Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I need another day off! lol!

Could I have another day off please?  I really need a beach day! LOL!
Dont you miss the Mary Englebriet Home Companion Magazines?  I still have about 10 years worth of them.  I could never part with them.  And normally would never tear a page out, but I did remove this page...
sister seashells pic
Cut it out and mounted it on scrapbook paper, framed it and glued some shells and a little fuzzy flamingo friend on and Ta Dah!  I think its cute.  Its sitting on my fireplace mantle. 
Had a great visit with my mother, aunt and sister yesterday as well as with Tiffany, Marlaina and Torry. 
With special appearances by Tony jr, robert and Jennifer.  Bethany did not make it.
My grandpies showed off sufficiently.. of course they are just so darn cute, they need do nothing but be present! LOL! 
My sister was heading back to missouri this morning with her son and grandkids, and my mother and aunt are leaving on thursday.  I was hoping that I would maybe get to the city to see them once more before they go,  but the more that I think about it, Im not sure that will happen.
We did have a nice visit though. And the family reunion was a good time too.. we have a pretty interesting family.. ....   uh yah, interesting best describes it! lol!  I had wanted to post some pics from the reunion. but there are just too many to chose from.  I do have them mostly uploaded too my flickr page so heres the link if you want to see them... vivs flickr page 
As usually, I'm in a hurry.  gotta get ready for work, feed the animals and water the plants.  Next weekend I'm vegging out...  planning on a beach day and two days at the sewing machine! 
Then the following weekend I have a 4 day weekend and I will be heading to Ohio to spend the weekend with my friend Kelly!  so looking forward to that!
 So, for now girls.. Ive got to run! I gotta go to work!
have a great day

Sunday, July 28, 2013

busy busy busy me!

beach on tv
I've been so busy, I feel like Ive just been running like a maniac!  I keep meaning to post these pics from when I did my summer decorating.  This is the bulk of it, theres more,  mostly seashells like, everywhere... 
by the way, have you seen the mermaids that Laurie from Magpie Ethel made?  Omg! stinking cute!  go see them! 
I think I need to get some really big seashells...  not that I know where I would put them! lol..  I seriously have a small house.. packed with a lot of stuff.
beach bears
so, what have I been doing?  friday I worked, then shopped and made stuff to take to our family reunion.  Saturday morning I picked up Marla pie at 8:00 am and kept her busy til it was time to head out to the city for the reunion.  We were there all day, and then came home and Torry end up spending the night.
tiny flamingo
I thought he was tired enough that he would just go to sleep, but he laid there awake for about 2 hours, it was probably close to 1:00 before he fell asleep!...  I was sooo tired!  then at 7:00, he woke up and told me, "Grammie!!  I get up now!"  I am not a late sleeper and even 7:00 is late for me, but I think I could have slept another hour! LOL!  
shells in jars
So today after he went home, rob and tiff and Jennifer showed up and we visited for a while.Then I ran to the grocery store for a few things and have been in the kitchen ever since.  My mother and aunt and my sister are all up visiting from florida, chicago and Missouri, and are all coming for lunch tomorrow.  so I made a big chicken salad with grapes and almonds, zuchinni bread and choc chip cookies.  I have pasta salad left over from yesterday and Im thinking about making that watermelon kiwi salsa that I love. ... but for right now, Im pooped out!  pooped out I tell ya!
shelf 1
Does it seem to anyone else that blogland has been quiet lately?  maybe its just because we're all busy enjoying the summer weather.   I would have liked to go to the beach today.. but really it was a little chilly out...  but now I wish I had gone... 
shelf 2
I bought a new bathing suit last week, though I ordered it from macys and its a little big.  I'm trying to decide weather to return it or not.    I should.. but then I wont have one to wear because the one Ive been wearing is falling apart!
And I need to go to the beach!  lol (I was whinning in there, in case you didnt know)
kitchen window
Anyways... back to the reunion, we had a good time.  It was nice to see all my cousins and their families.  my mom comes from a big family, 8 kids.  so I have lots of cousins.. that all have grown children and grand children now.. its a big family!  I'll post pics sometime this week.. or just hop over to my flickr by clicking on any of these pics and you can see them there..   (if you want too.... lol!)
seashell in your pocket
Im starting to think about halloween!  Its creeping into my brain.  Im not in a hurry, because I dont want summer to end.. but its out there.. on the way.. creeping up rather quickly!  I've been pinning halloween on pinterest..   theres so much cute stuff and good ideas!  I really would probably be better off to stay away from there.  I already have too much halloween stuff!  LOL!  
OH.. and give my sympathy... I got stunk by a bee or wasp.. (didnt see what it was) on my middle toe on friday at work..  Omg!  I never had so much pain.  I swear it hurt worse then when I broke my foot!  and swell?  omg.. and itch now???  omg! 
anyways.. I shall live thankfully... lol.. wasnt sure at first though!  I admit it Im a wimp to begin with but that freaken hurt!
Okeedokie.. Im heading over to visit some blogs now.. 
have a good night!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here I am!

the sisters
Had a great weekend with my mom and my aunties!  they are all crazy!  just like last year, we laughed our butts off again.. at really stupid stuff!  we had a good time mostly just sitting talking and enjoying the lake from the deck from the time we got up til the time we went to bed!  we did venture out for a couple hours to an antiques barn.  and then proceded to get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere!  lol!  but in spite of that, we laughed through the whole thing and it makes for a good story.  which Im not even going to attempt to tell because it just would be difficult to write it all down.  lets just say that when the low pressure light goes on, one aunt and one mother should listen to the aunt in the back seat who can hear that the tire doesnt sound right!  thank god that we were pretty much in the middle of no where so that another aunt who was laughing so hard that she would have peed her pants could run out into the vineyard behind a barn to pee!  (lol.. last year she wet her pants! lol!)
mom and me
I ended up staying an extra day and called into to work for tuesday, which I'm glad I did.  I will see them all again on saturday for our family reunion.  Its a big family, the reunion should be pleasantly overwhelming! most of my kids have other things going on and wont be able to go, which stinks.   but thats life I guess.
lake view
Going to see Les Mis tonight with Jen and my friend Sandy at the palace theatre.  
Just need to get through todays business at work.  taking a day or two off every week at work means that you have to work harder  to keep up on the days that you are there!
Hope you are all fine.. Ive been taking sneak peeks at lots of blogs, but I have to admit that Ive not left many comments. But I promise I will soon!   I hate when blogland gets quiet! 
have a great day my bloggy pies!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Im off to my aunts cottage til monday!

torry and grammie 5
just a quick quick post!  been so busy!  last night I watched Torry for a couple hours and he pooped me out!  I so wish Marla wasnt so far away.. I dont get to see her enough!
the weather finally cooled off, so today I was actually able to get some stuff done around here.  Then I went to the beach this afternoon with my friend Sandy.  then we rushed home to go to recital that my daughter Jen was in.. and now Im doing some last minute stuff as Im heading out at 7:00 am to spend a couple days with my mom and my aunts at my aunts cottage.  
so I quick made a pasta salad and a blueberry buckle to take.. I still need to pack.. but I hadnt posted anything in a few days and just wanted to touch base.  
Im telling you it was so hot for a few days that I didnt even want to blog!  
soo off I go!  I will be back on monday with pics and stories!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a new blog to check out

just a quickie.. my sweet daughter in law has started her own little blog, which I am enjoying.. but no one knows shes there yet.. so please stop in to see her.. and leave her some bloggy love!  (you'll see my grandbabies as well!)  Tiffany is a lovely, intelligent and creative,  young christian woman.  I think she will click with lots of bloggy girls out there!
I think shes only posted about 4 times so far so you can know her right from the blogger get go!
and be sure to tell her Viv sent ya!  lol!
 go here
and.. have a great night! 


this is how I found them this morning...
they must have slept on the kitchen table in front of the fan! 
Hope you all stay cool today!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

tuesday greetings!

figgy and frannie
Happy Tuesday!  after four days off, its back to work I go.  I would have liked another day at the beach, but I do have a pretty good sunburn and I need to stay out of the sun for the rest of the week and then when I do go back to the beach next weekend, I will need to limit the amount of time I sit in the sun.  I do have two beach umbrellas, so I'll just camp out under one!
to the beach
so this rest of this week I will probably spend sewing.  I have two bear orders to work on as well as ties for vanessa and Tonys weddings to make.    I just have an aversion to the sewing machine for some reason.  I just need to do it.   so now that I have making flamingos out of my head and all my beachy decorating done,  I should be able to focus on sewing!  LOL!
flamingo cupcake
for now I suppose I should get ready for work..  only 4 days and then another 3 day weekend for me!  i hope next weekend the weather is as perfect as it was this weekend.
have a great day my bloggy pies!! I have half an hour to get ready for work now!  running! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Ooopsie!  I got a little too much sun today, as in like.. Im a bit crispy fried!  but I had another lovely day. 
I actually went to the beach by myself.  And, as I was getting ready to put up my umbrella I heard someone yelling my name.  I looked around and eventually spotted two very dear friends out in the lake.  Two of my ocean city vacation pals!  what a treat to find them there.. so I dropped all my stuff and went out into the lake to join them.    Then as I hear someone else yelling "miss vivian"  and turn to find the daughter of another special friend.  So we all camped out together in the sun on the beach and had a lovely afternoon. 
Then I invited Jeanna and her five little red headed children back to my house for steak and hotdogs.  We stopped at my daughters house and got her to come too. making for a fun evening.    
Now, that everything  is cleaned up and everyone is gone, Im feeling the burn..from my face right down to the tops of my footsies!  
so for now, I'm headed to the shower and then to bed.
sweet dreams girlie pies!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

happy beach day!

starting my weekend like this!
Starting my day off like this!   and this...
and then heading to the beach in a couple hours.  I think I'm going to do my summer decorating first.  wont take long.. its mostly seashells! 
happy day everyone!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

birds and bicycles

hello buffy the bird!
Crazy bird has been laying eggs again.  Its been over the last couple weeks shes laid 5, with the last being today. Tomorrow I'm going to start taking one out every other day or so.  shes way too quiet when she has eggs.  she is friendlier towards me when she has eggs,  but I dont like her to hang around on the bottom of her cage. 
5 big ol eggs!
Im really really tired and am heading to lay on the couch in a minute.. something i rarely do.  Need my rest for my weekend which started tonight. Tomorrow im going shopping with Torry and Marla pies and marlas momma Tiffany.    Saturday its the beach and maybe sunday too.. who knows.
you look'n at me
You know what I wish I could do right now?  LOL!  I wish I could go ride my bike up and down the street in my nightgown!  did you do that when you were a kid?  play outside in your jammies?  we did.    oh well.. I suppose its a good thing that there is something in me that will keep me from doing that ! LOL!
it just really sounds like it would be fun.  
yeah.. I'm going to lay on the couch..  toodles friends.. 
and sweet dreams!

♪♫beach baby beach baby ♪♫

beach 5
Today is my friday and I took off tomorrow and monday so I'm looking forward to a nice four day weekend.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful all four days!   I have no real plans other then to get to the lake a couple days and to do what ever i feel like doing.  I went last saturday and the water was only 56 degrees! ha! but I got it and got fully wet!  I didnt stay in too long though.  hopefully this weekend it will be a little warmer. I think I'll go to the book store tomorrow morning before the beach to get something to read or some magazines..
so calm!
I think I will also change my patriotic decorating to my summer themed decorating...  not that I really have that much to change up.. but I have a bin full.. mostly seashells..  though I love all my little patriotic friends and hate to put them all away!   geesh.. just thinking after the seashells... it'll be time for do halloween! LOL!!  lets not rush that though.. its finally just getting summery here.  Im ready for the beach!
two flamingos
I need to get off of here, I have to start work early today and I have to work late.. not looking forward to that at all.. anyways, I still have to feed figgy, franny and buffy and make my lunch!  by the way,   buffys sitting on 4 eggs!  lol!  they wont hatch, and I'll start taking them away from her one at a time.. I dont like when she has eggs because she just sits in the bottom of her cage and doesnt talk or whistle.. 
I'll be back later! I better go get busy!
have a great day everyone! 
oh.. ps.. both of my little grand pies were sick this week with strep throat, pink eye and colds and ear infections!!
just breaks my heart I tell ya!! 
they are both feeling a little better now

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Im a little bored today...

oh my!  two posts in one day... its cause dare I say it?  Im BORED!!  its beautiful outside.. but I got a little burned at the beach yesterday so I really dont want to be out in the sun today.  hubby worked all day and I puttered and played.  and made the flamingo thats been in my head.  I did a needle felted one and I also started one out of paper clay.  when he hardens I'll finish him.   

another in the works
YOu do know theres something wrong with me that I would walk around with my camera all day taking pictures of what ever I'm doing.. or eating!  this morning I had breakfast on the porch.. then I made watermelon kiwi salsa for lunch.. and I ate most of it! For dinner, I made that squash potato bake that everyones been pinning on pinterest and posting on face book.  I have to say it was really good.  I loved it.  Hubby didnt feel quite the same way.  hes not a fan of potatos.  Oh well  too bad for him!  I'll surely be making it again sometime.  In anycase... you see.. I took pictures of it all. 
breakfast on the porchwatermelon kiwi salsa
potato squash bakedindin
OK.. I guess I'll do some blog hopping now, either that or I need to find something constructive to do.. yeah, blogging sounds like more fun.. see you out there!
have a great week my friends!

pics from the 4th!

Seems its taken me forever to get here to make a post.  Busy busy busy!  we had a great 4th of july.   As our usual, we went to our friends the fellers to hang out with them and our other friends the flanagans.  our families have grown so that there are a lot of us these days!!   but the more the merrier!  
We always start the 4th off with the Lyndonville parade.  which is made up of mostly loud firetrucks.   we have got to get more people involved in making floats.. I think they should have a contest and give out money rewards for the best.. in any case, its still fun.  marla didnt seem to mind the sirens, but torry, as much as he loved seeing the trucks, the sirens hurt his ears.  Same for the fireworks later that night.  in fact, he fell asleep in my arms with my fingers in his ears! LOL!

The fellers have a beautiful in ground pool, but this year they are doing some work on it and it was not up and running.  so I bought this little blow up pool at walmart for 25.00 and I have to say it was perfect for the kids and a few of the adults too! lol
There was TONS of food, cheesy pototos, baked mac and cheese, deviled eggs, baked beans, watermelon, mac salad, brocoli salad, tortilini salad, hotdogs, burgers, strawberry pretzel dessert, apple pie, cupcakes, cake balls, icecream cones... and Im sure there was more! 
 So of course we all ate... Alot!
The fellers have gorgeous property, which you may recall the pictures from rob and Tiffs wedding last year.  Its just beautiful  and we always have a good time there. 
Their property sits on Johnsons creek which is a perfect place for the guys to hang out and shoot guns. (they shoot them into the creek I think.. I dont really know, because I dont really like the guns and I dont go back there much.) Between the guns and the fireworks, there was an awful lot of booming going on!   
My little baby pies had the best time, though neither of them really ate other then snacky chips and drinks.  I think it was maybe all a little overwhelming for them,  but they had fun.   Marla took a little nap and then stayed awake for the fireworks and I already told you Torry only saw the first half of the fireworks before crashing.
Im pretty sure both babies enjoyed themselves as did all of the rest of us. Next year there will be another grandpie to play with too!  she should be about 7 months old by then!

So, thats pretty much our fourth of july, then friday I worked.. and yesterday was my first BEACH DAY of the year!  the lake was only 56 degrees... but it was about 90 out...  I definitely went in.. all the way!  it was cold..  but so refreshing!
Okeedokie.. I guess I shall end this here.  Not sure what todays plans are yet.. I think Im going to make some flamingos!  I know weird right?  we'll see though.   And, I may go shopping maybe.. 
for now, I need to go eat some breakfast.  
Have a happy summery sunday!