Monday, July 30, 2012

the cat days of summer...

YOuve heard of the dog days of summer... 
but what about the cat days of summer? lol..
cat days of summer 1 
so I was off from work for 9 full days and what did I do you may ask?  I would have to answer... a whole lot of nothing!  I shopped.. I puttered.. I complained that I shouldnt have taken the week off with out something fun to do planned.. and I decided that if I ever take another week off to just stay home, I must first send everyone else away! LOL!   People just annoy me sometimes..
 cat days of summer 2
Dont get me wrong.. I LOVE all my people.  but I really was craving just to be totally alone.  still am really.  But its all good, I relaxed and puttered.  and you know, I love to putter.  and it was nice just not to have to go to work.  I really didnt create much.  I had planned on doing somethings.. but it just didnt happen.   I did make this seashell wreath, but I didnt do that until the last day!! 

 seashell wreath 1wreath 2wreath 3wreath 4
NOw.. its time to kick it into high gear because the wedding is in 18 days!  OMG...  where is that fairy God mother!?  I have stuff to do!!
 wreath 5 
After the wedding... summer will be almost over...  
what a strange summer its been.  
sooooo... as for the halloween swap.. wow!  so far I have 18 girls signed up.. 19 counting myself!  thats great!  Im excited about it.  hopefully we'll get a few more.  I'll keep it open at least the rest of this week.
 OH!  and just so you know, Ive pretty much visited everyone on my side bar and on my readers list... but have not left messages over the weekend!  but know I was there!!!
love yas!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

HALLOWEEN SWAP ANNOUCEMENT..( no, its not to early!)

OK Ive not hosted a swap in a long time.. but with halloween coming up Im feeling the witch itch!  So, Ive decided to go ahead and start a halloween swap!  It will be a witches hat swap!  everyone will have one partner and you will each swap a witches hat, handmade or altered by you, that you have filled up with other halloween trinkets and collectables!  Sort of like a christmas stocking.. only it will be a witches hat. 
I'm starting early because I want the mail out date to be October 1st. That will give us time for sign ups and a few days for me to get partners together and notified.  Then you will have 6 weeks or so to get your projects finished and to find fun things to fill it with. 
OK..  My number one rule for swaps is that everything should be so awesome that you want to keep it for yourself!  I think thats simple enough. 
swap sign ups start now.. please email me at   send your full name and address,  youre email address and your blog address or where to find pictures of  your past creations.  also please pass on the info, post it on your blogs and send people to sign up!  the more the merrier! or should I say the more the scarier!  heehee!  okeedokie.. I hope lots of you sign up!  I'll be looking for you in my emails!

beach day!

beach day!
not just a beach day.. but a perfect beach day!
spent the day with a sweet old friendnat and torry
3check out all the red heads!
perfect weather and perfect beach company!  check out those beautiful red heads!!   Torry had a good time with all the kids and of course with his grammie pie and his auntie Jen!
little friends!a tiny chair squabble..
digging!clap clap clap your hands..
these are Jennifers bestfriend from highschools children.  the family just moved back from virginia and we were soooo glad to spend the day with Jeanna and the kids! 
so precious natalea!old best friends all through grade and highschool
today... no beach.. supposed to be stormy.  I'll be spending the day cleaning my craft room blasting some big band music and creating something.. oh.. and I think I'm going to cook something good.. just not sure what yet.. maybe a roast and something with peaches!

beautiful children! 
have a lovely day bloggy lovies!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A couple things...

I saw this recipe on pinterest, only they made individual ones in square pans.  I thought you could make individual ones in muffin tins which is what I was going to do, then I thought I should just make them in a 9x13 and cut them.. worked out perfectly!  
break apart cookie dough pressed into greased pan.  (I used 2, one peanut butter choc chip and one choc chip)
miniature reeses cups pressed part way into cookie dough 
One brownie mix poured over all!  bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.  it actually calls for a bout 30 minutes but mine werent done yet.
OMG!!!  to die for delicious!  I had my piece hot out of the oven with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream!  sooooo gooood!
taken by dear friend saint magenta!
also wanted to quick tell you that jacobs benefit turned out great.  we all had a good time and saw lots of good friends and family. the kids got a nice chunk of money, more then enough to pay off their funeral costs and buy a headstone.  (I think anyways!)   
My dear old friend Debbie, that I used to live with in 1980 came with her hubby.  she has a blog and actually I started my blog after she introduced me to live journal.  anyways. she took this pic above of my family along with Dave and Euretta who hosted the benefit.   I love how she altered it. 
me and deb
and I took this one of her and I and altered it!  arent we purty in pink! lol!
Heading to the beach tomorrow.  will be sure to take pics..  sweet dreams girlie pies!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

♪♫summer time♫summertime♪sum sum ♪summertime♫♪

summer bottles 2
Happy Weekend!!  Extra happy weekend for me... as Im off until the 30th!!  woohoo.. now if I just had something fun planned.. but I dont.  I had considered cancelling my vacation because I dont have anything planned, but then when I went to work yesterday, I thought, what am I crazy??    so who knows what I will do for the next 9 days. 
I do plan on cleaning my house... my bedroom is a disaster and so is the porch and my craftroom.. so I'll be puttering and playing house.  I got out all my seashells and beachy themed things the past couple days.  And I put most of my patriotic things away.  I dont have alot of of summery themed stuff, but it's still time consuming getting it all out and putting the other stuff away! 
kitchen shelfsailor bear
seashells!summer bottles 
Ive been thinking about the big H word!!!  HALLOWEEN!!  Im thinking about hosting a halloween swap.  just havent quite figured it out yet.. I was thinking about a witches hat and jackolantern swap.  Maybe I would call it the witches hat and jack swap!  Also thinking about a private halloween ornie swap.   last night I went shopping with one of my besties and my daughter and we stopped into buffalo stamps where they have some great halloween papers out.. so of course I had to have them.  Ive been drooling over them this morning!over the sink shelf
So for today, I think I m going to head back out shopping this morning to joann fabrics, as I need some stuff that we didnt get last night.   Then Im going to come home to clean up my bedroom!  Tomorrow we are going to the "In Jacobs Corner" benefit.  Sounds like its going to be a great day of music, food and fun.  7 well known Rochester bands, country and rock music are coming together to honor Jacob and raise money to pay expenses.   The kids plan on making a donation to the ronald mcdonald house also.  There are tons of baskets of goodies for the basket raffles  and who knows what else.  Pray for a great turn out please!  These people have put their all into this event.  I want it to be great. 
from renee!back side
So one more thing before I go.. I received a unexpected package in the mail the other day from our sweet Renee at vintage mending!  she made this wonderful little pillow for me.  I LOVE it.  right now its on the porch swing.  Not sure where its perfect spot is yet.. I'll be moving it around from place to place and will post a pic when it finds its perfect home!
thank you soooooo much Renee!   
 OK.. I have a bit of a sore throat and head ache.. so off to take some tylenol and head to the shower.  
have a great weekend everyone!  I'll post lots of pics of tomorrow event.   wish you could all be there!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

an evening with the kittens!

fig and fran 1
"we is play'n outside on r  weashes!"
fig and fran 2
"dont be 'fraid figgy, itz jus a weaf!"
"hey wook at me figgy... I iz stand'n up wike r momma!"
fran 2
"gonna get those weafs shes swing'n at me!"
"hey fwannie... wook I is on my back foots too!  now share those weafs wif me too pwease!"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Party time!

yesterday was Tiffanys bridal shower.  we had the best time.  Lots of people who were important to Tiffany came to spend the afternoon celebrating her upcoming wedding to my baby.. robert.
Tiffanys been playing with a bee theme for her wedding so we had to have bees on our cuppiecakes!
I think this really was one of the most fun showers weve had.  the games were hysterical!  The girls had 33 questions to ask her that had previously been answered by Robert.  tiffany needed to match his answers or chew bubble gum.  LOL!  she ended up with 15 pieces of double bubble stuffed in her pretty little mouth.  Listening to her talk was pretty funny!
The we split into groups and each group had a roll of toilet paper and five minutes in which they needed to design a wedding gown on a model from their group!  There was a lot of laughter and the dresses ranged from really quite pretty.. to pretty darn funny!  I think my sister in law Donna directly above made a beautiful bride even wearing freaken toilet paper!!  some people look good in anything!

 as things sometimes have a way of just falling into place I noticed a piano and asked Jennifer if she could play the wedding march!  she just happen to have the music for it in the sanctuary (we were at her church) so the girls marched down the isle in their toilet paper dresses... some faired better then others!  I love the ninja bride look!! lol!  at the end of the little dress up wedding the girls threw their "bouquets" and some lost their dresses! heehee!
 then we ate and opened presents.  tiffany got some very pretty things and some very interesting things...  My girls went together on their gifts and gave her some pretty funny things.  the clothes line of sexy undies with little poems attached for all different occasions.. what a cute and funny idea. 
 They also gave her a naughty bag... with all sorts of gadgets from spencers gift store... lots of laughs and a cute little red face for Tiffany!  Oh those girls!  I knew what they had bought and was a tiny bit worried about her opening things in front of my MIL and some other churchy ladies... but everyone got some really good laughs.    Check out the great hanger that Vanessa made for her to hang her dress on.  all my girls are loving pinterest and getting lots of their ideas there.
 Of course, my little princess pie was there!  ISNT SHE BEAUTIFUL?  omg.. I could just eat her up!
A good time was had by all.. lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of gifts and lots of love!  what more could we ask for?  (about 20 degrees cooler maybe?) lol
 doll dress 
now, youre probably wondering what this doll has to do with the shower....  I just want you to notice her dress...  its a little reenactment...    there are reasons why i dont like to where dresses...  lets add this one to the list...    Yes, I bent over to pick marlaina up off the floor... and up she came along with my dress.... uh huh.. in front of everyone.. ..   and do you think I could have worn nicer undies yesterday?  no... I wore some old raggy ones because they are sooo lightweight and cool...   and lets also not forget that I gained back that 55 pounds I had lost... uh huh.. there was some  hefty thighs and a  big belly hiding under that dress!  I feel so bad for those that got a full glimpse.... Im thinking night mares for sure.. for them and for me!  How embarrassing!
OK.. so that was the shower.. if  you want to see all the other pics, click on one and hop over to my flickr site to see them!  have a lovely night friends... its very freaking hot here!!