Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've got the blues..

well, not really the blues..I am grumpy though!

thank God its the weekend..

but I'm on call..

please pray for a very quiet on call weekend!

Theres a doll show saturday, my daughters having a purse party here on sunday and monday is our 30th wedding anniversary.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

hippity hoppity? no.. Thumpety Thumpety!


Sudden inspiration smacked me in the face while visiting another blog..


someone who makes the most awesome old mohair friends had created an elephant, sweet as could be!


Ive made a few elephants before, but hadnt tried needlefelting one yet. But I suddenly knew that it was the next thing I was going to do and I knew that it wasnt going to be just an elephant.. but


It would be an EASTER elephant!

I went to bed for two nights in a row, thinking about easter elephants! (what do you think about when you go to bed at night??)


When I finally got started on it, I hated it.. but that happens sometimes.. then I just have to keep on playing with it and tweaking it until it takes on its own life and becomes what its meant to be!


I knew that this ellie needed to have an easter basket and some chicks,


And I knew that she would need to be balancing on a big felted easter egg!


And what easter elephant doesnt have a big fat bunny tail and big fluffy bunny ears?


she is happy with her fine self now.. except that now that I'm looking at the pictures, I think she should be holding her sign in her trunk. (lol, I almost said beak instead of trunk!)


Well, I hope you like her. Now i'm off to the shower and then off the see the Lyndonville HS production of Barnum .. (heehee..speaking of elephants!)


and after the show, my whole family and all their significant others and friends of ours are all going out to dinner to the new restaurant in albion called the Crooked Door.

soo... off I gooo

thumpety, thumpety thump!

(oh.. I havent forgotten about my giveaway.. I'll do it tonight or tomorrow.. so keep leaving comments!)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hippity hoppity giveaway

tree 3
Hello girlfriends! Ive been working on some easter treats for a special swap I'm doing with a few girls. and I decided to make and extra something special for an easter giveaway!
tree 2
cant say what it will be, though I do know.. but you will have to be surprised. I promise it will be cute as a button though..
well, really, it will be cuter then a button.!
easter tree
DO you like my little easter tree? this one sits in my kitchen window, then I have another one on top of the entertainment center and another one that I took to work today to decorate my office with ! Then I saw another one that Im wishing for.. it's really big... and very expensive.. at 125.00, I guess thats a lot for an easter tree but boy would I love to have it!! However, if I were to BLOW the money on it, which I'm so not going to do, then I would be overwhelmed by its size and would be hemming and hawing about where to put it and what to put on it, and then Id be in pursuit of buying, making or swapping for more ornaments, and all of the above could be stressful! so I must must must stop thinking about that beautiful light springy green, big ole easter tree. yes.. i must.
easter glitter!
Soooo... anyways.. short and sweet here tonight...
back to the giveaway.. leave your comments on this post.. or any others that I might post this week and I will pick a winner on sunday.
I feel like I'm behind again in visiting.. but truthfully, I'm not.. Ive been keeping up on google reader the last few days, but have not left any comments.. or not many anyways.
I seem to be bouncing from the computer to the craft table to bed to work! Is it friday yet???
anyways.. leave your comments and check back sunday for the winner!
huggles and hope the rest of all your weeks go well!
night night..sleep tight!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I hope youre not tired yet ....

Of this adorable cuteness!

(turn the sound off on my music box

so you can hear him laughing!)

anyways, I hope you dont get tired of us..

cause he only 3 and a half months old..

and I think I'll be doing this forever!

doesnt he just make you smile!?

or am I just biased!!?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

♥I love somebunny♥

OH yes I do!

I dont understand why the people who do the music Playlist thing dont have "here comes peter cotton tale" in their huge collection of songs! I really wanted to post it here to go with this picture!

Oh well.

Its been a busy weekend, though not very productive.
We'll be cooking steaks out on the grill tonight. sounds so yummy..
then tomorrow, Its seriously back on weight watchers..
and I mean
happy sunday!

Friday, March 18, 2011


OK, I finally got a few things together for my etsy shop.. I hope everyone likes them!
I hope they are good enough to sell.
Please tell me honestly what you think..
I have more to add.. but I have a few other things that I need to work on first...

bear orders, easter swaps, and birthday presents!

And really, since I keep waiting for my fairy god mother to come clean my house and she never shows up... I'm going to have to do it myself.

and GUESS WHAT!!?? you all know the answer to this question...



No plans except to play and putter this weekend. and..its payday too! OHH OHH OHH!! and the official start of spring is sunday and theres going to be a huge full moon this weekend too! so its gonna be a good weekend!

for now.. its off to work I go!

♥huggles to all my sweet little blogger pals!

(oh, someone asked me how to make the musical notes in one of my last posts, hold down the alt key and at the same time on the number pad, hold the 1 and 4 or the 1 and 3!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Hope everyone feels a little bit irish today!
I forgot I was going to buy a box of lucky charms to have for breakfast... darn!
Go here for last years "top o the morn'n post!
no time to play this morning.. :(
have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♫♫he rocks in the tree top all day long♪♫

robin 3
♪♫happy little robin just a singing his song♪♫
robin 5 x
♫♫rock'n robin.. tweet tweet tweet♫♪robin 6 x
OK.. you do know thats a micheal jackson song and that Im not just bonkers! right?
robin 7 x
NO time to sit and chat.. just wanted to show you my robin friend. She turned out just like I had pictured in my head.. well sort of anyways.
A friend told me that she is a he because of his red breast and that he may be a transvestite because of his easter bonnet...
Oh dear .. I dont care.. hes still cute and springy!
I have 6 pieces done and ready for Etsy. Hopefully I'll work on that tonight.
and HOpefully I'll have enough time to do some blog hoping!
for now...
I have 25 minutes to shower, eat breakfast and pack a lunch!
o happy day blogville!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

torry pie!!

turn the sound off on the music player so you can hear him talking!

Did a little shopping with the girls and torry today. We had to take a break in the parking lot for torry to have his lunch and a diaper change. Afterwords he just wanted to sit and have a little visit! Isnt he freaken adorable!

can you hear me singing?

♪♫♫♪its saturday, its saturday♫♫♪♫♪♫♫♪♪yippee yippee its saturday♪♫♪♪ ♫♫♪hip hip horray its saturday♪♪♫♫♪♪♫♪horray horray its saturday♪♫♫
geez.. do you think I'm happy that its saturday?
lots of playing to do today.
see yas later!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Make that doubleTrouble
with a capitol T!!
naughty babies!
"OH! I can almost reach those tassels!"
"Hey Frannie, no pipecleaners in here.. "
"hmm, there must be something to get into here.."
"hey Frannie! JAckpot!! pipecleaners.. in your favorite color besides!"
"I'll get one out for you.. just hang on a minute!"
"coming your way frannie! here! catch!"
"all that work an youre dropping it!?"
"OK.. now that she took them from us, I guess we need to find something else to do.. see anything interesting Frannie?"
"yeah, Figgy, more pipecleaners here.. I think I can get them.. hang on a minute!"
"UH OH! caught again! but.. its ok.. shes looking for something to distract us with, maybe she'll dig all those mice out from under the entertainment center. or give us treats... "
OmG!! these cats are naughty naughty naughty!!
they are into everything.. nothing is safe.
but they are soooo freaken cute and I love them to pieces.
have a great day everyone!