Friday, September 30, 2011



frannie was not happy that she got closed out on the porch and that before I would let her in I had to take her picture! lol!

WOOHOO.. so starts the weekend!

I'll be back..

shopping tomorrow with my daughters..

goodnight blogland!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

pressies and friendship!

gifts from nat

I am blessed in many ways.. but one of the biggest blessings I have in my life is friendship! I have lots of wonderful, thoughtful, kind and creative girlfriends. One of them is Natalea from Kandeland! I met Nat through bloggiing and it turned out that we live only an hour apart, so we have been able to spend quite a bit of time together over the last few years. Natalea is a freaken riot! I am so lucky to know her! she sent me the sweetest ever gifts yesterday. Look at the adorable collage she made! isnt it perfect??? me, figgy, franny and buffy! and the little box is just full of little treasures!

thank you natalea!!!

and then, you have to read this card she found ... It couldnt be more perfect, as Im always wishing for a fairy god mother! honestly... it fits me to a t!

toooo funny! thank you sooo much Natalea!
I received 4 packages yesterday, (2 were for an ornie swap, but one of them was from my dear flickr Friend Kelly! I met Kelly online too through flickr and we became swap pals as we loved each others creations. Then last year I hosted a little crafting weekend at my aunts cottage and Kelly drove all the way up from OHio to come hang out for the weekend! We had a ball! now in three weeks, I will be going to Ohio to spend the weekend with her! I so cant wait to go!

pressies from kel
Kelly always sends the neatest stuff! Look at those awesome cupcake decorations! and LOOK at this! the neatest Halloween apron!! I LOve everything! thank you Kelly!!
thank you kelly!
I thought I'd model it for you! I must have taken 20 pictures and none of them came out very well.. I look like a total dork in them all.. but I thought that this one was pretty funny and figured I'd let you see what an old dork I am!!

So..anyways, I do have the most wonderful friends, here where I live, at work, friends from growing up and places I used to work, and my blogland friends. I love them all!
thank you God for the gift of Friendship!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thinking about being 51!

some people dont like to celebrate their birthdays!
But not me! I'm all about them. I LOVE having a birthday.

And what would the alternative be??? lets not even go there. I love my life! and I want to have a ton of more birthdays!

I dont particularly like getting older... but I'll do it... (like I have a choice!)

and Im going to make the best of it all along the way!

I like being fussed over.. and really, I like being the center of attention... I know some of you dont. but me? yeah, I'm all about me! lol! well at least during my birthday month!

And I figure the older I get, the longer Im going to celebrate my birthday! seems only fair doesnt it? So, Ive dubbed the month of October, my month! which is really perfect because it starts and stops with a bang!

Starting with my birthday and ending with Halloween! now really, what could be better??

We get together for all our birthdays.. .. My family is GROWING so these days.. husbands, significant others and babies! so we have lots of people for fun parties!

And we really dont do it up all fancy or anything.. we just get together to eat and have cake and open a couple gifts. Nothing extravagant..

Though, I being a princess and all deserve extravagant... (LOL!) . we just dont go there!

Really, Im joking.. I hope you know that.. Usually we have big steak dinners for birthdays. For Jens we had stuffed shells. But I think for mine we will either have tacos.. or pigs in the blanket and chili! I'm leaning more towards the pigs and chili!! doesnt that sound like fun!! (I do love me some hotdogs!)

So, I'm just thinking about my birthday this morning.. and planning my weekend. shopping saturday.. hoping maybe to have breakfast with Natalea and Jenny (and any of my daughters, daughter in loves that are available) and then shopping for the day. Im gonna spoil myself and by me some treasures of somesort!

then sunday will be dinner and family. but I keep thinking it would be fun to go to letchworth for a birthday picnic! Who knows.. but I will be rejoicing that i get to turn another year older and that I love my life and am very thankful for every blessing God has given me!

so blaa blaa blaa.... and have a great day..

I'll return to more halloween inspired stuff later.. this is just were my fat little head is this morning!



Monday, September 26, 2011

freaky friends and ding dongs!!

freaky friends!

I love creating halloweenies. I think more then any other thing. these are the little friends I made this weekend. the top pumpkin and the batty cat guy are in a shadow box and I gave them to my dear friend brenda for her birthday today. the two below I have to keep! I think I may make a couple more though!

They are fun and easy to make! Except that Im running out of pipe cleaners because figgy and franny seriously steal them! I have to keep them hidden! they are probably 20 or more under the entertainment center!

wanna know what a good boy my hubby is? He works an hour and 15 minutes or so away. tonight I called him on his way home to see if he was anywheres near joanns, he wasnt, he was 15 minutes past it, but he turned around and went back just to buy my a little spool of the tiny black pompom trim that I put on the pinkeep above! isnt he a good boy!? thats why I keep him! lol! hes been known to make trips to joanns to get felting needles or paper clay, sculpty, glue or paint.. or who knows what else! He just left to go to jens for something.. now.. if he would just bring home some icecream! lol! JUST KIDDING. so.. yeah, the losing weight plan... I did great sat and sun .. but blew it sunday night and this afternoon.. but I'll be back on track tomorrow.. someone just kick me in the butt please! there were dingdongs in the stupid machine at work today.. ding dongs! by hostess.. I havent had those since I was a teenager! Ding dongs!! I tell ya, I couldnt help myself...

But I have to admit.. first of all they were a little smushed.. and 2nd of all, they werent that great.. but I ate them anyways! no more ding dongs for me! naughty naughty!

OK.. I gotta get some jammies on and make a cup of tea.. then I think I'll do a little needle felting. I want to make something for my birthday/halloween giveaway. my bday is this weekend, so I will annouce my giveaway then.. so be watching!

see yas later~


Sunday, September 25, 2011


buffy's a....

We thought buffy was a boy!!

but guess what? buffys a girl!!



Saturday, September 24, 2011

taking care of business...

(acorns made for my friends 50th bday.. didnt get 50 made, only 30!)

OK girls.. so this is it.. for my 50th birthday I lost 50 pounds. (55 really). I will soon turn 51 in another week or so, and I have to admit that this year I found, at last count about 30 of those pounds back! And if I am to be honest, I would guess that I have gained 40 of those pounds back... wth! Im not quite ready to step on the scale to see the grand total..
bowl of acorns
(could have ruined her surprise party as I thought the party was last night! its sunday! thankfully no one was home!)

But the good news is, this craziness is going to stop now. I have been eating anything I wanted when ever I wanted and as much as I wanted for weeks and weeks.. I've even been to nasty Mcdonalds a few times lately and i had completely given that up.. same for DONUTS!!
bottle 1
(love these cute and spooky stickers, bought at Micheals!)

So heres the scoop! There are several of you who have mentioned to me the desire to lose weight. so I'm starting a little group. we can encourage each other and post healthy, lowfat recipes to share. And just try to be accountable to each other. I'm putting on my walking shoes and I'm getting moving again.. and riding my sweet pink bicycle.. that sits on the porch wondering if Ive forgotten about her!
(cute on the these bottles arent they?)

Weight watchers is an awesome place to go for tips and accountability and it worked sooo well for me before, but seriously I just dont want to give them my money. I have the tools, I know what to do and I'm just going to do it.. we all know that diets are temporary.. it cant be that way.. it has to be for life.
its all a blur!
(a little blurry! )

I got to thinking that for one.. Im fat and its unhealthy as well as unattractive! But also, I'm only 50 (well for a few more days anyways) and I cant retire for another 11 ro 12 years. I need to be able to work. Also, I'm a grammy pie now and will surelyin the next few years! Which means I NEED to be healthy so I can be the best ever grammy for them. I would like to be around for another 40 or more years.. in a healthy capacity.. so this is it...
potion bottles

no more of this out of control eating. Starting now, today, I'm going back to where I started about two years ago. You'll probably get tired of hearing about it.. and if for some reason I'm not talking about it, call me out.. cause that probably means I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
glow in the dark eyes!
(dont they look like theyre cooking up some evil little plan!?)

If youre serious and you want to join in, let me know and I'll be sure to check in on you and to encourage you too. Okeedokie girls?
so to start today out, this is what i'm having for breakfast.
A scrambled egg with peppers, onions and tomatos, a little bit of ham chopped up in it and a laughing cow cheese wedge melted into it. with a 100 cal bagel thin and spray butter (no cals) . I'm also having two little clementine oranges. (I'll be counting my points using the old weight watchers points, not the new..) My total points for breakfast will be about 6 points.

Ok.. other then that, I have some crafty plans for the weekend! All halloween related of course! And I've still got to decorate my porch. its cold and rainy out today, a perfect day for that kind of stuff! I'll be back later to check on all my bloggy buds! love yas!
happy Saturday!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

halloween at my puter!
(halloween at my PUter!)


puttering this morning when I should be getting ready for work. I do this all too often, then suddenly I have 1/2 hour before i have to go and still need to shower and get dressed!

So soon out the door to work then tonight to a dear friends surprise 50th, complete with a live band. should be a good time.

This weekend I have a couple projects to work on , and I seriously need to scrub my bathroom and halloweenify my front porch.

OK.. I'm down to 25 minutes and still have to feed the bird and the stray!

have a great day lovies!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

frannie pants and figgy pie

frannie had surgery yesterday

I know we all think our children and pets are extrordinary, and we are often biased.. but really... figgy and frannie are! after her surgery yesterday he so gently just layed near her watching her every move.

figgy LOVES frannie!

He seriously loves her!

fig and fran

And this morning... HE brought her a Present!!! her favorite toy... a pipecleaner!

frannie and her gift from figgy.

she even batted at it a couple times before lying on it.

I'm telling you, they are extra special!

When Frannie was not well the other night, she was under my blankets and I swear she thought she was having a kittens, not that she was in pain, she may have been, but the digging and nesting, and PURRING! and cleaning herself.. I know thats what she thought was going on. And figgy thought so too, He didnt leave her side and just watched and waited for a kitten to come! lol.. no kittens kids! i was flabbergasted! she was having like a false pregnancy. poor girl!


shes doing ok today. she doesnt want me to give her her meds, but oh well, we must do what we must do!

And with that, I must get my arse off this very uncomfortable chair and get ready to go to work!

have the loveliest of days my dears!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


First of all.. who the heck wrote my last post!? LOL!

second of all... thank you all mybloggy buds for dealing with my moodiness the other night.. I think I was just tired, sick and irritated.. which yes, does happen to everyone on occasion. When it happens to me, everything in the world (well at least vivis world..) bothers me! And I do mean everything! from the hair on my chinny chin chin... (which one day soon I'm going to do a whole post on facial hair!~ LOL!) to whats on or not on the tv.. to nothing tastes good.. too everyone is annoying... and really.. the only thing that makes it better is to go to bed. and that.. makes everyone here, well everyone here thats married to me, happy!

Anyways...youre all awesome. And I can answer my own question... that is why I blog! because Ive met soooo many great women who have become my true friends! again, some people dont get it.. but ehh.. who cares what they think anyways! lol!

So, just a couple things.. does anyone love longerberger? Well I do and I have a pretty good collection of their baskets and pottery and dishes.. and yes, it is all way too expensive and I havent bought any in a very long time.. but omg.. one of my bestie besties, Brenda, brought the new book in for me today, and now I'm going to be obsessing over these extra awesome freaken cute christmas lunch plates! omg.. arent they the cutest things ever???? I have ot have them. but they arent cheap, and really, I need to have at least a dozen of them.. only 50.00 a set of four. eiy yieyie! but I want them.. (can you see me stomping my feet with my arms crossed saying I want them!! ) yeah.. I want them....
I have a friend who is having her 50th birthday party this weekend. I didnt have a clue what to make for her, but then decided that i would make her 50 needlefelted acorns! I'll find a little basket to put them in. what do you think? cute idea huh?

And for another special friend I made this skelly. she loves skellys, so I think she'll like this one.

Ive got some other birthday projects that I'm working on for some other birthday buds, will show when I can!

AWWWWW~~~ you see Frannies picture at the top, my poor princess kitten was quite sick. she had a pretty serious uterine infection called pyometra. The vet spayed her this morning. the poor baby is resting now. He said she had a pretty bad infection and that he was surprised that he couldnt feel how swollen her uterus was. poor princess frannie! hey.. that wasnt cheap either, 250.00!!! I could have bought 5 sets of those longerberger plates! oh well, I love love love and adore my kittens. you all know that.

Ok.. so chatty cathy is signing off here for the night. I have to go call my flickr buddy Kelly to make arrangements to go to ohio to visit her in a couple weeks! yippee!

have a sweet night everyone.


peek a boo!

Monday, September 19, 2011

warning.. grumpy post...Dont you ever get grumpy??

Oh dear girlfriends.. I am feeling a wee bit grumpy tonight. Lots of odd stuff bothering me.
Frannie is better, but not her old self. still not running and playing. and not eating a heck of a lot.
That stray is still out there and he IS sickly. He has got to go. Im pissed that some freaken how (thanks to my son..) this cat has become my responsibility. I dont want to be responsible for getting him well or finding him a home. at the same time I feel so bad for him. he is very sweet.
Work absolutely sucked this afternoon and sometimes I hate my job and think I'll never be able to stick it out til I can retire!
I came home stressed and pigged out on all kinds of crap. which makes me mad, because I really want to go back on my weight watchers plan. Remember when I lost that 55 pounds????? yeah? well lets not think about that too much.
I want to be a rich princess and stay home and play!
Darn it!
My craft room is a disaster and needs some major organizing and cleaning up!
and.. I'm sick of sitting at the computer.
why do we blog?
oh. geez.. listen to whiney old me.. OLD! thats another problem.. I look old! and I could grow a freaken beard! ..

I'm just tired girls and still not feeling that great and then a kid I work with ticked me off really bad this afternoon.. like REALLY ticked me off.
I'll be fine in the morning.. I should just get some juice and a bowl of hotair popcorn and watch something stupid on tv!
sorry for the whining...
but do you like the silly pumpkins? I made those while I wasted time resting this weekend.
sweet dreams girlfriends!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 posts in one day!


Ive been lying around all day long, actually even took a little snooze! probably only for a few minutes.. but its pretty unheard of for me to sleep during the day. I went out for a bit this morning, but came home and put jammies on and thats about that! I did a little sewing, played around on the computer and had a roast in the crockpot. thats the extent of my day.


Except that I had done a swap with my friend Kim from Kims musings. Her package actually came the other day, but I didnt want to open it until I had hers ready to go. which it is now. And she encouraged me to open it today, so I did! What a great package of halloween treats!
There was so much in the box! this adorable necklace, and under the necklace in this picture you can see the vintage black and white checked apron! sweet! I love both!

Kim makes the cutest things, check out this owl! He quickly found his way onto the shelf above my couch with some other halloween friends. uh.. I think he is a she though!

Kim made this great paper ornament! I love it. i hung it on my craft room tree. My craft room tree is desparetely in need of ornies.. I was going to make some today, but didnt get to it. maybe tomorrow morning.

Other things in the package are this pumpkin sented candle and pumpkin scones mix.. (which I cant wait to make!) and you cant see it in this picture but a vintage nut cup full of candy eyeballs! Kim also made the cutest little halloween party hat, which is being proudly worn by one of my favorite baby dolls!

This is the card she sent too.. soo cute! thank you for everything Kim. I she likes what I'm sending her. I forgot to take pics, so you all will have to check her blog when she gets it!

Ok.. Im heading back to the couch.
I really need to feel 100% better for tomorrow as we are celebrating jens 30th birthday and everyone will be over for dinner. I will be making stuffed shells. Thats what she asked for for her birthday dinner. I'll have to make a cake in the morning too.

anyways.. thats all for tonight folks.. Im whipped!

(I'm resting meri! Im resting!) LOL!