Thursday, April 30, 2009

a picture tutorial!

We interupt this blog to bring you a little picture tutorial : How to paint your cat into a melted blob!

step one, place cat over husbands shoulders...
Step two, find a nice scruffy old paint brush..

step three, begin painting the kittys ears, head and face with the brush.

step four, dont for get his chiny chin chin!

step five, continue til the kitty has begun to drool and has melted enough that he may slide off the husbands shoulder!
The end

Monday, April 27, 2009

♪ vivi made a little lamb ♪

Thought I would show you the little lambie pinkeep I made for my blogger friend Julie. She and her husband have some baby lambs and this is supposed to look like the first one born this spring, Roman. Julie is a sweetie be sure to check out her blog! Equus Villa Farm
And, I was given this award the other day by my buddy Natalea.. so if I dont take care of it now, while it has crossed my mind again.. i will forget to do it at all! Thanks for the award Nat. I have to tell you 7 things I love and then pass this on to 7 people.


1) creating

2) tiny things.. bears, dolls, teasets

3) beaches

4) This country

5) beautiful weather! (85 degrees in lyndonville today ! at least thats what the bank said when I came by tonight.. I really dont think it was that hot though!)

6) my family

7) my friends!

and 7 people to pass this on to... I have such a hard time picking people..

Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul (Fran)

With Needle and Thread (Carla)

Gingham World (michelle)

...A Walk In The Park (susan)

Little Lovables (Lisa)

Thimbleprims Studio (cindy)

Cottage Cozy (Carrie)

I just have to say that I could easily pick every person on my blog list! So if you see your self here, you are tagged.. and if you dont want to do this.. its no big deal you dont have to and you dont have to feel guilty about it either..

Ok.. I'm off to read that book that Cindy sent me!
hugs to all!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday chattering and worms! (edited)

wow! my internet was down this morning.. I hate to admit it, but this had a very adverse effect on me.. in that, it like, TICKED me off. but.. ♪♪lalala♪♪... i'm over it now.. its working again!
so yesterday was quite the day! I met up with Natalea, She came all the way out to see me! and we headed out to a bunch of sweet little shopping places, and had a good time. We went to TGIFS for lunch and sat talking for a long time about our crazy families.. Ok.. maybe crazy isnt the right word, maybe Bizarre is a better term! any ways, at one point, she was laughing so absolutely hysterically she was crying! and.. people were looking at us.. (I'm sure they were wishing that they were having as much fun!!) I did get a great picture of her with tears running down her face, and i'm DYING to post it, but I'll be nice.... (geez!)
(a little edit here.. she told me I could post it!!)

so after lunch we shopped around some more.. we both bought the new Artful blogger and where woman create issues, and a bunch of other stuff, well, nat bought stuff, I bought a little metal tin and some wooden thread spools! thats it! Then on the way home we stopped and got rootbeer floats.. so yummy. We had a really fun day. Shes getting ready to go to Georgia this week.. I'm so jealous.. I wish I was going too!
poor natalea, she had to put up with the almost 100 phone calls I recieved while we were out.. work related.. foster parent reporting a runaway, the police, one of our youth care workers, who I thought was one of my sons and called him babe when i answered the phone! And several phone calls from my kids, one when my son Tony, who just bought a new (new to him) car and put in on the road friday , was heading to niagara falls and his poor new car caught on fire!!! yes.. never a dull moment in the life of a neroni! nat has seen that first hand now!

When I got home I found two large boxes on my front porch! I had done a one to one pinkeep swap with Cindy Owens of thimbleprimsstudio, OMG... Look at the sweet little doll pinkeep she made me. I just adore it. and not only that, she sent a second box, filled up with all sorts of artsy fartsy supplies and some magazines as well as a book that I cant wait to start reading called "where the blind horse sings", about an animal sanctuary. Thank you soo much Cindy.. youre a doll! You should all check out her new blog too.. she is so creative and makes the sweetest dolls!
Here is a picture (a not so good one.. bad lighting) of the pinkeep I made for cindy! I definitely think I get the better end of this swap! I hope she likes hers half as much as I like the one she made!

And while we're at show and tell, I should show you these too.. I did an altered poker chip / circus token swap at the fairie zine.. these are the things I sent out. Had a blast making these.. I would never in a million years have considered altering a poker chip or of making a circus token! This is one of the things i love about blog land.. the inspiration and challanges are so good for all of us creative souls!
Have I ever mentioned that i hate worms??? yeah, I really hate worms.. they make me want to puke.. really, they gross me out just thinking about them.. they dont have a face, you cant tell what theyre looking at! ... If they had a face I probably could handle them a little better, cause, snakes dont bother me.. (I dont like them, but they dont cause panic in me... ) worms do though. so last night we went to our friends house to play cards with the Flanagans and Fellers.. but when it was time to go home, it had been raining..... and THE WORMS CAME UP OUT OF THE GROUND AND THERE WERE FREAKEN A MILLION OF THEM STRETCHING THEIR LONG NASTY SELVES ALL OVER THE PLACE ACROSS THE SIDE WALK AND I HAD TO WALK TO THE CAR!!! I ALMOST DECICED TO STAY OVER NIGHT! It was awful... there was almost no where to walk.. and I had sandals on!!! oh my little heart was just beating so fast... and.. guess what every one else was doing while I was about having a heart attack... yeah.. they were laughing.. laughing i tell ya! I could have stepped on one of them slimey thangs and slipped and then I would have fallen down and landed on 20,000 or so.. I have a big body.. and they were everywhere.. my hands might had touched one.. OH gosh.. just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies~~ hmmmph!!

so Iguess thats all for today folks.. I suppose its 2:40 and I should probably get dressed!!! see ya's later!

Friday, April 24, 2009

monkey business

some say I'm ugly..
some say I'm cute....

I dont really give a hoot!
hahaha... (I just cant help myself sometimeS!)

(monkey pearls!)

peek a boo!

have a sweet weekend!
I'm meeting up with natalea from kandeland tomorrow to go out to play!
the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS!!
it was 81 here today.
HEAVEN.. if I wouldnt have had to be at work!
todays my little tonys' 22nd birthday.. happy birthday snicklefritz!
yeah, he doesnt read this.. i dont even think he knows I have a blog!
oh and.. I was given an award from Natalea.. It will give me something to post about tomorrow!
nightie night all!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

yackity yak~

Marmalade is finally feeling better and about back to his old self.. he likes to hang over my shoulder while I'm on the computer!

spring has sprung! weve had several beautiful days in a row.. things are turning green outside and my daffidils are up and the forsythia is blooming!

I feel like I havent been here if forever, though I know its been only a few days. I've been on call this weekend and have been busy besides! I did get all my easter stuff put away. Two full bins. I left a couple things out that I just wasnt ready to part with yet. My house hasnt been in its "normal" look since before halloween! I decorated for halloween, then left out just the fallish and thanksgiving type stuff and then went to christmas! After Christmas I put out All the snowmen (there wasnt room for them when christmas was out!) from the snowmen, we went to valentines .. I left valentines out for a couple weeks longer.. and then put out easter! so.... When easter got put away.. I just didnt know what to do. I found a bunch of stuff that I had stored away and played around with those things.. I must be missing a bin somewhere with summer stuff in it.. cause I didnt see it when I was sorting through things.. its not time for it yet,, but I will be wanting it in a couple months!

So, Ive posted a few pics of easter replacements! keeping in the spirit of spring.. I thought plants and flowers and nesting babies would be appropriate!

so what have I been doing? besides undecorating and putting my house back to "normal", I got caught up in making those little flower charms which you probably saw in my last post. I got a little obsessed (I know.. thats no surprise to some of you who know me in person ( brenda and bambi) and made a lot of them. I left work on Thursday night and ran to michaels to buy beads and more hardware.. and blew 35.00 dollars! then this morning I ran to rochester to joanns and spent another 30.00. Yeah, I will never ever use all that I bought.. but I couldnt help myself. It was fun! so, I made a charm bracelet and am making another one. I hung a bunch of them on a little tree. Ive made some that will be for little blythe necklaces.. they are just fun. Besides the little flowers, I also made little felted ball charms too. I tried wet felting .. very easy.. and fun to decorate afterwords!

Believe it or not.. I dont have something dancing around in my head dying for me to make it! that doesnt happen to me very often.. I'll have to go in search of some inspiration! I do have one idea for a needle punch piece, (not needle felting ) I'll talk about that another time.
So I guess thats all for now girls.. but hey! where have you all been, I've not had many comments this past week.. I missed hearing from you all! I thought maybe ya'll didnt like my flower charms or were just tired of me!
I'm off to find something warm to put on my cold little bare feet.. then I'll be back to try to catch up with all your blogs!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

charming little garden flowers

I've been gardening!

so glad tomorrows friday.. but I'm on call... I hope its a quiet weekend!!
I plan on playing blog catch up this weekend.. somehow I've gotten behind!
time for bed.. night all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

its over...

SO.. Easter has come and gone.. Now its time to put all my precious easter things away! Well, I'm not doing it til this weekend.. but just the thought of it is disturbing!

There is just so much cute cute cute stuff! This happens every time a decorating holiday ends! Easter , halloween , Christmas, valentines.. I have the cutest darn things collected and made over the years. I hate packing it all away in bins.. to store until next year.
And, easter's the worst.. because I dont really have much of anything very special for spring and summer. Well, thats not totally true. I do have some stuff.. but nothing oozing of cuteness. I need to be surrounded by cuteness!
I'm going to have to give this some thought.. What would be cute that is summery and springy? I think I want to collect vintage beachy things for the summer like old tin pails and shovels.. and what should I do about spring.. probably flowery, bird nestie type things.. well, actually I do have some stuff like that.
maybe it would be nice to just lighten it up around here for the spring and summer and not do much decorating... umm.. thats probably not possible for me.
Well, thats all for now girls.. I just ordered a pizza and wings, and now I need to vacuum before it gets here. Its american idol night.. cant wait to see what Adam, danny and the 16 year old girl sing tonight!
oh, and btw.. I did make my grown boys hunt for their easter eggs!! it was fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

happy easter blogger bunnies! wont keep you long today.. we need to spend today with our families and friends! And in church... which Im not.. (naughty me!)

Check out this crown! one of my most favorite easter goodies ever. I recieved this last easter from Tracy WEbster whom I was partnered with in a bunny crown swap! Isnt this AWESOME!!!?

She did so much work on this and then sent it off in the mail. If I had made this, I would never have been able to swap it! the one I sent her was cute.. but not even close to this level of artistry!
Just look at all these tiny pictures! and you cant see it in these pictures, but on the inside of the crown its the same way, only with different little pictures.. really just fantastic!

LOOK at all the bunnies!! EEEKKK!! i love this so much!
And, in those eggs? is 100.00 dollars for my boys to find on their little egg hunt today! umm, they are 20 and 22 years old.. Iwanted to buy them something special, but they couldnt think of anything and just wanted money! well, if they are getting money, they're going to have to work for it!

Heres the eggs Gert (bethanys nick name) and I dyed the other night. those will soon be made into todays deviled eggs!

And COOKIEs that the girls and I made yesterday.. robert watched and spilled the sprinkles all over the kitchen while he tried to drink them out of the jar! (yes, i said hes 20... eiy yie yie!)
Happy EASTER my friends!
Remember that Jesus lives.. and thats the reason for easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

treaures and idols!

YIppee!! I couldnt be happier.. its finally friday! and, its easter weekend. My plan is to stay home and create, clean, putter and cook! though I do have to admit, that I'm dying to go to the broadway market in buffalo.. but, I dont need anything.. I know if I happen to find myself there, I would have to buy a butter lamb and some flowers.. maybe some sausage.. but.. I can get all those things close to home too.. and, I dont need any of them.. I wish I didnt always have the urge to run to see what I can see.. what little treasures I can find.. what sweet little trinkets and trims I can use in some creation.. I already have so much! but ... I can always use more!

but.. I'm going to try to convince myself NO.. NO NO NO.. to stay at home and relax.... uh.. i dont really have any easter gifts for my boys though.. but they dont want anything.. just money.. I guess I could fill eggs with cash! ha! wouldnt it be funny to make they search for eggs with their names on them? I dont think they would appreciate it.. but I'm going to consider doing it anyways.. a mothers got to have a little fun sometimes! I cant help it they all grew up and left me behind!! I dont think I've grown up yet....and, do I really have too?

SOmetimes.. I dont have to go any further then my mailbox to find treasures.. IN fact in the last two years since I've been blogging, Ive found so many wonderful awesome treasures in my mailbox! I dont know if ive told you or not that I have a bunch of idols out here in blog and flickr lands.. really, a bunch of them! most of you know who you are.. because ive told you over and over that youre my idols! some of you dont know.. 'cause Ive failed to mention it to you.. but in anycase.. one of my idols is Debrina.. and she also loves my little bears, so we did a couple swaps.. and today I recieved these oh so very wonderful pieces of art from her.... just let me say.... I was squealing with delight! pure delight I tell ya!(Look even her tags are precious! )

I could do a post everyweek and highlight one of my idols.. that would keep me busy for a long time! there really are so many.. Brenda.. Mica... Lori... Flora...Melissa (tootie), Whendi, Grace, cindy, Jenny, Elaine, Kecia... and the list goes on and on... heres a picture that has artwork from several of my wonderful artist friends!

Ive been lucky enough to acquire quite a sweet little collection of artwork from so many of you! and I have to say I love every bit of it! all the easter ornaments, prints, paintings, jewelry, valentines ornaments, snowman, christmas ornaments, dolls, bears, atcs, birds in nests, collaborative books, aprons and PInkeeps! and more!!

and, with each piece of art, comes a little piece of the artist and alot of inspiration for me!

anyways.. I certainly am just rambling on tonight arent I?

In other news... this old boy.. age 15.. (jaspers son!) had to go to the vets today.. needed some dental work, two teeth pulled.. and part of a tumor under his tongue removed.. didnt know that was there. The vet said he couldnt get all of it as it is rooted into his tongue.. with out removing half of his tongue, and due to his age thats not a good option for him.. (ya think!) anyways, the vet said, it will grow back but he doesnt know how long it will take. but basically he said probably only a few months. poor marmalade. he seems to be doing ok though! you know what they say.. "Chin up.. stiff upper lip!" and Im not going to worry about it yet.

so.. happy Friday.. Happy saturday and Happy EAster!! and I'm off for now!