Sunday, June 30, 2013

sweet blessings!

Friday afternoon/evening with Grammie pie!
lots of fun hanging around on the porch swing!
but Grammie keeps interrupting playtime with that silly camera, "come on torry pie... marla... look at me babies!  hey hey, yoohoo.. over here!  look at grammie... Oh marla princess, look at grammie! "
yeah.. right.. they were far to busy making that swing go to pay much attention to me.
giggles galore!  could anything be sweeter?
Well, in their opinions, maybe some icecream with strawberries and sprinkles! 
oh yeah.. they sure liked that!
I am blessed.. and I cant wait til November for the next baby pie arrival!!
OK.. now its time to do a little house work.. and then.. a little weeding outside...
then hopefully some time to sit in the sunshine..   if mr, sunshine should stay around that long today!
happy Sunday bloggypies!

Friday, June 28, 2013

friday woohoo!

happy Rainy Friday!  thats ok.. at least I'm not at work!  I've been playing in my craft room this morning with figgy and frannie.  they like to help me!  lol.. in truth, they are usually in the way, or pawing at me to pet them.. but I like having their company while Im working.  they are just the sweetest kittens!
So anyways, we made another firecracker doll, though this one was needle felted instead of paper clay.  
Frannie loves to needle felt! we catch her playing with roving whenever I leave any out.. she loves pipecleaners too.  they both do.  they like to be creative! LOL!

actually I think they just like to get into stuff!  So whats everyone doing this weekend?  I'm picking up Torry pie shortly and doing a little shopping.  then when beth gets out of work today, Im thinking we might go visit tiffany and marlaina if theyre going to be home.  I miss my marla pie now that she doesnt live right near by!!!
Tomorrow Vanessa is coming over and we are going to make Ties for their wedding.  not sure if its just her and I or if anyone else is coming. 
Sunday Im keeping my fingers crossed for beach day weather.  right now its rainy out and I think its supposed to be rainy most of the weekend.  I guess I'll take the rain now.. Id rather have the perfect summery weather for the fouth of july and throughout next weekend!
have a lovely day!  Im off to eat a grapefruit!  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

just peeking in! good morning blogland..

Just sitting here for a few more minutes. I was wide awake at 4:30 so I got up.. I went to bed at midnight, so I'll be dragging my butt later.. especially as I have to start work at 7:30 this morning and I have to work late, probably til 6:30..   however, today is my friday!  this week I start my summer hours!  4 day work weeks,  I use one vacation day a week through out the summer.  on top of that, next week we start a half hour early, only take a half hour lunch and we get out at 4:00 instead of 5:00 for the summer..  
Was hoping for a beach day this weekend, but it looks like the weather may not cooperate.  I'm sure I'll find something to do though. 
ok.. Hi ho hi ho... off to work I go!
happy day you all!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

still playing with the red white and blue!

patriotic souls!
So the weekend away sort of wet my whistle and got my little brain primed for more red white and blue fun!  I made these little patriotic souls monday morning before I went to work! !   I just love how they turned out. such fun!  I was up working on these at 5:00 in the morning.. A great time for crafting.  makes it so much easier to go to work if I've had a little fun first.  and then I took them with me so I could enjoy them all day! though if I hadnt been able to finish them that morning, I would have had a difficult time focusing at work because I would have been obsessing about finishing them! lol!
cone full
I made this cone and filled it on sunday afternoon after I got home.  I had made the pinwheels and another cone at my aunts, but I needed to make a bigger one.
Also when I came home on sunday, I found two packages waiting for me!  I had two partners for the patriotic ornie swap as there was a odd number and Im always happy to have two partners! 
from Sandy McClay
I received these wonderful old reflectors and patriotic trinkets from Sandy McClay.  and Look at this awesome ornament she made me!  I had to take something right off my tree and put this in a prominent place! thank you Sandy!
Ornie from sandy
And then from my other partner, Ashley Cox, this is what I received! I LOVE it all.. the little vintage fireworks piece with the old photo and the three little owls!  I hung one owl right on my tree and the other two are placed on the shelf in my living room.  The fireworks piece is displayed with my little patriotic souls from the first pic I showed.  thank you girls!  I love all that I received!
from Ashley and Michelle
Its finally summer here.. in fact its been pretty darn hot here. We dont have an air conditioner, but I do run a fan in every room and it seems to keep things bearable.   Even Figgy and Franny found their way to sprawl out in front of a fan!  I got a kick out of them!
kitties in front of fan
Okeedokie bloggypies.. Ive got to get moving..  I have to transport a kid this morning and have to leave an hour earlier then usual...   cramps my morning play time I tell ya! lol
have a great day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we had a great time!

me and brenda
had a lovely time with my girlfriends this past weekend.  Its just beautiful at my aunts cottage and the weather was perfect. 
 sandy and brenda looks so bright out!
we relaxed and created and and ate and drank... and just enjoyed the lake!
 fire toes
Just exactly what we all needed.  My aunt is so sweet to offer her beautiful cottage up for us to use.
 making pinwheels
we made pinwheels and patriotic cones, firework dolls, and banners.. I really didnt get a lot of pictures of the things we created... duh!!
 brenda threatening me not to take her picturesandy conesmessy !
but I did snap a few.   we made our typical mess, painting, cutting, glueing and glittering!  such joy!
and we ate and drank!  
we went out to eat on friday night for a nice dockside meal..
 the weather was perfect and we were visited by ducks!  (forgot to take my camera!)
 mudslides were the drinks of choice this year.
And of course any frozen drink should be drank by the water!
ahhhhh! getting feet wet
The lake is gorgeous there.  though we didnt go swimming.  we probably should have.. but after Sandy saw a giant blue fish swimming by the dock.. I was pretty much thinking he could swim by himself!  lol!
in the morning 
waking up in the mornings and sitting out on the deck enjoying this view is just so awesome.
and of course this was the weekend of the "supermoon"  I tried to get a picture of it.. but seriously though the moon is always beautiful, I didnt find it anymore super then any other time.. except that it was over the lake.. and that definitely brings it up a notch! lol!
 early morningsuper moon 
I made this watermelon, kiwi salsa... omg.. I ate most of it by myself.  Brenda didnt eat any because it had onions in it and Sandy wasnt sure she liked the cilantro.. but I'm telling you.. take it from me... this stuff was delish!  so much so, that I'm including the recipe for you here.. you should try it!
 watermelon kiwi salsa! omg.. good! 


(from the biggest loser)


    Watermelon, 1 cup diced  
    Kiwi Fruit, 1 cup
    Cilantro, raw, 1 tbsp
    Onions, raw, .33 cup, chopped
    Jalapeno Peppers, 2 tsp, finely diced
    Lime Juice, 2 tsp
    Salt, 1 dash
Directions in medium mixing bowl, gently stir together the kiwi, watermelon, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno until well combined. add lime juice and salt and stir. Serve immediately, or store up to one day.

OK.. I hope you all had a great weekends too!  Now I ve got to get off of here and get ready for work.. 
have a great day girliepies!
oh.. by the way.. I gained weight this weekend.

Friday, June 21, 2013

heading out!

mr watermelon head
Getting ready to go to work and then to head to my aunts cottage for a nice weekend at the lake!  I think I'm pretty much packed... just have to grab the last minute things.  you know, tooth brush  etc..
And, after I get dressed I need to run to the store and get a bag of ice to keep some stuff cold while I'm at work this morning..  We're leaving from work today (as we all work together). 
Im going to make watermelon kiwi salsa tonight...  someone at weight watchers told me about it and it just sounds soo good!   I made a chicken salad, not weight watcher friendly.. way too much mayo.. but oh so good. and I made these cupcakes, which are weight watcher friendly.  Just a cake mix and a can of pumpkin.. thats it... mix it up and bake it!   dont you love those cupcake papers?  gonna use them in our crafting this weekend too.
I guess I got a little carried away last night when I went to cut up the watermelon!  lol!  it was a pumpkin shaped melon and I just got struck by the desire to carve out a little face!   I like the triangle pieces that I cut out, they look like watermelon candy corns!  heehee! 
Its supposed to be a beautiful weekend.. perfect for being at the lake.  
have a great weekend where ever you girls are this weekend too!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

three cheers for the red white and blue!

the help
good morning from frannie, figgy and I!  I finally got my patriotic decorations all out.  I dont have a lot, only about 3/4's of a bin full.  but its just enough so that is isnt stressful to get it all out.  Cause dragging bin after bin of decorations out is pretty overwhelming.  Really its, Christmas, Easter and Halloween that are like that.  I refuse to get out of control with the rest of them!  LOL!
she cheese! 
But I have to use so much self control!  heehee!  My goal is not to buy .. but to make til my hearts content!  Then Im only buying supplies...   and we all know that is just necessary!
 fireworks bouquet 
Can you see those tinsel sticks with the beads on them?  I just love those.  I have to admit that I had to order them from Traditions.  I need another box!  lol!
  patriotic tree 
If got to get my ornies done for the ornament swap, since they are supposed to go in the mail this week. I'll probably work on them tonight.  I need a bigger tree!  I have the cutest little tree at work too.   If I think of it I'll take a pic today while I'm there.
 Most of the ornaments on this tree came from swaps.  such fun!! Dontcha love this little tree topper?  I wish I could remember who made her....  shes one of my faves!
tree topper 
I need to make a list of projects, supplies and food for this weekend at my aunts cottage.  There are only 3 of us going,  we are going to really miss Kelly this year.  but Im going to make her something while we're there.  Its going to be beautiful out on saturday.. perfect for hanging at the lake. Im excited!
 I can do tricks! 
So, with that, I shall be off to get my lunch packed and to get ready for work.   gosh.. I was supposed to be a rich princess and shouldnt have to freaken work! darn it!  lol.
I gotta start playing the lottery......
happy day to my bloggypies!

Monday, June 17, 2013

fathers day pictures

happy fathers day to tony.  We all headed out to dinner to a place in the city that serves pretty good italian food. Luckily we went early, they werent doing reservations so we got there at a little after 3:00.  we were there until after 6:00!    by the time we got settled and everyone got there and we ordered.. etc.. it took a while.  but the food was good and everyone had a good time.  Rob had to leave early as he had to go to work.  but at least we had him with us for a while.
The babies were just precious as always.    both of them ate well and were really quite behaved for babies being in a restaurant for 3 plus hours.    Arent they freaken awesome?!
I know, Im a little biased...  I just cant help myself.   
Torry pie ate almost that whole plate of spagetti by the way!  lol.. he kept telling us "i love spagetti!"   And do you notice where his crayons are in the picture above?    I love when the babies play together.  Torry had some little toy trucks with him and he and marla would crash them into each other and Marla would just Laugh this most awesome little laugh! 
Rob and Tiff.. robby always smiles pretty for mommys camera....
beth, torry and torry pie..  I dont know why, but I just love this picture.
Tony and nessa...  they had been posing for me just before I took this picture.. and I missed it.. but they did it again and I caught it below!
all so silly! 
this is my mother in law and Jen below, Im so glad Jen thought of calling her grandmother.  it was a last minute thought after we had just gotten there and as it turned out it was perfect timing and she could come!
so thats about that.  thats how we spent fathers day.. prior to dinner was running around getting jen and torry pie and a special friend that rode with me.  and back tracking when Jen forgot to leave her keys home for her husband, who was spending fathers day with his father.  Then after dinner, I was taking tiffany and marlaina home but first had to run to where Robert works, because he had the keys to their house!   eiy yie yie!!! my kids and their keys!
hope you all had a happy fathers day weekend!
and now, have a great week bloggy friends!
see ya's later!