Sunday, September 29, 2013

what a weekend!

peek a boo!
I am pooped out!  Not complaining, just a very busy weekend helping Vanessa with wedding stuff.  I still havent managed to get groceries!  lol!  maybe tomorrow after work.. or not... who knows.   Theres still some stuff to with Ness and tony.  but we put a huge dent in everything over the weekend.  I hope Vanessa can relax tomorrow.  she needs too,  hard to be 8 months pregnant and then do all that shes been doing on top of that.  (you hear me ness, try to rest tomorrow!)
Like my spooky window?  see bony neroni in the back ground? lol!
grammie got some pumpkins!
I got to see three precious little grandpies this weekend!  Arent they all just freak'n beautiful?  I know, Im biased..   really.. I know I am  blessed! 
Hey!! you like my punk'ns???  I got these today at a local farm stand.  I LOVE them.. they are huge.. and only 3.00 a piece!  as broke as I am, I had to splurge on them.. and... I'm going back tomorrow to get four more.
smiling faces
I have to work tomorrow and tuesday.  Wednesday is supposed to be a half a day off, but I think Im going to switch it to a full day off.  I need the extra day, and I also have off  thursday and friday.  those will both be veyry busy days!   omg.. my son is getting married on saturday.  our mother son dance is going to be to Simple Man by lynard skynard.  I keep telling him that Im going to have the DJ stop have way through and play some big band swing music so I can make him swing dance with me, like I used to when he was little! LOL!  but I wont do it.  besides, I really cant swing dance and I would look really stupid! lol.
sassy pants
look at little sassy pants here!  lol.. what a dolly she is... xoxoxoxo  just love her to pieces!  and I just cant wait to get my hands on the next one!
Got my hair cut yesterday.  When I got there, the girl cutting it handed me an envelope with my name on it.   I couldnt for the life of me imagine what was in it and when I opened it up I found a gift certificate for 75.00 from my husband!  I was soo surprised!  It was so unexpected and so awesome because I am so broke!  lol!  hes a good boy that Tony Neroni! I think I'll keep him!
OK.. Ive got to go clean up the kitchen a bit, Ive barely been home all weekend and Ive done nothing here.  
toodles girlie pies!  I'll be back soon!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

more living room halloween peeks

my throne
(my throne)
Ahhh, the weekend!  lots to do this weekend.. making TONS, I say, TONS of carmel popcorn that we are filling mason jars with for Vanessa and Tonys wedding favors.   Making wedding chandeliers out of hoolahoops, christmas lights, burlap and grapevine, painting and hollowing out 80 gourds to hold candles.. and who knows what else.  I guess it will be what ever else needs to be done!
halloween shelfies
(love all these sweet little halloweenies)
One week from today they will be getting married!  so excited.   I love the girls my sons have chosen to marry.  both are beautiful and creative and they put up with me.. what more could I want?   Oh, and they adore my sons.. that is the most important part!
top of shelfies
(on top of the shelvies..)
So here is another peek into my living room.  another day, I'll show you more in there... Yes.. theres more.. not a lot more in there, but theres more...     I have to tell you even little torry pie..( who got his hair cut last night!!) was lying on the couch with me, he looked around the room and said, "Grammy youve got that stuff EVERYWHERE!!!"  Cracked me up!  I could not believe that came out of him.   I said, yeah, but you love it all dont you torry pie?  he said, "uh huh!"
some more friends
(somemore of my favorite things)
Ive got to get my hair cut in an hour.  Im going to ask what she thinks I should do with it for the wedding.  I wont wear it up because I have a beard!  lol!  I like it down around my face! lol.. (really its not funny, I hate it and spend hours plucking it out everyweek...) anyways,  wanted to get a manicure before the wedding, but doesnt it figure Ive had nice long nails all summer, and the last two weeks they have mostly broken off and become ragged.  Im not one to have fake nails...  but I may consider it. But then again... why bother?
some friends
(is it possible to have so many favorite things?)
I really should get off the computer and start getting ready to go since its 8:40 and my appts at 9:30 and Im still in my jammies....   but I guess I still have a little time, its only about 7 houses around the corner from me.   At some point today or tonight I have to get some groceries.  we are about out of everything!  I only had two teabags left this morning.  Im a 4 cup morning tea drinker.. I drank the first one at 6:00 and put off the second one til now!  Im thinking I'm going to have to drive through tim hortons for a large one before i go to nessas today.
living room tree
(tree on entertainment center.)
I have 6 halloween trees. I know, Im a halloween hog!  I have the two in the living room, one on the entertainment center, and one on the mantle, both sitting inside halloween crowns that I made a few years ago.  If you go back to the previous post, you can sort of see the other crown.   I just have too much fun with halloween.. and such a shame that I dont get trick or treaters here!
caught 'im
Youve already seen skelly in his cage.  I love this.  I just threw a giant spiders web over this table last night.. I'll take another picture sometime before halloween.  lol.. if you look at this picture above in the window you can see my pink polkadot pajamas!
hello fall
and, lastly, a little box full of pumpkins!  I'm dying to get pumpkins and gourds for outside.. Ive dont nothing out there yet.  but Im totally broke and not so sure I'll be getting all the pumpkins I usually get this year.  but I have to tell ya, walmart has the most awesome fancy and ugly warty pumpkins for 6.00 a piece.  if I only needed 1 it would be a great price, but being that I need about 10... maybe not.. Okeedokie.. Ive got to stop fambling on and run...   have a great weekend!  its supposed to be 74 and sunny here today.  
Happy Day!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

halloween peek 1

 on top of china cabinet
Finally yesterday I pulled a lamp out of my craftroom into the living room so that I had enough light to take some pictures!  just not bright enough in there this time of year!   so these pics are all from the back of the living room.  I'll show another section next post! 
This will be a weekend of wedding preparations!  Favors to work on with the girls, fabric to cut out for the hay bales, a large burlap banner to make.. gourds to carve, paint and glitter... and more!    I dont think Ive given you many wedding details, but they are getting married in a big barn at a winery in lockport.  Seating will be hay bales!  I cant wait to see everything come together.  One week to go!!
mantel friends
I took off next thursday and friday, and Im off wednesday afternnon for a mammogram.  I should just that the whole day off on wednesday, besides its my birthday too!  though Ive told my family that due to the wedding being that weekend and everyone being broke, that we can celebrate my birthday for halloween!  Doesnt that sound like more fun anyways?  I should have a halloween birthday anyways I think! lol!
in the terrarium
I actually have 2 neices and 1 nephew all born on halloween.. how weird is that?  all from different families.I only have 15 neices and nephews, amazing that 3 share the same birthday!
Really their birthdays are the only ones I actually know when they are!
witch hat on old shade bones cage
havent done anymore halloween crafting since last weekend...  I wont be getting to do anymore until after the wedding.. then I think I will move in full force!   Except that, I really dont have room for anything else! lol!!!
but there are things in my head that will have to come out regardless!
black cat
Its chilly in here tonight!  my hands are freezing!!   guess I'll go warm up! 
pumpkin head
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, September 23, 2013

monday morning chatter!

little witches
Ive been going to do a little halloween tour of my house for yous, but the lighting just sucks here all the time.  I have trouble getting good pics anywhere other then then kitchen.  but I will continue to work on that for you!  I did manage to snap the witches above for you in my craft room this morning.  arent they sweet?!  lol!
This weekend went so fast!  I got used to those three day weekends all summer.. now its back to longer days and shorter weekends...

candy corn spoolie
Friday night I played in my craft room making my first halloweenies for the year!  There are so many things in my head, I didnt even know what to make.  In fact it stressed me out and I ended up making something that i didnt even know was in my head.  She turned out cute.. but she didnt really satisfy that itch! 
little gifties for jen
Saturday morning I worked on a little gift to go with my daughter Jennifers birthday presents.  She likes pink and shabby chic,  so I thought I'd make her some pinkish fall things.  I wanted to paint the gourds to see how they would turn out because we're doing that for vanessa and tonys wedding in LESS THEN TWO WEEKS !  (OMG!!)
And, speaking of the wedding, sat afternoon, I headed over to vanessas to work on wedding stuff.  We still have a lot to do.  Anyone have a good and simple recipe for carmel popcorn?  I burnt the first batch!   we're making ball jars of carmel popcorn for wedding favors.. they are going to be cute.. but maybe harder to do then we thought!   (never fear Vanessa dear, we will get it right!  lol!)
im coloring grammie!
When I left Vanessa's I took Torry home with me for the night so that the girls could pick up the guys in the night if need be, as they were all out doing the bachelor party thing.  I havent heard the details on how the night went, but I'm dying to!  I hope Tony had a good time.  I'm pretty sure he did.. though I'm sure he was tired as he had worked all night the night before and they started out at 11:00 am with about 30 guys going to play paint ball wars.  then to a gun show, then to dinner and then out somewhere..  I bet he slept most of the day yesterday!
So anyways, Torry pie.  He spent the night.  Gosh is he the funniest little guy!  I love my grandbabies to pieces and am so excited to be getting another one in only 6 weeks or so!   OMG!  weddings and babies..  so much going on around here!
bat girl ornie
and that brings me to sunday.  After Torry left I got back into my craft room and made a couple more little halloweenies, but I can only show you this one.  the others are for swaps.  I had a pretty quiet low key afternoon, I baked bread, made a pot of homemade veggie beef soup and an apple cake., played in my craft room and watched two movies!  (I never watch tv!) 
so girls.. that was my weekend!  now I have 45 minutes to feed the animals, shower, iron, pack my lunch and get out the door to go to work...   better run! 
have a great week!!

Friday, September 20, 2013


woo hoo  almost time for the weekend to start..
 just need to get through the next 6 hours!!  
 I cant wait to get home from work so
 I can start creating some Halloweenies!!
Happy Friday Girls!!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

bony bony bo bony...

not really wanting to share with bony.
teaching Torry pie to share with people... 
all kinds of people.. 
even people like Bony Neroni.
Have a happy day girlie pies!
(funny, while torry is amused by my skeletal friends, miss marla pie was not at all fond of them!  lol!  I wonder how these kids will remember me when Im gone?   crazy old grammie and her skeletons! lol )

Sunday, September 15, 2013

omg!!! yes!! I can post again!

 So, did you miss me??  Eiy Yie Yie!!  talk about frustrating!  I dont know why I couldnt post here.. but I could not.  I had seriously thought I was going to have to totally give up blogging... thats how frustrated I was.  I'm not even really sure that this post will go up.. but it seems to be acting like it will.   fingers crossed!!
 So, as usual, Ive been pretty busy.  finished up this big bear order.  She also ordered these memory stars as well.  I finally made up a little poem to go with the stars.. what do you think?   Ive been going to make something up for years. I dont know why I didnt.  It took all of a whole minute! LOL!
"like a twinkling evening star
smiling, laughing from a far
Please remember me this way 
'til we meet again someday."
I have two more bears to finish up between tonight and tomorrow morning and then I will be free of bears for a little bit.  then there is still some wedding stuff to do the next two weekends.. but then... I can finally do some Halloween crafting!!   I do have my house finished inside..  girls..  I have a confession to make.   I have too  much stuff.  SERIOUSLY!!  But it makes me happy!  All that stinking orange and black cuteness!!   If blogger is going to start letting me post again, then I will start posting pictures.  (Its been killing me all week not being able too!!!)

soo, speaking of stinking cute....  heres a pic of miss marla princess pie.   OMG.. I love this baby!  she is soooo awesome!   I kept her overnight friday night and she was such a good girl.  she is a funny little thing.  I just want to eat her up!  She kept going to the fridge saying.. "hungie, cheese pease?"  And then when I opened it, she knew right where the cheese sticks were. 
So, today, I am going shopping with Bethany and Vanessa to find a dress for the wedding.  wish me luck.  Ive no clue what I want to wear.  I had really wanted to loose a lot more weight by now, but the last two months Ive been spinning my wheels.. up 3 pounds, down 3.. up 3  down 3.. and right now, I think I'm up 5.. which means Ive still lost 28 pounds.. but I have to get back on and stay on track.   blaah blaah blaah...I get sick of hearing myself say that right before i stuff something else in my mouth!  LOL!
OKeedokie girlie pies..  I need to get caught up with your blogs now.  
fingers crossed that this posts! 
Happy Day!

what the freaken heck blogger???

blogger is giving me fits!  I have not been able to post in a week...  at this second it seems I might be able too...  so this is a test... hopefully I will be back..

Monday, September 9, 2013

peek a BOO!

I caught 'um!
Guess what I did yesterday???   I just couldnt wait any longer!  
Now I'm off to stuff bears before I have to go to work..
Happy Monday girls!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

vanessas bachelorette party

just a quick check in!  After 12 plus hours of partying with the girls for Vanessas Bachelorette day.. I am pooped out!   we started the day meeting up at Bethanys apartment and then we all headed to Clarence NY for a few hours of creative fun at Clay Hands.  Where we spent a couple hours painting pottery,  with a table full of wine and munchies to keep us happy!
After our fun there, we headed out to the Galleria mall in Amherst to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.  What a treat that was!  but the menu was so confusing!!
But the food was soo good.. five different cheese fondues with all kinds of things and breads to dip into them!  Then most of the girls got some pretty awesome dinners and drinks as well.. 
a few of us stuck to the cheese stuff and then got the choc fondue... omg...melted choc and peanut butter to dip all these goodies into!  Anyways.. that was a good time. 
Afterwords we headed back to my house for a unslumber slumber party, where we put on comfy clothes,  ate more, drank more, played a game, put on the brides maids movie (which really, no one watched!) and did pedis and manis...
(you really cant tell in the picture,, but we did have some inappropriate straws for the occasion! naughty girls!)
I think everyone had a pretty good time.  Through out the day there were 14 of us, though we ended up with 10 at the house.
I need a new cork screw... she had to wrestle the cork out of this bottle!  lol!  she won though!
I hope Vanessa had a nice day and night...  and by the way girls, after I posted the cake topper that I made for ness and tony,  Vanessa told me that we reads my blog all the time!  LOL!!  good to know.  (love ya Vanessa!)  So does Tiffany.. (love ya tiffany!) so you will never hear me complaining about my DILS here!  lol!  but really, I have no reason to complain.. I love them both and they both fit right in to our crazy family!
Bethany and I put together little spa bags for all the girls and we tried out the listerine and vinegar foot soak that everyone is talking about.  I guess the girls liked it.. I may try it later tonight. 
Bethany tried out one of the facials.. lol!  she looks like shes enjoying it.. god, she freaken cracks me up!
And so today... I am having a pajama day with figgy and frannie....
figgy and I
and we'll be attacking whats in these giant sized bins!  I only brought these 6 down.. there are more upstairs! 
Woohoo!! happy Day girlie pies!

Friday, September 6, 2013

I have creepy fun company in my craft room

happy Friday!!  I came home from work early today.. had a headache all day and just didnt want to be there.  so I came home.. still have a little headache but ive been busy cleaning house.  I actually cleaned my craft room this morning before I went to work. I went upstairs and dragged my friend down to hang out with me.  I plan on getting halloween out as soon as I finish this bunch of bears that i've been working on.  but til then, I do have a few halloweenies in my craft room that I never put away last year.  And my skeleton friend is setting a festive halloween mood for me til I can go all out with the rest of my goodies!
Tomorrow is Vanessas bachelorette party.  We are going to paint ceramics and then out to eat at the melting pot.  Then back here for a little unslumber slumber party!    Were going to have munchies, wedding movies, do mani and pedicures,  facials.. cocktails and mocktails.  I'll be sure to be taking pictures all day and all night.  I'll be decorating in the morning before I go, so it'll be all ready for us when we get back!
for now, I'm pooped out.  I think I need some ice water and a couple tylenol. And back to cleaning I go.. the bathroom is next!
toodles girlies.. I shall return!

Monday, September 2, 2013

top secret stuff....

psssst....shhhhhh... its a secret!  Vanessa hasnt seen her cake topper yet... so I really shouldnt be posting these pics until she has..  but she will see it today and most people I know in my *away from my computer life* dont come here.  And her friends surely dont come here.. so I think its safe! 
Vanessa wanted a siamese kitty cake topper, whimsical, with a touch of burlap and a banner.  Oh was this right up my alley or what?  I had a ball making these!
Oh such a purrfect little bride and groom!  I hope Vanessa and Tony like them.  well, really it doesnt matter if tony likes them or not..  LOL!  we all know its all about what the bride wants at this point!
look at their tails entwined into a heart.  Can you tell that's their tails?  I was afraid people would think that is was just a brown heart.   I hope people get it.  Every now and then I make something that I just love.  this is one of those things.   the bride looks just like figgy when he was younger.  the groom like Frannie  (so they are a little reversed in this as figgy is a boy and frannie is a girl!  but Tony wanted to be like frannie! lol!
Ha! Ha!  so what do you think of the love and Hisses!?   I just crack myself up.  I asked Nessa if it was ok to have it on there some where and she said yes.  It might be too much so big on the front.  she can decide, it wont be a big deal to take it off and do it smaller somewhere else..  I guess we'll see when they come over today.
We are having a cook out today.. a labor day birthday cook out as my hubbys birthday was the August 15th and we havent all been able to get together since then.  I do believe that everyone will be here today!
So, I need to get dressed and go pick up a few things at the store.  fingers crossed that it doesnt rain today..  
toodles girlfriends!  have  a great labor day!