Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Cheers from Viv and Sandy!!

We're having a holly jolly- good time!

♫♪here comes sandy claus♪♫

( just stole this picture from sandys blog because its freaken awesome!)
(except that she is silly, and I live in tiny little lyndonville not!)

So today is the day that SANDY CLAUS comes!  We're going to have a weekend full of christmas fun, shopping, crafting, baking, eating, christmas music, christmas movies, hot choc, marshmellows... and whatever else we feel like doing!  woohoo!  I'm excited!  just disappointed that Natalea cant be with us...
But she will be in spirit!
In other news...   Heres some pics of the two bear orders I finished up this week.  One more big order to work on next week and then I think I'll close the bear shop for the  holiday! 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

deck the halls and everything else too!

I cant help myself!!
I know..  an ornament in the cupboard...   I just cant help myself.  The ornament was just sitting I hadnt used it yet and I thought to myself, where could I put just one single ornament?  It wouldnt fit in the cookie jar with the rest of them, so it didnt have a home yet.
I know, nuts.. right?
So when I opened the cupboard to get a bowl out last night, I thought that it matches some of my dishes!  and then I thought... what a cute little surprise everytime you open the cupboard!  so it now has a new home for the holidays!  
I know i'm not right in the head.  It reminds me of my refrigerator you remember him?  only he talked with the door opened.  wouldnt it be fun if the ornie was light sensitive and every time the cupboard  door opened it started playing some christmas song.. like "Deck the halls with balls so jolly"  LOL!
well, it just doesnt take much to amuse me!
Happy day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

almost done..

Yes,  its beginning to look a lot like christmas, at least in my house.  I havent gotten to the porch or the outside yet.. maybe this afternoon when I get home from work..   or not!  I am pretty much finished inside.  I still have to decorate the little tree in the kitchen, maybe tonight..  we'll see..  At least it is mostly finished.  all the hard parts anyways..   (im already dreading taking it down, putting it all away and figuring out how to put everything back together!)   
decorating 2 
Back to work today.  Im ready.  I loved having the last 5 days off  puttering around, decorating, visiting, cooking, cleaning a little shopping, and hanging out with family.  All things I love to do!  Once this decorating is out of the way, I can concentrate on Christmas crafting!!  but first... bear orders.. I'm going to work on those tonight.  lol!  I know, I already said i was going to decorate outside, the porch and that little kitchen tree.. but really, now that I think about it... the bears will win.  I want to finish this bunch with in the next couple days cause there are more on the way.
so for now.. its off to work I go!
have  a great day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

pooped out!

so long thanksgiving!
wow.. 5 days off and I feel like I need several more to recover from them!
wednesday was spent cooking and cleaning and visiting with all my girls and babies..  Thursday of course was spent cooking, putting up the tree, cleaning up and visiting with family.  Thursday night babysitting and dessert at our friends house.  Friday packed up all the thanksgiving and dragged in, I dont even know how many bins of christmas!  decorated... ALLLLLLL day until about 10;30 that night.. saturday.. still decorated but did go do a little shopping for a few hours.. and then back to decorating and cleaning house..  until again 10:30 last night.. (remember Im up and moving at 5:00 am...)  And that brings us to today...  I still have to do the outside and the front porch and I need to clean up this house.. 
girls.. I have a secret.....
here comes santa claus!
I have too much stuff! 
But look at this cute old set I bought yesterday... 
lol.. I can not fit another thing in this house....
well.. maybe I can... 
Ive just had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast, gonna finish my tea.. and then get started on my day full of work! Hoping if I can get everything done by this afternoon, maybe I can do a little crafting.. or work on bears..   I just got another order.. 
well see, maybe I'll just crash on the couch watching christmas movies!
Have a great sunday girlie pies!

Friday, November 23, 2012

This is what I'm thankful for..

my beautiful family! 
gimme that pleaseshes getting me!
whats up turkey buttwheres torry going
precious babies.. always in motion!
beautious peoples
my girlies!
tiffany, torry, marla and gert
pretty babies
beautiful faces
aunt nessa makes some good stuff!silly torry pie eating pumpkin pie dip
messy faces!
Aunt Nessas pumpkin pie dip!
figgy and frannie..  
(taking turns where they dont belong!)
christmas peek aboo 
and, today...I get to start christmas decorating!
my house is a hodge podge right now.  Thanksgiving is still out, along with some too cute to put away halloweenies .. that will get packed this morning.. and Jennifer noticed yesterday that my china cabinet is full of too cute to put away EASTER!  well, it is too cute to pack up.. some things need to be displayed quietly through out the year, until it is their turn to shine loud and bright!
and its time for the elves to shine!   Bring them on!
have a wonderful weekend my sweet bloggy pals!
Im so very thankful for all of you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy thanksgiving !

boy and bird
Remembering to be thankful today . I feel so very blessed most of the time!  And even when I'm not feeling it, I know that I am.
I am thankful for so many things.  I have everything I need.. and most everything (thats reasonable) that I want.  I have healthy, beautiful children and grandchildren, a husband of 31 years... and wonderful friends. a house, a job, a car, craft supplies! (lol!) and I am loved and needed. 
(peek aboo!)
so... with a thankful heart.. I shall make my way into the kitchen to stuff my turkey!  then.. I m putting the tree up!
I have bins and bins of friends who are dying to get out to celebrate the season of christmas!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!  
and happy christmas decorating!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanksgiving eve day

couldnt pass this cute little turkey flower up!
Happy Turkey day eve!  now.. its really holiday kick off time...  feeling a tiny overwhelmed.. but just a tiny.  Today Im making my pies, a couple pumpkin, an apple and a pecan.  then it'll be on to the stuffing and the squash.  Then I'll probably cut up the brocoli for the brocoli salad.  I wont make it til morning though so it doesnt get soggy in the dressing.  I think that will be all the cooking for today. 
getting ready!
Then I think I'm going to put my little tree up.  I dont have room for a big tree anymore since the parrot came to live with us, unless i move him out of the living room into my bedroom or craft room and I dont want to do that to the bird. Believe me I've thought about doing it just for the holiday but he likes being around us and I dont want to hurt his little birdie feelings!
this baby needs to thaw
I'm hoping that my turkey thaws!  its 28.29 lbs.  I took it out of the freezer on monday and left it in the fridge.. but its still frozen solid!  so its sitting out for a few hours today on and off.  hopefully it'll be ready by morning.. I hate when the inside is still frozen and I have to run water in it to get the bag of guts out!  
Looks like the kids will all be coming tomorrow!  I'm glad of that.  I think the girls were all coming over this afternoon to help with some of the cooking.. but it'll probably be done by then!  (its easier to do it myself anyways... but I like to have them here.. they can do the dishes! lol!)
I had a visitor at this window this morning
figgy and frannie and I kept hearing this sound out this window this morning, but it was still dark and hard to see out at first.. but then we saw him.. a little sparrow hopping around in the window box between the screen and the dead flowers!  jumping around on the screen looking in at us!  I dont know what he thought he was doing .  but we watched him for about 15 minutes.  then he flew away!  I think he may have been trying to tell me not to forget to put the birdfeeder out this winter!  I couldnt get a picture of him because it was still dark out at the time.  Figgy and frannie were thrilled with his company!  lol  i should have taken pictures of them watching him!  darn.. wish I had thought of that.
I'll be plucking his feathers to reuse them next year!
Picked up this little turkey mum yesterday.. thought he was cute.. and not only that, but when he dies, I can pluck his feathers and use them again on something else next year!  
OK.. thats if for now.. I really need to get busy in the kitchen..   I'm about to turn on some nutcracker music and off I go!
Have a happy day!  I'll be back tomorrow to wish you all a happy thanksgiving !

Monday, November 19, 2012

monday morning jibber jabber

njs bear
Well of the last ten bears, this is the only one I can show you so far.. I sent the first five off with out taking their picture...  except that I needed to change something on this one so I brought her back home.  This time I remembered to take her picture!  
A short week this week!  I work today and tomorrow and then have the rest of the week off for the holiday.   I will be oh so very busy... finishing the last two bear orders today and tomorrow and probably into wednesday a little bit.  
njs bear 2
And Wednesday is also a big baking and cooking day as well.  I'll be making all the pies, the stuffing, squash and salad for thursday on wednesday.  I also am hoping to be able to get my tree up on wednesday too..  I truly am not sure if I will accomplish all of that.. and of course get my house cleaned as well....   lol!  come to think of it... I must be dreaming!  oh where is that fairy god mother!?  lol
The whole family is coming for dinner on thursday.  Actually I could put the tree up on thursday morning.
Then friday I will go full steam ahead with all the rest of the christmas decorations.  that will take me most of the weekend... mixed in with a little christmas shopping.  
Then.. I havent told you about next weekend yet, another short work week, as Ive taken next friday off too because Sandy Camarda is coming to spend the weekend with me.. christmas shopping.. baking and crafting! And hopefully we'll see Natalea too.
  I cant wait!
OK.. time to get ready for work... 
have a great day girlie pies!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


ornies 1
yesterday morning while listening to shotguns going off nearby..while sweet little deers were being killed by eager hunters... I was finishing up my whitmans candy box ornies for elizabeths swap.    Way to many shots going off.. I hate hearing it.  I hate knowing that some sweet little deer was just waking up and starting his day getting some breakfast and then bang bang!.. its over.  I must have heard about 20 shots..   I hope they all missed!
ornies 2
I know.. I know.. I know.. all the reasonable reasons there are for hunting.. and its all fine and good for those who do it.. I just dont like how people can be so happy about taking the life of any animal.  I sort of feel bad if I kill a spider even... one minute they are just enjoying their life on the web and then... smoosh!  its all over!  lol.. I' know im being silly girlies..   believe me, I've killed a lot of bugs!  anyways..
ornies 3
so while the hunters were out killing deer, I was putting red noses on these little guys and glueing them into little boxes!  
And figgy and frannie were enjoying some warm sunny spots on the front porch!
figsteralien cat
franniefrannie sunspot
the rest of the day was not quite so productive.. Today.. a little shopping this morning and then bears for the rest of the day!   well, unless that christmas tree keeps calling to me!  lol
Happy Sunday Girls!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

i love these kids!

tony and vanessas engagement pictures
Tony and Vanessas engagement pictures.  I stole these off facebook!  off the photographers site.. naughty me!  but arent they beautiful pictures?  Tony and Ness are the ones who had baby Jacob in june.  I can tell you that they are doing very well all things considered.  They have busied themselves making wedding plans and working and they had bought a house just before Jacob was born so they are enjoying being home owners.
tony and vanessas engagement pictures
I love them together!  So does Vanessas mother, she is a doll herself.  Nessa is a quiet girl, but extremely creative and she loves my son...  which makes me love her all the more.  I know how much he loves her.  It makes me very happy that they have each other.   
tony and vanessas engagement pictures
I feel the same about robby and tiffany, jen and tony and beth and torry!  It is good to know that someone loves them and is always looking out for them.  Anyways.. tony and Vanessa have set the date for October 5th next year!  woohoo... another wedding!  I told you that he proposed to her the night before rob and tiffs wedding!  He painted on their bedroom wall in glow in the dark paint.. "will you marry me?"  Arent they cute together?
tony and vanessas engagement pictures
Sooo.. thankful that its the weekend.  Ive been busy this week, working on bears.  I have 2 orders of 5 completely finished.. one order delivered the other about ready to go out in the mail.  Then I have two more orders to do this weekend.  on order for 4 and one of two.  Sorry I didnt post pics from the first order before I delivered them..  one of them is still here because I wanted to change something on it.. maybe when I take it back to her I can snap a pic of the others.    And Sues bears I wont post til after christmas as she asked me not to.  but they are awesome bears! 
tony and vanessas engagement pictures
I managed to squeeze in a little christmas crafting  and finished my whitmans candy box ornaments for Elizabeths swap.  they are so cute!  
so.. today.. clean up the house.. and I think Im going to find the bins for the christmas tree and put that up.. as well as work on those bears.
I may decide to go do a little bit of christmas shopping ... who knows..  its one of those weekends where I can pretty much play and putter.  hubby has to work 2:00 to 10:00 both today and tomorrow which means that I can get a lot done here.  Harder to putter when hes around! LOL!
wow!  can you believe thanksgiving is in 5 days?
have a great weekend my friends!

Monday, November 12, 2012

santas little helpers...

1st elves of the year..
Hello!  well, I got that out of my system for now....
Now I should be able to totally concentrate on those bears.....
I didnt spend the day on them like i was going too.... got sidetracked...
well, one more thing before I work on the bears....
I need to make faux thanksgiving cupcakes!!
do you think there is something wrong with me...
I think I have OCD!!
happy night!