Sunday, September 30, 2007

I maked a mess!

I maked a mess!
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I was somewhat productive today.. I baked banana muffins this morning, made three halloween atc's, baked a huge pan of lasagna and worked on call for 2 hours. thats good for today I guess.
Now I'm going to work on my mask for the mask swap at faerie zine.. Thats what the atc's are for too.. the halloween atc swap there.
I must say I really do enjoy all the art work posted there. And the inspiration that I always seem to find there as well! NOt to mention the encouragement from the wonderful artists and Lisa who is a great artist herself. I always seem to go away from there wanting to make something new!

Here is picture of the ATC's I made today..

and this is the muffins!!

yoko bear dressed for halloween!

its been a busy weekend. I've been on call for CPS and worked from 10:30 til 7:00 yesterday.. there are some crazy people in this world!!
Unfortunetly, I missed my nieghbor girls wedding as a result of work! When I finished I flew home, changed my clothes, threw on some fresh make up, brushed my teeth and flew to the reception. My family was already there. I was starving because I hadnt eated anything since two pieces of toast in the morning and I was worried that I had missed the meal at the reception 'cause it started around 5:30 I thought.. but I was so lucky! I got there and my table hadnt been served yet. We had a good time, but didnt stay too late. I think we left around 9:45 or so.. I came home, got on the computer til about 11:00 and them fell asleep on the couch!
This morning Im working on my halloween atcs for the swap at faerie zine, then unfortunetly I still have some homevisits to make for work. blaaaa!! hopefully after that the pager will be quiet today!
Besides after all the hours of work, i have hours of notes to write!
So anyways, for now, I think I'm going to make some banana bread and play with those halloween atcs til about noon!
every one have a lovely day!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I was supposed to be a princess.. I'm sure I was switched at birth. I've been saying this for alot of years.. since I was a kid!
If I were a princess I would not have to go to work everyday.. or clean.. or do anything unless I wanted to! hmph!
Oh well I am stuck here in the world of normal.. (well some people would argue that I am not normal!) Work has been painful the last two days!! And only promises to get worse next week when i get a couple new kids!
I wish I could just stay home and make things alllllll the time!!
also, I'm on call from Friday through next friday.. and my birthday falls inbetween there! we'll have to celebrate it the following weekend!
well just a little whine for now! I need to go fix dinner, since I'm not a real princess and dont have a cook!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

trick or treat..

trick or treat..
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Hello! I'm just so excieted tonight as I've had visitors on my little site here!! and I have a few people on my whimsical places to visit list! I dont think I do it right because they all have the http stuff in front of them! but they work and thats what matters, at some point i'll figure it out and fix them!
this is a picture of the goodies I made and sent to my swap partner barb at It was so much fun to do the swap. I'm looking forward to christmas swaps!! There are soo many creative people out here, it just knocks my socks off!
Lori of played a game on her blog and I think in a few weeks if there are people visiting me I might think up a game and make some little gifties too! that would be fun! Ok.. well I'm a little hyper tonight and I really should go park myself on the couch and say Hi to my poor husband!
have a lovely day or night or what ever!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

halloween porch..

halloween porch..
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Ok... so I truely am obsessed with halloween decorating! And most of my friends think Im nuts! I do have one friend who loves halloween as much or more even then I do.. but other then that its only here in blogland/flickrland!
I get so much enjoyment out of looking at everyones pictures and blogs and seeing that they like the same things as I do and that they get just as excieted as I do over glitter and trims and charms and fabric and stuff!! but my friends think I'm just as nuts spending so much time on the computer too! Not to mention my family! Oh well.. I work hard at work and at home... I've pretty much raised my family and I deserve to indulge myself in what ever whimsys strike my fancy! right?
So I have to say that I'm so glad that there are other people out there who love to play like this! I only wish that I didnt work fulltime so that I had more time to play!
someday I hope to have people checking out my little blog here.. hmmmm......
well for now, I have to clean my house.. as I have a jewelry party tomorrow night!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

black cat and pumpkin swap

I was so excieted today when a huge box came in the mail for me! It was gifts from my swap partner barbara
I love all the goodies she sent me, and especially the little witch doll, who is now sitting proudly beside my halloween tree! everything is so sweet! I mailed my gifts to her yesterday, so I'm hoping she recieves them on Monday... I hope she likes them all!
I love doing all these swaps and I'm still working on two more.. I need to mail out my 12 days of christmas swap and still need to make something special to swap with tempoandato! Oh and I almost forgot I have the halloween ATC's and a wand or mask to make!
I hope to do a couple other Christmas swaps as well.
However.. this girl is very backed up on Teddy bear orders.. I have orders for 26 and possible more teddy bears, all to be done before christmas! I really need to get busy! I kind of went on a bear break after last christmas and I just havent felt like making the big bears.. I think maybe I was being selfish and only doing what i felt like doing!
The sad thing or maybe even its a good thing, is that there is just so so so much that I want to do! the sad part of it is, there just isnt that much time!!
Ok SO anyways, I guess I'll end here for now! I have to think about making some dinner.. My husband will probably come wandering in from his barn soon wondering if I made any thing...
have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

halloween garland

halloween garland
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Good morning.. I shouldnt really be here, I need to get ready for work! I had to get on the computer to get an address so I could mail a paickage and I've gotten carried away!
Its goign to be beautiful out again today! Yay! I ended up not working yesterday, I had to take care of Roberts hand and get his medications, and then I decided it was too nice out to go to work!
I wish I could blow it off again today! but I have things I have to deal with that I cant put off another day!
Well Off I must go!
Have a lovely day my dears!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

halloween box4

halloween box4
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This is what i've been working on today. Not sure that I'm done, I think I want to take everything out and stain the background with a brown wash. its a little too orange..
and.. I have no where to put this thing now!

what a busy week ! this was the first week that I worked 5 days in about 9 weeks! It was long ! In any case, I guess at least it was uneventful! well... other then that one very odd conversation! ( a conversation had with some young men about some very personal things they were doing!)
For the last few days I've been getting out all my halloween stuff! what a huge job! I have so much stuff.. I have to put so much other stuff away to put the halloween stuff out! but it looks so sweet once every thing is in its place.
I havent done the porch yet other then a garland and fall wreath.. pumpkins, spider webs and a bunch of other assorted things, can wait for a couple more weeks. I know for some people its kind of early, but when you have so many cute things to put out and you only get to see them for a short time, It really is not too early!!!
Yesterday afternoon our friends had a party for their two sons birthdays, I'm the only one (of my family) that went. I ended up staying from 3:00 to 8:00. I had intentions of stopping by for an hour, but you know how it is when you get sitting around talking to your best friends!
Today I have a project to work on... yup.. a halloween one! I will post the picture when I finish.. then I am getting the sewing machine out and working on bears!! I have orders for 22 of them, and I have put them off for sooooo long! People will want them for Christmas.. I need to get them finished!
It is cold here this morning. Im guessing about 50 outside.. wait.. I'll check! Oh.. 46! no wonder my little fingers are freezing! Its only supposed to go up to about 65 today. But it looks like the rest of the week is supposed to be very nice.. sunny and mid to high 70's!

Well I should get busy! perhaps I'll be back later with pictures of todays project!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

halloween buds

halloween buds
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I had already written my entry, but lost it!!
I havent added an entry in a few days as I was out of town over the weekend. I went with a bunch of friends to OHio to the longaberger basket place homestead. what a beautiful place. I had a great time and spent too much money. But I came home with 4 new baskets and lots of other little lovelies! (there are pictures on my flickr site I just dont want to post them all here) Or you can look at my live journal.. as I did post there..

In other news.. My mary englebriet magazine finally came! I had been waiting and had already seen it at Joanns and also at barnes and noble! I really had to hold myself back from buying it! I think it should be shipped out to subscribers before going on sale in stores and newstands! OH well! I did flip through it last night, but I wanted to work on a project, so I'm taking it to work for a lunch hour treat!

This picture is my latest little halloween project! I made him last night.. He is actually part of a little halloween house. I dont know why i didnt take a picture of the whole thing! maybe later today I will.

Well I'm going to go work on my vintage banner swap project for a half an hour before I have to get ready to go to work.

Have a lovely day! Oh dear .. I just got the hiccups!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I've been working hard on all my swap items.. I think I'm finished with my halloween swap items for Barbara! I hope she likes them! I'd post a pic.. but cant do that yet!

I also am almost finished with my 12 days of Christmas gifties.. I need to add a few tiny finishing touches.. oh I wish I could post a picture of them.. they are so cute!

So I have two things left.. One, an ATC swap with Tempoandato...

and two.. my vintage banner.. though I'm not sure my person to mail too is around.. I havent been able to reach her yet.. I will have to look into this some more.

In other job is driving me crazy today.. even after I got home, my phone continues to ring with job related stuff! eiy yie yie!

However, I got such a treat in the mail today from one of my sweet live journal friends! This has made my day! and after I finish this post.. its off to the kitchen table I go for creative therapy! (with my job I need therapy!!)

So here is the gift I recieved today...(lets see if I still remember how to post a picture!)

Yay! I did it again!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good Morning! That orange juice song is in my head ♪good morning..good morning ♪♪ (be glad you cant hear me!)
OK.. It is cold out this morning.. which means because every window in my little cottage (I call it a cottage in the summer and a cabin in the gives this tiny house much more appeal in my simple little mind!!) that is is very cold inside! I could actually use a pair of mittens!


I got the name of my person to send my vintage banner to yesterday.. and tonight we learn who our Halloween swap partners are! How excieting! At least I think so! I already have my halloween things done.. they are sooo cute.. (at least I think so!) The vintage banner I'm a little unsure still of what to make.
And for the 12 days of christmas swap... I've already started on that! In fact I hope to work on them some more today..
but first I have another project to work on!
well I'm off to make a pot of tea to start my day and warm my hands !
Tomorrow? Picnic.. somewhere.. we havent decided where yet!
oh and just because i feel like telling you.. I burnt some bacon last night night.. and even with the windows open all night.. I can still smell the nasty old stuff! time to light some candles!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I finally figured out how to post a picture.. YEEHAW!

OH MY OH MY!! I finally did it.. I posted a picture!! HOORAY!!!
good grief ! I'll get there eventually I will I will I will! I think the key to posting the picture was that I had not checked the box to agree to the terms ...(what ever they were!)

so anyways.. this is the picture that goes with the very first entry.. which was like so long ago.. but for you, only 3 posts ago!

WEll YAHOO! I'm so darn tickled now!

So, I've been sitting at the kitchen table all day working on my gifts for the 12 days of christmas swap! I needed a break for a minute.
I think Jen (my daughter and I are going to go to Michaels or Joanns, I need a few things. I have to wait for her to get home though as she is singing for someones memorial service at church.
well.. I must be off for now..
but I will be back!