Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ok.. all better now!

front cover

Omg!! its going to be 77 out today and partly sunny!!!!! I have to go to work, but I think I can do a bunch of homevisits so I wont be totally stuck inside! heehee.. I told natalea I was going to wear my bathing suit to work.. haha.. not!

inside cover

this is the project I started after my last post two nights ago.. Ive had this kit for a year now, and finally its a good time to work on it!
page one

I love these papers and used them for one of Elizabeths tag swaps too. arent they adorable?
page two

I dont know why I didnt start this sooner. I picked the kit up at a creating keepsakes convention. I have another book from two years ago that I think I'll do as soon as this one is finished.
page three

the convention is coming up again soon, I think in may or june, so I m hoping that maybe they have some other cute book kits, maybe one for torry pie!

OK.. just wanted you to know that Im in a better mood, though I do have to share I've got more craziness going on here.. got a new piece of news yesterday from another child of mine.. it never stops.. will let you in on that little secret later.

also, my sweet sister, whose husband has cancer is really struggling. so if you could send up a little prayer for them I'd appreciate it. she just needs a little bright spot in her days...

OK! Hi ho hi ho.. its off to work I go!!

have a great day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

sigh....just whining here..

what do you think it is? post holiday let down? too much rain? not enough sun? a stressful last week? my daughters wedding?? a little discontentment?? people irritating me?? hmmm.. I dont know.. but Im not feeling my normal cheerful self.
where is my freaken fairy god mother? I need a trip to where the sun is shining and its warm out.. I need to win the lottery!! Yeah, she doesnt exist..... never did. (I just really like to pretend! I like to pretend i'm a princess too.. but sometimes when reality hits... its pretty disappointing! lol!)
I think its been raining for weeks and its supposed to keep raining allll this week! theres never going to be any flowers this year.. they're all gonna drowned!
just call me debbie downer today! I think I could almost handle the rain if it was warm enough to sit on the porch and look at magazines or something.
I think I'll go eat some freaken chocolate candy! just what this fat old body needs!! lol! yes, perhaps chocolate for dinner would be good.
send me some sunshine girlfriends!!
PS I dont what any one to really worry, because I am fine, just a little whiney. I am still oh so grateful for my life as it is.. I must just be tired! oh, and cold and wet! lol!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


YOu know I'm all about cute little bunnies and chicks and cute as cute as I can get... but the truth of the matter is that easter is not really about bunnies and chicks and easter eggs. Just like christmas is not all about santa claus, reindeer and little elves! these things are fun to play with and to create, but the bottom line is that God had a son, Jesus and that he came to earth to live and to teach us how to live and that he then died on the cross as Gods sacrifice for us. So that we could be forgiven for our sins.. and after dying a horrible death on the cross and being buried in a tomb, he came back three days later! He arose from from his grave and he lives and because of Jesus, we can have everlasting life in heaven someday too! I dont know about you.. but I am soooo grateful for this!!

(be sure to take a few minutes and listen to this song thats playing on my playlist, My redeemer lives by nicole C mullens!)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

hippity hoppity easters on its way!

here comes peter cotton tail... hopping down the bunny trail! hippity hoppity easters on its way!

I have a little shopping to do today, as tomorrow is also my sons birthday. and tonight is game night at my friends house, so I need to pick up something to make.. probably stuff to make fruit and veggie pizzas.

last night we dyed easter eggs.. I do have pictures on my flickr if you want to see them. Its always so hard to decide which pics to put where! and I'm always afraid I put to many here and that it takes too long to load when some of you come to visit!

I've had so much fun creating cute eastery things this year! and I'm been in some pretty amazing swaps and I have sooo many awesome little easter treasures! just the thought of easter being over and having to put it all away makes me sad! well and, its overwhelming!!

then we enter the time of year that I dont have a lot of decorations hanging around. my family probably appreciates this! my house will be lacking in the cuteness department!

So what will you all be doing for Easter? do you cook and have family over? thats what will go on here.

I'll be cooking a big ham, mashed taters, asparagus, rosa marina salad, deviled eggs, cut up veggies, shrimp cocktail and bread or rolls and for dessert and because its my sons birthday a carrot cake.

Im also going to make some cut out sugar cookies today, because I have the cutest sprinkles to use!

If the weather cooperates, I'll be making my kids look for eggs outside. heehee.. they are not all excited about doing this! I told big torry that I had bought them all bunny ears and that they had to wear them while they were looking.. he believed me! haha! but it is a good idea isnt it!?

I still have to pick up some lottery tickets for all of the easter baskets. 10 baskets I have to do. thats just too many! I suggested to Bethany and tiffany that next year we do secret bunnies and each of us will be responsible for filling an awesome easter basket for someone else, with like a 50.00 limit. they liked that idea.. and sooooo dooooo I!!!! the guys might struggle a little with it.. but we'll help them out a little.

Anyways.. I ve got to run.. I really wish I didnt have to go out, but I do.. then when I get home I have stuff to do. I guess I'm officially done easter creating for this year. I have a couple projects waiting on the side lines. I hope to start the first one this afternoon!

I'll be back tomorrow to wish everyone a happy easter!

see yas then!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

here comes the bride!

cake 1

Well they did it! they're married. my baby is not jennifer neroni anymore but is now Jennifer trupo. there ceremony was quite short and a tiny bit awkward.. but sweet just the same. I'm already looking forward to when they renew their vows with a minister this summer! I cant believe that I only had a days notice about this hole wedding thing and that they were almost not even going to tell us!!

2 getting married

they are cute together.. and I think they will be happy.

3 you may kss the bride

We all went to the ceremony, luckily everyone could get out of work for the morning.. a few of them work afternoons anyways so it worked out for everyone. And Tony T's sisters and father came. I really like all of them. I had met his sisters before, but not his dad. I can see where he gets his sense of humor from!

torry torrypie and uncle robert the dork

(heehee!! look at my little Torry pie!! omg I love that baby!)

dont mind the weirdo in the back ground.. I dont know who that is! haha!

1 the trupos!

Jens new family! I'm making them all part of my family now too. I really like the girls and I'm glad that jen will have such great sisters in law.. father in law too!new sisters in law  and a husband!

I dont know how I did it, but I managed to get my house cleaned, shop and put together a brunch. I made a breakfast casserole, cut up fruits and veggies and dip, and bagels, donuts and cream cheese. plus I made a cake!

the bride

and I made the cake topper last night too! I thought for the last minute everything came together pretty well.

cake topper

lol! just dont notice the sloppy job on the cake.. Im not a cake maker! but I did make homemade frosting and it is really good! the cake is two mixes. Everyone loved it though.

the smooshed the cake in each others faces!! it was pretty funny. I'm glad they did it!

rubbing it in!

they had fun I think. I really would have liked to do ten thousand times more for them, but this is what they wanted!

cake kisses

cake kisses!

My husband held them captive in the kitchen for a while so that they would notice that all jens siblings and their significants had gone outside to decorate their car! I think Bethany might have been the master mind. Look at her.. with her fathers boots on! what a goof she is!

trouble brews outside!

Jen and tony t were surprised when they saw what everyone had been up to!

uh oh 1

I'm so glad that my kids love and support each other so much. They really are all good friends as well as siblings. They do a lot for each other.

uh oh 3

Including messing up cars!

good sports

So, one down... three to go!

I survived!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

after the initial shock...

OK, so after sleeping on it and getting my head wrapped around it a bit and after the initial SHOCK has worn off a bit, Im ok with it all.
In fact, I'm very happy for them. It just isnt how I imagined her getting married.. but come to think of it, must of the things that I imagine dont generally happen quite the way I think they will! tonys a nice guy and he loves her and she loves him. what more could we really want... (well lets not think on that question too long!)
soooo.. tomorrow morning at 10:00 am my beautiful baby will be marrying Tony T. yes, that makes 3 tonys in our family.. hubby, son and now.. son in law. They would have liked to do things differently but for many reasons decided to just get married now and a party later.
so.. I'm good with it all.. but now I'm thinking maybe i should host a little brunch here afterwords... I guess I should call her and ask her if that would be ok... Its only going to be our family and his there. and guess what.. it was only going to be them originally... now this I might have beaten her over.
so girls.. my babys getting married in the morning! got any ideas of something special I can do for her today?
guess I better take tomorrow off.. I already took this afternoon off to babysit for torry pie.. thank god robert and tiffany decided to wait til next summer to get married.
I have such a crazy family!
no wonder my hair is soooo white!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


my daughter Jen just told me that shes getting married on thursday morning at 10:00. this is how im coping!

Monday, April 18, 2011

easter treats!

ornament swap.. Rebekah conklin

Another swap completed! this one was a 6 player ornament swap! and OMG!! all of the ornies are soooo freaken sweet!!

the above awesomely sweet little bunny girl was made by Rebekah Conklin from full of bliss! LOVE her!!

ornie swap.. theresa whitmore

and this freaken awesome bunny was created by Theresa Whitmore from sycamoremoonstudios! I cant get over the creativity!! omg.. she makes the most wonderful things!

ornie swap.. Cyndi Lachance

and are you squealing at the rabbit above??? how freaken adorable is this one?? Made by Cyndi Lachance from Holiday sparkles! Gosh.. I just cant stand the cuteness!

ornie swap ... valarie kraft

And this perfectly sweet one was made by Valeria Kraft from glitterydazeandnights . The tiny little details in this are so wonderful!! I just love it!!

ornie swap  .. cheryl comfort 1

And lastly the gorgeous glittered egg was made by the crazy talented Cheryl Comfort from artsyfartsy! She comes up with the most phenominal ideas!!

I LOVE every one of these ornies so much! These girls are all so creative, I think it oozes from them! so your probably wondering what I made?? yeah.. I forgot to take pictures and I gave the one I made for myself away!! so If one of the girls posts a pic, I'll get it and pop it in here.

what a great swap this was!

from kelly!!

So, in other swap news... you know if you come here often that my dear friend Kelly Cottrell and I are perpetual swap pals. We swap for every holiday. And just look at what she made me this time! I am just dying over them. gonna wear my bunny necklace to work tomorrow.. isnt it adorable? I wore it this past weekend too.

from kelly2

Kellys creations always make me smile. thank you Kelly!!

from kelly 4

and thank you to all the rest of the ornie swapper girls! what a blast.. and it all just makes easter even sweeter!!

I'm on a little swappy break for a few weeks now.. (well, except for Rheas tiny basket swap in may.. ) I really love to do swaps though.

I have to tell you, I was explaining to my husband that blogging is like going for a walk through a neighborhood where all your neighbors are your friends and you love to stop and say hi to all of them. Some invite you in for tea and goodies, some show you what theyve been making, some talk about their families or show you how theyve been decorating! You want to stop and talk to all of them, so somedays, your trips through the neighborhood last quite awhile! He thinks we're all nuts.... maybe we are!

oh well.. see all you nuts later!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I got mail!

I'm not sure which holiday swaps are my favorite for sure.. but I think it might be easter! well maybe christmas.. no it must be halloween.. valentines? no.. right at this moment, it has to be EASTER!

I Joined Cerri's swap from littlepinkstudio. She hosted an easter basket swap. And she gave me a brand new friend for a partner, Kim from musings by Kim! I am thrilled to have a wonderful new blogger pal who loves the same things as I do! She sent me the sweetest package with these goodies from these first 4 pictures! I love everything. check out this little chickie below! isnt she the sweetest little thing? thank you Kim and looking forward to a great new blogger friendship! I did another swap that was Sandys easter tag swap and I had tamera from tameras stone fence cottage. And wow!! she sent me a huge box FULL of stuff!.
vintage old doilies table covers!

she made this CUTE tag!
And we wanted to do send an extra ornie of some sort so she suggested something patriotic and she made me this wonderful paperclay eagle that she made! he will be standing by patiently waiting for his turn to shine in june and july!
Tamera also sent me a huge baggie full of bits and bobs.. I can not begin to tell you or show you whats in the bag.. but believe me there is alot! I've already used a couple pieces from the bag!
And if all of that wasnt enough.. look at the books! She girl went bonkers spoiling me. thank you so much Tamera!! geez.. i sent hardly anything in comparison. i hope she didnt feel slighted!

OK.. I finally remembered what we had to do today and thats that we are going out to dinner with Roberts future inlaws. we have not met them before. Im always a little nervous about draggin my hubby out to stuff like this, because he really isnt that social and I'm always a little afraid of what he might say. i really dont want these people to be worried about the family this girl will be marrying into!

so, before dinner which isnt until 7:00 tonight, I have to get our taxes finished and I have to go do a little more easter shopping. I shopped all day yesterday with bethany, torry and baby torry pie. bethanys afraid torry is going to grow up thinking thats his real name! heehee!

we had his pic taken with the easter bunny yesterday! I'll post the pics another day.. so cute though!

ok.. off I go to see how much we will owe uncle sam... I'm clenching my teeth as I say this.. because quite honestly it pisses me off.. but I will not use my blog to bash our government.. no I wont..

happy sunday everyone!!