Sunday, January 31, 2010

just a quickie.. for your enjoyment!

Thats all for now folks..

see ya real soon!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

morning glories!

Just a quick blurb on the babes! Two weeks old now.. everyones eyes are open, they are awake more often, crawling all over each other and sweet as can be! Figgy and Frannie are still doing their joint parenting.. which still amazes the heck out of me. I love seeing them all together. All the kittens are spoken for except one. I havent decided to pursue a couple interested people or just keep one myself!! I have two friends kicking the idea around. Figgy and Frannie are going to go nuts when these babies start disappearing. Well at least we have 6 more weeks with them. I am going to let them have another litter and will sell the next litter. This batch I'm giving away to homes I know. Everyday that goes by, they get cuter and cuter! another week and they should start playing! I can hardly stand it! Figgy has taken up using his loud and sharp siamese voice.. a lot.... he wanders the house Yowling.. I have no idea what he wants.. I think he is singing and just likes his own voice or something.. but just between you and me.. it is very annoying. It drives my husband and son nuts.. so I of course make very light of it.. and say oh its no big deal.. hes so sweet.. we cant be annoyed with him.. (but secretly.. its driving me crazy at times too!) Just part of being siamese. they have a tendency to be very vocal!

I have a few things to show you.. Cindy of thimbleprimstudios hosted alittle mouse swap. You saw the ones I made a bunch of posts back, (the needle felted ones). Anyways.. these are the sweet mice I received from Heather Morse. They are so cute! I'm going to clean up my craft room today and find a perfect spot for them.

Look, she even decorated the box~ I love it! thank you Heather!

I was also in a swap hosted by Heather from speckledegg. she hosted the inspriational valentine matchbox swap. We each had three partners. I had wonderful partners that made AWESOME boxes full of great stuff! SEE?

The first one I recieved was from Gilda Suncar. isnt this wonderful?

The second to come was from Julie Ann Grakowski. I love it! turns out Julie lives only about an hour from here, adn we are going to get together. I invited her to Natalea Kandefors valentine teaparty! Im really looking forward to meeting her.

The third sweet box arrived this week from April Dous! How stinking cute is that little girl on the box! (lol... its me....!!) April found my picture and used it on my box.. I love it! And she too filled hers with wonderful little things. this was such a fun swap! I hope they liked mine half as much as I liked theres.

OK.. lastly.. in the weight watchers department.. I only lost .8 pounds this week I seem to have slowed down a bit. but I also havent been getting the excercise in that I was getting when the weather was nicer. I did walk the tread mill for an hours this morning and then used the eliptical (spelled?) for 10 minutes . Walking is a piece of cake.. but that eliptical.. eiy yie yie~~ I figure I'll hop on it when ever I go for a few minutes and will eventually get used to it. I'm still behaving though. Eating with in my points and healthily most of the time. I will never be able to go back to my old habits.. It doesnt appeal to me at all. Thats not to say that I wont have treats or pig out and eat what I want.. I just will never be out of control again.

this morning I found this recipe on hungry girl.. (check out great stuff tips and stuff there!) The recipe was for blueberry pancakes made with oats.. It was sooo good!

Blue ribbon batter

1/3 cup of oats ( regular oats, not instant or steel cut)
1/4 cup of blueberries
3 tbsp egg whites
1 tbsp nonfat milk
1tbsp fat free cottage cheese (I didnt have any of this, so I used lowfat cream cheese instead)
1/8 tsp vanilla
1tbsp flour
1 no cal sweetner packet ( i used a tsp of splenda)
2 tbsp water
pinch of salt
combine all ingredients except for blueberries and mix well. Gently fold in blueberries. In a skillet sprayed with nonstick spray , drop batter into pan to form 3 pancakes or 1 big pancake. Once pancakes begin to look solid (about 3 minutes) gently flip, try to respritz pan to prevent sticking and cook til done about another 3 minutes or until done.
they suggest sugar free maple syrup. I didnt have any, but mrs butterworths is 4 points for 1/4 cup.. which is 4 tbsps.. I used 1 tbsp of syrup which was then one point.
The pancake was 3 points and VERY filling!
and oh so worth it to make!
Check out that Hungry girl site!
OK.. I've eaten, Ive played with kittens, I've exercised, Ive blogged, now I need to do the dishes and then work on some valentines stuff!
have a great day all!
Oh and if you havent left a comment on my giveaway post.. go back 3 entrys adn be sure to do so. I still have no idea what the prize will be. but it'll be something you'll like.. I promise!
Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

valentine kitten and siamese kittens!

♪♪meow meow meow meow♪♪
♪♪Meow meow meow meow♪♪
♪♪Meow meow meow, meow , meow meow meow meow♪♪
♪♪Meow meow meow meow meow ♪♪

♪♪Meow meow meow meow ♪♪

♪♪meow meow meow meow♪♪
oops.. make sure if you havent already, that you read the previous post and leave a comment there for a giveaway for my 400th post. I dont know what I'm giving away yet. But I'll think of something!

Monday, January 25, 2010

a give away in the "neighborhood!"

There have been times when Ive said , Oh I wish so and so in blog land was my neighbor! I say this often about Elizabeth of creative breathing.. everytime she adds a new entry to her blog! (because she is awesome!) I always think how nice it would be to live right next door to her. Because it would be! Not only just Elizabeth, but so many others of you as well. Then I got to thinking.. we really are neighbors, so to speak. When we go blog hopping, we are in a virtual way, taking a stroll through the neighborhood, stopping to say hello over the white picket fences, across the street and down the country lane greeting our sweet neighbors as we go. We are often invited in for a little visit, to have a peek at what are friends are working on, how they've just decorated, oh even for a taste of something they just baked. we share in their joys and their sorrows, keep tabs on their kids and their pets. We offer virtual hugs and encouragement and gather inspiration and friendship along the way. So though I do wish we all lived right in the same neighborhood together.. I also love that we are neighbors with girls that live so far away from us as well. I have neighbors in tasmania, canada, singapore, turkey, australia, germany, italy as well as across the state and in all directions across the country and even some that are only an hour away!
I live in a very small town but my "neighborhood" is much bigger then most of the people who live here could even begin to imagine! I'm glad youre all my neighbors! (lol! I feel like Mr. Rogers! )
Speaking of sweet neighbors.. this little package below came from this little house above ....(one of my favorite neighbors!) my dear friend Elizabeth of creative breathing! how sweetly it was packaged !

and look at all the wonderful little things that were in the box! I was soo excited to recieve it! I immediately set about my craft room trying to find the perfect way to display them!
They are perfect in this little glass shadow box.. sitting right beside my computer! there are other things in the picture below from many of my bloggy neighbors as well! And so much more all around the room.

IN honor of my 400th (404) post.. I'm going to do a little giveaway for my bloggy neighbors! so be sure to leave a message and I'll pick a winner this weekend!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

yummy yummy yummy Ive got love in my tummy!!

AWWW Look at those wittle punk'n heads! I wuvs them to pieces!

I have so much stuff to show you. I've got some wonderful mail the past couple days, but thats going to wait til tomorrow.. but wait till you see all the wonderfulness!

For tonight though, I wanted to show you that video and I also wanted to share two recipes with you! The first one is a daily staple for me now, and basically no points.. well unless I eat lowfat graham crackers with it..

Introducing fluffy stuff ! omg this stuff is soo good!

One 3oz box of sugar free jello, ( my fav is lemon.. followed very closely by orange! )

a quarter of an 8 oz carton of lite or fat free coolwhip ( I use the store brand).

Mix the jello powder with 3/4 cups of boiling water. stir for about 2 minutes to make sure its totally disolved. Then add 1/2 cup cold water and 5 ice cubes. Stir til ice is almost melted. I usually have to fish out a few little pieces at the end.

Pour jello mixture into blender, add about 2 oz's of the lite coolwhip. (quarter of the container). blend for about 2 minutes. Pour into container and let set.

OMG! I'm telling you this is my most favorite thing to eat right now. And its basically no points for a large serving. The lemon tastes like lemon pie . I kept thinking it would be good in a crust. of course then it wouldnt be no points anymore. BUT WAIT! One whole low fat graham cracker is only 1 point! so I've taken to putting a few spoonfuls onto a cracker.. and OMG... its soooo freaken good!

so try it!

Then theres this! SODA POP COBBLER only 3 points for a 12th of the pan. Thats a good size bowl full!

1 16 oz package of any frozen fruit. (I used peach and Ive had it with mixed berries).

1 yellow cake mix

16 oz's diet 7 up or sprite

spread frozen fruit into bottom of 9x13 inch cake pan.

sprinkle cake mix evenly over top.

Pour the diet pop slowly and evenly over top of the cake mix. (someone suggested using a spray bottle to make sure you moisten all of the cake mix. (I didnt do that).

cover with foil, bake at 350 for 30 minutes. uncover and bake for 30 more minutes.. serve warm with lite whipped cream!

another.. OMG its so freaken good!

OK.. backs aching and I've got to go do some blog hopping.. hope you enjoyed the video.. arent the so adorable? and you should try these recipes! AT least try the jello one!

Friday, January 22, 2010

love is in the air....

Ha! I bet by the title you thought youd be bombarded with kitten pictures again! But not this time.. (not yet anyways!) I just wanted to show you some of the things I've been working on for swaps. I thought I was going to limit my swaps a bit to start the year.. but I jumped right in, there were a couple that i just didnt want to pass up!
Do you like the valentine pinkeep? This is a special swappy with a flickr friend.. I hope she likes it! I do.. I'm going to make myself one this weekend!

The next few pictures are for the heart box swap hosted by cathy of treasured heirlooms.. I had a lot of fun putting this all together! I hope my partner likes it!

Isnt that sweet little valentine girl adorable!? Thanks to my dear friend Elizabeth.. (it was hers!) I love that image!

(can you feel me rushing through this posting? I m in a hurry... gotta go to work..thank god its friday!) I'm planning a weekend full of creating! I have something living in my head that wants to get out! well, really several things.. but one is really wanting out!

These next two pictures are for my 3 partners in Heathers (speckled egg )Petite inspirations valentine boxes.. another really fun swap! I'm excieted because I am expecting lots of great valentinesy things in the mail now!

Heres that little girl again! love her! (and I love Elizabeth too!)

And... lastly... Yes.. love is in the air at my house.. I just cant get over these two. They keep on cracking me up. I still need to get a bigger box. I went to the store last night, but they didnt have any big ones. they are way to crowded in there when figgy decides to visit! OMG!!!
Arent the FREAKEN CUTE!!!
The babies are 6 days old today! these are yesterdays pictures.. a couple of them have eyes starting to open. and the tips of their ears are darkening up a bit.. one has a brown nose already! I still havent looked to see how many boys and girls.. They cry when I pick them up and frannie and figgy get very nervous about it! they are such good parents.. How am I ever going to take those babies away from them!?

Sorry for the hurried post.. but I only had a half an hour here, and now I have to run out the door! I will visit everyone this weekend! I promise!
hugs and HAPPY FRIDAY!!
♥♥♥omg... arent they freaken cute ♥♥♥

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

could I just stay home everyday please???

Its so hard to tear myself away from so much sweetness to go to work....
At least its only a 4 day work week, one down and only three to go! It'll go by fast. Hey!! I lost two more pounds tonight at weight watchers! for a total of 36.6 pounds now. After weight watchers I went to the gym for 45 minutes. Would have stayed longer but two friends were coming over to see the kittens.. and it was american idol night.. cant miss that.

I should be working on a swap project, but I think I'm actually going to go to bed early, by 11:00, that's early for me! I have a few swaps finished.. but I need to find something to mail them in. I feel like I've forgotten a swap.. (gosh I hope not.. but I have such a bad memory!) hey If I joined a swap with you.. let me know!

OK.. girls.. just checking in for the night and wanted to post these few pics.. the babies are doing fine.. I think they are growing already. Frannie and Figgy are very good parents and are very proud of their little pumkin heads!

They just crack me up! Ok.. I'm off to do a little blog hopping.. then off to bed I go!
Have a great tomorrow!
oh yeah. this is my 400th post! I shall have to think of something.. a giveaway.. or a challange or something..

Monday, January 18, 2010


Omg.. I still cant stand it! I just cant..
I wonder how long before their faces, tails and feet start to darken up.
gotta go google that.
OH dear.. I'm already thinking..
"how will I ever part with these sweet little pumkin heads!"

Cheated last night and had BUTTER on my popcorn!
no big deal though, I'm making up for it today...
Frannie likes oatmeal too!
I'll be back later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One little, two little, three little kittens!
four little, five little, six little kittens!
seven little, seven little, seven little kittens!
And one proud pop and mama!
I was out until about 11:45 when I came home, Frannie was making odd little purring like sounds. I put her in her box and rubbed her oh so big belly, and she really liked that. Then when I tried to leave her she would follow me. Also.. figgy would not leave her side. I wasnt sure she was in labor, so I thought I'd just go to bed. well, she decided she was going to bed too, and climbed in under the covers right against my side. she wasnt having any contractions that I could see or feel, but kept making those short little purr sounds, then figgy got under the blankets and kept (probably more info then you want here.. just a warning.. ) anyways, he kept licking her butt.. then I realized that she was panting.. so I very quickly jumped out of bed and put her in her box again. I kept sending figgy away, but everytime I put him out, she would try to go with him.. finally when it was time for the first kitten to come out, she ran out of the box.. she was scared and in pain, and the sack was hanging. she ended up having it the floor before I could get her back in her box. After that, she stayed in the box, and figgy stayed with her.. the first kitty came about 2:00 am. This was soooo weird. I didnt think it was a good idea to have figgy there, but he wanted to be there and she obviously wanted him there. He cleaned each of those kittens and her as she had them! amazing! after she had the first 5 , it was a little after 4:00 am and I had to lie down. I got in bed and then I heard her crying while she had the 6th. I got up and checked it out. But Figgy seriously had everything under control! I thought she was probably done at that point, and went to sleep, about 4:30 or so. When I woke up at 7:30 and went to look, there were 7!!!! and , figgy was in there with them all. washing Frannie and all of the kittens! I am amazed.

I am also very tired, as not only was I up all night last night, but I also didnt sleep well the night before!
well, Im off.. I need to go to the store and find a much bigger box. this one just isnt going to work if Figgy's moving in and once those 7 little pumkin heads grow.. there will really be no room! I think I'm going to buy (yeah, I know spending freeze.. ) a movie and I'm crashing for the next two days.. Im going to hang out, clean, work on some projects and watch movies! oh yes.. and of course eat.. (but only with in my weight watchers points!)

Figgys a "family man!"
have a great sunday!
oh.. you have to click on these pictures to see the whole thing, they must be too big for my blogger template.
are ya just dying here????

Friday, January 15, 2010

I think she might pop!

Poor Frannie.. look how big she is!
Its late.. 12:30 but I had to keep working until I had a big dent in putting christmas away..
Now I can go to bed.
But I will be up at 6:00 to finish up and then start playing with valentines goodies!
I managed to get most of the christmas stuff packed up.. I still have to do my bedroom, the bathroom, my craft room and the porch! I have tooooo much stuffffff!!!!!! but I love it all.. my husband said I have too much junk.. I said.. no I have lots of treasures!
say bye bye to my little friends! I just hate packing them away! Arent they all sweet! This is just some of the ones that were in the kitchen.
GOod night all!