Friday, April 22, 2016

♥ she has a name ♥

Seraphina Elisabeth Neroni

sooooo stinking sweet!!   
do you see that smile in the first picture?  
oh my goodness ♥ oh my goodness ♥  oh my goodness ♥  
sooooo stinking sweet!
did I already say that?  lol!
happy friday everyone one!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

new baby alert!

Welcome to the world little princess..  welcome to my world!  and thanks to God for a beautiful new blessing!

She was born at 10:07 yesterday morning weighing in at 6.2, 
just a tiny tart!  not quite a whole pie!
A new little apple of my eye... (along with 5 others!)

Little tiny footsies (that look big in the picture).  
 precious, perfect.. beautiful.
already in love. 
Im so thankful for another sweet blessing in my life!
her Name???   I know what it is... well at least her first name.  but I'm waiting for mommy and daddy to announce it first!
have a happy day bloggy pies!

Friday, April 15, 2016

friday morning chit chat

I hate when I get obsessed about something.  Walmart .com has these giant garden mushrooms..   I am feeling like I need to have them all.  They are not cheap.
If I could just choose one of them...    but I want them all.  The question is..  will I do it?  lol!   I might!  Im considering it.  maybe I'll buy two and then see if I still feel like I need the other.  Remember when I wanted the jar of easter candy at homegoods and I was so obsessed about it?  I over came that and didnt go buy it!  LOL!  but this feels different! lol...
Then there's these cute little mushroom stools.. which I feel like I need 4 of and a little table to go with them for my pies.  but I wonder why they dont have a table to go with them.  I suppose I could make one.   how cute it would be with a little mushroom umbrella!  
Walmart also has lots of gnomes.  If you like gnomes.  I dont have any.. but it might be cute to have one hanging around with the mushrooms if I buy them.  I love Kim Kenwards little gnomes and gnome house that she has in her yard, so stinking cute! And of course she decorates it for every holiday!  (I love that kimmie!)
In other news..  I am feeling like packing easter up.. maybe this weekend.   And Im also dying to get creative.  I have a little bird and mouse taking up space in my brain, needing to come out! lol!  but I really dont know when that will happen.  I also have bear orders to work on and grandpies to see and a new one coming on tuesday!

 Im on call this weekend til next friday.  I used to not mind being on call once in a while, but I have lost the zest for it. Too many hours the last few times I was on.... makes my head spin!   I cant do that anymore, too old for it or something!  I shall persevere though the next bunch of times I'm on, but next time around, Im not signing up for anymore then I have too. Im too tired and have too much to do outside of work! lol!
Im trying to remember how I decorate for spring!  This decorating job gets tougher and tougher every year! lol!  Think I shall go to pinterest for some ideas.  Because if I do manage to find the time to pack up Easter, I will need to do something else right away or my house will be bare naked!  lol!
Well as usual, Ive got to run... need to get ready for work.  
Looks like were in for a beautiful Springy Weekend!  
Have a lovely one bloggy pies and Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

home again home again jiggity jig!

I'm Back!  what a wonderful trip.  a little bit of visiting and a whole lot of nothing but relaxing on the ocean.   Every day at the ocean was so fresh and beautiful.  waking up each day with waves crashing right outside of our balcony, waiting for the sun to come up.. was nothing short of heavenly.

We visited my dad and step mom, only for a day, but it was sooooo good to see them.  I love them and miss them so much.  

(those sunrises....  breathtaking!)
I went with my cousin Michelle.  we haven't hung out together since we were kids.  We have always been known to have some pretty good laughs together.. and that never changed.  We laughed so hard a few times we were snorting and tooting!  (I snorted.. she tooted! LOL!) she had Laughing GAS!.  Umm.. she would kill me for telling you that.  but I don't think she knows I have a blog.  lol!  but just in case.... ( Michelle.. it was hysterical...  and I love you cuz!)  Not kidding we laughed so hard one night that I'm surprised someone didn't knock on our door to check on us.  or to tell us to be quiet. SERIOUSLY..  We are both LOUD laughers!

we walked the beach a couple times a day..  I don't know how to explain the feeling I get at the ocean or even at the lake..   its is a total "sigh" .  I do believe that it is the only time and place that I ever fully relax.  and that is exactly what we did.  we both needed it.   just vegging out.. staring off into the ocean, soaking up the warm sunshine.. .while it snowed and was like 28 back here..  it was 75 to 85 there each day.  We could not have picked a better week to go.

we spend a couple nights at my moms.  it rained on Saturday, so we went shopping for alcohol.. lol!  and tried on hats at walmart!  lol!  I think I look a little snobby in this picture! but isn't my mommy cute in the pic below with Michelle!?

The survived the flights..  and I can still honestly say, I do not like flying.  not sure when I'll get the nerve up again.  but I'm glad I went.  Our flight out on Friday morning was cancelled.  Supposedly the crew didn't show up..   I don't know about that.  anyways, they put us all up at the Hampton inn for the night, gave us 100.00 vouchers to fly with them again and also an 8.00 food voucher to use at the airport...  you can get an ice tea and a muffin at the airport for 8.00.  lol!   anyways we got home Saturday morning.  It was good to be home!

But I have to admit I miss this view from our balcony every morning.  
When I got home I didn't waste much time in going to visit all my grandpies!  You would think I had been gone for months I couldn't wait to see them all! lol!
and speaking of grandpies....  Our new grand daughter will be coming into this world a week from today..   Tiffany's having a C section next Tuesday morning!  I am so excited to meet my next little princess pie!   no name chosen yet.  
OK.. I guess I should get ready to go to work..   have a lovely day all!