Monday, April 29, 2013

spring has finally sprung!

bird in box
Finally a beautiful spring weekend!  I did a little bit of everything, I shopped, I created, I decorated, I cleaned, I played with one of my baby pies and I got the bear stuff out and ready to start!  
I ran to walmart yesterday morning and bought this little water table for my baby pies.  Though Marlaina did not come over, Torry did.   I cant wait to see them playing together with it. 
I had lots of window open and the front door open.  I took figgy and frannie out on their leashes and they were in heaven!  I raked a little bit around the back of the house and hubby mowed... so much yard work to be done though.  And, believe me when I say.. that is NOT my cup of tea!
Anyways.. thats about that for the weekend.  and.. I stuck to my points all weekend!  woohoo!   fingers crossed Im down at least a pound at weight watchers tomorrow night.  I really have to step it up and get walking and riding my bike.  I was gonna go riding yesterday, but I didnt get to it. Its supposed to be nice all week (after today)  today its supposed to rain.  So I plan on walking and riding everyday!
bird box 2
hey.. do you like my little birdie in the terrarium? a client gave me a coupon for 20.00 off at Kohls, so I went in looking for a pair of shoes.. (which I still havent found any I really love ..) then I saw this little terrarium thingy, It was already on sale for 32.00 so with the 20.00 off, I only paid about 12.00 for it!  couldnt wait to get it home and put stuff in it!  such fun to play!  And of course miss bird needed to have a little garland.  I think Im going to make her a little sign that says, HOME TWEET HOME! 
happy day every one!  gotta go get ready for work...(blaahhhh!)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

good morning!

tea with figgy on the porch
woohoo!! Its the weekend! 
Mine started out with a little chilly swinging on the porch 
with a cup of tea and a kitty cat!
now Im off for brunch and a visit with miss Natalea.
And,  a little shopping too.. 
still need to find shoes..  no luck last night.  
Happy Saturday bloggy pies!

Friday, April 26, 2013

still nesting here....

see??? still nest obsessed!!  
but really Ive had this on my dresser with these babies in it for a long time...
All tiny babies that Ive picked up at some local doll shows over the years.. there is another doll show coming up on May 11th.. so I'm hoping to find another tiny treasure .. You know me.. I just love the littlest things!
so.. Happy WEEKEND!!  
Ive been on call this week and I have to admit though not as busy as some others, it was stressful..  I always wish I could give details here, but I cant.   just know that some people really should never have kids.. and that my heart just breaks for some children.    I wish every child could have a happy, secure childhood.  Believe me, its not always about physical abuse.. sometimes living with unstable people can do so much damage. 

SOOO..  anyways.. enough of that..  
thank god... its the weekend!
baby nest 2
Tonight I'm going shopping with Bethany and Torry pie.. 
I need some new shoes!  
and the rest of the weekend is open for whatever I feel like doing..  I'm having brunch with Natalea tomorrow.  I cant wait to see her as we havent gotten together since before Halloween!!! 
Then, the rest of the weekend I'll probably work in the yard and on those bears..... 
babies in nests
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend my friends!   
I hope its sunny and springy where ever you are!

Monday, April 22, 2013

banana cream bowlie!

So.. why I like weight watchers..   If Im really good and plan and count and think ahead.. I can plan yummy good treats for myself to have...  
this is what I ate today... ALOT!
breakfast:  2 pieces of saralee 45 calorie bread toasted, with 2 tbsps of PB2 on it.. (thats this AWESOME powdered peanuts that you mix with water to make peanut butter.. that is only 1 point.. instead of 5 for regular peanut butter..) and 1/2 a grapefruit with several cups of tea for breakfast. total points 3
then for a snack at work, I had:  a pack of belevita breakfast cookies.. (OMG.. love them!) and a banana. total points 4
for lunch, a salad with a ww cheese stick and a bowl of strawberrys, melon and grapes and a 1/3 cup of almonds... total points 6.
then I had a skinnycow cookie bar thingy.. total points 3
for dinner.. I had a left over hotdog with about 1/2 cup of saurkraut and a hardboiled egg.  total points 6
then I had this:
banana cream bowlie
I call this my banana cream bowlie!   Sort of like banana cream pie.. 
2 lowfat graham crackers broken up, 1 banana pudding cup, a small banana cut up and a scoop of lowfat coolwhip!  woohoo!!  total, 5 delicious points!  yuppers.. I'm a happy camper!
and hopefully I'll be down another pound tomorrow night!  fingers crossed!
wish me luck!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


 doll in nest
seriously....  having fun with nests and birds.. and mushrooms too! 
doll in teacup nest
OK, so I was at Joanns yesterday and found these awesome little mushrooms.  I of course had to have them so that I could tuck them in here and there.  but you do know, dont you, that unless I point them out to people, NO one.. NO one.. would ever notice them except me.
bird and bottlesfor kim 1
teacup nestnest in wreath
I also found the cutest nests at Joanns, at first I thought there was only one and this sweet little older lady had it in her hands. I just was waiting to see what she was going to do with it and to be honest, I so wanted to grab it right out of her hands!  but she must have noticed me standing there, drooling and sweating, wringing my hands and wondering how I was going to get it away from her, because she suddenly looked at me and said, "Isnt this darling?  there are more of these right under here" and then she showed me where she got it!  There were three more and I bought all three of them.   Other people must be "nesting" too because there were barely any nests to be found at Joanns or at micheals!  but I did come home with a little stash.. heehee!

wreath 2
I dont know how much more nesting I'll be doing because, I really need to work on those bears!!!!!
top of tvDSC04813
Today is a birthday party day.  my little Tony will be 25 this week.  ( uh.. I think 25.. ) Anyways, so all the kids are coming over today for a little cook out.  I need to go to the store to get stuff to make a pasta salad and a cake mix.  Im thinking, hotdogs, hamburgers and italian sausage.. pasta salad and cheesy potato casserole, cake and ice cream.  ... except that I'm on weight watchers.. eiy yie yie.. I just will eat very little today so I can eat tonight! lol.  Speaking of weight watchers, I am past the 20 pound mark!!  woohoo.  and as of this morning on my own scales I think Im down about 22 pounds.. moving slowly along..  I need to step it up a notch!
for a friendcuppie cakes
spring treetree base
LOOK at the little bird on the nest beads?  cute or what?   I made them into cupcake toppers.  they are a little small, but they are cute.   found those at joanns yesterday too!
and, I made this garland last night.. 
bird nest garland
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it.  it is so cute!  
OK.. I really need to get moving.  I'm on call and I have to go do a home visit this morning... fun fun... 
then to the grocery store then home to clean,cook and play with my family! 
Happy Day Every Birdie! 
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Friday, April 19, 2013


I think Ive become a little nest obsessed....  Other then the nest I have to make for my partner Paintn patti .. this one will probably be my last one.  I have that big bear order to work on and another one coming in.  I really need to get busy on those.
Im on call for CPS this weekend and next week, so not sure how much free time i will have.  keep your fingers crossed that it stays quiet and I can get those bears done.  thanks!
wow.. 76 yesterday and just beautiful out and even this morning when I got up I opened the kitchen windows and sat listening to the birdies chirping  while I drank my tea... loved hearing them.  Figgy and Frannie loved sitting in the windows bird watching too.   And last night, when I went to bed I kept a window open a little, and listened to the crickets and peepers.. what a sweet sound to fall to sleep with!   
frannie pants! 
Well, it wont be that way tonight since as the day went on.. it got really windy and cold out!  
Took this picture of Frannie tonight.. isnt she pretty?  OK.. I have to go yell at buffy and give her a cracker of something because she is making horrible obnoxious noises and its driving me insane!
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

and for 1002... a big thank you!

So My friends,  wow.. I was trying to say how much I appreciate all of you in my 1001st post.  I never expected to get such sweet comments back.  I mean, I know I always get the nicest comments from everyone, but this time you guys caught me off guard.  
Thank you so much !
LOVE you guys!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1001st post, ok.. its a little long.. but you should read it all!

from kim 3
Ive been trying to think of something special to say for my 1001st post... but Ive got nothing profound.. nothing deep,  nothing except the fact that I love this blogging community.   Ive met the most awesome, kind hearted, fun loving, caring and creative women here.  

I have been blessed with a lot of good friends in my "real" life whom I love dearly.  But honestly, most of them dont get my need to create my little sumthin sumthins.. or my need to drive an hour to the craft store almost once a week to look for little trinkets or whatnot, that I can use somehow in my little creations. and definitely, most of them dont get this whole blogging thing at all!  but you guys do!

Ive also had the opportunity to have some of my bloggy and flickr friends spill over into my "real" life  (I always hesitate to say "real" life.. because this is real life too.. )  and been lucky enough to meet quite a few of you in person.  Ive gone on some great little art weekend adventures and even hosted a couple at my aunts cottage, that I would not have ever had the opportunity to do if not for blogging.

I wish I could meet all of you in person!  just think of the party we would have.  it would need to be a week long, one day would not be enough time!

I enjoy my daily cyber visits with you all..  Its like we're all neighbors, and Im out for a little morning walk catching up with each of you with a little chit chat over the fence or a quick visit inside to see something new you've been working on, or how you've redecorated something.. or to hear about a struggle you're having or to celebrate a birthday, wedding or new birth with you!
from kim 1
The inspiration I get in this little community is endless...  Sometimes I feel like Alice in wonderland and I've gone down the rabbit hole and there is this maze full of little windows and doors and each one offers some sort of inspiration, whether its artistic, baking, decorating, journaling, ideas for family time, vacations, books or encouragement for healthy minds, souls and bodies..   its all here in blogging.. sometimes its views on life that are a little different from our own and its good to get a new perspective from someone elses view point!

I love seeing  how others live.   I know Ive said this before, but sometimes blog hopping to me is like when my husband and I would be driving somewhere at night and we'd go by houses where the drapes would be open and I could see into their houses for a brief second.. so curious to see how they live, how they decorate, what they are doing... (my husband would call this just plain nosey.. but I think he's wrong!)  anyways.. thats sort of what blogging is for me, except much much more..  I can see in and linger for a bit.. and not only do I see into your homes, but better yet, into your very lives and into your hearts.  And so... (blaah blaah blaah..getting sick of me yet??? lol)  I hope that somehow thats what you get from me too. 
I really do appreciate every single visit I get, and especially every single comment.  I know I'm not great about answering them.. some of you are and I REALLY ADMIRE that! 

If there is a down fall to blogging.. it is probably the amount of time that I spend sitting here... WAY too long!  And also.. I do have to admit that sometimes I get a little jealous of your talent, your type A personality husbands  (lol, kim, that one was about you!!  Haha!)  your big gorgeous homes, your trips to far away places,   your thrifting finds... lol..   and probably a hundred other things! lol..  But regardless of the time spent here and maybe turning a little green from time to time.. this is something that I cant give up.. 
because I love you all my little girlie pies!

and with that.. I need to end.. because as usual... I have very little time left to get ready for work.. and buffy the bird is calling me and calling me and calling me for come feed her.   Ive taught her to whistle the song "good morning" from singing in the rain!  Omg!  my husband cant stand it.. and I think its hysterical.  she was stuck on "here comes peter cotton tail".. I had to give her a new song!  lol!
OK.. by sweet friends.. gotta run... 

and by the way..that freaken adorable nest???  was made by Kim Kenward.. isnt it adorable!?  thank you kimmie pie!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


teacup nest
Well, Easter is packed away and my house is less cluttered.  It has taken on the theme of spring.  birds and nests and flowers.
  I need to get some pussy willows somewhere.  last year a lady from work brought me in a bunch, but shes since retired, so I'm on my own! lol.
kitchen table
I'll probably move stuff around still.  I dont know if I like these little cloches on the table or not.  
we'll see...
wreath 2
I fought the urge all day  to go shopping.  I wanted to buy a new green wreath like the one above and some new african violets as mine arent blooming right now and need some loving care.  I also want to find a nice Ivy plant, as the one I have in my kitchen is not well either.  But I was a good girl and didnt go!  In fact I didnt get dressed until about 4:00! lol  I had a pajama day!
top of tv
my hubby will be happy when he comes in tonight,  that easter is gone away.. maybe he'll be happy enough that he will carry the three bins upstairs for me!  lol!  though he might be tired as he has been helping Robert move the contents of his garage today.  You know men and their tools..   tools are a big deal in Tony and the boys worlds.
My next project will be that big bear order from alaska.  I havent started it yet.  I will this week though.  The lady wasnt in any hurry.  but I told her I would do them after Easter.  I guess its officially after easter now that I've packed it away for another year.
And Girls, this is my 1000th post!  I feel like bells and whistles should ring!  I will do a special post this week celebrating the last 6 or 7 years blogging.  I just need to think about it. 
OKeedokie.. thats all for tonight girlfriends.
Hey.. if youve joined the nest swap and havent heard from me, send me an email.  I sent emails out so everyone should have received their partners name now.  let  me know if there are any problems. 

todays plans..

sharing oranges
Happy Sunday!!  Today, Im staying home and doing just what I've been dreading.....  
Putting easter away.   so sad to say good bye for a year to such cute things! 
Speaking of such cute things...
3sharing 2
Yesterday, I played with my cute, adorable little baby pies all day.  OMG... I love them so much!   
They are so much fun when they play together.  we had screaming contests!!  we all danced.. we ate and shared oranges.  We played catch, we watched bubble guppies... we looked at books..  and we had Tons of kisses and hugs! 
Gosh.. they are just the most awesome little people! 
The weather held up and it didnt rain, thankfully.  so the kids were able to moved ok.  Still a little to do today.  but we got the kitchen unpacked last night and put away.  Tiffany will have fun this week getting everything just so.  Its a cute place.

OK.. I'm off to get a cup of tea and a sweater and then, to get busy packing up my easter friends...  
Its always so sad to put holiday friends away.
I hope its nice where ever you are today!  
Happy sunday!

oh.. one more thing... this is my 999th post!  I have to do a give away or something special for the 1000th!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

a quick word to the nest swappers....

I am unable to reach some of you because your emails are not connected to your blogs and also because some of you have the google circles things and I am not your "friend" there.  Your partner and I  have to have a way to reach you. There are 22 girls in the swap, but I dont want to send out all the partners until I'm sure that we are able to contact everyone.
please make sure I have current contact information. If I dont have it by tonight, then unfortunetly I will have to leave some people out of the swap.
Hope everyone has a great day.. I will be babysitting while my kids move robert and tiffany.. 
Its a two babypie day!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

rain rain go away!

april showers bring may flowers! 
April Showers bring May flowers!  Until then, I have these two cuties that Big Torry gave me for christmas.  They have been waiting in my craft room for their turn to shine.. and it has finally come!  lol.. I think they're happy now. 
whoopie!  its Friday!  but sooo rainy out.  Im hoping that it stops today.  Robby and Tiffany are moving this weekend.. never fun to move in the rain.. never fun to move period!  I will be babysitting both baby pies allllll day tomorrow.  hoping for nice enough weather to go for a wagon walk.. Im going to go buy the big wagon with the seats in it today I think.  
so.. I should get moving along.. still have to feed figgy, frannie and buffy.. and of course Im still in my jammies.. I slept late today.  usually up at 5:00 ish, was 6:15 this morning.... lost a whole hour of messing around time!
Oh and there are 20 girls in the nest swap.. anyone else interested should let me know by email, or here before 5:30 today.  when I get home I'll probably start partnering everyone up.  By the Way,  The girl from "ROBINS NEST" blog, I cant contact you by your blog, its closed  and I dont have your email.. would you please contact me with your info.  
okeedokie ... have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


These next few months are the blandest as far as decorating my house goes.  I have a bunch of nests and I use springy natural mossy things.. and green plants, mushrooms.. and of course flowers.   I like it to be a little less cluttered at this time of year.
Ive been thinking obsessing about birds and nests the last week or so.  And finally last night around 9:30, I sat down and made a bird and nest before I went to bed.  then I couldn't wait to get up this morning so I could see it again!  
You cant tell by the picture but this is tiny! 
Ive also been thinking about hosting a nest swap.  It sounded like some of you were interested,  so lets do it.
Sign ups can start today and will go til friday.  you can email me at if you are interested in joining in.
You will have one partner to swap nests with.  Nests can be made out of any medium and any size you want.  You can buy a nest and decorate it or you can be creative and make your own.
Here are some examples of nests and nest vignettes that I LOVE off of pinterest.
(by thecharmofthehome.blogspot.)                        (by mudpiestudio.blogspot)
I think I'm going to try to do something similar to all these pictures here.  
nest in teacuppretty little nest
   (by artfromtheheart.typepad)    ( by
Arent the little cups with the nests in them adorable?
nest on a candlesticknest on a heart
(by brandywineboutique)                                                (charmofthehome.blogspot)                   
and the candlestick nest?  too freaken cute!   and the burlap heart.. soooo sweet!

nest under glass
(art by tisha)
I think we should mail out by, lets say by May 6th.  Lets keep this simple and not send a whole bunch of extra stuff.  that gets overwhelming for me. I will match partners up on friday or saturday and send them right out.   You know my number one rule.. dont mail it out until its too cute to send!  make something that you wish you were keeping for yourself... which  I should encourage you to make two.. and keep one for yourself! lol!
okeedokie...I need to go do something constructive!  have a great day!