Thursday, May 31, 2012

rum pa pa pum!

patriotic dog 1
Still not completely better.. but on the mend for sure..
patriotic dog 2
finally felt good enough to sit at my craft table and play a little bit last night... napping makes me not tired when I should be!
patriotic dog 3
this is the first patriotic piece for this year..  who knows what else might come out...
patritotic dog 4
I told ya, I have a parade going on in  my head! 
(ha.. and the headache I've had all week must have been those drums!)
going to work today....  Im going to be swamped...
have a nice day girls!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


fairy garden at dusk 
In the fairy garden that is! home sick from work yesterday, You should be proud of me, I took not one, but two naps!! this is something I NEVER EVER do.. I took an hour or so snooze on the couch in the morning and another 45 minute snooszy on the porch swing in the afternoon!  I didnt feel good enough to do much of anything else. until last night, I felt a little stir crazy so when it got cooler outside I painted the tiny fairy garden table and chairs white (couldnt hardly see them when they were black!) and I hung a tire swing in the fairy's garden! Tony had a box of model parts in the barn and this little tire was just perfect!
This morning, though I do feel a tiny bit better, I still feel very sluggish and achey.. still coughing and I have a little headache. not sure if I'm going to work or not. its only a little after 6:00 am.. I'll decide by 8:00. I just hate to miss time now, because when the baby comes I'm sure Im going to miss a lot of time. 
the baby could come anytime now girls.. I need to get over this before he comes!
PLease keep praying.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

here is my heart!

torry pie

OUr memorial day plans didnt go as expected!  to start with I was sick and should have cancelled...
marla muffin!
We ended up skipping the beach....
t 2
and bought Torry a little pool instead.  then we sat around in the shade in the back yard.
marlaina 2
marla pie would have liked the little pool too, but she went to her other grammies house for the day.
So it ended up being a laid back day at home.. which was still more commotion then I could handle.. cause really I should have been in bed!
marlaina 3
And today??  I am still not feeling well .. but Ive got to go to work... 
at least for part of the day.
have a great day!
arent my grandiepies adorable?!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

sweet land of liberty

let freedom ring 
Finished my fairy garden last night.  Its so cute!   My friend Brenda and I went to Sarahs yesterday and got all our plants and some other little tidbits to put in the miniature gardens with them.  so much fun!
I decorated mine this morning for memorial day! lol!
what???  doesnt every one make tiny little patriotic banners to sting in their fairy gardens???

  fairy garden
Here is the garden before memorial day decorating!  
fairy garden 2
(I should have bought that snail Brenda!  now I'm going to have to make one!)

fairy garden 3
such fun!
well, I hope everyone has a great day today,.  We are heading out this afternoon to the beach for a picnic.  
unfortunetly, I am really not feeling well and had even considered canceling.  but I know it'll be nice to relax on the beach later.. so if I can just get past making and packing all this food... it hopefully will be worth it. 
I really would like to just lay down on the couch and go back to sleep.. but you know I wont.
Happy day girlie pies!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

playing around

PicMonkey collage
I just love playing around with Picmonkey photo editing!  I planted flowers and played in my yard yesterday, which is in terrible need of a lot of attention..  But, when I tried to get some pictures, everything looked so blaah!  so I doctored them up!
My house is old and pretty beat up and in need of scrapping and painting.  its isnt however stained like I made it look in these pics.  But I love how it looks this way! lol
I didnt use the flower pics because they just didnt have much character..   Maybe in a couple weeks when they have filled in a little more.  I still have a lot of work to do out there today, but I really am not feeling well at all, and Im not sure I'll get back out there.   I have a head cold that is kicking my butt.  not to mention that my whole body is a bit achey from working out there yesterday.  Ive taken three tylenol and drank 4 cups of tea since 5:30 this morning.. its almost 9:00 and Im still feeling pretty foggy!
I probably have told you before that I really dont like gardening.   I dont.  I do all container gardening.  I still need to do my fairy garden.. hmmm.. I just inspired myself to feel better for a trip to brockport to sarahs garden shop, where Im sure I'll find perfect fairy garden plants!!    (I'll just have to take my box of vicks kleenex with me!)
Definitely need to feel better for tomorrow.. beach day with the family for memorial day!   I bought myself a new beach chair and I have patriotic paper plates, cups and napkins!   I cant wait to play with torry and marlaina in the sand!  I bought Torry a little chair for the beach too.
I dug out my bin of patriotic decorations.  I dont have many!  maybe I should work on that.  hoping to put them out later today.  I have a miniature memorial day parade in my brain!   hmmmm.... !  Gosh, I wish I felt better though!  oh well.. things to do, things to do, things to do!
 I think I hear thomas the big white stray cat mewing at my front door for his breakfast and I am now inspired to at least get dressed, so off I go!
have a lovely day everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

i got mail!

kitty from meri
From Meri!!  Remember I won her give away a while back?  I was so excited because she is so talented!    It took me a couple days to pick out an image.  I was leaning towards something halloweenish, but I'm so glad I changed my mind and went for this sweet kitten.    and, this is no little kitten... Its really quite large!  I was very surprised!  not sure exactly where he will be living yet.. but i am thinking probably in my craft room where I can keep an eye on him!  He needs a name.... hmmmmmmm.. I need to think about that.
chick and seeds
Meri sent lots of other goodies too!  she sent the Annalee chick above and a giant package of flower seeds!  ( I just so happen to be planning on doing some gardening this weekend... so great timing!)
vintagey fabric
She also sent a pile of vintage fabrics, these great trims...and a glittery black cat halloween garland!!
and... if all that isnt already enough... look what else was packed in that BIG box!  a wonderful sweet crocheted blanket for my babies and a great piece of white mohair that I will most definitely use to make a special bear! 
im so cute
Really Meri, you spoiled me!  thank you so much!!!
So in other news.. this girlie pie is definitely under the weather.. SORE throat, headache and slight fever yesterday and last night.. not feeling any better today, though no fever right now.   I have to go to work though and spread my germs because I have things I have to do today.
and with that said.. I guess Id better get moving!
have a nice day

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

teddy bear teddy bear turn around!

remember this?  "teddy bear, teddy bear turn around,  teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground, teddy bear teddy bear tie your shoe, teddy bear teddy bear that will do.  Teddy bear teddy bear climb the stairs, teddy bear teddy bear say your prayers, teddy bear teddy bear turn out the light, teddy bear teddy bear say good night!"  we used to recite this while jumping rope.  oh how I used to jump rope!  we would take turns swinging the ends and jumping in the middle, sometimes there would be two of us or maybe ever three of us jumping in the center.   and there were so many of those little poems or whatever you what to call them that we used to sing while we jumped..   "cinderella dressed in yella"  "down by the river where the green grass grow.."  "bubble gum bubble gum in a dish.."    and so many more!
well, I didnt mean to go there with this post, I really just wanted to show pictures of these bears and say good morning and happy day! 

always remembears
Finally finished the orders.. I have another order sitting here to start soon.  I'm using bear money to help pay for Roberts wedding, though I think those wedding plans have been scaled  back and its not going to cost as much now.
 So I'm thinking that I'll be use some of  my bear money over the next few months to help  little Tony and Vanessa with all the trips to and from the hospital that they are about to embark on.  They are going to need help Im sure.

next project??  My swappy gift for my weekend at Sandy Camardas in june!  fingers crossed that it turns out as planned!  and other then that... Im feeling the red white and blue coming on!
happy day girlie pies!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

sunday night wind down....

And so the weekend comes to a close...  but such a lovely weekend it was.  Starting friday night with a trip to the lake and out to dinner with our friends.  then yesterday a trip to the hairdressers.. with every intention of getting pink highlights in my hair... ending up with only a haircut and depressed!    as it turned out,  she only had a bright pink color.  we cut off a piece of my hair (from underneath of course), and she tried it out.  put it on and washed if off after only a minute... way bright pink!  too bright for my light hair.  I need a very very soft shade of pink.  So we are going to be looking.  I will still do it if we get the right color.  I am really disappointed.    
So anyways, then I puttered around the house for a while until Bethany called and said that she and the rest of my kids,  (except for Jen and tony who had other plans..) were all going to the lake to cook out.  so  you know me, I packed up a salad, cooked some beans and grabbed some hotdogs out of the freezer!  and off to the lake we went.  Ahhhhh!!  two evenings in a row!  Perfect kick out to the summer.
Then today.. Ive been working on these bears.   I am at the point that you see above.  all I have to do is sew their arms and legs on, stitch on their noses and tie on their bows and tags!  and deliver them to their owners.  This is three different orders all made from clothing of men that have recently passed away.  they will be precious bears to someone.  I'll snap another pic when they are totally finished.
so for now.. off I go to finish them up.
Then tomorrow I can start on my projects to take to Sandy Camardas at that end of june!
toodles for now!

Friday, May 18, 2012

thank you tony trupo!

a lttle trip to the lake
my son in law stopped over the other night and brought me some mothers day presents.. frozen daiquiris and lots of reeses cups! 
You know how this morning I was talking about going to the lake?  well one of my bestest friends works where I do and she came in my office this morning and said Im thinking the lake and some wine!
and I of course said  today?  right after work?  PERFECT!!  
and then there was the choc!
So around 5:30 off we went!  
it was a little bit cool.. but it was so nice to be at the lake!
we behaved.. one drink each... we always think were going to have more.. but we never really do!
you can tell we're hard core partiers!
wild thing!
Look what a wild thing I am!  (haha.. I really did used to be.. back in the day.. about 35 years ago!)
when we got home, our hubbys took us out to dinner!
Cheers girls!
wild thing 2 
see ya tomorrow when I have real pink in my hair!

weekend plans...

Good morning bloggy pals!  woo hoo its friday.  While I laid in bed this morning as the cobwebs were clearing and my sleepy brain was coming to life, I was thinking "ahhhh... saturday.. sunshine..."  then an alarm went off in my brain (I dont even have a clock in my bedroom believe it or not!)  and the alarm in my brain said.. "hey got to go to work!  its friday!"  and of course though at first I was a little disappointed.. I was still happy that its friday!   And it totally amuses me when I wake up confused like that, or when I have bazaar dreams!  (i know  im a little odd...  or so some say!) lol
soon to be bears
so weekend plans....  bears. I have to finish up a bunch of bear orders that I've been sitting on for a couple weeks.   I think bear orders are how I'll be paying for my share of my sons wedding.. well if there is still a wedding.. who knows whats going on.. there was some talk about eloping. as the wedding plans were causing drama and stress..  but who knows whats going on now.   If I ask, I get my head snapped off.  In fact.. if they elope, then maybe I'll take myself on a vacation!  lol!
no, dont get me wrong.  I hope they manage to find a way to put their wedding together so that is perfect for them both.   I'm glad they are getting married and I will support them what ever they decide to do.. just want them all to be happy.
Other then bears... I have a hair appt in the morning and will be getting PINK highlights or streaks or what ever you want to call them.  light pink, like cotton candy pink.. nothing bold or crazy.  Causing some eyebrows to raise at work.. some think Im crazy, some think the kids I work with will take me less seriously then they already do.. but this is my view on it.
I like to have fun, I'm 51,people already think I'm a nuts or a freak, or whatever... so they shouldnt be surprised.. and I dont care what people think so much anymore.  I do my job, I treat everyone well, I'm not breaking the law or doing drugs or drinking and driving.. or cheating on my husband..  if the worst people can say about me is "oh my god she died her hair pink".. I dont think thats so bad.   At least I enjoy my life and have fun.  right?  I thought about waiting til I retire.. a million years from now.. but why???  so wish me well girls!  maybe I am insane! lol!

bear orders

Its supposed to be a beautiful hot sunny weekend, 80ish!  I'm looking forward to getting outside, maybe go down the road to visit my old friend... the lake!
have a great weekend everyone! 
♥♥♥♥♥  yup.. pink ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Monday, May 14, 2012

about jacob.. (kind of long)

so, let me tell you about Friday and all the dr appts.. 
so much information to take in, most of which I had already heard or was aware of, but it is some how different when it comes right from the drs. mouths.
baby Jacob has a few serious things going on. first there is the CDH, congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  This is where there is a hole in the diaphragm and organs float up into the chest cavity blocking  growth of the lungs.  In Jacobs case, his stomach and intestines have migrated to his chest and as a result, his left lung has had very little room to grow and his heart has been pushed over to the right.  and now part of his liver is trying to move up also.  It is unknown how affected his right lung will be.  It will be smaller then normal but we dont know exactly how small until he is born. His left lung will probably be very very small and not of much use to him.
Jacob also has some heart defects.  He has "double outlet right ventricle", and "ventricular septal defect" and they were also talking about "tetralogy of flow".  basically he has a hole in his heart and the arteries coming from his heart appear to be very thin.  I dont know how to explain it, but feel free to google any of those terms. 
so when baby jacob is born, he will need to go directly on a ventilator and he will be given medication to keep the narrow arteries  open.  as soon as he is stable (24 hours to a couple of days) he will have surgery to put the organs where they go and to close the hernia.  when that happens the heart should shift back over to the left side.  He may need to go on an ecmo machine, which is a heart and lung bypass machine that pumps blood out of the body, oxygenates it and pumps it back in.  The ecmo machine attaches at the neck into the juggler vein and the artery right next to it.  He can only be on the machine for about 2 weeks and if he doesnt improve in that time, he probably isnt going to and probably wouldnt make it.  The problem with the ecmo machine is that the arteries that it uses are compromised and dont work afterwords and they wont ever work again.  This causes a higher risk for strokes. 
When Jacob is recovered from that surgery, he will have the heart surgery required to fix his heart.
It is possible that either of these surgeries could require other surgeries as a result..  
Jacob will live with one lung.  He could have some delays if there is a lack of oxygen to his brain, from minor learning disabilities to more serious mental retardation.  
Or things could go smoothly, his right lung could be in great shape and maybe we will be really lucky!
the dr mentioned that  putting the stomach and bowels back could be difficult as there might not be enough room for them.  Jacobs body has been developing with out them in place, so he may have a small belly.
It was a very informative but very draining day.  we left at 8:30 and didnt get home until 5:30.  we had time just to go to the appts and for a quick lunch. 
so my precious bloggy friends, please put Jacob on your prayer lists and keep him in your thoughts.  have your friends pray for him.. post this button on your blogs, with a link to this blog post.. 
he needs lots of prayers. 
Im praying that he will be able to live a completely normal life and that he will not need the ecmo machine.  I'm praying for complete healing for Jacob, and also that Vanessa and Tony will handle this with grace and and feel supported.  Jacob will be in the hospital probably for at least 3 months.  at least.. he will be at strong hospital in rochester, an hour away.  They can stay at the ronald mcdonald house, but tony is going to have to go to work...   Vanessa is due June 8th.  
thanks for your prayers girls.. and for spreading the word! 

playful children!

md 1
Remember yesterdays picture?  Well here they are now!  eiy yie yie!  still all nuts!
md 3
When they were kids, whenever we used to go shopping, they would all four sneak off.. (naughty right?)  but never to far away, Id find them all pretending to be mannequins!  It was like their favorite way of surviving shopping trips with me.  Oh and there was more, they used to follow behind me in a single line like a row of ducks or the vontrapp family!  shortest to tallest and sometimes tallest to smallest!  and Id walk ahead of them saying.. "hey you guys, knock it off.. omgosh.. youre all insane....etc."  we would get lots of lookers laughing!
md 4
so anyways they were doing their mannequin poses and then trying to teach the others to do them.
Again, I think my neighbors were wondering what was going on with all the hysterical laughter!
 I hope everyone had a great mothers day.  we did!
and guess what they gave me?  A beach bag with brand new beach towels and a parking pass into any state park for a year!  that means I dont have to pay the 7.00 into the beach every time I go all summer long!  woohoo!
marlaina 1
isnt marlaina beautiful!?
have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mothers day!

 My prayers for my children were always that they would grow up healthy and happy.
that they would have good friends, that they would find people to share their lives with, that love them with all their hearts and that they would feel the same about. that they would have jobs they like and be able to comfortably support themselves and that they would know God and that they would always remain close to each other.
I think I can say "so far so good!"
Weve had our ups and downs over the years for sure... (TONS of them!)
but they have turned out to be wonderful people and I am thankful and blessed!
werent they the cutest little people!?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

dollshow treasures!

todays treasures
Mothers day treasures!

Presents to myself !
Hung out with Natalea and Scarlet for a little while, with my daughter Jennifer and step grand daughter ella!  lunch at bob evans and then a dollshow followed by a little shopping at Micheals and Target!

pooped out now!  gonna go watch the Vow with Tiffany.  
I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about the day of dr appts with vanessa and Tony.
Happy Mothers Day Girls!