Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where do all my pictures go?

OK.. I have "successfully" uploaded 3 or 4 pictures now.. but where did they go? Good Grief.. I must be dumber then a box of rocks!

still confused here!

Well I've not been here since June.. well.. I have been but I'm having a tough time figuring this blogger site out. I'm used to live journal and have not problems posting pictures or finding colors or whatever! I for the life of me cant seem to figure out how to post a picture.. it appears that it should be easy.. Ummm.. just what does that say about me!!
I had such ideas for this blog site.. Hopefully I will get this figured out soon.. So if there is a soul out there who might read this.. give me a little time to make it interesting and bare with me, while I try to learn just how everything works here!
I'm going to try to post some random pictures here ... who know what will happen!