Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year chatter...

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all my blogger peeps!
I was trying to think of something profound to say.. or just something about the old year.. but I got nothing! 
Im looking forward to a new year.. Hopefully I can get my sh@*  together this year! lol..   well, Ive said that pretty much every year of my life.. and havent done it yet.. dont know what makes me think this could be the year! lol!
no resolutions here.. I wont stick to them... Unless my resolutions are like:   play on the computer every day... create something every week.. eat lots of cookies and ice cream.   be late for work as ofter as possible...  spend lots of money on craft supplies and STUFF,  burp out loud daily  (I always try to burp quietly... it hurts!)  Ok.. I dont know what else.. but I think I could keep those resolutions! 
Have a safe night if youre out partying!  we are staying home.. hubbys back is out, and our friends that we usually go to are sick.   and actually, I'm not so sure how great I feel...  but I am babysitting for both babies..   eiy yie yie!
Happy New year all you beautiful girlie pies!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

what I did yesterday.. a lot of pictures!

for months.. maybe years.. Ive been seeing christmas dollhouses, including Kim K's sweet little house.  I have these two old beat up old houses that Ive had for about 25 or more years.   Every so often I would drag them out to play with a little bit, but they really have never been anything special. 
So for quite some time Ive been saying that I wanted to turn one into a christmas house and one into a halloween house.
Then, Yesterday Kim posted pics of her sweet little christmas house and it was at just the right time!  Inspiration struck and stuck!  I had nothing else planned and nothing else I was dying to do, It was snowing out and I didnt need to or want to go anywhere, so I dug my little houses out!
I actually was going to use the other house, but then decided that one would be better suited to halloween and this one for christmas.   so I played around with it most of the day and night!.  
10 11
I had everything I needed except the white felt, but my hubby was a good boy and went out in all that snow to walmart to buy some for me.  My  little house needed a snowy roof and icicles.  dont you think?
Its a tiny little house, only 4 little rooms.  someday I would love to have a big old victorian doll house.  I  havent been in a very long time, but the strong museum in rochester has a lot of dolls and doll houses on display that are really freaken awesome.  now Im wanting to go!
I used to go to some doll and miniature shows, years ago, but they dont have them in our area anymore.  theres a doll and bear show once a year, that has a couple booths that sell small things, but thats about it.  
I dont dare go looking on etsy or ebay for stuff.. I cant afford another obsession! lol!
I could easily get carried away!
Anyways, I enjoyed myself yesterday cleaning this one up and making it all christmasy!  Now the question is, what ever will I do with it?  I guess I'll have to make room for it in my craft room.. which is already overflowing with STUFF.  
oh how I love stuff!  all kinds of stuff..  (God, please dont let me turn into a hoarder..thank you and amen)
look a little cloche!  sort of big for the table, but really, who cares!?
You know Im going to end up on etsy and ebay now that Ive done this one.. I'll be itching to do the halloween one.  Im going to need to buy some STUFF!  even for this one,  Im thinking a little buffet  with some christmas cupcakes and gingerbread house...
And really, probably best if I dont let my mind wander to the halloween one yet!  but on the other hand, I could start collecting things for it now... right?
So I had fun yesterday and finally did something that Ive been talking about doing for a long time.  I used just what I had on hand, but somethings I will redo, like the stockings on the fireplace, I want to make real ones and the gifts, I will make real ones.. as well as a few other things. 
Such fun!  I hope you enjoy my little christmas house!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

oh the weather outside is frightful...

snow 3
Perfect weather to stay in and make lasagna.. and I saw soup on susan blogs... I'm thinking some potato soup might be in order too..  if not today.. tomorrow!
And Kims blog has finally caused me to pull this beat up old doll house down from the top shelf in my craft room... no plans for today.. not going anywhere... so... I'm thinking, maybe its time for a little christmas makeover here!   well, thats the plan... we'll see how far I get with it! lol!
And, In other news, yesterday was marla pies first birthday.  i babysat for her last night while her mommy and daddy were working so gammie made some brownies and invited torry and her aunties over to sing happy birthday!.  she really liked our singing.. (most of the family doesnt want to hear us sing! lol)
happy birthday Marla pie!
Torry was happy to wish his sweet cousin, "marna" thats what he calls her, a happy birthday too.
happy birthday Marla pie!torry sings happy birthday
so.. cinnamon rolls in the oven.. now going to do a very quick clean up around the house, make the bed and some little odds and ends.. then... on to the doll house... 
wish me luck!
happy snow day!
ooohh! one more thing...   I LOVED the movie, life of PI.  the kids I took thought it was lame in the beginning.. but believe me, it had their attention through the whole thing.  Im going to buy a copy when it comes out.
OK.. off I go!  toodles little bloggy friends!

Friday, December 28, 2012


When life gives you snow.... 
make snow babies!
maybe next year Torry and Marlaina will be ready 
to go out to play in the snow!
 heading out to take a bunch of our teenaged foster children to the movies and dinner today for christmas.  
we're going to see life of Pi, I hope they like it.  I know I will! 
Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas babies!

christmas eve, torry marlaina and miranda
I still havent recovered from all the preparations and festivities!  in fact I slept for 9 hours on christmas night! me.. who only sleeps 5 or 6 hours at the most! 
christmas eve, torry and marla
we had our annual christmas eve party, with way too much food and lots of laughs!
christmas eve torry and marla 2
I took a ton of pictures, but really, the best were of the babies... so thats what I'm posting!
christmas eve, torry and marla 3
the same for christmas morning!  we all were spoiled.. especially that babies and they both looked stinking adorable!   omg... I just love them to pieces!
christmas morn 2
Lots of gifts and stockings for everyone!  took us a while to get through them all.  I think everyone liked what they got.  Big Torry had my name... and he seriously spoiled me with lots of cute stuff!  and my kids all pitched in and bought me a new sewing maching... (so Jen could have hers back! LOL!)
christmas morn 10
I made breakfast for everyone, we opened our gifts and then had to head off to the city to tonys mothers.  Which is difficult for all of us, because everyone has places to go and its hard to drag the babies around and fit everything in.  Next year we have to do something different.
christmas morn 14
heehee! doesnt marla pie look like a little christmas elf?  soooo freaken cute!!  I could smooch her to bits!
christmas morn 15
we had a white christmas here.. just enough to say it was a white christmas.. but today?  It is seriously white out there.  we've been having a winter storm here since last night..  We probably have about 14 to 18 inches of snow, deeper where the drifts are...  hmmm... I have no boots!  threw them away last year..  and.. My car is stuck in the drive way and my tires are bad.. so hubby is driving me to work.  I hate snow covered roads...  really, Im just not a fan of snow at all.. 
but.. I live in new york and we get snow!  so deal with it I must!
hope you all had wonderful christmas'es !!!
and now, I need to go get ready for work

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

santa came!

he filled all the stockings and then turned around and said.....
santa came!
Ho ho ho... Im going to bed!
Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Well girls this is it.. were finally here! 
Isnt Marla christmas pie ADORABLE?!
woohoo.. its christmas eve.. 
santa will soon be on his way! 
One more Sleep!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day filled with lots of love and laughs
and a few pressies.. and good food... like cookies..
I have to work half the day and then we have christmas eve here with two other families, our closest friends. 
In the morning everyone starts out here, and most of us will then make our way into the city to my mother in laws house. 
thank god I have wednesday off!  no plans.. might go see les mis though.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my beautiful bloggy friends!!!! 
love you all!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


shadow box from KIm
I get the best unexpected things in the mail from the sweetest girls!  
thank you Kimmie!  I love this wonderful glittery little shadow box!  it is just delightful and I love that even decorated the back!  soo sweet!
back side
And to Chris!!  thank you so much for this adorable little tree in the little tart tin!  I love it.  You know I love bottle brush trees.. this one brings the count up to 93!  I dont think I told you all how many I counted after I played the little guessing game.. i need to go back and see who was closest! 
tree 3
And another big thankyou to my dear friend Kelly! 
so much fun in her package!
thank you Kelly
And I LOVE this big ol snowman head pillow!  
Isnt he wonderful!!
I love this snow friend!
 Sooo....  I am done shopping.. Not NEEDING to get anything else... but I might run up to medina today to get some candles.  Other then that.. I have some crafting and some baking to do.. Hubby has to work til tonight... so I will be home alone blasting the nutcracker and dancing around doing what I love to do best... creating and baking cookies!  Oh.. and I am planning on watching white christmas.  I want to watch its a wonderful life, but I dont have the dvd and it wont be on until christmas eve, so I wont get to see it unless I rent it.  well, maybe I will...
Okeedokee!!  off I go to make the bed and get ready to play!
oh, and by the way.. its snowing and blowing outside..  just in time for all those people who have to go out shopping today!  so glad I dont!
have a great saturday before christmas!