Thursday, November 26, 2015

turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey!

Ive had visions of Turkeys dancing in my HEAD for weeks!  and now.. I just want some TURKEY in my BELLY lol!  with mashed taters, sweet taters, squash, veggie casseroles, gravy.. rolls...  STUFFING and PIEs!!
I am soooo very thankful every single day for sooo very much!  
and Im thankful for my bloggypie friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

busy busy busy!

Good Morning bloggy pals!  I had yesterday off for Veterans day and was busy from 4:15 am til I dropped onto the couch at about 9:00 last night.  I managed to pack up Halloween in the morning.. then I went on a secret mission with ALL my pies Torry, Marla, Violet, Lilly, Scarlet, Ella and Carson and my daughter Jen (the only other one who knew what my plan was.)   when the secret part was finished,  I took them all out to lunch, minus the babies, we dropped them off at their homes first.  wish I had had my camera with me.  They were all so so good.  not a single behavior issue.  We did have one unfortunate incident, when precious little violet fell in the grass and cut her face on something.  nasty little cut, right near her eye..   broke my heart!  I felt horrible returning her to her mom injured...   The kids were having so much fun running around and playing and then boom!  she was down.
After all that, I came home and dragged the thanksgiving bins down (only two).   and then it took me the rest of the day and evening to put everything out and to clean up.   We ended up ordering pizza and wings because I was lazy and tired.  

and now.. I must get back to work on my memory bears!  Ive pretty much been a bear making machine.  Here are a couple pics of two of the orders I just completed.  there was a an order of 6 that I just finished also, but I delivered those with out taking pics first. 

I seriously still have about another 30 bears to make, as well as a few other odds and ends orders.    all good.. my plan is still to have them all done by the end of the month.  fingers crossed!
and so now..
I need to get ready for work.  kind of have a nasty little headache this morning.. hoping another cup of tea and some tylenol will end that.  
Have a great day!!!
OHHH!!  PS!!
update on the gender reveal party!  
another princess!!  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

chitter chatter...

See the turkeys??  I dont..not here anyways. These turkeys are still packed away..   Halloween is still up and needs to come down. But I just dont know when that will happen!  so busy with bears that I shouldnt even be sitting here right now!  lol!  Seriously.. maybe I'll just go from halloween to christmas...  but I will miss my little turkey friends....  lol!

Today were having a little birthday party for this little sweetie pie who turned 2 yesterday.  I made her cake this morning and have her gifts all wrapped!  I'm all ready her.   I just love all my babies so much I can barely stand it!

Then, my own baby Robert's birthday is monday!   we get a little birthday busy at this time of year!  After Robs, is big Torrys, then bethanys, then little Torrys and right after christmas is Marlas!  then the end of jan is Vanessas and Scarletts.   Not that you care when all our birthdays are!    sometimes I just ramble on about stuff! Lol!

And speaking of stuff, yesterday I took Marla to a doll show.  lol.. there were moments she loved it and moments she was ready to leave!   She loved the barbies that she got there, but was frustrated because barbies shoes wouldnt stay on her feet!   She had busy day yesterday because after the doll show date with me, she went to see the Snoopy movie with her other gramma!  she deserves lots of special days!  
so in other news...
I have a secret plan in the works...  but I cant tell you.. because I have daughters and daughter in laws that might peek in here every now and then.. and I cant be sure if they still do or not.. so no secret telling here..   you too, shall have to be surprised!   just say a quick prayer for me that it all works out!  like really! 
and one more thing..  Tiffany and Robert are doing a little "gender reveal party"  on monday evening.. so I shall soon know if Im getting a boy or girl grand pie!  fingers crossed for a boy!!  Torry would love a boy cousin.  but I sure do love my princesses..   so Im happy either way .. of course!
okeedokie.. Im off to work on bears.....
Happy Day my friends!