Wednesday, August 31, 2011

jen and tony wedding karaoke

♪♫DO you love me? will you love me forever♫♪

(be sure to turn the playlist off on my sidebar before you start the video.)

wow.. I am exhausted! we took 9 of our teenagers (foster kids) to the beach today. You know how much I love the beach, but I can honestly say it was not enjoyable today.. not with all those kids! but I think they had a good time and that was what it was for... for them.. not me...

I have been dying for spagetti, so I cooked up some italian sausage and some sauce and Im waiting for the macaroni.. cooking twisties instead of spagetti. but it smells sooo garlicy I'm not sure I'll be able ot eat it! Just the smell is giving me heartburn. lol.

started on a halloweenie! hoping to finish it tonight. well, I'm hoping that I can muster up some energy... I really am feeling zapped!

found out some terrible sad news last night. one of my best friends in the world has ALS. And she is not well. really breaks my heart. Keep my friend in your prayers please. her name is Marilyn. I just cant stand the thought of seeing her suffer. I hope I can be helpful and encouraging to her.

Be sure to watch the video.. its so funny.. Its Jen and her husband Tony, singing a meatloaf song for Karaoke at their wedding. Very poor quality, but I can honestly say it made my night.

Ok.. off I go.. gotta wash my face and see if that wakes me up any.

see yas later!

Monday, August 29, 2011

warning! lots of wedding pictures!

The day was perfect inspite of the wind and some clouds from Irene! she really did us a favor, because I really thought that the weather was perfect and that the lake was GORGEOUS! the waves were beautiful! so from my perspective, thank you Irene (but in regards to the havac you caused else where.. .shame on you!)
ceremony 4
YOu may need to click on these pictures, because blogger usually chops of the right sides of them when they are large. Jen and Tonys wedding really was perfect. I have no clue how many people actually came, but the place was packed!
ceremony 1
Im so glad that we had this beautiful enclosed pavillion. there were Lots of double doors and windows that could be opened, but the wind coming off the lake made us keep them mostly closed. However the pavillion also acted as a barrier and blocked the wind for us on the other side! Perfectly!
ceremony 3
I think everything turned out well and we had lots of compliments. There was tons of food and chicken and actually quite a bit left over. I didnt want to bring it home so what I couldnt talk people into taking.. I threw away! (very wasteful I know.. but I just couldnt deal with it!)
the reception
we had bbq chicken, salt potatos, baked ziti, baked beans, tossed salad, strawberry pretzel dessert, rosa marina and rolls. as well as tons of fruit, cheese and crackers, nuts and candy, LOTS of cookies, rye bread and dip, all sorts of chips and of course cupcakes!
mr and mrs frances trupo!
I'm pretty sure that Jen and Tony enjoyed their day and I think their guests did too!
The cupcakes were so good! and so pretty! and we had so many left! people left with out having any... I have a big plate full in the kitchen even after giving a bunch away! umm.. not complaining though, I like eating them! I have a bunch of cookies too! but (lol.. as soon as they are gone...) I'm going on a diet!
cuppiecakesThe music man.. thats what I kept calling him ( he probably thought I was obnoxious!) did a good job playing a lot of old frank sinatra, tonys (the groom tony.. theres too many tonys!) favorite! and then they had karaoke! It was fun watching and listening to all the singers.
So many of Jens friends do musicals and theatre and are great performers! Anyone who left early missed out on a lot of fun when they really started getting into it.

fun with balloons
Did I mention the lake yet?? it was perfectly awesome!
Tony and Jen released a big bunchof balloons on the beach!
the lake was freaken AWESOME!
The water was a bit cold and it was closed for swimming... hmmm.. I wonder why!?
Isnt my baby Torry pie freaken cute?!
omg.. I love him!
This is a picture of my stepgranddaughter Ella! She is beautiful!
dont you LOVE this picture!
I have to admit that by the time we were done for the night I could seriously barely walk!
I was exhausted! But it was all worth it. Jen was happy and thats what the day was all about!
jen torry and all
She had a good time doing karaoke with tonys sisters, whom I LOVE!
love this girls!
Oh GEEZ... look at these two OLD farts!
me and toe
This picture of tony trupo, Jen and step grandson Carson is my favorite of the day!
my favorite picture!
no, maybe this one is..
beth torry ella and jen
I dont know.. there are so many! I also uploaded about 70 of them onto flickr. I cant wait to see the ones the photographer took!
aww! i love this picture!
Carson and Ella.. arent the adorable!?
my step grandchildren!
Gert and Torry.. Poor Torry was cold. He liked HOT weather! It was definitely cool enough for long sleeves or sweatshirts. Not for me though. I loved the coolness of the day!
torry and bethany
Just like this picture of our friends. for some reason it makes me laugh.
the old guys! lol
Aww.. Two of my favorite peoples.. Beths boyfriend and my Tonys girlfriend..
torry and vanessa

happy people
such entertainment!
I have a video of Tony and Jen singing this.. they are doing Meatloafs song.. will you love me forever..
let me sleep on it!
I loved it.
meatloaf, will you love me forever!
I ate alot of these... and have alot left over.. that I've been munching on today while Ive been RECOVERING!!
And at midnight last night I was having decafe tea and a cupcake while I tried to unwind!
well thats all folks.. if you want to see the rest I think you can click on any of them and go to my flickr.. or just use my flickr bar.. where ever it is on the right over there!
I need to go look at some of that left over chicken and think about dinner...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

wedding day is here!

Was just thinking that I wish all my bloggy buds could be at Jens wedding today! Hopefully I will REMEMBER to take lots of pictures.. my camera is charged. If I had a camera strap, I'd where it around my neck, then Id surely be snapping up pics! Jen did hire a photographer friend to do pics.. .. but I'm not thrilled about anyone taking my picture.. I always look horrid in any pictures unless they are taken from above and at just the right angle.. you know, like when I take my own pic! lol...

the cameras need to stay focused on Jen and Tony anyways... NOT me and Im sure they will. Irene is going to spare us from the rain, but we will have clouds and wind. but we can deal with that. the wedding is outside on the lake, but we we have a huge enclosed pavillion, (lots of doors and windows that open.

I hope lots of helping hands show up this morning to help set up. I feel like were taking 10 trucks full of stuff and there will be lots of work to do when we get there. Im so glad its at the lake.. because even amidst (did I spell that right?) all the chaos I will be in my favorite and most calming atmosphere!

OK.. its 7:00 am and I have lots of stuff to do, I want to be on the road at 9:00, weddings at 2:00.. but by the time we get there and get set up, and then do pics... etc.. you know.. I dont know.. lol.. ha.. I have no idea.. I'm just gonna keep moving and doing things until I think its all done! hm mmm.. is it possible that we will get to a place where it will be done?

we've hired someone to handle all the food and make sure feeding 180 people goes smoothly..

okeedokie bloggy girls.. love ya all! wish you could all be here! I'll be back tomorrow.


Friday, August 26, 2011

wanted: fairy god mother..

I decided to take a quick break to do a quick post.. however.. my computer is messed up and is very slow.. so there is nothing quick going on here.
I am very busy.. and my house is a disaster. but I think I'm doing ok.. ... I think.....

baking is done.. cookies and cupcakes. cupcakes instead of a big cake. Jenny, (be cherry) is coming over tomorrow to help decorate them.. Shes a doll. (and shes a pastry chef!) thank you Jenny!

I keep thinking of things I dont want to forget and my list just keeps getting longer and longer. did someone tell me we were going to have a simple wedding reception.. just a party???? I think she was pulling my leg!

uhh.. just this second I realized that I spent money today that was earmarked for something else.. uhhh.... really not good. I have to pay the guy cooking the chicken.. I have no clue what the heck I screwed up.. but I guess I better do some refiguring!

My husbands brother and his family are up from ohio.. wanting to come visit, but I just cant tonight. Im hoping that MAYBE i'll be in good enough shape that tomorrow night they can come for pizza. well, thats if someone else buys it !! LOL!! (eiy yie yie! Im in trouble deep!... thats what robby used to say.. )

I really need to get off of the computer and figure out my screw up and clean my house! I also want to cook my rosa marina and my pretzel crusts tonight. was gonna go to the store, but I'll do that in the morning. (with what money.. who knows!)

I tell ya.. I'm such a duh sometimes.. some would say its cause I'm blonde (yeah I know its white!) and others would say its cause I'm old. who knows.. but it is true! duh duh duh!!

I think everyone is a little stressed.. well, I know that Jen and I are.. probably really, no one else is!

Do me a favor and pray for nice weather and that every thing goes off with out a hitch! Uh.. and that I figure out how to fix my major mistake!

And.. that my fairy god mother shows up to give me a hand!

OK? Thank you ! I'll be back on monday! have a great weekend everyone. and be safe if youre anywhere near Irene. I do believe that she'll be sending clouds and wind our way for
the wedding. but pray that it doesnt rain.. ok please!


Monday, August 22, 2011

good morning bloggy world!

what a weekend! Friday night was our girls night party. I think everyone had a good time. I forgot to take pictures though!! DUH!! (did I already post about that???) cant remember nothing these days I tell ya! oh I remember that I did, because in my last post I was trying to decide whether or not to go to the beach on sat!

so Saturday I did go to the beach and it was the best beach day of the year so far! the water was crystal clearall the way out to my shoulders I could see every ripple in the sand at the bottom! the swells were big and fun to play in and the water was the perfect temp! I went by myself which was totally awesome! I'm hoping to get another couple days in.. theres still a couple weeks left of summery weather dont ya think???? I'm hoping so! IN fact, if I can get a lot of stuff done this morning.. I might just take a ride there this afternoon! heehee!!

Yesterday Jen came over and we worked on flowers for her bouquet and for the girls corsages. I think the corsages are turning out cute. the two that I'm showing here are for Tonys sisters and have pieces of a dress that was their mothers in it. we're not so sure all the girls will all like these, they are a little more trendy then crafty.. but this is what were making. the wedding is very informal. The girls are all wearing pink sundresses and flipflops from old navy! and Jen is wearing a cute white sundress.

Jen worked very hard making flowers for her bouquet, but it isnt coming out how she invisioned it. It needs something. we will work on it more today. I like it much more this morning then I did at midnight last night!

okeedokie.. I've got to get moving here.. LOTS to do!! see yas later!

oh yeah! isnt Torry pie adorable???

Saturday, August 20, 2011

contemplating... blaah blaah blaah...

(we're all sooo tired today! uplate and up early!)
what shall I do today? Long week behind me... It was a bit of a weird week really. I had monday off, tuesday I spent getting ready to bake with the foster kids, Wednesday we baked all day, thursday was the bake sale, which I might add went really really well! The kids sold out in about 45 minutes and made 192.00! Im sooo not in a hurry to do all that baking again anytime soon!

Hubby went out of town on thursday so I'm been home ALONE the last couple days! I love it!
(breakfast! mmmm! left over fruit pizza from last night!)
Friday morning I got to work and the secretary asked me why I was there.. I wasnt supposed to be there! I had taken the day off previously! so no one was expecting me. lol! can you believe I went to work on my day off! oh well. I stayed because I really did have a bunch of work to do. Then last night I had a party for Jennifer. A girls night for her and her wedding party and a few other friends. we had a good time. I didnt go to bed til 1:30 and was up at 7:00 am!

Which brings me to today and my contemplating!

what should I do today? I really would like to go to the beach. I think it might be my last opportunity to go for the summer. no one else can go, so I would be going by myself.
bottles 2
(just a summery picture, i love to look at!)
But I also have a ton of stuff I should do here for Jens wedding next weekend. And Bethany could probably use me to babysit this afternoon. dum de dum de dum... I wish I could just decide! I think some how I should be able to do both! maybe I'll work on wedding stuff this morning and go to the beach this afternoon! and then if Jen wants to I'll help her work on her flowers tonight!
OK.. who knows what I'll end up doing..
but I'll be back later!
have a great day all.. the weather is going to be perfect here.
perfect for the beach.....
peek a boo!
(just a little Peek a BOO!)
oh oh oh!! ONE more week before I can start halloween crafting.. once the wedding is behind us! sooo excited!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am pooped out I tell ya! Ive just been busting my butt to put together a bake sale with all of our foster teens! Last night I grated enough zucchini for 6 loaves of zucchinin bread and made enought pie crust for 6 pies, then this morning I had 8 foster kids at my church along with 3 other adults and we baked our butts off! we made... are you ready?

2 cherry pies, 2 apple pies and 1 blueberry pie. (there were supposed to be 6 pies, but one crust got ruined... oh well!) 3 loaves of zucchini bread with raisins and nuts, 3 loaves of zucchini bread with choc chips, 2 marble cakes, 2 choc cakes, 2 white cakes, 2 pineapple upside down cakes, 3 pans of brownies, and dozens and dozens of each of these kinds of cookies; peanut butter, peanut butter oatmeal, peanut butter choc chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal choc chip, and choc chip and blueberry muffins! most of the kids worked pretty hard. there was a good size mess when we were finished. one boy left dropping f- bombs at me. another boy was also mad by the time he left. I ended up keeping two very pleasant girls with me and sent everyone else out while we finished up the last couple batches of cookies.
Then when we were all done and packed up, we went and got our bathing suits and went to the beach til about 6:30 tonight and just relaxed and played in the water, digging deep holes in the lake with our toes. a perfect finish to a very stressful day. Now we just have to get through tomorrow and pray that we sell everything. Im a little worried. I dont want to have anything left! I need to get this stupid bake sale behind me and then tomorrow night I have to do a little shopping for friday night as Im having a little girls night party here for Jennifer and I have to work friday, so everything has to get done on thursday night. Then of course the party is on friday night.. Saturday I'm going to the beach but I'll also be finishing up Jens wedding reception decorations when Im not there! sunday I will be baking and freezing all the cookies for the cookie trays. then during the week will be doing last minute stuff, next saturday I will be making salads and sunday is the reception.

I have a favor to ask you all... Jens reception is at the beach. we rented a huge enclosed pavillion that opens up and is right on the lake. theres a patio and it will be beautiful.. if it doesnt rain! So... PLEASE PRAY FOR BEAUTIFUL WEATHER! I know if it rains people wont stay as long and Jen has a DJ and kareoki (however you spell that!). We've hired a friend that does chicken bbqs. He'll be doing the chicken and potatos. I'm doing a couple salads and we hired a girl I work with to come take care of the food tables and she is also making beans and baked ziti. We are expecting 165 people confirmed but theres a few stragglers that havent rsvp'd so possibly more. I myself am horrible about RSVP'ing, so I cant complain about those that havent. And instead of cake, Jen and the girls are doing cupcakes. I just talked to her and shes at home now making fabric flowers that she is burning with a lighter to make her bouquet! (I have NO idea what they will look like)

anyways.. I dont feel so hot at the moment, maybe from the sun at the lake this afternoon, maybe from stress... maybe from the gross pizza we had for lunch, or maybe a bit of all of the above! in any case, I'm off to the shower and to lie on the couch! I should work on wedding stuff.. oh crap... I guess I will, or it might never get done!

Arent the cloud pictures pretty? thats what they looked like coming home from the beach tonight. I just thought they were so pretty I had to take pictures!

night all!