Monday, October 31, 2016

trick or treat!

Happy Halloween!!

 These two pics were taken by friends who spied my boney and betty in my car in the parking lot today! 
such fun!

Hope you get lots of candy!!
have fun!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

my little Halloween cottage!

 Happy Saturday!  Halloween Weekend!  woohoo!  I love decorating for holidays.. I just do.  I cant help myself.  I actually think my decorations are quite tame in comparison to some! lol! well, I just dont do anything creepy.. because I get creeped out by scary stuff.  I cant even watch a scary movie... especially if its like evil...

my house is tiny, so I have a lot of stuff packed into it!  I have to use a lot of self control not to get to carried away.  lol! 

 ONly two more days, and Betty BoneCracker will get to ride around in my car for the day.  Im actually considering taking Boney and Bonita too.   Do you think people will think Im ridiculous?  well some will.   but really, I dont care what anyone thinks.. they just dont know how to have fun.. Right?

today I have to do a little shopping to get some stuff for my grandpies.. just little halloween trinkety stuff.. you know stuff that will end up thrown out or lost at the end of the week. but they'll have fun with it for a little while.    

Marla and Lillianna are coming over this morning while Sister Sera goes to the doctor.   I think we might make cookies.  And then later Scarlet, Violet and torry are coming over while their mommies go somewhere.  and I think we are going to make cupcakes.. so those will be their halloween eaty treats.  Not giving them candy..   well, I dont think I am anyways!  lol! who knows when I get to the store. 

Just thought I would post some pics from around the house instead of the close ups that I always post.  my bathroom is decorated too.  and the bears in my bedroom are wearing witches hats.. but not worth posting pics of.   Dont look too closely at my dumpy little house!

 I need to take another picture of the porch because I put Boney Neroni standing in the window now too.     Skeletons have gotten very popular lately havent they?  I see them all over the place in people yards and windows this year.  some people are very creative and have a lot more then I do.  I did consider buying a new skelly this year.. but I have enough...  but if I went in the store and found one at half price on tuesday morning..  I would buy it! lol!
ok.. i need to go get myself together before the girls get here.  have a great day and a great weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

a very quick good morning to you!

ohh.. blogland.. how I love you!   its all love and sunshine over here.  and when there are issues we deal with them sweetly among us don't we?  oh but then there is face book.  I had to run from there this morning.   tooo. much. political. bull. 
I'm so glad we keep that out of here.  or at least where I visit, there is none.   And I wont bring it here today. .  just saying that I'm grateful for my bloggy friends that keep it sweet and drama free!   xoxox!

Of course I'm over here surrounded by Halloween stuff.  lots and lots of it.  was thinking about what makes it all so special.  Most of my collection is handmade by myself or friends.   I do have a bunch of Bethany Lowe  and Lori Mitchel store bought stuff and some other trinkety store bought pieces.. but most of this crazy collection you cant find anywhere else.  I like that. 

Its the same for all my holiday collections of STUFF!  

speaking of other holidays...   there are only 9 weeks til Christmas!  5 paydays for me...  66 days!  but I'm not really thinking about that yet...     lol!  not until after Halloween.. then its full steam ahead!  lol!  OK.. just a quick stop in.. I have to get ready for work.  
have a happy happy day lovies! 
ps... thanksgiving..  cant forget about thanksgiving!  thats only 35 days from now.. just so you know.  heehee!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

halloween trees

I've been wanting to get over here to put up a new post, but I've been sick.. AGAIN!  feeling better today, which is good, because I have a Halloween tea party here this afternoon.  I had contemplated cancelling it.. and truthfully, I probably should have, because I'm still not great.   but I shall disinfect every surface that any of my ghoul friends might come in contact with before they get here.  And all food will be made with a Mask on my face and hands scrubbed clean with disinfectant soup.  Seriously.  I don't want to share my germs!  I hope once this is completely out of my system that I will not get sick again this year!  No.. I don't get a flu shot.  I'm afraid of them......

I haven't been doing anything too crafty this past week.  I did pretty much nothing.   last weekend we had my birthday dinner and every one came over for  lasagna and cake.  All my little grand pies.. several of which had runny noses...  ( I think that's how I keep getting sick...!)  Though in fairness to them for that day.. I already had it.   Anyways..  that's just life in a big family..  we just share stuff!  lol!

I don't have much voice.. when ever I get stuff...   it almost always settles in my voice.  I am prone to laryngitis.  Some of my family members might appreciate that!  lol!  So, my guests today will have to do most of the talking and entertain me.  

Soo.. do you think I should condense and just buy one big Halloween tree or keep putting 5 smaller ones out every year?    Do you think I have too many?  I think I'm nuts..  5 Halloween trees??  really???   one on the mantel, one over the TV, one in the kitchen, one in my craft room and one on the porch..    Oh, whatever.. whats so nuts about that??  LOL! 

Its ok, I know the truth girls..  I know that I'm a little over the top.. I know that I get a little obsessed about certain things...    but in reality, I'm not hurting anyone and I'm happy..  right???   maybe I need some medicine! lol!
OK.. I need to go disinfect my house..  
have a great weekend. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

skellie love

There's a party in my kitchen!  lol!  how funny to find Frannie sitting on Betty bonecrackers lap this morning!  I was immediately inspired to dress the picture up a bit ..  had to help them celebrate that its OCTOBER!   one of my favorite months.  

And in the living room Boney Neroni is taking a break from his presidential campaigning  to warm up by pumpkin glow!  lol!  

While Bonita enjoys a sunny break on the porch.   I really have considered buying another skellie to put in a chair outside.. but really... how many skeletons should a girl have?  LOL!!  

Heres last years pic of Boney.. perfect for election year!   I think hes quite qualified in comparison..
lol!!  though honestly.. nothing funny about this election...  :(  
anyways...  Im not thinking about it.. 
 gotta think of something fun to do today.   
have a great weekend!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo happy october xoxoxoxoxoxoxo