Sunday, March 31, 2013

preparing for the easter bunny...

pizza at gammies
Yesterday was egg dying day!  And boy did my baby pies love that!!  We laughed so hard at them.  we started out with pizza and wings.
serious work!
And then got down to business!
Torry was very very serious about this task. 
 And he worked very hard on coloring his eggs.. 
in fact when we were finished.. he was not very happy! 
"no gammie pie... moe eggs"
the egg dying kingdidnt want to stop.
torry eggshow many eggs can you fit in a cup
He had many eggs dying at the same time... 
and he did not need our help!
dying eggs
Marla was a freaken riot.. trying to eat the eggs...   
eating spoons full of dye...mmmm vinegar! 
and in the end, 
throwing lots of eggs on the floor!  
LOL!  shes so freaken funny!
marla eggsmarla eggs 4
marla eggs 2marla eggs 5
we all had fun.. 
I seriously cant wait to do it again next year!
having fun!sticker distraction
We're doing easter brunch here today.. 
and really I supposed I should go get my ham in the oven 
and get my breakfast casserole going. 
swinging at gammies
It wont be long til my baby pies show back up 
all dressed up for easter!
 Well be having breakfast casserole, bagels and cream cheese, sweet rolls,  fruit, watergate salad, ham and rolls, deviled eggs, carrot cake cupcakes and I'm contemplating making a pasta salad to have later..  well see..
the itsy bitsy spider song
And.. of course.. there will be candy! 
so off I go.. back to the kitchen.
Happy Easter all my little bloggy Peeps! 
I hope you all have a delightful day!
And dont forget..

Friday, March 29, 2013

It is Good Friday..

A break from the cuteness that you usually find here, 
with a reminder of what Easter is really about...
Jesus and Salvation..   
I can not imagine what Jesus went through to save us from ourselves... 
but I am so thankful that he loves us so.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a chipper chirper!

Hi guys, just wanted to pop in quick to show you my little bobble head chickie!  inspired by Elizabeth and her bobble head chicks!  what fun to make!
This little guy went off in the mail today to a special friend for easter.  I hope she likes him!  I hope he gets to her by easter.  hes such a chipper little fella!  Now I've got to make myself one.
In other news, I was down .8 at weight watchers last night.. that makes it a total of 18.2 pounds. whew!  I was a little worried.  Ha! then after weight watchers I went to my friend Sandys for her birthday and proceeded to eat pizza and chicken fingers, doritos, and cake and ice cream.. not to mention some yummy alcoholic blender drink that her hubby made for us...
 I probably should not eat anything else this week!!    I will behave from this point on.. I need to be able to eat on easter.  I'm planning on having carrot cake!!
OK... off I go.. gotta get jammies on and get ready to watch american idol! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

hippity hoppity.. easters on its way!

table 1
wow!  Ive been so busy this past week!  all good stuff.  worked on my daughters Musical all last week, then the shows were this weekend, which I did make up for.  I just love all the kids and am always amazed at what they pull off in the end.  and also totally amazed and in awe of my daughter who started out on the stages in that school so many years ago and is now teaching music and directing the musicals at the same school she attended.   I took a bunch of pics and will post some of them after I get them uploaded and sorted.
table 2
So in between the muscial, I managed to do a little shopping, cleaning and cooking.. but NO crafting!!  none... zilch.. notta..  nothing!!  Im going through withdrawal for sure!  I plan on parking my hiney at my craft table soon as I get home from work today!  I wont have to cook dinner because I made a big pot of soup and homemade bread yesterday morning... so I will have time to play tonight. I have to get something special made for my friend kelly and get it in the mail!!  not to mention that one of my best friends has a birthday tomorrow and I should do something for her as well. So if I'm home and at the table by 5:30, that will give me about 5 1/2 hours to play before I go to bed. 
table 4
These pics are all from the three tiered wire thingy on my kitchen table.  I should have taken a picture of what it looks like all at once..  but I didnt!  I'm sure there is one posted from last year that I could link too.. but Ive never been good about labeling my posts so that I know where to find them again.  heck.. I'm lucky I manage to pull together a post sometimes!  It seems I'm always in a hurry! lol!
table 6
so what are everyone's Easter plans for next weekend?  I think this week will be busy.  Im hoping Tiffany and marlaina will come for dinner tomorrow night as I havent seen them in at least a week or more!  Thursday night the girls and I are going to Jens for a "girls night".  Saturday I'm sure some of them will come here to dye easter eggs..  Ill probably have to shop some night this week.  And then Sunday I'm doing Easter Brunch instead of dinner.  not sure of exactly what we'll be having yet, but it'll be good! I guess I better give it some thought so I know what I'm doing!  Brunch seems to work easier for us, that way the kids can all head out to their other family afterwords. 
table 5
well, I guess I've been rambling on here enough.. probably have bored you all to death!  
I had meant to do an easter give away.. but uh.. that looks impossible at this point.. so be watching and I will do a spring one instead.. soon!
have a great day my little eastery peeps!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

just stuff...

corner 3
Hi Girlie pies!  I feel like Ive been out of the loop this week so far..  been busy I guess!  I have been helping my daughter get ready for the HS musical.  shes the director.  so i've been painting and helping where I can.  the musical is this weekend.  they're doing Anything Goes.  so far it looks like it will be really good.  so many talented kids in lyndonville!  Not to mention, of course that my daughter is a great music teacher! lol! 
corner 2
Just home from Weight watchers!  I lost 4.6 pounds this week!  for a total so far of 17.8 pounds!!  wooohoo!  so glad to start taking this weight off.   I didn't eat much this weekend as I had a little tummy trouble..   but I was hungry tonight and had bacon and eggs for dinner.  now I'm so thirsty from that bad bad bad bacon.
corner 1
I will be working on a little Easter project tonight.  I have to make my swappy piece for my friend Kelly.
I have it already started and will show it to you when I finish.  
So for now.. Off I go....   

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

happy st pattys day!
A momentary break from Easter festivities to celebrate a little bit of St Pattys Day!  I dont have much for St Pattys day.. this is pretty much it.  I do have a banner I made and also a few little signs that I just got from my secret pal at work. But I dont have them out.  Check out the cute as heck baby shoe all decked out for the day.  friend Barbara Burkard from (123lavenderlollipoplane) made it for me.  Im not sure if she uses her blog much anymore.  But I see her alot on facebook.  Barb was my first ever swap partner when I first started blogging oh so long ago!
The sweet little felted bear is from my dear friend Kelly and  the other things I made.  
I like to decorate for Easter early so st pattys usually gets pretty much gets overlooked.  But I am happy with the few little things I have and I do get them out for the actually day!
So, other then it being St Patricks day, we're having a little birthday party for Tiffany this afternoon.  I'm sure that there will probably be a nascar race on that will annoy the heck out of me.. but at least both my little grandpies will be here!  (that'll make it hard for hubby to watch his race... heehee!)
I better go charge my camera battery so I can get pics of my babys.  
heading out to the grocery store soon to buy todays goodies...  
and I just noticed, now that its light enough to see outside, that it snowed out last night....  
Oh I do wish the weather would hurry up and change!!
have a great St pattys day my friends!  and I hope the leprechauns dont play any mean tricks on you!  
♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ .

Friday, March 15, 2013

easter swap goodies!

6 from DEB
Did I tell you that I love Easter and all the sweet little Eastery springy things that go along with it?  all the pastel colors and the cheerful little birdies and fuzzy little bunnies?   oh maybe you already knew that!  well someone knew that!  My partner Deb (garage sale girl) sent me a huge box of awesome Easter treats!
7 from DEB
Sandy's swap was to have a main attraction, an Easter spoolie!  Deb did up the sweetest spool with a little birds nest and two happy little birdies chirping away on top.  so sweet isnt it? 
5 from DEB3 from DEB
Then she filled the box with so many other things.  a cute little felt bunny, a german egg container, big chunky carrots that are now sitting happily with some stuffed bunnies!  Look at the birdie clips! so stinking cute!
4 from DEB
Deb even included the sweetest little nest with a little soap egg.. just precious!  There were vintage cards and a vintage bunny candle and the cutest little vintage chickie, that I just love!
2 from DEB
NOt to mention stickers and tags  and cupcake flags and in the german egg... buttons and trinkets!
 1 from DEB
Plus... Deb sent Candy! check on that nut goodie!  she told me it was zero weight watcher points!!  woohoo!  I'm going to eat it and not count it! lol  anyways, thank you so much Deb!  I feel very spoiled!  sort of like I got an easter basket full of treats!
easter spool swap for deb
This is the stuff I sent Deb!  I really had fun with this swap.  one of the best ones Ive done in a long time.  thank you Sandy so much for hosting it. 
spoolie for debfor deb 2
here is the spoolie and a little bunny basket that i made for Debs package.  she recieved her package tonight, or I wouldnt have been able to post these yet!
I hope everyone has a great saturday.  I will start my day doing some shopping, then I'll be at the school my daughter teaches at painting scenery for the musical she is directing. (Anything Goes), then probably a little cleaning and then tomorrow night off to see another high school musical that one of her friends is directing.
Sunday, I'll be having everyone over for Tiffanys birthday dinner.   I need three day weekends!
 I'll be back! 
sweet dreams!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday!  Another sweet day closer to spring...  only 8 days till its officially here.  the last few days here have been very springish.. you can feel the change in the air.. not to mention we turned the clocks ahead here and its lighter later.    i like that.   and only 19 days til Easter....  oh my.. so early this year! 
easter tree
I remember easter being as late as April 24th and falling on my son Tony's birthday once.. so this really is quite early.   I wish they would just park it on the calender in mid april and leave it there! lol!  I think its the only holiday that moves around on the calender.. am I right?
hello bunny
I mailed out my swappy to Deb (Garage Sale Gal) yesterday.  So I cant show pics yet.  I have one more swappy piece to do for my friend Kelly and thats it Easter Swaps this year.    I have been asked and had my arm twisted ever so gently by the fab Kim K to host a patriotic swap in june... and decided I would love to host one.. so stay tuned in a couple more months!  probably end of May I'll announce something.
So today is weight watchers weigh in day!  woohoo.. Im hoping that I'm down at least a pound.  gotta get walking and exercising.  I started doing Shaun T's hip hop abs but I wont do it if my husbands home and he seems to always be here at the time I want to do it!  soon I'll be able to ride my bike too. 
so this is todays breakfast and lunch.. very little points.. nothing heavy..   keep your fingers crossed that I'm down.... 
Have a happy tueday girls!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

my easter parade!

bunny from Diane!!
leading the easter parade is a sweet little bunny that  I just received from Diane (saturday finds)!  I love her creations and am soooo glad to have this bunny to lead my parade!!  Thank you so much Diane!!
All of these pics are from the shelf in my living room.  I took some down and tried to line them up like a parade, but it looked really stupid! lol!  they look best in there places on the "easter parade shelf"!  
That little chick on the box above was made for me by my swappy pal Kelly last year.. one of my favorite easter tweets!  the little bunny is a deb canham bunny. I used to collect her things back a few years ago, when there was a bear store in amherst.  now there is no more bear store!  so sad! probably best for my pocket book though!!
This little bunny (that looks more like a dog then a bunny! ) drives the easter train, pulling his little chickie twin friends along behind him!  I made them a few years ago and am always happy to see them when its time to get out the easter stuff!
and they are followed up by a another deb canham piece,  (the bunny) and  little stieff lambie pie!
another deb canham bunny and also the sweetest pink bunny made by my friend Lori Ventrimiglia (who I met on line and then in person the last time I went to florida) a very talented bear (and bunny) maker!
Every easter parade should have sweet little lambs in it dont you think?
And of course lots of bunnys and chicks!!
These shelves are packed full of easter sweetness! 
Decorating has become an obsession for me.  I cant tell you how many places I go just to see if they have anything I think I have to have!  but I've been very good this year, and I dont think I've bought anything eastery anywhere!  (I could be fooling myself and may have forgotten something, but I dont think so.. )
easter parade shelves
There is a yarn wreath I keep thinking about at Target, but the colors really arent the colors I want, so Ive been able to resist it.  LOL!  I could make my own I suppose..   maybe...
OK girlie pies.. thats it for now.  I have so many things I could show you but cant do it all in one day.   
I'm not liking the time change this morning.  I woke up at 7:30!!!  thats two and a half hours later then I want to get up!  but at least it will stay lighter later.  
have a fun sunday!
hope you enjoyed my little easter peeps "parade"