Sunday, June 29, 2014

hello out there!

hello out there!!  how are all my bloggy buds?  I feel like Ive been mia again.  busy week.  I was on call and just caught up in other things.  My mom and Aunt were here from Florida and Illinois. so I went out to dinner with them on wednesday and then spent friday night and saturday with mom.  Today I went to the lake with Bethany, Torry and torry pie.   And now suddenly, the weekends about over!   how does that happen so fast?   lol!  
(do you see frannie up there? in that first picture?  lol!)

I took a bunch of pictures the other morning to show some of my patriotic decorations and got photo bombed by Frannie!    how funny is this?  she's crazy, she jumps from the back of a chair to the top of the door and then she'll just lay up there with her feet hanging off.. its pretty funny.    I really got a kick out of these two pictures.   such a silly kitten!
I dont have as much patriotic stuff as other holidays and even less when I change to my little beach theme..  If I change over to the beach theme.  we'll see.....  I might need to save all my energy for the change over to Halloween in a couple months! LOL!
So what are everyones plans for the 4th of JUly?  I am working monday and tuesday.  Tuesday morn I have a dr appt first with my new dr...  for my knee.   Then to work.   Tuesday night I'm picking Marla up and she will be staying with me til  sunday.  Tiffany is scheduled for her c section on weds at 8:00 am!   very excited to meet my new princess pie.    On the fourth, we will go to the parade and craft show and then spend the day with our friends eating and playing.  that evening we all head to the fireworks together.  Im looking forward to a fun day!   
right now its muggy!  and Im very warm!  and.. Im headed to my craft table to play for a while.  
Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

its tuesday..

 Good morning bloggy friends!  where did the weekend go and How did we get to tuesday already?  Yesterday morning I woke up and my hubby was getting dressed at 4:00 am, which is the time he gets up for work.  I squinted at him and said... why is the light on and what are you doing?  he said getting dressed.. and I said, but its Sunday!  lol!  He just laughed at me and said sorry but its monday!   well that was disappointing.  I could have used another sunday! lol!
 so now  its tuesday and truthfully, I must be all kinds of messed up because I couldnt figure out what day it was again this morning!    Today I was thinking it was wednesday!.
Hey, doesnt that fruit look yummy?  Ive been a very good girl and Im now down 12 pounds.  this morning I made little fruit breakfast tarts!  well thats what I'm calling them today anyways.  Its actually low fat graham crackers with a little weight watchers cream cheese and fat free coolwhip with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and mandarin oranges!  yummy! 5 points for all four of them.
 I feel better even just losing the 12 pounds.. but I still want to lose ohhhh.. lets just say a whole heck of a lot more!  lol!  I cant remember if I told you that my legs had been bothering me.. or my knee mostly.  Im hoping that taking off a million pounds might help.   but I did break down and make a dr appt at a New doctor.. (remember my dr story from a couple months ago?)  for tuesday.    I hope I like this one.  at least its a woman.  I go next tuesday morning.   And then wednesday next week, Rob and Tiff are giving me a new grandbaby!   Im so excited for Lillianna to get here.  and... I get to keep Marla for 5 days while mommy has the new baby.  Marla time! shes so stinking sweet.. Im really looking forward to it.
 I had Torry time sunday afternoon.  He called me and told me he missed me and he wanted me to come get him.   well.. you know I couldnt say no!  so we built towers and ate steak and fudgicles!
OK.. I guess I better get off the computer and get ready for work.    its looking a little rainy out today.  makes me feel lazy...  
have a great day my friends!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

prayer request.. please and thankyou!

MOrning girls.. If I could ask a favor of you all this morning. I got this message from my sister when I turned on my computer today, her husband has a bad heart and is having some very serious problems. Could you please send up prayers for him. And if you have prayer chains, maybe send the request on. I know I can always count on my bloggy pies! thanks in advance. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

"Vivian... We need your prayers again. Since last time I asked he has had many problems, had a heart ablation march 3, thought he was better. He got a job as a security guard but last Monday he had "an electrical storm" shocked 7 times in an hour. I had to call an ambulance. He got shocked again in the ambulance and in the ER... Stayed in the hospital till Friday then they released him with all different meds. He has been having minor vtach since and then got shocked again 3 times today so back to the ER. While there shocked 6 or 7 times in a row.. Nurses and doctors crash cart.... They just transported him to a different hospital because they said they did everything they could do there. 'm exhausted, he's terrified... I'm pretty scared myself! Anyway more more more prayers please!"

I'll be back later with something fun .. maybe!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

teddy bear teddy bear...

 "teddy bear teddy bear turn around...  teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground... teddy bear teddy bear tie your shoe... teddy bear teddy bear that will do...   teddy bear teddy bear climb the stairs..  teddy bear teddy bear say your prayers...  Teddy bear teddy bear turn out the light... teddy bear teddy bear say good night!" 
 Did any of you used to sing this while you jump roped?   I used to LOVE jump roping with my little girlfriends.. so many little jump rope songs we used to know...

well anyways.  Just thought Id pop in quick and show you a few of the memory bears Ive been working on.  I forgot to take pics of the last few I made and the one I made for my soon to arrive lillianna!   I still have a bunch to do which I will work on this weekend while I'm on call.. again!  seems like I was just on call.

 been busy as usual... and tired!  my age must be catching up to me. lol!  and, I dont think I've mentioned that once again... Im losing weight.  Ive lost 10 so far.. only about a million more to go! lol!  Im taking is slow and doing it right though.  eating healthy.   my legs had really been bothering me a month or so ago, so I knew I had to make some changes.. so I cut out added salt and I quit using splenda.  as well as following my old weight watchers plan.  And guess what?  tadah!  my legs are like new!   really!   I'll keep you posted on how Im doing!  Im feeling good about it right now.  I just need to stay in this frame of mind.

well, like I said, I was just making a quick stop in, I really have to get ready for work and I need to feed Buffy..   I'll be catching up on blogs later I hope! 
Happy Day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

busy weekend

care for a cuppa?  tea?  coffee?  lol.. got that sweet little sterling teacup in Amy Powers club dollhouse swap.  sweet isnt it?
wow!  I feel ive neglected my little bloggy place again.  I guess just really really busy last week and this weekend.  Ive been working on a lot of bear orders and seem to be not making a heck of  a lot of progress as I am side tracked very easily!    Friday at work was a little crazy and then friday night I went to a little work gathering out at a friends cottage on the lake and had a blast.  then Saturday I had a little teaparty "baby sprinkle"  instead of baby shower.  Just a little party with the girls and my mother in law for Tiffany... only two weeks before she is scheduled for a c section. woohoo!  Im ready to meet my new pie.. Lillanna Grace!   wanna see a sneak peek of lillipie?  these 3D ultrasounds are amazing arent they?  They sure didnt have these when I was having babies. 
Tiff had a lot of protein in her urine, which is a sign of preeclampsia on thursday and then sent her home with a bottle to collect all her urine in for 24 hours.. or for the full weekend..  either way they are checking again today.  hopefully all good,   otherwise she may have her c section just a little sooner then planned.   
 Lets see... what else...
so Saturday after the "sprinkle"  we all headed over to Bethany and Torrys, which is where Tony and Vanessa live also.  Tony and Ness bought a double house and beth and torry rent the other half from them... anyways we went over for fathers day bbq  and bon fire. I had fun playing with my 3 little pies.. and eating..  of course!  
ahhh.. eating...  I am on weight watchers AGAIN!  well, not going to the meetings, but  just following the program and Ive lost 10 pounds in the last few weeks.  woohoo!  
Yesterday for fathers day Big Tony celebrated by helping little Tony put a new roof on his front porch.. I stayed home working on bears and then we got together at the ice cream shop with the kids later.  I had a tiny scoop of frozen yogurt...  
So.. check out all the sweet little things I got in the club little house swap below..
I think sometime this week I'm going to have to drag one of the dollhouses out to play with!  
For now.. I need to hop off this computer and go feed the animals and make lunch and get ready to go to work!  Have a great day bloggy pies!

Monday, June 9, 2014

playing with chalk!

 Ive been playing with chalk board paint.  you can paint anything!  I painted an old wooden tray.  I left the topside the way it was so I can still use it the other way.  but I love that I can chalk on it and write or draw what ever I want on it.  so much fun to play with!  just think of the possibilities of things that you could paint!   

just think what I can do with it for halloween!   oh.. dear..  we dont want halloween popping into my head yet!  
well... this was just a quick stop in..   Im off to the couch.  I woke up at 3:30 this morning to use the bathroom, got back in bed and took a bit to start to drift back off.  then just as I did, tonys alarm started beeping at 4:00..  he got up and the cats came and thought I should snuggle and pet them... and .. of course I did!  Then.. just as I was starting to drift off again, tony came to give me a kiss good bye which meant that it was 5:00...  so I got up..  Needless to say, Im a little tired tonight.
sooo.. off  I go!
sweet dreams and happy tomorrow! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

uh oh... trouble in paradise!

 I ended up having Torry both my days off.  by yesterday afternoon he was feeling much better so we went out to plant dinos in the "dino garden"    the dino garden just consists of any spot where the dinos might look good!  Torry chose this spot.. not too far from the fairy garden.

 we now have 5 dinos on the loose in our yard.
I was hoping that there would be no problems with them out there....  I was hoping they would feast on weeds, misquitos, slugs and worms and such...   but the very worst thing that could happen has happened...

OH no!  one has found his way to the fairy garden!  

so do you think anyone wonders what on earth this crazy white haired woman in doing out in her yard with her pajamas on at 6:15 am playing with dinosaurs and fairies and her camera?    LOL!  actually Im pretty sure only one truck went by and he hopefully he didnt see me..
and so.. one more little story to tell... about a couple of spiders..
yesterday morning I killed a spider in the kitchen, later on Torry and I were having some yogurt when we spied another spider on the ceiling..  (he hadnt known about the first one yet..)  And I said, "oh, hes probably mad 'cause I killed his brother this morning.. (uh.. dont ever tell your little pies that you killed someone or somethings brother...)  Torry looked at me with great big eyes and said.. "why'd you kill his brother grammie? ... He probably misses his brother grammie..."   Uhhh.. I was speechless for a second.. and then I said..  "oh.. he has lots of other brothers..   here... lets put some more choc chips in your yogurt! 
Lesson learned..   Thou shalt not kill and then tell!
Happy Friday bloggy pies!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

G'morn' n!

good morning bloggy friends!  Looks like its going to be a lovely day today. and Im so glad because on a whim, I took today and tomorrow off.  No big great reason... just decided that i wanted to do a few things around home.   This picture above is from yesterday morning after it had rained all night.  makes my yard look so pretty doesnt it?  ;) at least from that view!  lol!   
so we did make it to the beach over the weekend, on sunday.  it was a beautiful day.  the weather was perfect... there was a cool breeze that made sitting in the sun quite comfortable, which is perfect for getting sunburned! lol... which I did.   but we kept the babys all sunscreened up and not any burns on any of them!

The water was too cold to go in, the news reported lake ontario at about 48 degrees.  I put my feet in several times to get buckets filled with water and I have to say it was almost painful!  there were no life guards on duty and no swimming was allowed anyways.   but see that little Marla... I have to tell you, she would go in that water in a heart beat..  she is freak'n fearless!  God, I just love her to pieces!  well, I love them all to pieces!

The kids had fun playing in the sand, though I could tell Torry was not feeling 100%.  He enjoyed himself regardless.  as it turns out, Beth took him to the dr yesterday afternoon and he had a 102 temp and a respiratory infection..    heehee.. respira... torry.. infection.  sorry.. just saw that and couldnt help myself!  In any case, he is now on an antibiotic and lucky him, Grammie pie just happens to have the next two days off, so he will camp out here today.  I have to pick him up in a bit, and we will go to the store to get some popsicles and stuff to make tacos.  he loves tacos!

Then of course we have little sweet violet.  When this girl learns to talk, I think she will have a lot to say.  You should hear her now.  shes talk'n 'bout sumthin!  we just dont know what it is. 
Im looking forward to more beach days with my babies... in fact maybe even this coming weekend we can squeeze one in.    or.. maybe I should go by myself and really just relax! LOL!
So my plans for today are to keep Torry happy, to work on bear orders and to start putting out my patriotic decorations.  
Thats all for now folks!