Friday, July 17, 2015


Happy Friday!!  Its been a crazy busy week work wise.. and Im so far behind there.  I did EIGHT homevisits yesterday.   EIGHT!  thats a lot for one day.  oh the stories I wish I could tell you!  craziness abounds!    Monday I went to an all day training on the AMish and Mennonites in our area, Tuesday I did six homevisits.. Wednesday I was in the office all day trying to do office work and get some notes in.. not so successfully..   Yesterday was those 8 visits and today I am taking a bunch of teenage girls to an all day program for youth in foster care.  Then Im off monday, so I'll have a three day weekend.  though I'm seriously thinking about going to work on monday 'cause I have so much work to do and Im off again next friday and then the following monday and tuesday.   but I think I'll wait and see what the weather is going to be.. if it is less then perfect, I'll probably just go to work!  
Whats everyone doing this weekend?  I'm thinking tomorrow I might take off early for a day of shopping and poking around at some coops and garage sales.  Sunday Rob and Tiff are having an open house house warming and I am looking forward to seeing the house all put together!  I know they have been working hard on it.
but for now..   you know how it goes... 
hi ho hi ho.. off to work I go!  have a happy day my friends!

Monday, July 13, 2015

how about another day off!?

Exhausted!  I didnt do a lot this weekend.. but I was busy.  I really cant even remember what I did on friday.  I had the day off..  but what did I do???    I know thursday night I went shopping with Jennifer.  Friday seems to have vanished out of my mind!  What ever it was, I remember being very tired at the end of the day.  oh.. I remember.  I babysat for Torry, violet and Scarlett in the morning, then went to a cottage work party for about an hour and a half and then went shopping with jennifer friday night..   not thursday night.  I have no clue what I did on thursday night then.  LOL!  (I am losing it!  lol!)   

Saturday I had plans of going to beach alone for the day.  I had picked up these magazines and a book  (oh.. thats what I did on thursday night..  I shopped on thursday too.. duh!)  anyways..  I was planning on packing some snacks and some drinks taking my beach chair and umbrella and hanging out on the beach for the day quietly alone.  but some little guy knows his grammie too well and he called me on saturday morning crying that he missed me.. (even though he had just seen me the day before! lol!)  and he wanted to come over.  I think he said.. "grammie will you come get me?"    I hemmed and hawed a bit, but then I thought..  there is no way I can say no to him! lol!   So soon I had a beach buddy for the day.  Hes very good for me so I dont mind taking him.  but the 5 trips to the bathroom got a little old!  and the carrying bucket after bucket of water was also tiring!  but a grammie does what a grammie has to do!  And he was getting much braver in the water, which meant I had to pay much closer attention! LOL!  so anyways..   I was totally exhausted by the end of the day.  took him home and then hubby and I went out to dinner.  

Then Sunday,  Booboo (thats grandpa in case you didnt know, thats what the kids call my husband) anyways  Booboo had cleaned out and refilled the kids pool on saturday, so I had said they could all come over on sunday to play.  And I also babysat for Marla and Lilly for the day.  I took them shopping (yes more shopping) in the morning with me and then everyone else was here when we got back.  The kids spent the day playing in the water and the pool.  Jen and I made pigs in the blankets for everyone for lunch and then afterwords, I made 9 chocolate milkshakes!  I took the girls home around 5:30.. came home and vegged out!  I was pooped out!  I didnt even make dinner.  I had popcorn about 8:30 last night and went to bed at 10:00!  early for me!  Now I need a day off just for myself!  lol! 
Today Im going to a training for the day on AMish and Mennonites.  that should be interesting.  But this week promises to be extremely busy as I am way behind at work and I have jury duty on wednesday.. fingers crossed that they wont need me and if they do, that it wont spill over into the week!  I have to call in on tuesday night...  we'll see what happens.  
Okeedokie that was my weekend.. now I have to get ready to go to work!  
happy Monday!

Monday, July 6, 2015

a kazillion pictures!

 I learned a new trick!  collages on pic monkey!   omg.. Ive had the worst trouble getting my pics uploaded and sorted!  lol!  but here are a bunch of them.   batch one above from the parade, which we watched from Roberts new house.  It was a new view for us for the parade as we are usually down in the thick of things  on main st.  This was nicer for the kids sake.  I think they all enjoyed the parade.. other then maybe the oh so very loud firetrucks!  lol!
 AFter the parade we went to our house to hang out for the afternoon and evening until it was time to go to the fireworks.   we all had a good time, but the babies had a blast.  and ummm even bethany enjoyed the kids pool.  shes such a goof.  Ive always called her my little water baby.
 Then I know a bunch of you were waiting to see my 4th of july decorations.. so here you go!   I tried to get pics of most of it.. but somethings just dont photograph well.    See that little tomato girl  above, "miss america"?  she was made by my friend Mica and she has become one of my most favorite pieces!  thank you mica!  and then right below here is a festive cone from Kim, but made by laurie at magpie ethels!  thank you Kimmie! 
 just more stuff.....   I love stuff..   its a sickness..   what is it called???   Hyperdecophilia!   lol!
I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  Im always ready to celebrate something...   sooo.. whats next?  lol!
Have a great week my bloggy pies!  And by the way... look at my little scarlett pie!  isnt she stinking delicious!  I could just eat her up!  (and all the rest of them too!)  
toodles friends!

Friday, July 3, 2015

oh yeah! a sunny holiday weekend!

good morning bloggy pies!
Happy 4th of july weekend!!
Looks like absolutely perfect weather is here for the next 5 days or so.  I am so excited! We've had so much rain... rain ... rain rain! blaaah!  (20 days of rain in june!)  Im excited and I plan on enjoying this weekend to the fullest.
I've been so obsessed with the weather the past few days that Ive checked the forecast on my phone about 6 times a day (maybe more) watching, worrying and waiting as they tweaked the forecast to pretty much perfect!  LOL!

last night I filled up the kids little pool.   however, its not on level ground and its looking a little lopsided this morning...  Now Im trying to decide whether to dump it and start over or just say the heck with it, what will be will be.    Its not filled in this pic.. so you cant see what I'm talking about.   hmmm...   I guess I better decide.  I  just dont know what I want to do!  thats a lot of water to dump...   but...  we'll see.

I have two pies in the oven already this morning; a cherry and a blueberry.  And Im going to make some cupcakes as soon as those come out.  I want to get everything that I can do today done.. so that tomorrow I can mostly just relax and enjoy.    but you do know that I enjoy the whole process of getting ready also. Except that it does tire me out.  lol!  I'll be making my pasta salad and deviled eggs this morning as well as strawberry pretzel jello.  Might even throw my beans together so that they are ready to go in the oven tomorrow when its time. 
So guess what yesterday was???  It was some little chickie pies birthday!  Our Lillianna turned one!   have I ever told you how much I love my grandbabies?  Like, I really just love them so much I could burst.  do you think thats normal?  lol!  I dont ever feel normal.  ..   what is normal anyways.   
Okeedokie.. those pies are going to be ready to come out of the oven... 
and I need to keep moving as Im watching Torry today and I want to get all of my work done before he gets here.  He is an attention demander.  lol!  
I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures tomorrow..   
have a great weekend everybody!