Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday morning spring things!

fairy garden 2
Good morning bloggy pals! Its a sunshiny day out.. not particularly warm, but at least it'll be sunny. Gotta count whatever blessings we get.. and I think sunshine is a blessing!
 fairy garden
So friday I put easter away.. packed it all up and said so long til next year to so many cute little pastel eastery things! I hate packing holidays up.. and then putting my house back together or decorating for the next holiday is so much work!!
 spring robin
Of course there is no holiday coming up to decorate for, so I had to try to remember what normal is for my house.. guess what? there is no NORMAL!! There are holidays and seasons. this is spring.. it is probably the least decorated and the most normal time for my house. I sort of went with a springy gardeny birdie theme.
 blue bird
I had to drive all the way to the city to buy some moss.. I know.. the things we do. Drive an hour to buy moss.. pretty crazy to most people. buy hey, we gotta have what we gotta have! ya know! 
 bird in nest
(oh dear.. the cat got this bird.. notice the teeth marks in his hat!  I better make him a new hat!)
so I put together a few little vignettes with birds and nests and and tiny mushrooms. and I took a few pictures this morning. There are some more things that I didnt get shots of that maybe I will on another day. Plus I'm wanting to make a special bird and nest sometime soon.
 under glass 
I've been lacking in the creative dept this past week, I dont think Ive even sat at my craft table at all, other then to pluck my eyebrows the other morning! lol! HOpefully I'll be back there making something soon. Like I said I've got this bird chirping in my brain!
 underglass 2
Today is little Tonys birthday party here. Steaks, shrooms, asparagus, cheesy potatoes, and the kids are bringing chicken wing dip, taco salad, cake and ice cream, garlic bread and drinks! tomorrow I seriously have to get back on track with weight watchers!!
 mushroom garden
OK.. just between you and me.. I'm sick of saying that.. "back on track with weight watchers". I've been very very very bad. I just need to knock it off and quit eating everything in sight. enough is enough. I have a wedding coming up august 18th, (they changed the date.. my family doesnt do anything in a traditional way. like plan a wedding a year in advance with a date set that cant be changed...)lol.. actually my family tends to be traditionally untraditional!  anyways.. I will lose weight by then!!!
(picture of buffy.. heehee.. she fits into the bird theme!!)
Got my camera battery charging and I will take a bunch of pics today. I bought Torry pie a great big orange ball that he can chase around the yard this after noon.. And I have bubbles! grammies gonna play with her baby pies! Okeedokie girlfriends.. Off I go to clean my porch and bathroom, the birdcage and the litter box! 
have a very lovely sunday!! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

friday morning tea with me!

tea time
TGIF!!  You know how I live for my weekends.... my whole life needs to be just weekends!  Im always waiting for friday to come.  It starts out at about 5:00 am every monday morning and lasts all week long.. til it finally gets here.  Then though relieved that its here, I always feel a little guilty about wishing the week away!  
ITs sort of like wishing I could retire.  I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to young to retire.. and I have to work another 11 to 14 years before I can.  And even though I wish I could retire now, I m glad I'm not old enough to retire.  So the moral of the story is... "quit wishing your life away stupid!! "  (I'm talking to me not you.. I wouldnt call any of you stupid!)
anyways..  Still playing with that picmonkey.. you got to try it.. its a riot!   (heehee.. I made a rhyme!)  even just with a picture of my breakfast, I had fun this morning.  
so plans for the weekend....
tonight:  meet with Tiffany and her mother to talk about wedding plans and whose doing what.   
Tomorrow..  blasting some big band swing music while I  put easter away and get my house back to normal.  what ever normal is..  I really dont remember.
Tomorrow night:  A retirement party... (freaken lucky duck!) for a girl at work. 
Sunday:  Family day.. everyone is coming over for little Tony snicklefritz's birthday dinner party.. Steaks on the grill.  
so there you have it.. my weekend!  oh.. and I have to go shopping sometime tomorrow too.. I have to get little Tony snicklefritz something for his 25th birthday.  hmmmmm.... I have NO ideas!
happy Friday girlie pies!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

its a pink hair day!

so!  what do you think?? 
I've always wanted pink hair!! 
And now... I have it!! at least in pictures... 
check out the new Picmonkey photo editor.. 
so much fun to play with.. 

so.. really dont you think I could totally rock a pink hair do? LOL!! yeah.. 
but I cant..
 have a happy day girlie pies!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, April 23, 2012


omg... I   f'd up my blog and I cant get it back the way it was.....
Im quiting!
I dont know what I did, I was playing with templates and now I cant get it back to what it was.  though, this is better then what it was a few minutes ago...
I hate when they change crap.. what is this stupid google chrome junk.. why is my foxfire or internet explorer not compatible with blogger now?   
argh.. eiy yie yie..
I guess this will work for now until I have patience to figure out how to get it back where it was.

shower pictures

1  3
4  5
woah... whats up with blogger.. I really hate when things change..   it messes me all up!
anyways.. the Shower was perfect.  Everything looked great.  the food was excellent and 
the kids got everything they could possibly need.    I still want to get them a rocking chair
but will have to save my pennys for a bit!
6  7
15  16
This is just someof my fav pictures from the shower.  We held it at the restaurant that Vanessas mom and aunt own.  (however they recently closed it.)   It worked out perfectly.
20  21
23  25
I think everyone had a good time.  I think ness was a little bit overwhelmed, but she never 
showed it!  
27  31
Torry pie and marla cakes were both there and both were soo good.  Arent 
they cute?!!
35  36
Vanessa loved all her gifts.  I went over to their house tonight afterwork to make
plans with jennifer to paint jacobs room.  It'll have a Dr. Seuss mural on all the 
walls.  I'll be sure to take some pics then its finished.  I bought her the large wall
stickers of the dr. seuss charactors above.. that will save on some of the painting. 
Torry pie was making friends with some other little people!  doesnt he look 
like hes saying  "whatch you talk'm bout willis?"  remember that show?
Anyways  that all for tonight girls.. Im really pooped out.  I was so tired last
that I fell asleep on the couch before 10:00, got up at midnight and went to bed
then slept until 6:00 this morning!  thats 8 hours!  I usually only sleep about 6 hours.
I fell like I could do the same again tonight.  
I have a stack of old springy magazines that Im going to veg out with shortly
but I wanted to post these pics first.  If youre on face book you can see the rest of the pics there.
OKeedokie..   see yas !!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

morning girlie pies!

good morning girlie pies! (heehee.. arent figgy and frannie freaken adorable??)
Sorry I havent posted in a few days! Ive been busy doing stuff..
what stuff you ask? (or maybe you didnt ask... i'm just being goofy...)
just stuff stuff.. mostly getting ready for Vanessas shower which is today.
my camera is charged and ready to go! I think it will be an awesome

Ive also been playing with my baby princess, marlaina pie. Is she not the prettiest little piece of pie youve ever seen??
 (OK.. so I'm a little

biased.. its ok can just admit that she is a QT pie!)

She has a cold right now.. poor princess!

So shortly I will be heading out for the day. One of my good girlfriends from work

is in the hospital very very sick with hep c... so I am picking up her daughter and she is spending the day with me at the shower. so Bella, (thats her name) and I will be starting out at tim hortons (fitting for a dr. seuss day dont you think? you know as in HOrton hears a who! .heehee) anyways.. yes, starting at timmy hos.. then to walmart to pick up a few things and some more wrapping paper. Then we have to go pick up the meat and rolls and get the balloons filled. After that its on to the shower destination to decorate and set up!

woo hoo! I'm very excited about the shower. I Think Vanessa and Tony are going to be very surprised by everything that they will be recieving. They are getting just about everything!

a little shower peek, these are the prizes for the shower games!

OK.. girlie pies.. I guess I should get moving... I will be back later with shower pics!

happy sunday!!


good morning girls!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There are wonderful people in this world!

dr seuss quilt
So this is the little quilt that I ordered on Etsy. I wanted to find a dr. seuss blanket or crib set at the store.. but nothing.. then I thought I'd make a rag quilt, but knew I probably wouldnt. then i thought I'd buy the fabric and have my friend becky at work make one for me. But when I started looking for the fabric, I realized it would be easier to buy one that someone else had already made. so I found this Etsy site farmernurse and she had somewonderful smaller rag quilts already made. I contacted her and she said she could make a bigger one... then I told her that it was for baby jacob and a tiny bit about his situation and that the shower is next sunday. And she said she could do it!! And that wonderful woman threw this quilt together like the next day and mailed it on sat and it got here yesterday!! You should see the sock monkey rag quilt she has on her site too.. soooo stinking cute! I want a giant one for myself!
so Thank you Very much Kathy Turk! my little grandbaby is going to love his quilt and so will his mommy and so do I!

Monday, April 16, 2012

dum de dum de dum...

yesterday was productive..
finished the party favors
and finished the bear!
Do you like him? I still have to make the tag.
the tag will say..
"dear jacob, grammie loved you so much...
even before you were born!"
I still want to make a mobile..
but unless I get very very inspired tonight..
it will not happen before the shower.
I still need to print out the games.
we're playing dr seuss trivia and how many names can they come up with out of the names "Anthony and Vanessa".
We also playing a memory game. there will be a diaper cake packed full of things for the baby. after everyone has been up and had a chance to look at it, they will have to try to remember what they saw and make a list.
I know, most people dont like to play shower games.. but guess what!?
lalala la la!! I DO! I do .. I do!
I bought lots of cute little thingys for prizes.
I'm looking forward to the shower.
The quilt I ordered came today. wow... A special thank you to the lady Kathy Turk who made it. i found her on etsy. I'll post pics of the quilt and her link in a day or two.
the weather is gorgeous right now.. warm and breezy..
I love when the curtains blow in the breeze. I took figgy and frannie out on their leashes.. ( I know.. "cat freak" thats what I used to think about people who took their kitties out on leashes!)
Figgy and Frannie were in heaven!
then I raked around one side of the house. Have I told you how much I dislike yard work? Remember I was supposed to be a rich princess... who has a gardener!
oh well... gotta go make a cup of tea and read some blogs! so see ya's out there.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

talking about jacobs baby shower...

busy busy busy! I've been working on stuff for baby Jacobs baby shower which is next sunday. Its sort of hard knowing what to buy for him. As we just dont know what will be happening after he is born. I was at babys r us looking at stuff yesterday and got totally overwhelmed so I called my son and asked him what he thought. He told me they have nothing for the baby yet and to please act like there is nothing wrong and buy all sizes and that they need everything. He said that the dr told them that the baby could be in the hospital for a month, 6 months or more. omg.
so I bought crib sheets and recieving blankets, a bunch of outfits in different sizes and stuff to make a diaper cake. Im having a cat in the hat quilt made and I ordered giant dr. seuss vinyl wall art. I made a bunting that vanessa wanted and I'm working on a teddy bear.
I guess Im going to wait and see what else they need after the shower and get them something more substantial then. There will be lots of time to buy the baby the things he needs.
we are going to be painting his bedroom wall with a dr. seuss mural, which is why I ordered the vinyl charactors. I thought it would be easier to paint the background on and then stick the charactors up there. I still need to make a mobile for him, but I dont think I'll get that done before the shower... who knows though.
shower favors
Today Vanessas mom and aunt are coming over and we're going to make the shower favors. cat in the hat treat cups with choc covered pretzels. do think those will be ok? We need to decide what to do about the cake. the person that they wanted to make it cant now. And our local bake shops dont have any dr. seuss cakes.. so I'm thinking were going to have to make one....... I dont know what to do with it. I've looked for dr. suess charactors that can go on the cake but no luck anywhere. Ive looked at cakes on line... and I dont think I could pull off any of them... soo.. who knows what we will do.. I guess we'll have to decide to day though!
shower favors 2
I just want this shower to be special and I want Vanessa and Tony to feel loved and supported and to have everything they need. I wish I had money. Id love to be able to buy them a nice big comfy rocking chair. I might be able to find a cheap one somewhere though.
bear parts
Ok girls.. I know I keep saying it, but please keep praying for baby jacob. I just want hims to be healthy and strong and everything to be good for them all.. the more things I look up on line about his condition the more worried I feel. But I'm trying to be positive about for them. Its all in gods hands. ( I do my worrying away from them!)
OK.. so Now.. I have to clean my house and go to the store before vanessas mom and aunt come over.
have a great sunday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


(these pics are from previous years....)
on the table
waiting for full fledged spring to arrive...
by my puter
waiting for my lilacs and lilly of the valleys to bloom... I can almost smell them now!
first time out this year
waiting for early morning bike rides!
waiting for lazy porch and magazine time...
2 beth and scarlet
and waiting to spend Many days sitting on the beach, playing in the sand and bobbing in the water!
(that cute little girl is Nataleas daughter... scarlet fairy princess!)
I'm telling you if I was rich, Id be taking a trip right now to the ocean.. as Im feeling the need for a little vaca!!
just thinking about all the crazy upcomingnesses! (I just made that word up!)
first.. baby shower for vanessa on april 22!! (please seriously keep praying for jacob). Then the baby will come at the very end of may (she will be induced)! June will bring baby surgery and recovery, and one very fun weekend with a bunch of girlie pies! early July, my mother is coming for a visit... and July 28th robert and tiffany are getting married and so, prior to that, like, early July there will also need to be a wedding shower too!
really not complaining here girls, its just all making my head spin.. and making me want a vacation right now!
Come August.... I will need LOTS of recovery time for myself! I think I should have a vacation before all of this craziness starts.....
and theres all the "what ifs" related to baby jacob.. I keep googling his condition.. Keep praying girls...
OK... i have to go cut out some stuff for the baby shower and then get moving off to work.
have a lovely day all!
I hope its warm and sunshiney where you are! (its not here!)