Wednesday, February 29, 2012

more baby news.. and still need prayers.

(picture of my grandbaby Jacob vincent Neroni)
Tony (jr) and Vanessa had an appt at the high risk pregnancy clinic at Strong Hosp in roch today. They saw another pediatric heart specialist. Vanessa also had an MRI. This is so very frustrating. If you recall, the first bad news they got was that the baby has a herniated diaphragm. That in and of itself is a very serious condition for the baby and could be fatal. They were referred to a specialist then, that told them that the baby also had a severely defective heart and that he wouldnt live 24 hours after birth. They decided at that point to carry the baby anyways and not to terminate the pregnancy. The plan was to deliver the baby and love him for whatever time they had with him. Which they were told could be 10 minutes to 10 days. I gave them a lot of credit for making that decision. It was a decision they made on their own, that we all fully support them on and believe is the right choice.
Then they went to another specialist, a pediatric heart specialist who told them that the babys heart looked ok. and there was a huge sigh of relief, even knowing that Jacob would still be dealing with serious problems due to the herniated diaphragm. Soon after their dr. referred them to the high risk pregnancy clinic at Strong Hosp. Which is where they went today. Today they saw Strongs pediatric heart specialist and she told them that jacobs heart does have defects.. but that she thought they were "survivable".
There are so many conflicting opionions. Its hard to know what to think. I'm sure they are feeling very discouraged at this time but are still trying to remain hopeful and positive. It is for sure that the baby has/will have some serious problems. I guess we wont know just how serious until he is born. Im just asking all of my bloggy buddies to keep praying for Jacob and for tony and Vanessa. the baby is due June 4th. So we have a little ways to go still. Im hoping that the MRI that she had today will give them some better news. fingers crossed and prayers sent!!
I'll be sure to update you's soon as we know anything else.
thank you for your prayers! You are all the" bestests"!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"peep peep peep"

today 2
Hi girlfriends! Ive been home all day. just playing in my craft room. I thought we were going to get a snow storm over night and the wind was strong most of the night. I could hear it for hours and I assumed it was snowing too, but when I got up there was no snow. still windy.. but no snow.
tiny little chicky toes hiding under his pants!
So after playing on the computer, and getting started on my little easter chick I thought I'd run to the store to get some watermelon and grapefruit! got dressed, hopped in the car and drove down the road about 2 or 3 miles and ran into a snow storm. Bad enough that there were white outs so I turned around and went home. put on sweats and big comfy booties and hibernated in my craft room for the rest of the day!
LIstened to 60's and 70's music played the sound track from wicked and vegged with figgy and frannie. And, I didnt have to make dinner because Tiffany did! she made a really yummy chicken pot pie casserole.. omg yummy!
tail feathers sticking out
and my hubby went out to get my watermelon, grapefruit and diet pepsi! so its been a nice day. I love days like today! but.. I didnt do any house work.. I really need to clean the bird cage and empty the litter box!
I also have an order for three memory bears that came this week. I think I'll get them cut out tonight and sew the pieces together in the morning. (you know I'll be up at 5:00 am!)
peep peep peep!
Then I have to pick Torry pie up and babysit! he is sooo cute. I'll try to get pics of him and Marlaina tomorrow.
on my craft table..  messy!
so do you like my little wooly easter chick. It was really hard to get a good pic of him. He is really cute. I have so many little easter things swirling around in my brain!
and Im dying to get my easter bins out and get decorated. but I'm waiting til next weekend. or maybe sometime during the week I'll get started.
Okeedokie.. I'm off to pinterest for awhile!
see yas chickies!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

wooly rainbows!

on my craft table.
This is what is on my craft table right now..
no figgy or frannie though!
hmmm.. I wonder where they are?

wooly rainbows
This little bunch of pastel wooly pieces arrived today. Arent the colors awesome!?
so pretty! I'm feeling something eastery will come from them!
delicious colors!
I have a wonderful little
woolly collection... all waiting for just the right project...

whatever that may be!
wonderful textures!
I saw these little shamrocks (below) on pinterst and had to make them... soooo simple!
I'm addicted to pinterest...
just what I needed, something else to
keep me on the computer!

There is sooo much cool stuff there though! Have you been there yet?
You should really check it out!

wooly shamrocks
The pink wool above is the color of watermelon! (mmm.. watermelon sounds really good right now!)
It seems quiet out here in blogland lately? anyone else think so?
Okeedokie.. thats all for tonight girls.. Im POOPED out.. its about 11:00 and I'm heading to bed... nighty night.. sweet dreams!

Monday, February 20, 2012

craft day with figgy and frannie!

"tweedle deedle dee.. tweedle deedle dee!"

Today has been a purrfect day! (at least to this point!)
Ive been wanting to do something with this
lamp shade for a long time.
Finally yesterday I bought some
fabric and last night I ripped the old shade apart to
get it ready for this morning!
Up at 5:30.. ready to play!
So were figgy and frannie. they love to hang out in my craft room with me. Though they usually are sort of in the way... I almost always work around them. I hate to make their sweet little selves move!
Arent they the sweetest little purrbabies!?
Frannie was posing here.. I did have to move her out from under there as I needed to be able to work on it!
So they moved over and napped while i worked.
this turned out so cute and cheerful and it just brightens up my craft room.. but it is very difficult to get a picture of!
such fun!!!
It has taken me all day to do this and then to upload pics and post on my blog. Its 4:00 now and I've done nothing else today (except feed my face!) So while its still day light out, I think I'll go outside and take the greens and lights off the house from christmas!! then when my husband comes home from where ever he has wandered off too I think I'll have him cook burgers on the grill. sounds good huh? more calories... just what I need... eiy yie yie!
Tomorrow... back to serious weight loss business!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

this just tickles my funny bone!

isnt this cute? while bopping around in the internet this morning.. I discovered that one of my favorite artists has a blog.. and then I discovered that she also had a couple cute things on youtube! This just made me day!
happy Sunday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


whats in your purse?
was on flickr this morning and on the side bar there was the caption.. "whats in your bag?" Of course you know me.. I'll take a picture of anything and I thought it was a good reason to clean out my purse... so girls join in... clean out your purses and take a picture! Whats in your bag?
do you notice my adorable check book cover? I bought that from my oh soooo very sweet friend Mica from garboodles soup. I love it! and I always have a little bear or little friend of some sort in my purse... ALWAYS! In the very center of the picture is my pink tweezers and my 10X magnifying mirror.. I go absolutely no where with out those... !!!!!
anyways.. this whole thing was just a time waster.. but at least my purse is cleaned out.
lainy cakes
heres my little baby doll! she is soooo freaken precious! omg... I just love her to pieces! Tiffany and Robert are doing such a good job with her.
talk'n to grammie pie
I was trying to get her to smile for this picture... she has just recently started smiling.. heehee.. its so exciting when she does! ♥♥♥
girls night prep.
in other news....!
TGIF!!!! and its a three day weekend! I think monday is presidents day or something! I dont care what day it is.. all I know is the county is closed that day! woohoo! Tonight were having a girls night with a bunch of the girls from work. MUCH needed. we all get so bogged down in our casework .. and its very often a stressful job.. the people we work with can be pretty messed up. we all just really need a break.. so tonight is girls night.. hanging out, playing games, eating yummies and maybe a pina colada or two! I'm so very much looking forward to this.
I'm making chicken wing dip and fruit pizza!
thanks for all the sweet encouraging comments on my little self pity party the other morning. I'm fine... rolling with the punches and making the best of my life.. a few changes in the works.. and some things on the burner.. will talk more about them later!
for now...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what post are you talking about? lol


its all good...

Ive deleted what was orginally written here..


Just a bunch of whining..

one should really wait before posting

whats on their mind sometimes!
Especially when youre up and on the computer at 4:00am!


Im fine friends!


Monday, February 13, 2012

happy valentines day!

Wow.. I realized I had nothing for my own kids for valentines day.. so I started these valentine garlands for them last night.
jen and tony 2
I'm trying to think of something to go with them.. something very in expensive... maybe just some scratch off lottery tickets... I dont know.. I'll think of something!
valentine garlands
I still have no valentine for my husband.. or for torry pie and lainy cakes! Cant do anything else tonight.. maybe in the morning I'll think of something!
from amidst this mess...
my brain started thinking about easter yesterday.. just a tiny bit..
Happy Valentines day to all my awesome little bloggy pals!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I forgot that its winter time!

winter is for snowmen!
I hope my neighbors didnt see me out in my jammies in the snow taking pictures of little snowmen this morning....
lol! if they did they were probably jealous that they werent having fun... right???
or would they just think I was insane!?
ahhh who cares what they think anyways!
oh wait!  I forgot it was winter time..
finally got a little bit of snow.. its been the most interesting winter.
it would be nice if they plowed the road..
youd think the plow men would be jumping at the chance for a little overtime and would be out plowing.. but no... they are not.... oh hurry mr plowmen.. I have things to do and I hate driving on snowy roads!
baby its cold outside
these two snowfriends are happy to have some snow behind them for a change. Personally I hope it all melts again tomorrow! I can easily live with out snow.
winter schminter!
but I cant live without these!! valentine cookies..
Valentine cookies!
OINK OINK OINK!! you cant even imagine how many of these Ive eaten since yesterday afternoon... oh the weight watcher points... toooo high to even count!
oh wellllll! gotta run.. gotta go get torry pie!

Friday, February 10, 2012

valentine treats sent!

for kelly
These are all pics of things Ive sent out for swaps I did for valentines day this year.
cant say who this one went to yet! but it went to someone very special!!
for kelly 2
I did a charm swap with a bunch of talented girls which I talked about a few posts back.
all wrapped up 2
these are the ones I made and the pic above is how I wrapped them.
charms 1
I made these little kittens on swings and sent them to a few peeps.
itty bitty valentine kitty!
These lady bugs were made for an ornament swap that I did with a few girls, I already showed a few posts back the awesome things they made!
I love doing these swaps.. but I seriously have way tooo much stuff!!
love bugs 3
Then for the valentine heart swap that I hosted, these are the things that I sent!
I had two partners, stephanie in germany.. I dont think shes received her package yet and I mailed it over two weeks ago. i hope it gets there TODAY!!
for stephanie
and Renee from vintage mending.
for renee
OKeedokie.. I should move on.... Its going to be a busy weekend. tony and vanessa closed on their house this week and will be moving in over the weekend.. and Bethany and Torry are renting the other side from them and they will also be moving! I will have torry pie probably most of the weekend and also little lainy cakes for a while too so her mommy adn daddy can help!
I have a mammogram this afternoon, so I'm out of work early.. woohoo! fingers crossed that the mammogram pics are perfect!
have a great day everyone!