site!! I am amazing, I am! (pats self on back!)
no really, I am quite impressed.. I'm not very computer literate!
OK.. I also have something to say! According to my "neocounter" at the bottom of my page, it says I'm getting all these visitors from all over the place.... OK People if you stop by to visit, say hello.. lets be friends.. I want to know your here!
ok.. thats all.. listen to that sweet music!
oh yeah, one more thing.. can anyone tell me how to list peoples blogs on the side ( i have them listed under places of whimsy) ? I dont know how to do it with out all the http garbage attached.. thanks!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its raining out.. seems a bit fallish! ha. I know thats what its supposed to be. I'm thinking of throwing on some jeans and a shirt that doesnt have to be ironed.. (everything I own needs to be ironed!) brushing my teeth and running to Joann fabrics. thats not really a quick run as its about an hour away. I should have gone yesterday when I was not far from one, but I didnt think of it then! I am wanting to make an apron. so I need some fabric and trim!

I also am wanting to cook a turkey breast, which I do not have, so I trip to the grocery store is also on my list!

What else is in my plans for today? I need to bring all my house plants in from the porch and a fern from outside. Its getting a bit cool at night. They probably would be ok a little longer out there, but I think its time. This is a huge ordeal as I have my house full of halloweenies right now. I think I can put most of the plants in my room on the cedar chest for now. It also causes my porch to then look bare! OH well .. this change of seasons, though I love it also distresses me!

Yesterday, the girls and I went to a doll show and then out bopping around. Jen won a little madame alexander doll and the girls bought me one. there was really nothing at the show that I wanted! Hard to believe!! While we were out, bethany bought the new electronic game of LIFE. So we came back here to play it. much fun! though, check out the pictures.. the silly cats tried very hard to play also!

I'm off for now.. Enjoy your day!
tiny madame alexandersjasper is insisting that he should be allowed to play!OMG they make it hard to play!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day. I have to say my family is the best! I came home from work and my husband was out cooking steaks on the grill. Jen, Beth, Robert and his sweet girlfriend Lora were all out in the kitchen and I was forbidden to go there! so of course I had some computer time! they were fixing dinner and finishing up some gifts they were making!
The kids had had a very busy day preparing for my birthday. they had cleaned the house! My son had done all the laundry!!! They had gone to one of my favorite stores "Bittersweet" in Brockport, and bought a few preciously awesome things and took a picture of something they knew I would love that they knew they could make! Then they came home and made it.. all together! I thnk they had fun doing it! and they made me a card. they are all very creative and I was totally impressed! My daughter Jennifer is a great artist and she made me a crown! she knew I had been wanting one so she just whipped one up!!! You'll see the pictures below!
So the dinner menu was... grilled steak, a variety of sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, and cheesy potato casserole.. OH and jumbo shrimp cocktail! And of course it was all followed by the wonderful cake that Bethany made for me and breyers cookies and cream ice cream!
I had the best birthday! I have the best family! I am truely blessed!

Monday, October 1, 2007

princess birthday hat 1

princess birthday hat 1
Originally uploaded by vivianneroni
I usually make myself a birthday present every year. Usually its a tiny teddy bear or a doll or some sort of halloweenie.., but this year its a birthday hat. I took several pictures of it and cant seem to get a good picture.. the paper its made out of is gorgeous.. I've been saving it for just the right thing.. well this is hte outcome. I have a bear that will be the lucky hat wearer! I thought of Oldflowersforme on flickr when I put the hat on the bear and had a conversation with him! so silly.. arent we ? (yeah my family thinks its not silly , its nuts.. oh well!
anyways.. thats all for today!

I wanna wear your hat mama!