Thursday, January 30, 2014

my sweet little babies!

oh I love my little babies!  my precious little kitten heads!  arent they so sweet!?   some of you have been my bloggy pals from the git go and  might remember when I got them... they were just sweet little babies then.. (well they still are really.)

werent they adorable?   now remember they are not related.. they are two separete litters..  well really they are related because Im sure they are husband and wife! lol!
OH  I miss these days!  three litters and figgy never left her side and he fathered those kittens right along with here.. I couldnt find boxes big enough for all of them.
So stinking precious!!  I wish we could have another litter.. but everybody's fixed now.  Three litters was enough.  I dont think anything can beat the sweetness of a little of kittens!!
Well anyways.. I hadnt intended to post kitty pictures other then the first one this morning... but I got caught up in a fluffy moment!  lol.
lets see.. what all is going on around here..   not much.  my kitchen drain is frozen... this does not make me happy.  but hoping that it will thaw tomorrow.    supposed to finally warm up a bit.
today is Vanessa's birthday!  Happy Birthday nessa!
I've been working on part of her present this week.. cant show it yet.  but I will take pics to show after she gets it.  not even any peeks.. cause she is sneaky... arent you Nessa!  
I need to try to figure out when we can all get together for her birthday.  Its getting harder and harder now to get everyone together with all the crazy schedules!  okeedokie.. thats it for this morning..
see yas later!

Monday, January 27, 2014


OH my goodness to be on the beach....

in a warm sunny spot, under my colorful brelly!   digging my toes in the sand.... 

or just having a picnic at the lake with all my family on a warm summer day.. hotdogs and hamburgs on the grill..  baked beans and potato salad... Ketchup and mustard...

oh how I miss the smell of coconut scented sunscreen!     
I want pretty little barefeet and flipflops!

The sound of the water ...  playing in the waves....
beach days...beach days... how I miss thee!
Were having a blizzard here this morning.... suppose to die down a little in a couple hours.. but I so dont want to drive to work in it...   I suppose I should get ready and leave a good 1/2 hour or more early...  
have a safe and warm week everyone! 

Friday, January 24, 2014


Helloooo my friends!  I feel like Ive neglected you all again.  Its been a busy week.    And of course as always, I'm glad its the weekend.   Im having a valentine teaparty in the morning..  combined with a pampered chef party.  I pretty much gave up having parties like that a few years ago, but I was somewhere and this lady had a display out and I love their stuff.. so I got sucked in!  Its ok though I wrote on all the invitations that it was doubling as a valentine teaparty and I didnt care if anyone bought anything or not.. just to come visit me!     

well, Im not so sure how many will actually come because of this stinking rotten weather we've been having.    I dont like it.  I can handle winter, but this is the worse one I can remember in a long time.  just sooo cold and such crappy roads.   there was a bad accident just down my road last thursday morning and a kid (25) that my boys were good friends with was killed when he lost control of his car on black ice at 5:00 am.  I knew something bad had happen because I heard mercy flight come over my house.  then the other night a lady was killed when she lost control of her car on the crappy roads not too far from here.  lots of accidents and cars in ditches.. there was one planted in a ditch down the road this afternoon when i took figgy to the vets...  (thought figgy was sick.. but he must have been over what ever it was by the time I took him!  thank God!)

So anyways.. bad weather.. sucks!   Im having this party in the morning. so Ive been cleaning the house tonight to get most of it out of the way.   Im sure at least a few or the girls will brave the weather and we'll have fun regardless.   

Ive had a little crafty time this week.  I started the little pink valentine panda last night, worked on her this morning and finished her up a couple hours ago.   isnt she cute?  
The pink wreath Ive been waiting to get to since the girls were over 2 weeks ago making theirs.  I love how it turned out.  
and then I finally got around to doing something valentinesy on the big chalkboard that hangs on the fridge this morning.  
I also managed to rearrange, sort and clean up my craft room this week.  (Ive been such a busy girl!)  It wont look any different to anyone else, but it took me a couple nights and mornings.  so much easier to work when its cleaned up..  it wont last long though.  Im a very sloppy creator!

Have you ever had macaroons?  Ive seen them in magazines and on line and on blogs and everyone says how wonderful they are.  but Ive never seen any anywhere and have never had one.  but I found these today at WALMART of all places.  there are in the frozen section.  they were not cheap and there are only 12 cookies in the box... they were over $7.00.  But I HAD to buy them and try them.   I ate 4 of them.. and they really were pretty good.  not sure I'll buy another box anytime soon.  but Im glad I bought them.
OK.. I am exhausted and I need to hit my couch!  
sweet dreams and Happy weekend my friends!!  I will be visiting and catching up over the weekend for sure! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

cupcakes and baby pies

busy weekend!  A sleep over on friday night with Torry Pie!  We had great conversations about the moon and planets.  he is pretty convinced that the moon is hot and you can never touch it or you will ger burned.  I showed him pictures on line of the moon and of astronauts walking on the moon.  he was very curious and would have looked at pics forever I think!  It was pretty funny.  He stayed over so that his mommy and daddy could get up early to help Jennifer move on saturday morning.  
Then, Saturday afternoon we went over to jens new place to help out a little bit and to help take care of Violet pie!  She is so stinking cute.. I can hardly stand it.  this is one of Vanessa's pictures of her.  she has the cutest little smiles for only 10 weeks old!    Saturday was also Ellas birthday so I made a birthday cake and took presents over.. but my camera battery was dead!!  no pics!
Sunday started out with Grocery shopping, then Tiffany and MArlaina came over to make faux valentine cupcakes and then Marla pie spent the night with grammie.  she is the funniest little thing!  so sweet.. OMG!! I love her to pieces!  she is such a little snuggle bug!  I love that first thing in the morning.. she just wanted to cuddle for as long as I would.. where torry on the other hand got up and was like.." hey, Im up!  lets go in the kitchen and eat and play!"

I do have the sweetest little grand pies!  sweet little things!  
I am very blessed
Cant end my post with out showing the cupcakes we made...
Here are a couple pics.  mine are the first set,
 Tiffanys are the second. 

I thought they all turned out cute.   I tried to make a kitty like Diane Mars makes..   NOT even Close!  
how does she make hers so stinking cute!?  

Anyways.. that was pretty much my weekend.  I met Rob and tiff halfway this afternoon to return the princess pie then came home and have done pretty much nothing.  It was a nice three day weekend though.

Tomorrow its back to work.. and back to the single digit temps.  BRRRR!
have a great week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a tiny whine..

Can I just whine a little this morning?   well, Im gonna..  nothing serious or anything.. but omg.. 
first of all.. weird dreams and foot and leg cramps last night!!  yikes!  
second of all..
I have been just soooo freaken achy lately!  like every muscle in my body just aches.  my legs... my neck.. my arms..   not so much my back.. isnt that just weird?   so stiff..  and uncomfortable...  everytime I get up or change positions, its like moving in slow motion and achy stretching.  and I am feeling very lazy lately too.. maybe its just old age and the winter months  setting it!
I am not going to the doctor.. but this has been happening for a while, seems to be worse the last couple of days.    And its not like Im coming down with the flu or anything...   not sure whats up with the stiff achy muscles.. unless its just that Im carrying this extra weight and not getting any exercise.  and that Ive been eating any and everything that I shouldnt be eating!
I feel like I need a 3 hour massage and heating pads wrapped all around me! oh wishful thinking!
Well for today I will eat very healthy and stay away from sugar and artificial sweetners and drink lots of water.
Been helping Jennifer the past couple nights after work do some packing as they will be moving on saturday.  really, just the kitchen is left to do.  She will be on her own tonight as Im going to be babysitting for torry and Violet while Ness and Beth go to the gym.  I think thats the plan anyways.   
As long as I'm home to watch american idol, its all good! LOL!
Okeedokie.. Im done whining and I should probably get ready for work.  
toodles for now!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

good morning!

Good morning girls!  
Heres a couple pics from Sunday's valentines craft day with my girls.  we had fun.  I think were going to do this a lot more often.  everyone made their own version of the burlap heart  and they all came out really cute.  I didnt make one.  I held the baby and over saw what every one was doing and ate cinnamon rolls! LOL!

The baby.. 
is she not Stink'n awesomely adorable?  Everyone loves her tights... but I love her face!  lol!  and her tights... heehee!

I stole this picture off facebook.. its nessa and tonys picture.. but I could not help myself... 
ahhh.. I love my grandpies!  
happy Tuesday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

this week ....

Happy Sunday!  Its, been a crazy week!  started out monday when Tiffany had some bad back pain and we were worried about the baby.  But after a trip to the doctor we soon knew that the baby was fine!  sweet relief!  and as for her back, they didnt know why she was having pain.  she seems to be ok now.  thankfully! 
We had those cold cold temps all week, which were difficult to deal with.  Some of you may have seen the post I put up and then took down, but Bethany managed to get stranded on monday night in the blizzard in Genesee county.  she went off the road on the wrong side and her brother and her boyfriend went to her rescue her in weather with white outs and zero visibilty, which caused me a tremendous amount of stress!  but thankfully everyone made it home ok.
then Tuesday, I didnt feel good, called in and stayed home.  would have liked to stay home again on wednesday, but had stuff to take care of at work.. so I went.  but i have to admit I felt much better by that afternoon.  
Then Wednesday;  not sure if I've ever mentioned that daughter Jennifer and her husband have been renting a cute cottage on the lake but a few weeks ago they had a fiasco when their place flooded.  Luckily they did not lose any of their stuff other then an area rug.  They had to have someone come in and suck the water out of the carpets and clean them, but they survived it and seemed to get past it fairly well.    Until this week on wednesday when due to the freezing sub zero temps and windchills, some pipes in the cottage froze and burst, causing more flooding, as well as causing a ceiling to cave in in their bedroom!  This time not so lucky, they needed to get out of there.  So it was a made dash to find another place for them to live.  Thank God, he of course came through for them and they can start moving in to their new place now. Not on the lake, but a much nicer and way bigger place then the cottage they were in.  shes been spending nights here since tuesday which has been of nice for me, cause I loves my jennifer! 

So lets see, what else?  disasters past.. the temp went up to 50 something yesterday and  I managed to get all of christmas packed up and put away.  I even carried all of those bins back upstairs by myself!  Then I dragged out my valentines bins and got most of that done.  I have a little tweaking to do this morning, but thats the fun part!    

And then a fun, fun thing is that this afternoon all of my girls, Jen, beth, Tiff, nessa and my friend Sarah are coming over to do some valentine crafting!  so I'm off to finish tweaking my decorations and to do some cleaning and some baking!
What will my bloggy pies be doing today?   I hope something valentinesy and fun!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

c.c.c.c.c.cold outside!

OK.. I have to admit  its stinking cold outside!  I just took this picture on my porch this morning.  thats the overnight temp... out of the wind on my enclosed porch..  Yesterday afternoon it was warmer when the sun was shinning through, it made it up to 3 below out there!     
I didnt go to work yesterday, though not because of the weather, because Lyndonville has been very lucky not to get the snow... only a few miles south of us had the full fledged blizzard conditions.    Anyway, I stayed home because I just didnt feel well.. I still dont and while I was contemplating staying home again today, which I would really like to do, I remember a couple things that need to happen today at work.. so Im going in.  Im not sure I'll stay all day.. (I say that, but once Im there I probably will stay.)  

Yesterday I did pretty much nothing.  just tried to stay warm and cozy.  I attempted to play at my craft table for a bit in the afternoon, but had a head ache and what I started wasnt turning out like I wanted it too.. Plus.. these two fuzzy wuzzys kept getting in my way.  they really just wanted to curl up some place warm with me.. so we pretty much stayed on the couch with magazines and an afghan.all day.

I did make this coffee cake yesterday morning.. which I proceded to eat almost half of!  Hubby had a little piece and I'm pretty much finishing it this morning!    but I did lose 3 pounds this week!  god only knows how I did that!  but I'll take it!
my tootsies are frrrreeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzingggggggggg!
so Im going to go get myself together to go to work...
I hope my car starts....
This weather is brutal....  however.. its supposed to warm up to almost 50 over the weekend...  craziness.. but I'll take it!
going to take some tylenol and make another cup of tea.. 
toodles and happy day
a little edit here...
sooo duh!  
I obviously can not read a thermometer..
I was reading the Celsius side and not the Fahrenheit side.  so it is not negative 8 on my porch.. and yesterday it was not negative 3!   eiy yie yie... my husband told me I was wrong yesterday  and I told him.. "whatever.. Im right".   He didnt tell my why I was wrong... If he would have pointed out to me that I was reading the wrong side, I would not have been so hard headed about it..   oh well..  
lets just not tell him he was right.  He knows he was right.. but Im just going to forget about it!
(I just sneezed 9 times in a row... thought you might like to know that! lol)

Monday, January 6, 2014

down on the farm

 While straightening up the grandpies toys on the front porch yesterday morning, I got caught up in the moment and had to play!  just long enough to take a couple pictures and then I put everything away.  but it was fun while it lasted!
last night I crafted for a little bit, but really wasnt feeling so great so I ended up on the couch and probably was asleep by 9:30!  stilll not feeling so great this morning, but I have somethings that I have to do at work today, so I'll be heading out there shortly.  not sure if I'll stay all day or not though.
Found the idea for this little garland on pinterest... soo simple and it really is cute.  This isnt a very good picture.  I'll take a better one when I put it up next weekend.. where ever i end up putting it!  
we're supposed to get some nasty weather with some bitter wind chills dipping to 20 and 30 below zero!!  I know that some of  you are supposed to get windchills as low as 50 below.  thats brutal..  
I hope everyone stays warm and cozy..   Like Kim K.. I'm just praying we dont lose power.  Ive been listening to that wind blow outside this morning and I have to admit it makes me nervous.   not to mention that we did have a little flickr of lights a while ago.   
OK.. time for one last cup of tea, some tylenol and then Ive got to get going.
toodles girlfriends

Sunday, January 5, 2014

sunday morning .. valentines on the brain!

been pinning valentines on pinterest all morning..   still have christmas out.. but with in the next week the valentines decor will come out.  
I got over inspired on pinterest.. now I have to make something.. just not sure what!  heres a link to my valentine board.  
theres are sooooo many  ideas! 
so, Im off to clean up my craft room... just a little bit.. enough to make some work space.. and then Im playing.    
not feeling 100%  somethings brewing Im afraid.. but for right now.. I can stay warm, drink tea and pretty much ignore it.  
the tree in the pic above is mine from last year or the year before.. I found people had pinned it on pinterest.  oh goodie!  I get to inspire people too!  
happy sunday!

Friday, January 3, 2014

snowy blowy wintery day!

 Baby its cold outside!!!!  
and I'm looking out the window wondering if I can just plow my car through all that snow or if Im going to get stuck in my driveway.. or worse yet, if I'm going to have to actually shovel!    none of the above sounds like fun.  
 But these were good!  I had a few way too soft bananas and a handful of blueberries!  so I made some nice hot muffins.. the only problem with them... is that they were sooooooooo  yummy and hot... that I ate... THREE of them!  oink oink!!  not a good way to start out the biggest loser contest with all my family!  ok ok.. back on track.. hopefully tony will come home from work adn eat the rest of them! LOL!  he can afford to pig out.. the man is a stick figure.
OH.. the reason why I stopped in.. the winner for my elf challenge.. is Pam from virginia retro!  send me your address pam.

OK OK.. I have 20 minutes to get ready and out of here for work... and I truly will probably get stuck in my driveway.... 
happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the first day of 2014

 Im starting out the new year playing and drinking tea!  Can you believe Frannie pants fits in that cloche?  yeah, no, dont believe it.  I would never put her in there, but it is a pretty PUrrfect picture and great timing that she sat there and it looks like shes in the cloch! lol!   Im so easily amused!
so here we are in 2014..  
I went back through the year on my blog... I like my blog.  I like seeing all the pictures and reading about my days!  What I found this morning about the past year was that it was a good year.  we had a wedding, a new baby, and recently a Christmas engagement! Weve also had an annoucement a couple months ago that we have another grandpie on the way for this coming summer!   we had birthday parties, showers, beach days and summer breezes!  weekends at my aunts cottage, weekends spent with friends here and there.  A family reunion with lots of crazy relatives,   lots of days spent with my precious precious baby pies,  lots of  holidays, lots of fun decorating and creating,  33 pounds lost,
(umm and then 33 pounds found!)    
the only low and very sad point was that Rob and tiffany lost a precious baby last april, Nathaniel...  She was about 4 months along.   That was a very difficult time for them, for all of us, and I think none of us knew how to deal with it.  so we stumbled through it.. thank God for their faith and the way the lord got them through it.. and Thank God for the new life growing in her now.  
Really.. unless Ive forgotten something and didnt blog about it, I cant think of any other bad thing that happen.  Weve all been blessed with decent health, homes, jobs, enough money to sustain us, and abundant love.  I look forward to a new year!  a new baby, planning a wedding with my daughter Bethany, enjoying my violet, marla and torry pies...more beach days and more holidays.. more creating... and more weight loss! (LOL!)  
and so much more!  
so heres to 2014.. I'm glad I get to enjoy it here with all my bloggy pies!! 
love to you all!
Happy new Year!!