Monday, August 31, 2009

uh oh!

Oh dear! ok.. I've done really really well the last week.. trying to make healthy eating choices and eating small portions and smart snacks, trying to keep calories and fats to a limit.. and I tell you.. I'm amazed at myself! It hasnt even been that hard really I do have to admit that I ate two pieces of pizza the other night but only after eating carefully all day and then having No snack that night. Even when I made those marvelous muffins the other day, I ate only two, the very smallest ones.. one for breakfast and one later for a snack.. I have only had unsweetened ice tea and water and no pop! dont even want any.. but right now I have the strongest urge ever to have a banana split for dinner! Now I know this is a very bad idea.... but geez doesnt it sound so good! Im thinking that maybe I should use a banana split as a reward for the first 10 pounds I lose! oh gosh.. can I wait that long???
perhaps I should take a trip to the store and buy some fudgicles, eat a light dinner and have fudgie later!!
I want a banana split! but I'm going to be a good girl and not give in! but really how bad do you think that banana split really is.. its got fruit! ha! I really do wonder though how many calories and how much fat is in one..
I think I better go plan something for dinner.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

blue beary muffins

This is how I started my day! with Blue Beary muffins! ( umm... and I stained that little bears feet sticking him in that muffin like that! DUH!)

Does your family ever think youre nuts.. you know.. like, do you stage these little photo shoots so you can post them on your blog?? I mean, come on, doesnt every one stick tiny blue bears in their muffins just to take a picture??? well??? its not just me is it??

I dont know, I just like to play and have fun.. sticking tiny teddies into baked goods is fun.. .. isnt it?? hmmmmm.....

I thought it was fun eating blue berry muffins and playing with blue bearys at the same time! Oh to live in my mind.. Everyone should have a chance to visit there.. but god help them if they got trapped in it!

Started my Etsy today girls.. good luck finding it though!
I dont know what i did wrong that it doesnt open up by my name!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'll show you how...

A couple girls asked how I made the little pumpkin head man that my halloween bear is holding a few posts back. So, since I was making a bunch more this afternoon I thought why not show you.. So you start with miniature plastic/ styrofoam filled pumpkins.. If you can find white, buy them.. It was cheaper for me to get these and paint them, though I do prefer the other.

I painted them off white, which I didnt have,
so I mixed a little white with a tiny bit of goldenrod yellow.

After you paint them white.. splatter them with a little bit of orange, tiny splatters. I water the paint down a little bit, dip the brush in and then tap the paint brush with my finger to cause tiny splatters.

Then paint your faces on, how ever you want them to look..

While my faces were drying I made collars for them out of black crepe paper.

I then folded some fairly heavy wire , like shown below

and put it through the head like this...

then through a collar,

and then into the pumpkin body.

I did add a little bit of hot glue and held it tight for a minute
to make sure it was going to hold.

I used some black halloween ribbon and tied a bow around his neck.

Then it was time for his arms and legs.. just cut some pipe cleaners,
either orange or black to the lengths you want
and stick them right into the pumpkin body.

Then use a pencil or paint brush to curl the ends of the pipe cleaners into little tendrils to make hands and feet!

Then TA-DA! You have a little pumpkin head man!
I put witches hats on a couple of them too and made a garland of them.
in other news... my car is broken.. some pipe or line or something that goes to the radiator..

so, i'm home for the weekend

maybe even a pajama day tomorrow,
its supposed to be cold and rainy.
i'll cuddle with my kittens!

look! all my pictures are little!
gotta go kitten cuddle now

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

catchin up

1... 2... 3... go!
one and half hours of uninterupted blog reading and catching up..
starting .... now!

waa waa waa!!

I'm so far behind in reading everyones blogs!!
I hate getting behind!
There are soooo many of you!!!!!!
why do I have to like you all so much
that I think I have to read everything
that you all have to say!
eiy yie yie!!
OK.. tonight, I shall spend an hour and a half reading... (that wont be long enough, but it'll have to do!)
Do you all feel that way sometimes?
ok... got 25 minutes to jump in the shower, pack a lunch and go to work.
(insert whiney voice here...)
I was supposed to be a rich princess..
Im sure I was switched at birth..
I wasnt supposed to have to go to work every day!
i just want to stay home and play....!!!

Have a nice day girls!

Monday, August 24, 2009


He was fun to make.. with his little toys..

Now I think i'm going to make him in miniature!

I love the little pumkin head guy!
So easy to make!

I want to add some black crepe paper to the top of the candy cone..

my daughter bethany has the swine flu...
just went to the doctors!
poor thing, keep her in your prayers please....

Thats all for now folks.. got to go clean my bedroom!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunday afternoon

I just finished this halloween teddy bear.
well, really, hes Almost finished.
theres still some tweaking to be done.
And I need to make him some toys!
Hbby is resting on the couch..
he just had surgery on friday.
kittys feet are healing up nicely..
son is cleaning a slew of guns at the kitchen table..
A roast is cooking in the crock pot
I have tomorrow off.. yeehaw!
back to the crafting table!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

its about the mohair.. not the cats!

Dug out a big bag of old Mohair.. gonna make a bear today.. . I think figgy and Frannie are excieted about it! I think they like that gold piece. but thats not the one I'm going to use. I'm going to use the two toned piece underneath that.. which you probably cant see!
If I finish it today.. I'll try to post pics..
but It'll probably take me longer, unless I do nothing else today.
ta ta for now!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

my cluttered brain

Do you ever have trouble focusing on just one thing? Sometimes there are soo many things I want or need to do that I dont know what to do with myself! I rush from one thing to the other.. always feeling like there isnt enough time to do it all!! Well there really never is enough time to do it ALL.. I dont usually like to start a project if I dont think I can finish it the same day... And somedays, I have several things in my head that I think need to come out altogether.. not just one today and one tomorrow.. no, I want it all today!
Thats how I feel tonight.. i have a bunch of ideas swimming around in my head and I want them all done now! And of course, I dont know which to do first!
I should just go eenie meenie minie moe and get started on something! Or.. just forget it all for tonight and go swimming.. because its really hot! hmmm.. swimming or creating.. I'm thinking creating something is going to win.. or I'll wake up in the night thinking about creating something!

Oh, by the way, Figgy and frannie are doing pretty well! they are so precious! Their little piggies are sore though.. I can tell!

and that little halloween pinkeep I made? I stuck it in a little basket and I really like it there! It might just go on my etsy... if I ever get it set up! I'm working on it.. its one of those things rolling around loose in my brain! OMG... You just wouldnt believe the clutter up there!!

off I go to my craft table! thinking halloween! see yas later!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yakkity yakking!

How did it get to be Wednesday already? Not that that's not a good thing.. it is a very good thing. I had a nice weekend. Friday we went to the beach, but you already knew that. Saturday, Jen and I went to breakfast with Robby and one of his friends, then off shopping , out to dinner to the olive garden and then instead of going to the movies we bought a couple and came home to watch them until 2:00 am! Bethany didn't go with us.. she got mad and decided not to go! Kids!! It was the whole going to breakfast thing then threw her off.. (breakfast was at noon!) anyways.. so it was just Jen and I and I missed my "princess Gert" for the day!

Then Sunday and Monday, I pretty much stayed home and played around the house. I made this little Halloween pinkeep and 36 little Halloween topped pins for future projects!

It was extremely hot and muggy here.. and I had to visit my girlfriends pool several times! Since my husband took down the tree that was directly in front of our house last year, my house gets much warmer inside! in fact my front porch which is all windows, is like an oven! I MISS MY TREE!! I'm going to plant another one.. even though tony says we cant.. maybe he cant.. I can do anything I want to!!!

It was also Tony's 53rd birthday Saturday, but he was out of town for the day. He was supposed to go away for the whole weekend... but changed his plans and came back sat night! We didn't really do much for his birthday though, he didn't give me anytime to plan, I thought he was going away! So Monday we cooked out and celebrated with a Harley Davidson cake, that my friends talented daughter made!
And.. I dressed Figgy up to celebrate too! Not really.. I did this a couple days before. I was trying to work on the pinkeep or the needles or whatever, and he kept jumping up and wouldn't leave me alone, so I decided if he really wanted my attention, I would give him some attention. He wasn't thrilled with his little costume though and kept trying to kill the hat! doesn't he look adorable!?
Well, its a very controversial thing.. I know, and I understand both sides, and didn't like the fact that i felt I had no choice.. and think its a mean thing to do.. and I really don't want to hear any negative opinions about it, so if they aren't to encourage me and make me feel less guilty about it, please keep them to yourself K?
but.. I had my little pumpkin heads declawed on Monday. the poor little sweeties! but I must say they are better then I thought they would be. They came home yesterday and really are still playing and being their sweet selves. I do know that their little piggies are bothering them though as they keep licking at them. I just gave them their pain medication, and I have to tell ya... Figgy loves that stuff.. Frannie doesn't. Figgy wanted to chew on the syringe afterwords.. Frannie just wanted to get away!
Anyways.. its all good.. they are fine.
Tony's cake! didn't she do a great job? way better then I could have! Speaking of Tony.. he is having surgery on Friday for a hernia that he developed from the surgeries he had last year when he got so sick and ended up with that colostomy. Thank God that it was only temporary.. 6 months and then they reversed it. but now the hernia is right where the colostomy was. poor baby!
I feel like there was something else I wanted to tell you.. but cant remember now.
I should probably get moving here and get to work a little early this morning. We are taking a bunch of our teenagers to the beach today! Please say a prayer that it goes well. Hey! at least I'll be at the beach!! you know how I feel about the that!
And, tonight I'll be at the lake as well as friends of Tony's family are camping there and have invited us out for a camp fire.. (cant imagine wanting to sit by a fire in the weather we've been having.. but It'll be fun anyways!
ok.. I'm going on and on..
have a lovely day! Hi HO HI HO .. Its off to work I go...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ahhh.. the weekend!!

Friday was Beach day!

Spent with some of my favorite beach buddies!

Aren't they all adorable?

I love the beach. I even like the seagulls that so many people don't like! this one was casing our little beach site.. waiting for someone, (I don't know who.. ) to keep throwing him food! but only when his buddies weren't looking!!

WHO me?????
OK.. i confess.. I just wanted him to be fat and happy like me!

There were lots of sailboats out. I took pictures of a lot of them, but figured I wouldn't post them all!

After the beach, we went to another part of the lake that some of my little beach buddies hadn't been to before. It's just down the road from where we live! They liked it there (of course!! its an awesome place) though I have to admit, it wasn't smelling the best !

I wuvs these girls! they are one of my best friends daughters!

When I got home and unpacked, they jumped in.. I think they were saying.. "next time take us with you!!"
Today I'm having mother daughter day with my girls! shopping and out to dinner and the movies! Its hubby's birthday but hes gone away to Mass and Connecticut for antique Harley show and swap meets! so we'll celebrate when he comes home.. (hes not much of a celebrater anyways!)