Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy thanksgiving!

Its good for all of us to think about the blessings in our lives and so easy for us to take them for granted. I'm thankful everyday, as I am pretty much reminded on a daily basis, that I do have a wonderful life !
I am thankful for:
my husband and my kids! and MY GRANDBABIES!!
my home and the sweet community we live in
my pets and all the wonderful awesome animals that God created!
I'm thankful for heat and water and food!
sugar! tea! cinnamon! and bread!
music! all kinds of music.. Christmas music!
I'm thankful for art.. and creativity and talent.. that is all around us.
I'm thankful for the 4 seasons.. I'm thankful that snow is pretty.. and that the cold makes me appreciate my cozy little house!
I'm thankful for my car! and my job!! and the people I work with.. even those I'm not so fond of.. because they make the people I am fond of that much more special!! Im thankful for my friends.. a huge blessing because I have so many wonderful and close friends!
I'm thankful that we were able to raise our children in this area...and never worried about their safety in school! I'm thankful that my kids are all healthy and well. and beautiful! and that they are close and they are each others best friends and they like to spend time with each other. and they gave me grandbabies!!
I'm thankful for america and freedom...
I'm thankful for god and his son!
I'm thankful for ice cream and cookies and pies!
I'm thankful for craft and fabric stores.
for Old things.. for odd things.. for colors.. all colors..
For sunshine and beaches!
for teddy bears and dolls!
for holidays! halloween. easter. valentines day. thanksgiving, the 4th of july and christmas.
for birthdays!
and birthday presents to give and recieve!
for computers!!!! and the internet! amazing !
for technology.. for smart people!
for medical advances and researchers...
for health insurance!!
for the moon and stars.. for scientists .
for soldiers..
for my health.. for the ability to get up and go to work everyday and to be able to do the things I want to do.
and for so much more, my list could go on and on.. 
'cause Im thankful for things like toothpaste and hand lotion! paintbrushes and glue!! and for the time I have to play and create in my little craft room! lol! 
And there is so much more.. 
Im thankful for my blogland buddies!
I am.... just thankful period.
♪♪Praise God from whom all blessings flow♪♪
Happy thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

you just have to see these!

violet 1
My violet pie!
violet 2
violet 4
I love her so much!
violet 5
Isnt she precious!
violet 6
Arent I blessed!?
violet 7
I can hardly stand it!  and Im pretty sure nessa and tony are lovin life right now!
violet 8
I think Im going to hire the girl who took these to do photos of all three baby pies together!  that would sure be a hard job.. maybe I'll wait til summer when violets a little older. 
anyway, just needed to share these!
happy sunday!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

a busy weekend planned

its friday
yippee!  its friday and now, Im off for 9 days!   We already had thanksgiving and the day after off, and then I usually take the day before off as well, but I decided last week to take the rest of the week too!  Im looking forward to it,  though, there is stuff going on every day, none of the days are totally free.  But regardless, at least I dont have to go to work and I will enjoy my time off!
I  started it off by baking some peanut butter cookies tonight.  ummmm, they are really good.   guess how many I ate?    OINK OINK OINK!! i ate 6 of them.   I know.. naughty me.  well, I didnt eat them all at once.  I ate two hot ones out of the oven, then I had a cup of tea and two more...   and then a little later, I had another cup of tea and two more...   yikes!  I think I've had enough for tonight. 
I'll be starting out very early tomorrow morning going grocery shopping.  I plan on heading out the door about 7:00 am and being back home by 8:30.  I want to beat the crowd.  this is one of the worst grocery shopping weekends of the year!  then Im meeting a friend at 9:30 to go christmas shopping  for a few hours, she has to get back by 1:00 because she has friends coming from out of town and then Im heading to a doll show with jen and Ella.  In a couple years I'll be able to take Marla and Violet with me too!
christmas supplies..
Tomorrow night and most of sunday I will be playing. puttering and crafting!  Until about 4:00 on sunday when then the whole family will be heading to red lobster to celebrate Robert and Big Torry's birthdays.  
Afterwords, Marla pie will be coming home with us to spend the night. Then Torry will join us on monday and I'll have Marla and Torry all day!
ok.. Im heading to the couch,  Im pooped out.
have a great weekend girlie pies!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

good gobbly morning!

I made a turkey this morning.. 

thats about it ...

 I am feeling very lazy and sluggish this week!  I have to get back on track with my weight watchers and eating better again.. as I've been out of control and not behaving at all.  I know I'll feel better as soon as I make those changes again!

heres a pic I stole from Vanessa facebook,  they just got their wedding pics back.  I wish there was a way for me to show them all to you.. they are so many really great pics!  but heres a little peek of the bride and groom and his parents! lol!
Happy Day to you my friends!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh so sweet babypies and kittycats

 too cute for words!  I know!  isnt this the sweetest little face ever?!!    I know all of OUR grandbabies are.  yours and mine!  And our own babies too!  
 I feel like if I post one of them I should post one of all of them!  lol!  So heres a little morning dose of my sweetie pies!  Torry had his 3rd birthday party this past saturday, his birthday isnt for a couple more weeks, but I think his mother was smart to have it early seeing as december is sooo busy. Sweet little Marla pies birthday is in december too.  hers is the 28th!  Tiffany said she was going to do her party in feburary.  I think thats a good idea.  she did that last year too.  it just seems to work out better then piling it all on in december.
The party was at a place called bounce magic... fun for the kids.. but yikes!  Im not cut out for that noise level!  loud loud loud!  With my ADD... I was not capable of forming a single full thought while we were there! lol!  Marla pie and miss Ella had fun riding on the carousal!  dont you just love her red hair?!
OK. so other then enjoying my babies, I spent yesterday working on some little snowfriends for an ornament swap that Im in. Almost done with those, then I can start on my elves for the elf challenge. Then I will be working on some projects for Lori Hairstons Visions of Sugarplums.  Lori asked me if I would be willing to post a couple tutorials during the week of dec 2nd and to link into her Visions of Sugarplums blog event.  So I have a couple of ideas that I need to work out for then.  
Boy is it windy out today and it was all through the night.  I was grateful when I woke up and we still had power and no major trees are down in our yard... 
bare trees
all looks well out there.. (had to snap a pic!)  thanks to all the wind, there is not a single leaf left on any tree back there.     oh November... making way for winter...  brrr!
my helpers
Just had to throw this one in from last night.  there was no room on my craft table, but these two squeezed their way in!  
my precious little helpers!
and... since I'm posting these of figgy and frannie, I just thought i may as well post these other ones from the other day.. see... sometimes they are naughty and they get made at each other!
fighting 1fighting 2
fighting 5fighting 3
happy monday girlie pies!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

blah blah blah and a cute baby picture! lol!

thanks 10
Good Morning girls!  Here I sit again rather then getting ready for work! yikes!  I have about half an hour before I have to put it in high gear and really get moving!  oh heck.. I got this, I do it every day... always rushing at the last minute.  I get up at 5:00 and dont leave til 8:30!  You would think I would be smart enough to do my little chores and get myself ready to go before I start puttering and playing...
thanks 4
But NO!  I wait until 8:00.. then I jump in the shower, dry my hair, get dressed, feed figgy, frannie and buffy.. and run out the door.  There is something wrong with me! lol!
thanks 5
oh well, such is life!  this is how I roll... LOL!  
thanks 3
So I  thought Id share a few more thanksgiving decor pictures. I only have one bin of thanksgiving. I do have to admit though, that I have the itch to decorate for Christmas already... well, then I think about all those bins.. up there.. waiting to stress me out...
christmas bins
And then I think... uhhhh... where the heck is all this stuff going to go?  But, I will be ready for it when its time.  It wont be time til the day after thanksgiving.  though, I may put just the tree up before thanksgiving....  why?  I dont know.. "why not" seems to be a better question!  lol
thanks 2
Okeedokie.. I suppose I should get off of here and give myself a few extra minutes to get ready.   oops.. two more quick things..   I forgot this weekend to post a pic of my little Robert (marlainas father) for his 25th birthday which was sunday!   
Happy Birthday Robby!!!   He is probably the reason why my hair is white!  lol!  but I wouldnt trade him for the world!  Im very proud of the man he has become.  and wasnt he the cutest little thing?   so was my Jasper cat.. Hes been gone for about 5 or 6 years now.  
and speaking of cute!
Heres a pic of Vanessas beautiful mom Dawn and the precious little Lovey that we share!  Isnt Violet freaken awesomely adorable!?   Someone called her a sweet potato on facebook and I LOVE that.  I think thats what Im going to call her.. she can be my sweet potato pie!  lol!  
OK.. really... .Ive got to get off this freaken computer!   
happy Day!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

turkeys, pies and christmas shopping!

I see so many bloggers and facebookers counting down the days of november with something to be thankful for everyday.  I just am thankful everyday for everything.  
turkeys 2
But today I will tell you that I really am thankful that I have a decent job.. and a decent car to get me there, and good health so that I can work and for food to pack for my lunch and for running water to take my shower and for tea to help motivate me...    (though that tea has not kicked in yet this morning! )
turkeys 3
Yes I am thankful... But I still dont want to go! LOL!  I want to stay home and visit with my baby pies!
Can you blame me????   
marla likes ketchup
Are they just beautiful or what?!
torrys turkeys
I cant believe how fast november is ticking by!  42 days til Christmas!   I have to tell you, I am struggling with it a little bit this year.. ( well if Im honest, I have to say, not a little bit, but a lot!)  So many people to buy for and no idea what to get them.  (oh dont get me wrong.. I love all my people and want to buy for them... Its just overwhelming!)  I keep finding myself in the stores totally overwhelmed by the people, the music and all the Stuff..  I feel like Im just standing there with glassed over eyes.. staring at everything and I feel the need to get the hell out of where ever Im at!   And I know this sounds a little weird, but I almost feel nauseous when Im out shopping surrounded by so much.. sort of like a stimulus overload....  And I cant think straight when Im out there... like I get totally side tracked and have no idea what Im doing.  I see something that catches my eye.. and I cant decide...  thats the worst part.. I just cant decide on what to buy?    I seriously am not quite sure how Im going to complete this task this year.  There used to be 6 of us.. there are now 15 of us.  (not complaining..   I am thrilled that my family has grown and I love every single one of them to freaken pieces!) plus some other extended family members and a couple friends..  And, you know me, I dont just want to buy something for the sake of buying it, I want everything to be special.. 
And.. in the crafting department.. its almost the same thing.. too many ideas.. and I cant decide on just one or two things.    I think Im going crazyyyy!  yikers!
I'll figure it all out.. but i also have to admit Im getting tired of writing and rewriting my lists! 
OH my my my!
so.. now that Ive ranted a little bit, I guess I'll go take my shower and pack my lunch... and get going and I will try to concentrate on my job...  key words here..
"try to " ! LOL!
OK.. I must get moving..
have a delightful day everyone!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

♥Miss Violet Eloise♥

violet and her daddy
7.3 lbs, 21 inches  (I think!)
So Nessa had a dr. appt on wednesday and they decided to induce her on thursday!  woohoo.. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  
so off they went to the hospital thursday morning!
violet only minutes old
After a long day of labor and not dilating as much as she needed too, an ultrasound was done and it was decided that they should deliver the baby by cesarian section.  Little Violet's head was stuck against nessas tailbone... or something.. 
(I dont really know exactly what the prob was...)  
Vanessa is a freaken trooper, because they started her on pitocin EARLY in the morning and it was after 9:00 that night before she had the baby.   I  have to admit I was a little nervous when they thought maybe the cord was wrapped around her keeping her from coming down.. (that didnt end up being the problem thankfully).   Regardless of my fears I tried to be positive for the kids and I said a ton of silent prayers and called a couple close friends to have them pray too. 
tony ness and baby violet
(sorry Ness, You probably dont like this picture, but I think its beautiful.. and I love you doll.. thank you for loving my son.. putting up with this family and giving me another beautiful new grandbaby.♥)
And of course everything turned out fine and God truly blessed all of us with a beautiful perfect little baby!   
me and violet
OMG!  she is just stinking cute as can be.. 
I cant hardly stand it. 
I get happy little tears in my eyes when I look at her.  and she looks just like Jacob.  she is such a sweet little blessing.  Can I just say that this thankful November that I am most thankful for all my little baby pies.  omg.. I just love them all!
see her looking at me in the picture above? 
 she loves her grammie pie already! lol!
Happy Day Girlie pies!
I am blessed!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

join in my Make a christmas Elf challenge!

OK.. I had mentioned that I would be hosting a holiday challenge instead of a swap.   The challenge is this:   Make a Christmas Elf!  out of anything and in anyway you want to do it. paper, clay, wood, whatever you want, you can alter something or do some sort of mixed media piece. There is no right or wrong way.  He/she just has to be a christmas elf.  Make it extra extra special, because YOU get to keep it!
1st elves of the year..

In the mean time, I will create two.  one for me and one to give away to one of you who joins in the elfie fun!   so the rules are... 1) make your elf, 2) email me a picture of your elf by December 6th, so I can do an elf parade on my blog.  Those whose pictures I receive on time will be in the running for a give-away for one of my elfs.

just hanging around
look on line for inspiration if you need it.  Omg.. I was going to post a ton of pictures of other elves but I was too lazy to follow up with who made them to give the proper credit here.. but believe me.. there are tons out there!
Here is a button you can us on your side bar to spread the word.. The more the merrier!  Please shoot me an email if your intending on joining in so I know whose playing along and in the subject box please put "elf".. so I dont miss it. 
 I guess thats it for now.  I hope we get a lot of  participants!   let me know if you have any questions.