Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I love christmas!

 I thought it would be easiest to make a few collages of Christmas pictures..  well, I ended up with 6 of them.  sometimes I worry that my blog page will be slow to open for some people if there are too many pictures on it.  I hope that's not the case and I'm sorry if it is.  
We had a great Christmas.  I stayed home this year and didn't go to my mother in laws for dinner.  It has gotten too hard to have everyone over and then rush them through the morning to send them off and then for us to leave.  It was sooooo nice to take my time and not worry about how fast the cinnamon rolls got done and how fast the we opened presents..  We've been going to my mother in laws every year for probably 39 years.  Tony still took off in the afternoon and went there for a bit.  shes an hour away so he was gone for several hours.  I'm glad he went to see her and I'm glad I stayed home! lol!
 We were all massively spoiled as usual.  I really did try not to go overboard... but I'm a little worried that I'm not capable.  There are 18 of us now.  so I cant go too crazy!  lol!  I love to give them gifts!  I just cant help it!  lol!  I just try to make it as special and magical as I can.  I feel like that's my job.  lol!  Someday when I'm gone.. I just want them to remember these holidays.    Anyways.. I'm don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.. ;)
 The kids were all sooooooooo stinking adorable and soooooooo good!  the day was just perfect.  I just wallowed in it all day.  And my kids truly spoiled me.  I am blessed with a loving, giving family.. and best of all.. they all love Christmas too!  they get that from me..  lol..  their father just tolerates it!  LOL!

 I fell asleep early Christmas night and slept for 8 hours...   unheard of for me..  and Ive been tired ever since! LOL!    I need a project to get my fire lit again! lol!
 aren't they all adorable?  they melt my heart!  
And then these pictures below..   thank goodness for Bethany and her selfies!  LOL!  shes a nut.. they all are..
I love the one of my 4 kids above.. don't those boys look happy?  there goal is always to make some gnarly face for the camera!  lol!
OK.. I guess I should get ready for work.  Have a wonderful day!
and in case I don't get back here before the weekend..  Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

 Ive been hoping to get here to wish every one a Merry Christmas for the past week!  finally here it is 6:00 am Christmas morning and I am here!  I was up til 1:00 filling 17 stockings, but the gifts have yet to go around the tree.. they are in piles in the living room, craft room and in my bedroom!  I just couldn't do it last night.. was too pooped!  Tony helped me get them all down stairs and then I went to bed.. and woke up far to early for going to bed at 1:00.  
They will all be here around 10:30.. which means 11:00.. (my family is always later then I tell them!  lol!)  And for the first time in probably 40 years, we are staying home all day today!   I think my husband would have liked to go to his  mothers for dinner, but I just really wanted to stay home and enjoy the chaos that will take place here ..   lol! It will be nice not to have to open presents and rush out.  I will miss seeing my mother in law and the rest of my husbands family.  but hopefully we will see her another day this week.  
I'll be making a breakfast casserole in a couple hours and cinnamon rolls and we'll also have some cut up fruit and there will be bagels and cream cheese for anyone who wants them.   Then later we'll be having Beef on weck and cheesy potato's.. as well as a ton of snackys left over from last night.
I think its time to pump in some caffeine! I need some energy to get these gifts arranged!  hubby will sleep a couple more hours..  How does he do  that!?  lol!!
 soo have a blessed Christmas my friends! I hope you all will be enjoying your families and that you all get a special little giftie!   love to you all!
Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

a little quickie post!

 Hello Hello Hello!!  where oh where have I been??   I don't know..  I guess Ive been working and shopping and shopping and working!  and I have been crafting a bit too .  I finished up all of my orders and was suddenly free this weekend to make something that I wanted to make for myself!    
On thanksgiving, I took the pics above of the kids.  it took a lot of bribing.. and possibly rice krispi treats were involved! They really just don't like to have their pics taken.. unless its their idea!  lol!  poor things.. I'm always sticking the camera in their cute little faces. but they are just so cute, I cant help it. 

so, I took the pictures, edited them to black and white, gave them pink cheeks and noses and then took my little savey stick thing to rite aid and made copies of the photos..  came home, cut them out and dressed them up!  this time I painted and cut out their legs and feet.  at first I wasn't super thrilled with them, but by the time they were all finished I was pretty happy with them.   And then...... 

 I did this!  I was trying to decide what to do with them..  They were a little too big to be ornaments on the tree, so I hung them on a garland instead!  And this, I love! I'll be adding two more little elves this week..  I need Ella and Carson elves to go with them!  I have other plans with these photos as well, but I cant say what.. just in case one of my family members reads this..  I don't think they do.. but you never know!

So what do you think of this?  this is a picture of Torry that was taken and posted on the Orleans Hub.. an online Newspaper for our county.   Isn't this just awesome?  doesn't it look like a little boy in awe of the christmas trees?  Our town has a little park with about 60 trees that people and agencies decorate.  Anyways, Bethany took Torry to see them and the photographer  caught this pose!  So then Bethany tells me the truth behind the photo.  She said that she was actually on the other side of the tree telling him to get over there and he wasn't listening to her.  He was getting in trouble!  lol! She didn't know someone was taking the photo until it was posted and people were asking her if that was him! lol!  anyways.. the back story just makes it funny I think.  but I love the photo.    he looks like a little boy in contemplation of the beauty of Christmas! LOL!!  
speaking of Torry, we had his little birthday party here last night!
here's a little collage of pics from last night.. taken with my phone.. not very good photos.. but it is what it is!  

oyvey.. I am sooo tired tonight!  I just keep waking up so darn early.  today was at 3:45.  I stayed in bed til 5:00.. but I was not comfortable.  I need to stay up til 11:00 so I sleep until 5:00.. but when I wake up that early.. I'm ready to fall asleep at about 9:30!
Okeedokie..  Ive got to run.  I need to do some blog reading!  see you there!  Have a great night my friends!