Tuesday, September 28, 2010



I'm so BUSY...my head is spinning.. (do you remember that song, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning? ) thats how I feel! all good stuff though. This past weekend I saw alot of family, my sister came up from MO and spent the weekend here and my mom and aunts and lots of cousins were in the area for my grammies burial service. (remember she died a while back, but they had her cremated and brought her here to be buried in cattarugus where my grandpa is buried. Anyways it was great to see everyone. I miss my family. We are all so far away from each other. And allllll so very interesting.. if not a bit eccentric! anyways it was a wonderful service for my grammie.
NOw Ive got bethanys baby shower this coming weekend. ANd I have no idea what Im doing!! I guess thats not true, I have plans.. lets just see if I can pull it all together! LOL.. I have been in a true mental fog! totally unfocused and forgetful.. not sure why.. but thats the case. I have some special things I want to make (cant say what, because Bethany reads my blog), gifties to wrap for prizes, and who knows what else to do.. I have a few lists that I'm working off of. There will be about 70 people including us there. I just want it to be a nice time for everyone. I wish I didnt have to work.. I need lots of time to get ready. Hubbys out of town and wont be home until sunday. So he will miss the shower and my 50th! see how he is??? (smart man!!)
anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi. I have to go brush my toothies and make some popcorn and head off to work.
have a great day all..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

tweet tweet tweet!

Just got Buffy home tonight, (the other pics I showed the other day are from when I was down in florida. Buffy just came up with my mom, three days in a cat carrier in the car... poor thing. He was happy to get here I think. IN fact!! while he was still in the carrier on the coffee table, figgy went and stuck his nose near the cage to see what was going on and buffy said "good morning"!! lmao!! He is already comfy cozy in his new surroundings, He and I shared some popcorn and now hes tucked in on his swing for the night.. such fun!
this is my 500th post ...
gotta think of something...
I think I'll plan a giveaway for the next weekend, in honor of my 50th birthday and 500th post!
I'll be thinking..
sweet dreams all

Sunday, September 19, 2010

halloween challange and a fine feathered friend!

halloween crown
I had posted a while back that I would be hosting a halloween crown swap. but Ive since changed my mind, and thought instead, I'd offer up a challange! so here it is.. hopefully people will be interested.
Make a halloween crown, or a witches hat! Something very special that you will get to keep for yourself!
halloween crown 2
Send me a picture, and I will post them all on october 25th! That gives us a little over a month to make one. I made this one today using the new halloween alice in wonderland papers.. They are so cute. So come on ladies.. join in the fun! Create yourself a sweet halloween crown! You can make it out of anything you want too. I've seen some pretty fantastic crowns in blogland and on flickr. The possibilities are endless. If you need some royal inspiration, goggle crown images.. you'll see tons!
And spread the word too, the more the merrier. I'll try to make a button tomorrow to post.
crown 3
Its been a busy weekend. Ive been on call, and been shopping and cooked a big dinner tonight ( roast beef, oven roasted potatos, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, rolls and applecrisp with ice cream!) for Jennifers 29th birthday! You know, I just cant believe that my oldest child is 29... and that another is pregnant and going to make me a grandmother! and that in 3 weeks I'll be 50..... Its all so odd sounding to me.. LIke I'm looking at someone elses life, because I could not possible be old enough to have a child who is 29, or a grandchild! I think I'm only, maybe, 30 ish! I'll have to come up with a special post for my 50th birthday... also.. I'm hovering around my 500th post here~
crown 4
today I put together another shelving unit, just one of those tall white,cheapys from target. I really needed more storage space in my craft room. I need to get organized!! Funny how this room has just filled up since I've started using it!
crown 6
I have a busy couple of weeks in store. My mother will be coming up from Florida and will arrive on Thursday. She is bringing my grandmothers bird. She , Buffy, will be coming to live with me. I've sort of inheredited her. After Grandma died, buffy needed someone to care for her. She is only 12, which is quite young for a parrot. Anyways, she will arrive in rochester on Thursday night and we will have to go pick her up, which means, i need to get her cage and get ready for her between now and then. Friday my sister will arrive from MO, Saturday we'll all travel down to Cattarugus for my grandmothers grave side service and a little family gathering. Sunday my hubby leaves for florida with his uncle for a week, and I will spend the week trying to make Buffy at home and also getting ready for Bethanys baby shower.
Her shower is on my birthday on the 2nd. We have invited about 80 people and we have a lot of work to do.! I can hardly believe I'm getting a grandbaby!! I do have to admit that I'm getting excited now.
buffy 2
Alrighty then.. I'm feeling quite exhausted from the day.. and I think I should head for bed... so I'll be back tomorrow! Till then, sweet dreams!

buffy 3

Friday, September 17, 2010

OH pumpkin head...

pumpkin heads 4
Ive been out playing in the pumpkin patch!
pumpkin heads 3
Really I do think that Halloween is my most favorite time to create!
pumpkin heads!
Well, and Easter, and christmas, and 4th of july...and for wintery snowmen....

pumpkin head 5
OK.. so for right now? Halloween is my most favorite holiday to create for!!
I'm on call this weekend, so not sure how much I'll be able to play in the pumpkin patch.. or on the computer.. but I sure will try to be around!
I have to get some grocerys too.. theres like, nothing to eat in my house! (well there is for me, but not for my hubby and son...)
Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you have to see this!

Girls.... Look at what my friend Amy Powers has been up too! Clickie right on the piccy! and away you'll go to a super cute and inspirational place!!!
have fun!

Monday, September 13, 2010


We spent the weekend at my aunts lake house creating sweet halloweenies! And we had an awesome time~ I'll just let the pictures tell the story~

























Oh what fun it is to hang out and create with such like minded people!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

fun weekend ahead!

yeah! its friday. I have to go to work for most of the day, but then I'm off for the weekend! these three friends of mine and I are headed off to my aunties cottage on beautiful seneca lake for a weekend of halloween crafting. I'm sooo excited to go. I'm pretty much packed my whole craft room lol!
not really, but everything remotely halloweenish is packed.
One of the girls going (above) is a flickr friend of mine. We have been swapping creations for over a year now on every holiday! And have been wanting to get together to create stuff.. and what better time then for halloween!
yay! Kelly cant wait to meet you in person.
You may recognize her as Kelbug from flickr.

And this raving beauty is a dear dear friend of mine.. we are like kindred spirits.. we both love to make things and understand each others obsessions related to creating. Wanda.. oops.. I mean Brenda, is very creative and makes gorgeous quilts.. you should see them all.. hell.. you should see her house at halloween time.. she has a HUGE wonderful collection of halloween decorations.. alot of very vintage pieces.. And her house is perfect for displaying them all.

Then this friend Sandy, has been one of my besties for many years as well. I just loves her to death. Our families spend holidays together and our hubbys are good friends. Sandy likes to create too, but isnt obsessed by it. She is probably a little more balanced then most of us, and has other more realistic priorities!
any ways.. so off we go! I'll be back sunday night (hopefully) with lots of pictures to share of halloweenies created!
til then..

Monday, September 6, 2010

so long summer....

tony and vanessa
Hope everyone enjoyed Labor day today. We had a great afternoon of picnicing with family. All the kids and their boyfriends, girlfriends and a few extras came over for a nice cookout. torry , jen and baby josie

We had burgers and hotdogs, cheesy potatos, pasta salad and corn on the cob..
followed by brownies, choc cake and ice cream!

(hey, try not to notice that house in the background.. its been vacant and uncared for for about 20 years! I would rather have it like that though then to have some one live there! lol!)
torry, beth and katie
The kids tossed the football around and dug out skateboards and skated in the street.
lol! I say kids, but the youngest one is 21! not really kids anymore! Anyways it turned out to be a nice day. Was supposed to rain, but all we ever got were a few sprinkles.
jenny be cheery
Saturday, my daughter jen and I met up with Jenny (be cheery)
natalea kandeland
and Natalea (Kandeland) for lunch and a little craft supply shopping! it was great to see them. I'm so glad that I was able to meet these girls. If it werent for blogging I may never had known them! Natalea brought her crazy daughter Scarlet with her. She is a character!! I know she keeps Natalea in stitches!
jen and scarlet
So that was today and saturday, then there was yesterday.
I dont know what got into me, but all of a sudden I realized that the next 4 or 5 weekends are totally filled and that I wasnt gonna have time to get my halloweenies out! so I decided to get everything out and get busy with halloween decorating. I decided when you have so many cute things, you need to get it all out and set up early so you have time to enjoy it all.. whats the sense of having it out for a couple weeks?? So YUP! its Halloween time at my house. I had such a great time opening up all those sweet halloweenies that I havent seen since last year.
summer out.. halloween in .
This picture above was after unpacking the first of 6 bins. It took me from 1:00 in the afternoon until 11:30 last night to get everything out and set up. When I get a new holiday or season out.. I have to put the old one away! so I had to pack up the stuff thats been out all summer. A lot of work! but now other then the front porch, Im pretty much done!
Look at these sweet Lori mitchell dolls! I had put them on layaway months ago and forgotten them. I finally picked them up last week. Arent they cute?! Ha.. but I have no where to put them!
my new lori mitchels!
I have a busy week in store.. need to get caught up at work first of all.
but also, I'll be going away this coming weekend to my aunts cottage with a few girlfriends for a weekend of crafting! I am so looking forward to going! But I have a lot to do to get ready to go.
figgles and frannie
I hope all of you had a great weekend. I'm pooped! (sort of like figgy and frannie)
I hope you all know that I've been blog hopping but not leaving comments this week. NO time! but I have been trying to keep up!
also.. I'm about to hit 500 posts in a couple weeks. I'm gonna try to think up something special to celebrate! 500 posts.. and I'll be 50 years old very soon... eiy yie yie! Where does the time go?
Okeedokie.. I have to get off this crazy computer. I have things to do!
have a good night everyone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

woohooo! bathing beauties!!

bathing beauties!
(I had to post this small or it would cut me off! of all the nerve!
I think if you click on it you can see it larger!)
ARe we hot or what! ? LOL!!! When we went to ocean city this summer, I dont know if I told ya's or not, but it was Senior week.. as in just out of high school, not as in senior citizen! anyways, we were surrounded with beautiful young bodies.. and yes.. I will admit it, we were feeling a little jealous!

We made "friends" with a bunch of the kids that were staying in the same place we were. They were there to have a good time and a good time they had! We had a theme song for them and we spent the week singing the Whos ♪Teenage waste land.. its only teenage waste land♪ the kids would stop to see us everyday, sometimes sober, sometimes not! We were the minority for sure that week. They called us the cougars! lol. I wasnt sure I liked being called that, but they meant it in fun. The guys stopped to see us more often then the girls, (yeah, thats cause were so hot! not!) we reminded them of their mothers and they just liked to check in with us! lol!
Anyways, one day on the beach, the girls asked me to snap their picture. so I had them doing all kinds of fun poses, and they were all adorable and had the cutest freaken little bikinis on! I ended up telling them we thought they were all adorable and that we were really jealous because we used to be them! Then I asked them if we could take their pic, and then have them take our pic in the same pose so we could photoshop off their heads and put ours on instead. They loved the idea... and this picture is the end result!
Thank you God for photoshop!
Thats all for tonight guys, just wanted to share this picture! hope you get a good chuckle out of it! see yas later!
OH yeah.. you know it.. we are hot! LOL!! What a blast!