Saturday, February 27, 2016

I just invented a new holiday!

Good Morning!  I was excited when I woke up and remembered that today is saturday and its officially "Unpack the bunny boxes day!"  (a holiday, that I just made up! lol!)  I so love holidays! lol!
Anyways, I woke up at 4:00 and tried hard to go back to sleep.. but as Torry says..  "my eyes just wouldnt stay shut!"  It probably didnt help that I had two cats lying on my chest staring into my face purring like harley davidsons!  and it wasnt even just that.. little feet were kneading my neck and armpits.   so I thought.. may as well get up.  and so we did at 4:45!  

I tried to be quiet.. but I am not very good at that.  I needed to take the three valentine bins upstairs and bring the 4 easter bins down.  Tony was sleeping on the couch.. and I had to go up and down the stairs a lot.  Im sure he was a little annoyed.. but thats what he gets for falling a sleep on the couch!  lol!  not to mention, and this is the truth..  When I opened the door to go upstairs, Frannie leaned on it twice slamming it shut.  seriously..

Then I started opening the boxes and peeking in at all the cute stuff! 
 omgoodness.. I have way too much stuff......
I actually left a couple small boxes of stuff upstairs that I didnt put out last year. 

Its about 7:15 now and Im on a tea and bloggy break.   I probably wont get much done this morning because Im going out to breakfast with a couple friends..  

But, when I get back,  I'll be hopping right along.. quick like a bunny to get everything unpacked and put in its place! 

So..  happy "unpacking bunny box day" to all my bloggypies!

Monday, February 22, 2016

easter stuff at target

OK,, so I admit it.. I am a holiday junkie.  what else can I call it?  All I can think about doing it running from store to store to see what they have out for Easter!  I do that for every holiday!  Theres just so much cute stuff out there, I don't want to miss anything!  lol!  

Targets dollar spot is the best!  I was like, "I need this.. I need this.. I need this.. oh. and I need this.. and this...  and this!"  such cute JUNK!  cause in reality.. it is.. just junk.  I was scooping up stuff for Easter baskets.. and we all know that most of that kind of stuff is short lived and eventually ends up being the stuff that gets thrown away at the next big bedroom clean up! lol!  but its so cute and fun and the kids love getting that kind of stuff..  and I love to buy that kind of stuff ,...  

Targets holiday package graphics are just too cute!  don't you think?  I was good, I didn't really buy any decorative stuff..  except maybe those little jars (that came in a set of two for 3.00).  and.. they were still putting stuff out, so I'll be sure to go back..   But I don't need anything.  

I went upstairs and just peeked into my Easter bins yesterday morning..  I plan on packing valentines stuff away and putting Easter out this weekend.  I just need a whole weekend to do it.  
This past weekend on Saturday Jen and I took Violet and went shopping for the day.  I picked Torry up on the way home and he spent the night, then Sunday morning Violet and Scarlett came over and Jennifer and I ended up taking all three of them shopping.  It was about 5:00 by the time I got home and had a few minutes to myself.  I love my babies .. but I love my quiet time too! lol!
anyways...   that's about that!
And here we are on Monday again!
Did I mention to you.. that I'm going to Florida?  My crazy cousin and I are going April 1st through 8th.  We're going to stay a couple nights at my mothers and a night at my dads and the rest of the time we have a hotel on the beach.   I cant wait to go.. but, I really  hate flying...  like  seriously.  hopefully I'll survive it! lol!
OK.. gotta get ready for work!  have a great day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

wednesday morning chit chat..

31 days til spring!  Just cant come soon enough and we've had a pretty easy winter up to this past weekend.  now Ive definitely had enough.  Friday I drove home from work in the worst weather that I had driven in in a long time.  couldn't see a thing.. had no idea where I was on the road.. it sucked!   I just kept driving and praying!  and thankfully made it home. as did all my loved ones that were out in it.  God is good!

 Then the sub zero temps came to keep us frosty all weekend.  This is a 100 plus year old house.  Built in like 1880.  It does not handle those temps well..   Temps were -5 to -11 with wind chills to minus 24 below.  Our furnace ran pretty much nonstop for the whole weekend and it struggled to keep the house warmed at 64 degrees.  I had to go out and buy a new space heater and ran one in the kitchen when I was out there and another in the living room.  BRR!  

So I guess I was glad when it warmed up a little and the next storm hit yesterday.  I was grateful that I didn't have to work yesterday.  not sure how much snow we got here in Lyndonville, I would guess about 9 inches on top of the 9 or so that we already had.  Some places to the east of us (Rochester) got 18 to 20 inches.  so I guess we were lucky!  I'm lucky because my hubby went out last night and plowed and used the snow blower to clear paths and cleared off my car.  it was pretty buried and there was no way I would have gotten out of the drive way!  (I do not shovel!) 

Anyways, so I stayed home in my house that was finally able to heat itself up to the comfy cozy zone again, with my sweet pets!   I kept Buffy busy trying to remind her how "here comes peter cotton tail goes as its time to switch songs again. and I played in my craft room with Figgy and Frannie!

I had this old dolly with her legs and head unattached.  She was my grandmothers and she gave her to me along with another doll years ago.   Finally I wired her back together and cut off her hair, cleaned her up and made her a bunny costume.  she is the first Easter friend to arrive for the Easter season! LOL!
 The only other thing I did yesterday was hours and hours worth of notes for work.  still not caught up, but I'm not donating any more time.  ya know what I mean?  
anyways.. Have a nice day!  I better get busy here and get ready to go to work.  
happy Day! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

♥♥♥happy heart day♥♥♥

Good Morning!  Happy Valentines day!
I hope everyone is spending time with someone they love today and is feeling loved.  

I'll be spending most of the day at home.  I made cookies and pie yesterday for my hubby and my kids.  And I had bought little boxes of candy and some trinkets for my little pies.  

 I gave Tony his pie this morning and told him I made it for him to share with me!  lol!  So, that is what we had for breakfast!  Cherry heart pie!  Yummy!  
and to be honest..
 I had already eaten two cookies with my tea at 5:30 this morning!  lol!

I found the cutest little valentines at Wegmans and this cookie boxes at Micheal's, was going to use the boxes just for the cookies but I ended up using them for the kids little gifties as well as they were the perfect size.   and those little valentines worked out perfectly on the boxes, didn't they?  

I had bought a little bit bigger boxes of candy for Ella and Carson and theirs wouldn't fit it those cute boxes..  oh well.  look at the cute 5.00 dollar heart!  I didn't buy any trinkety thing for Carson, I always give him money, so I googled folded money hearts and this is what I ended up  making!  cute huh?  
If I had had 5 one dollar bills I would have rather done that because how cute would that be to get a little treat bag full of dollar hearts!?  
not that Carson cares about cute.  

Anyways.. I suddenly have Easter creeping into my brain, and I have a little something, or someone hopping around in my head..  so maybe I'll be posting something cute soon!
have a great day! 
Happy Valentines Day!
ps.. did I mention that we are on day 2 or 3 of subzero temps.. It is stinking cold out!

Monday, February 8, 2016

good morning monday!

Good Monday Morning my bloggy pie friends!
I should not be sitting her on the computer as I have an order for 14 shirt and tie pillows that I need to finish.  well, they're all cut out.  I guess that's good, since that's what takes the longest.  Sometimes I just don't want to sew.  unless I have some great burst of inspiration.. but these pillows, do not do it for me.  lol!  
sometimes I have so much other stuff going on with family, work, orders and other responsibilities that I get myself a little attitude.  which is why those pillows arent done yet.  I wanted to do anything other then work on those, so I cleaned and dusted yesterday. you know I must have been desparate if I was cleaning over sewing!   lol!  But it was for me, because  clean house is a gift you give yourself! 

I shouldnt complain too much.  I do find time to craft here and there.  I couldnt live with out it.  I did a couple of valentine swaps with a couple friends and made these mice above.  but now that Im looking at the picture, I realize that I never gave them whiskers!  duh!  Barb and Marlene, if youre reading this, please give them whiskers!  lol!

this is what I recieved from one of the girls, Barb!  its a mouse sailing on the SS VIV!  how cute is that!?  Love it! the other I havent recieved yet.  but I'll be sure to post a pic when I do!

I also did mushroom valentine swap with another friend.  this is what she made me!  Love it!  I tried to upload another picture of it so you can see the spool base.. but blogger wont let me right now for some reason.   I cant show you what I made her yet, because she hasnt recieved it yet!  but I will when she does.
HOw 'bout these adorable treat bags!?  cute or what?  1.00 at the dollar general  I couldnt pass them up.  now.. what shall I put in them?  

Okeedokie bloggy friends.. I really need to get ready for work!  so toodles and have a great day!

Monday, February 1, 2016

valentine kitchen and birthday parties!

oh my.. sorry .. I disappeared again!  bad bloggy pal I am!  
I don't know what Ive been doing.  just stuff I guess.  
we had Scarlet pies first birthday party this past Saturday..  
she is just adorable I tell you!  I'll post some pics from the party in a minute.  
Here are a few from my kitchen.  
Don't you just love to decorate? 
I can not help myself!  

the kitchen usually has fairly decent light in it so I can get some ok pics in there. 
 but the living room is another story!   too dark.  but I'll take some in there this week sometime.
Still haven't been able to do any valentine crafting..  but planning on it for Saturday.
I have a friend or two coming over to play!
then after that its seriously back to work in the bear dept.
  I have procrastinated far too long.

I hung some hearts on the front porch after work tonight and it made me feel like I should go buy some valentine tinsel garlands to put around the doors 
and a red tinsel heart wreath to hang on the door! 
lol... you know I'm going in search of those things on my lunch tomorrow.
hopefully walmart, dollar general or dollar tree will have some.
I wont have time to go to Joann's or Micheal's, 
where I know they have them.
fingers crossed!

OK!! look at this beautiful little princess! 
isn't she perfectly awesome? 

she was so cute trying to figure out what to do with that cake!  
I you want to see the rest of her party pics.. look at my flickr site, I just uploaded about 28 pics I think.

Okeedokie.. that's all for now folks..   I have to go make my husband a milkshake and get a fudgicle for myself.   and then I'm coming back to blog hop!  
have a great week!