Monday, March 30, 2015

easter eggs

 Annual Egg dying day was on Saturday.  

 Torry had spent the night on friday night so he and I did his eggs saturday morning, bright and early, before he was picked up to go with his mommy to an egg hunt.  He did not want to wear those ears by the way!  

  Then Marla and Lilly came over while their mommy went to wedding shower, so we did Marlas eggs.  And Miss Marla Pie, was all about wearing the ears!  lol!

Lilly hung out while Marla did all the work.  isnt she stinking cute!? She wasnt impressed with the ears either....

She looks like a little easter chick in this pic!   sooo stinking adorable!

And then theres this little cutie pie!  But,  Violet went with her other grammie to see the movie HOP.. so she didnt get to do eggs with me.  I went to see her later that day.   However.. my camera battery died just when I was going to get pics of her and my sweet little baby Scarlet.  so, I stole these two pics from Vanessa's facebook!  (good ol facebook!)   

Look at that sweet little baby face!
Arent  they all precious!?  I know Im biased.  but I just cant help myself! 
Only a few days til Easter!  I already filled all my little grandpies baskets and they are ready and waiting for sundays Easter Brunch!  How do you all spend your easter days?  Were doing Brunch here and then everyone will go off to the other parts of their families.  And then I get to eat all that easter yummy food allll dayyyy longggggggg!  lol!
Happy monday!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

figgy and frannie have a new litter of kittens!

 Figgy and Frannie have a new litter of Siamese kittens!!  sent to them.. (and me) in the mail, from our sweet bloggy friend Patti!  from paintin pattis blog!     Did you ever receive kittens in the mail before?  

 Such a treat!   I thought she had told me she was sending me a pair or a couple kitties..   I didn't know she was sending a whole litter!  lol!

 We unwrapped kitten after kitten after kitten!

 Each one as cute as can be!  all different sizes.. but all were definitely Siamese!

 sweet little Siamese kittens..   in my mind, there is just nothing cuter in the world then a litter of Siamese kittens..  (well except for grand babies... lol!)  

 Frannie and Figgy were definitely interested and loved getting their own package in the mail!  I should have taken a picture of figgy in the box!

 Frannie thought maybe this one would play with her!  lol!

Such a wonderful new collection for me.. for us!  (Figgy and Frannie!)  thank you Patti!!  I have to find the purrfect spot for them.  but this is a purrfect spot for this:

And one more thing... 
Happy Palm Sunday!
The real reason for this season!!  
I also received my package from Mica, but I will wait for her to receive mine before I post pics..  but omg... she sent me the cutest darn basket of goodies ever!  just wait til you see!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Always RememBears.... (sort of long..)

A local family that goes to my church..  (I call it my church because thats where Ive gone to church over the last 29 years.. even though I havent been in a few years..  )  anyways.. they recently lost their father/husband. . They were foster/adoptive parents.. with 12 children! 
heres the artical about them..  this is the best way for me to share them with you.

Father of 12 leaves legacy of love in Medina
Brian Bellan and wife Kim welcomed a large family
Photo by JC Photography (Jesse Colmenero)
The Bellan family is pictured last fall at Mount Albion Cemetery. The group includes, front row, from left: EmmaLee and Karina; Second row: MiKayla, Richie, Da'Ron, Austin and Elizabeth; Back row: Briana, Porter, William, Kyson, Bryce, Kim and Brian.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 15 February 2015
MEDINA – The community is mourning the death of Brian Bellan, a man who opened his heart and home to 12 children, including eight who were adopted.

Mr. Bellan was a civil engineer with state Department of Transportation. He and his wife Kim celebrated their 20th anniversary on Dec. 17.

He and his wife and nine of their children were having their final planning meeting on Monday for a mission trip to the Dominican Republican. Mr. and Mrs. Bellan were leading 21 people from Yates Baptist Church on the trip.

Mr. Bellan felt sick during that meeting on Monday and was admitted early Tuesday morning at Medina Memorial Hospital. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and seemed to be on the mend. But Mr. Bellan died on Wednesday from a massive heart attack, his wife said.

About 300 people attended his funeral on Saturday at Hartland Bible Church in Gasport, where the family attended before going to Yates Baptist about three years ago.

Several of Bellan’s children spoke at his funeral. The quoted passages include excerpts from eulogies and poems from the Bellan children.

“Something that wasn’t in my father’s obituary that I want you to take away from today is my father’s heart for God and for his family, and that he was a kind, loving man with a huge heart – so full of love that it burst.”
– Daughter Briana, 17

Mr. Bellan, 51, moved around a lot as a kid. His father was in the Air Force. After graduating from high school in Ohio, Bellan went on to earn a civil engineering degree from Ohio State University. He was hired by the New York Department of Transportation in 1992, working out of Buffalo.

He didn’t know anyone locally at the time. He was attending a Wednesday night group for single young adults at The Chapel at Crosspoint in the Buffalo area. The group played volleyball and then had a Bible study.

Kim Brigham, a Medina native, attended the group. She was impressed by Bellan.

“The number one thing with him is he wasn’t just looking for a spouse like a lot of the other men there,” she said. “Brian was looking for friends. He gave Godly answers.”

Kim and Brian started dating with the first date over 12 hours. Bellan asked her a favorite childhood memory. She said flying kites on Salt Works Road when she was a kid. That first date the couple made a kite together and then flew it at Delaware Park in Buffalo.

The One I Called Dad
The one who brought me from disaster to a safe place.
The one who called me his.
The one who truly I will dearly miss.
The one who taught me about God’s merciful grace,
To never stray, but to live your life for God each day.
The one who saw me through.
My dad left a true hero, left a legacy behind.
Son William, 16

Kim and Brian married and had their first child, Briana, 17 years ago. Twin sons, Kyson and Porter, were born 14 years ago and another daughter, EmmaLee followed 12 years ago.

Kim always wanted a big family. But she had high-risk pregnancies, which included a miscarriage, Briana’s twin sister.

At a Bible camp with her children, Kim met a 16-year-old who was a youth counselor for the children. The counselor had recently been adopted as a teen and was very thankful to finally be welcomed into a home.

Kim was thinking about adoption, but was geared towards adopting younger children, not teens. She prayed about it, and felt drawn to older children in the foster care system.

She talked to her husband. He was worried about providing for a bigger family. But he, too, prayed about it. They both arrived at a peace, feeling drawn to reaching out to older kids in foster care.
Kim and Brian Bellan are pictured in the fall of 2013.

They reflected on the Bible verse from James 1:27: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

The Bellans saw that verse as a commandment, not a request, to look after children without a permanent home.

Mr. Bellan believed the family’s needs would be taken care of, through God’s providence and some thriftiness on behalf of the family, his wife said.

Mr. Bellan was an expert handyman. He turned a garage at their home into a living room. He fixed many of their old vehicles, getting 200,000 miles or more out them.
He repurposed furniture and seemed to find uses for all kids of things. He shared those talents with others in the community, helping single moms with home repair projects, his wife said.

He didn’t watch football or cable television. He wore the soles out of his shoes, and he always came home from work with lots of energy for his children.

“He did without everything that most earthly men would want so that I could be a stay-at-home mom,” his wife said. “He selflessly gave to others.”

Silent Strong Dad
He never looks for praises
He’s never one to boast
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most
His dreams are seldom spoken
His wants are very few
And most of the time his worries will go unspoken too
He’s there … a firm foundation
Through all of our storms of life
A sturdy hand to hold to
In times of stress and strife
A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad
One of our greatest blessings,
The man we call DAD!
– Son Porter, 14

The Bellans have adopted children who came from abusive homes. They adopted three brothers so they could stay together and not be split up.

Mr. Bellan was a calm and steadying force as the children were welcomed into their new family.

“Brian was so laid back,” his wife said. “He could handle it. I told him with every kid we added he became a better daddy.”

The couple not only welcomed children into their home, they were youth leaders at Yates Baptist. They took children and adults on mission trips to Romania and the Dominican Republic. Mr. Bellan led a construction project at an orphanage in Romania and the family was part of bringing food and a Vacation Bible School-type program to poor children in the Dominican.

The Bellans wanted to become full-time missionaries to the Dominican in about five years.

The couple was popular as leaders for the youth at Yates Baptist, said the church pastor, Lyle Drake.

“He certainly was a good role model and example as a family man and youth worker,” Drake said. “The kids here all looked up to him.”

Mr. Bellan won over the teens with sincerity, Drake said.

“The sense of gentleness and humbleness went a long way,” Drake said. “He had a heart for people.”

“My dad was the best. He loved and cared about everyone. Mainly he loved my mom. My dad loved us 12 kids. I was going to have a loving, caring dad who cared about me. My dad and I had a great father and daughter relationship.”
– Daughter Karina, 15

Pastor Drake said Bellan was respected by the church and looked up to as an example as a father and husband.

“He showed that a man can have a really big heart, and that loving leaders have a sense of firmness and gentleness,” Drake said. “Brian possessed a firm trust in God. He not only walked the walk, but talked the talk.”

This photo of the Bellan family was taken on Jan. 17, 2010.

Mrs. Bellan has been flooded with testimonials about her husband’s goodness, including from his co-workers at the DOT.

“He loved numbers,” she said. “I can’t do math homework. That was his specialty.”

The Bellans have been active members of the Medina school community. Many of the their children are in the marching band, drama program, and compete on the swimming, soccer, track and cross country teams.

“I know my dad was a man of great integrity. I believe that he finished the race strong no matter the obstacles that had come his way. So since he lived for Christ, his death was a gain. So don’t be sad that he is gone, rather rejoice because he is in a far off better place.”
– Son Bryce, 17

The Bellans were preparing to go for the second time to the Dominican Republic. The flight on Saturday was cancelled because of the weather. Mrs. Bellan and nine of her children will go on the trip, leaving on Tuesday for almost a week of ministry.
When her husband was sick in the hospital, he told his wife not to cancel the trip for the family and other church members.

“That was his heart’s desire,” Mrs. Bellan said, “to be in the mission field. Our mission field is here in our home.”

Mrs. Bellan said it will be difficult raising the children without her husband. She said his love and guidance gave their children, especially the adopted kids, the right direction in life.

“He wanted to break that cycle of dysfunction,” she said.

Her husband didn’t have any regrets about welcoming so many children into the family, his wife said.

“This has been our life’s dream,” she said. “These kids all got a daddy. He rescued them with the love of a heavenly father.”

And so, with that all I can say is it is when Kim asked me to make the bears I felt like it was an honor to make them  for her family.   I just cant imagine their loss..   I didnt know Brian, but I know Kim and how remarkable she is.  and I know several of the children and they are awesome kids. I think 6 or 7 of them were in the shrek musical or involved back stage in some form.   And they did go on their missions trip only a week after losing their father/husband.    my heart goes out them all.  

I love the colors of Brians shirts and  I hope these bears bring them all a tiny bit of comfort.
and with that...   I suppose I should consider getting ready for work or doing something constructive!  
by the way..   Im down 8.6 pounds so far!  woohoo!
Have a Happy Day bloggy pies! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!!

Happy first day of spring!!  Weve finally made it to the magical day!  now if mother nature would catch up on her calender all would be well!  lol.  actually, I'm always good with a slow spring and summer... Once the weather gets nicer, I dont like to rush it too much.  well, Id like to fast forward right now to green trees and some pretty spring flowers.. and enough warmth to wear just a sweatshirt.   but then Im ready to take it slow.   I will be in no hurry to rush through nice days, that lead to wonderful summer days... and Never am in a hurry to leave those days behind.   I do appreciate the beauty of fall..  and you know I love halloween... but weather wise..   the love stops there.  then its only the holidays I love..   thanksgiving.. christmas.. valentines....  thank God for those..  because I am not a winter fan...   oh there are days that it is breathtakingly beautiful... but I dont love it... nope.. not one bit.. and I am never ever sorry to see it go.   
"So long mr winter.. dont come back now.. ya hear? "  lol..
OK enough of all that now..
Now we start the Easter count down...  It seems I'm always counting down to something..  a holiday.. a season,  fridays!  lol!  Easter is in 16 days!  Mail out day for the basket swappers is on tuesday or wednesday.. (cant remember which day I said.)  either is fine I guess..  just make sure they are in the mail next week or sooner!  I'll be finishing mine up this weekend and hopefully mailing on monday.  Dont forget to take pictures to post.  I cant wait to see what everyone made!
 Tonight is opening night for Shrek.  My daughter Jen is the music teacher at Lyndonville HS school.  Lyndonville and Medina high school's combine talent and do a joint Musical held in Lyndonville.  The shows the past few years have been really awesome.  Its always a little extra cool for me as Jen grew up performing in lyndonville school shows.. and its awesome to see her directing the shows there now.   Im so proud of her.  And Ive been doing makeup for the shows for probably 20 years.  This year doing shreks makeup is extra fun!  the kids are all so talented.  Ive not sat through the whole show yet, so Im looking forward to seeing it tonight.   
but for now... its that time...  and I must be off...    Only working half a day today..   woohoo!  
Happy Weekend my precious little bloggy pies! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

top o the morn to ya!

Happy St. Pattys Day! 
the cutest leprachaun Ive ever seen..
my little torry pie!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

hello sunday

 Heres a few pics from yesterdays birthday party.  Isnt Marla the cutest little birthday girl!?  She cracks me up... speaking of cracks...   this might be way too much info...   but she and I were in the bathroom together at Target..  and she told me.. "Grammie you have a big butt!"      thank you for pointing that out to me Marla! I needed to be reminded!   lol!

 Yesterday was actually Tiffanys birthday (marlas was really in dec.)  so we celebrated both birthdays.   Tiffany made the cutest little minnie mouse cupcakes and decorations.   we put three candles on for Marla and sang and then relit them and sang to tiffany.  Then in the kitchen, I relit them several more times so that Torry, and Marla and her friend Evan could keep blowing them out!  lol!

I do have some cute little pies dont I?  Dont we all?    I just need more energy..   I have a difficult time keeping up with them all.. and when they are all here I feel like the ball in a old fashioned pinball machine going bing! bing! bing!.. bumping from one to another and another and another! never really settling until its all over. But I really do love to see them all together.  my little precious pies..

Well because of the crazy effect that having everyone here does to my brain.. I totally over looked getting pictures of my Lillianna and of my brand new little Scarlet pie!!   Though,  you can see Lilly in the back ground in a couple pics..    I'll see Scarlet later today cause I have to go over to drop off Torrys ninja turtle that he lost here yesterday.  (they live next to each other.)   so maybe I'll pop in to take a couple pics of her.

so... that sinus headache I had??  yeah, it turned into a cold..   didnt notice it much until every one left last night... but as soon as the door closed, I realized that I pretty much felt like crap.  hopefully I didnt infect everyone while they were here!  And I sure am feeling it this morning...   oy vey..
OK.. on that note.. I suppose I shall take a shower and do something constructive like work on a bear order or easter swap stuff..  
Happy Sunday bloggy pies!

Friday, March 13, 2015


 HAPPY FRIDAY!!    tgif tgif tgif!!!!!!!   It really wasnt a bad week.. but you know I always look forward to the weekend.   Im sure most of us do.    Im picking Marla up after work and she is spending the night.  We are having a little birthday party for her tomorrow.   So Im gonna put her to work to help prepare for it!  well, you know.. the best way a three year old can help.  lol..  
 Actually, I'm praying that I feel better by tonight.  Ive had a tiny bit of a sore throat for a couple days.. and now since last night a nasty little sinus headache..  (stupid thing!)   Ive got to put myself on some vitamins!    I have had about 4 too many colds this winter.  seriously!
 Im keeping this short this morning.. I really need to run the vacuum, clean the bathroom and change my bedding so I dont have to do those things tomorrow.   
I hope everyone has a nice day today.. 
Its supposed to be sunny and in the 50's here...   woohoo!!!!
but doesnt it figure Im not feeling my best?  
Oh well.. I will still make the best of it!
Have a great Friday and a happy weekend every bunny!!  
hippity hoppity hippity hoppity hippity hoppity hippity hoppity hippity hoppity 

Monday, March 9, 2015

where did the weekend go?

 Well, that sure went fast..  the weekend that is.   I didnt really accomplish much.  As in..  I didnt work on the bear order.. or the chick order...   I did make my basket for the easter swap.  but thats about it.  I cleaned and shopped on saturday and yesterday Tiff, Marla and Lillipie came over for a few hours.   I had fun playing with the girls.   They truly are so precious.  Lillianna is like all of a sudden 8 months old and you can really see her crazy little personality now.  shes a doll! 
Robby, Tiffany and the girls are moving back to this area in a couple weeks!  Right now they are in Spencerport which is about a 50 minute ride.  Its going to be nice to have them 10 minutes away.  Then I'll have all my little pies at my fingertips!  love that!  
So, finally, all of my easter stuff is out.  I have some things I want to make...  but I really do need to do those bears first.   now that its lighter out in the evening.. maybe I will be a little more inspired to do something constructive or productive when I get home from work   I did drag out the big bin of wool roving yesterday with the thought of doing some needle felting.  And I just got a whole new shipment of tiny little eyes, so Im excited to make something..  sometime.. soon!
Im always so happy to get my bins opened up and sort out all the cuteness thats inside of them.    Its a shame to have to put it all away every year..  but thats how it goes.   I just have such cute stuff for each holiday, every body has to have a turn! lol!
Okeedokie.. I suppose I should get off the computer and feed my kitties and maybe put away the laundry for a change!  lol!  
I shall leave with the cutest bunnies I saw this weekend!
Have a great day bloggy peeps!

Saturday, March 7, 2015


SOOO happy for the weekend!  
Listen, I'm the kind of person who absolutely makes the best of every day and tries to put a positive spin on everything.  but some days at work are just brutal..   and that's all I'm saying about that.  Everything I try to type after that is just not appropriate in so many ways!! LOL! And I must not go there...    but oh how I would love to!  plus there are a few people I work with that do read my blog every now and then.. so you know, I gotta keep myself in check. (wink wink)  LOL!  Besides.. its good to have some self control.. even if it sucks!  But let me just say.. oh the things I would tell you about if I could.    and I don't necessarily mean just about the families I work with.. 
 there's just so much more to it!  
OK.. enough of that..   
I'm just really happy its the weekend and I don't have to do anything for anyone but my selfish little old selfie.  
unless I want too.  
I'm getting ready to head out to do a little crafty shopping with Tiffany, Marla and Lillianna , then back home to work on 4 bears for a bear order and some Easter projects!
I really just wanted to share this sweet little picture of my newest little pie, Scarlett and her sweet little friend Sophie.  Isn't she, aren't they, freak'n Adorable!?  I think so!
I guess that's really all I've got this morning.   
so, Happy Weekend all my little bloggy pies!
have fun.. create and play and spoil yourself in someway.  
that's what I'm going to do!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

easter partners

Good Morning bloggy peeps!  Happy wednesday!  I think its supposed to be sort of warm out today.. like 30ish!  it snowed, sleeted, and rained yesterday.. its almost spring!  and almost easter!  
So I started my easter decorating.  hopefully will be finished by the weekend.    I have become fat, lazy and tired this winter.   everything seems to take me way longer then it used too! lol !    well seriously not funny.. I really need to make some healthy changes.... now.  but I just ate two brown sugar pop tarts and a glass of carnation instant breakfast.  In about an hour I'll be complaining that I have a tummy ache.   I am my own worst enemy some days  (Most days!)! YIKEs!
Anyways... about the easter basket swap...   I just want to post partners here.  I do think I contacted everyone by email or directly to their blogs last night.  but here is the list:

Kelly  and Catie

There were two others interested.  One I was totally unable to contact and one that does not have a blog.    If anyone else is interested I will hook you up with Anna, who does not blog, but would love to join in.  I feel horrible leaving anyone out, but for those of you that read blogs but dont have one, if youre wanting to join into swaps, you should start a blog.  Or if your active on facebook.. that works too in most cases.  We like to swap with people we can see and get to know through blogging.  Its fun to blog and its fun to go to a new blog and meet someone new and to get a little picture of where they live and what their life is like.  
And its hard to have a partner that you cant access on a blog.    ok.. 
with that said..
have fun.. create something awesome for your partner.  remember its a little basket swap, decorate or make a little basket and fill it with eastery  fun!
You know my rules .. make it special, make it extra cute, make it so you dont want to part with it. 
Think bunnies, chickies and lambs!  
and be ready to mail out by march 25th!
Oh!  and be sure to take pics of what you send and receive and be sure to post them on your blogs so we can all see .
thats all for now girls..  now its hi ho hi ho...
off to work I go!
happy wednesday!