Monday, February 23, 2009

i think its my favorite one ever!

Finished this yesterday.. I wish these pictures did it justice. I really think of all the hundreds and hundreds of bears I've made, this is my most favorite. I dont know why. thats all.. i just had to show her here to all my little blogger pals.
now I have to go email all the egg hunt swappers!

Im freeeezzinngggg!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

vivi had a little lamb...

♥Do you ever just get obsessed with your ideas to make something? Do you wake up in the night with a new idea, or planning out what kind of materials you might use on something?
♥Do you dream you are working on a project? (thanks susan I forgot that one!)
♥Do your ideas get "backed up" when other new ideas pop up? And then do you go nuts trying to figure out which to do first?
♥Do you go to work and find yourself staring off into space while you make a mental list of what you need to buy at joanns, or michaels.. or where ever you get your supplies, and try to figure out how you can escape from work to go get the stuff?
♥Do you put aside housework,laundry, cooking.. and other necessary things so you can work on a project that just has to get released from your brain???
♥When you look at other peoples creations, do you sometimes get so filled with inspiration do you think you might burst??
♥Would you sometimes rather stay home and create something then go out to eat or to the movies.. or shopping.. or anything else?
♥Do you ever get so wrapped up in creating something that you forget to eat!? (Ha! that doesnt happen to me.. I eat while I work!!.. just thought it would be funny to throw that one in.. plus I do know that some of you little skinny minnies probably do forget to eat while your in a creative frenzy!! I wish I would forget to eat!)
♥Will you drive an hour just to get one little thing you need like the right color floss, or just the right piece of paper, embellishment or fabric?
♥Does your family ever feel a little neglected because of your art, ummm... and computer time??

♥yup.. this is my life girls.. but I wouldnt change a thing! well maybe to have a bigger craft room and more supplies.. and for joanns and micheals to be closer than an hour away!!!

Today... its laundry, cleaning, clothing inventory for florida, cooking.. and a very quick trip to walmart for a sewing machine light bulb! (do you think they have them there?
Have a sweet day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

visions of easter danced in my head!

Its been such a long week for a short week! I had monday off.. but I'm not kidding when I say its been a long week! The kids I work with have been out of control!!

but.. just got to get through tomorrow.. then its the weekend! I'm dont really have anything planned for the weekend, except that I need to look through my clothes and figure out what I'm taking to florida. I should dig out a suitcase and see if I can fit everything in one! I guess I can take two carry ons.. my purse and a tote bag. and you know somewhere there has to be room for some little craft projects!

Have I told you how much I hate flying???? OH GOD!! I hate flying. I have to talk myself into it, by coming to terms with the fact that, if its my day to go, then its my day to go! eiy yie yie... the flying part about ruins the whole trip for me!

So, other then trip planning, I need to get a few groceries. I'm planning on NO Shopping this weekend! no wasting money! unless.... someone twists my arm really good.. (I hope they dont!) I have a few swap things to work on, so I'm hoping to hang around at home and play here.

I need to make a pinkeep for a special swap that Im taking to florida with me! I'll be meeting a flickr and blog friend, Nancy while I'm down there. And, I'm doing a little swap with my flickr and blog pal cindy owens. So, those two things and puttering around the house will keep me busy!

Do you like the little easter egg friends I made? I've had visions of easter eggs in my head for a couple weeks! I guess I skipped right over st pattys day. I guess I'm just not into st patricks day.. I really dont even have any great decorations for that holiday. I have a leprechan that I made a few years ago.. that might be all!!! so when I put away my valentines and my snowmen.. easter is coming out! I have the cutest little easter decorations! I'm always so excieted to get them all out and see them again.. its like seeing old friends!!

I made these ATCS for the atc swap at the faeriezine group in flickr land. but I might have to make others ..because I dont know if I really want to part with them! I especially like the bunny and baby one.

Well, its late and I'm pooped out. . both couches are taken in the living room! my youngest who moved out this summer, has moved back home. I wanted him too so I'm glad hes here.. but hes sleeping in my spot!!!!!!!!!

Oh.. a quick egg hunt swap update:

one girl had to drop out, so we're at 37 girls. And I've recieved two boxes already. Cindy O's were the first to come and then Mahalas.. and Ive got to tell you ... whoever gets their eggs is going to LOVE them! dont forget to send your return postage money with your eggs girls. And... next week brings us to the end of the month.. so youre going to need to get them in the mail within the next 8 to 10 days! no later then that... please be on time with this swap. OK... I'm sooo tired.. I've got to get off this computer! GOODNIGHT!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

come to violets teaparty!!

Violet has been feeling very neglected and lonely lately.. she pretty much just hangs out with me in my craft room.. so we got to talking the other day and she asked about getting a few friends together for a teaparty.. Well you know me, I'm all for having teaparties! Then Violet suggested it could be a valentines tea... And, I was all about that too! so we made up invitations and sent them off to some of our most special friends, new and old.. and then I let Violet take over! she was the perfect hostess! and she dressed herself up so pretty! She wanted to make special goodies for her party, so we got out our favorite teaparty book and she picked out a few things from it!
Violet wanted to make sure there were decorations, so we had the party right under her favorite valentines tree. but, she wanted to decorate it more, so I let her throw some red garland and beads on to spruce it up a bit!

Didnt she look like a sweet little hostess?

all of her guests dressed up and looked adorable too!

Some of her guests brought their little friends with them too.. her invitations did say to bring their dollies!

the pink ballerina elephant was quite the show off, pouring tea for mr, monkey with her trunk! (violet told me after the party that she thinks miss ele phante has a crush on mr, monkey! he sure did seem to enjoy her attentions as well!!

And I just got such a kick out of little jasper.. just like his name sake, he would not stay off the table! violet told him he was using bad manners, and she would put him down and he would jump right back up.. probably about 20 times! just like his name sake.. (who i must add I miss terribly!) Anyways, the friends finally took a vote and all agreed that they actually liked having sweet and persistent Jasper in the middle of the table!

Three of the Nancy Anns came, I heard one of them saying the others had valentines DATES, and chose to miss Violets valentine tea ! I'm glad violet didnt hear this!

There were some other show offs at the party too... must be something about the ballerinas, because this old ballerina panda, was dancing on the table at one point! spinning around and around so much its amazing that she didnt get dizzy and fall and spill everyones tea!

as the others watched in shock! I think this little panda below was so embarrassed for her friend, that she turned bright pink!

I wondered if Miss Ele Phante, had spiked mr monkeys tea, as he definitely got a case of the giggles and he dropped that baby several times!!

See that little baby in the quarter hat? I watched her sneaking around the table.. she was funny, when the others werent looking, she would grab their desserts off their plates! there was a lion under the table that I failed to get a picture off and she was feeding him!

Little pink flamingo came and graciously offered flamingo rides to some of the guests. little cherry kisses panda, spent most of her time on his back! and then was charging everyone else a nickel for a ride! One of the other bears told me that cherry kisses and pink flamingo are best friends!

All in all, everyone had a lovely time!

We took lots of pictures.. I had to climb up on my kitchen table to get a couple of them and was worried my husband or kids would come in and catch me! I m sure they are all quite sorry they missed violets party! I know how amused they are by such activities !

But I did take lots of pictures, so they will be able to see what they missed!

I made the friends all pose for this shot.. but I couldnt get them all to look at me at the same time! they were all too interested in talking and paying attention to each other! "come on everyone.. look at me!!!"

I think Violet had a wonderful time with all her little friends.. though she still keeps bothering me about getting her a blythe girl, and I was hoping the party would make her forget about that for awhile, but it didnt... I was hoping though.. as she really has some very sweet little friends that came today!

but look, here she is saying "pleasee mom... pleaseeeee.. just think how much more fun it could have been !!" eiy yie yie!! How am I ever going to resist that sweet face! (and to think I have friends that don't like violets sweet face!)

so anyways, that was the valentines teaparty ! lots of guests and giggles! and even though violet is wanting a new blythe friend she does love the friends she has and she had a very good time!

this little Ginny girl is probably her closest friend, though they dont get to hang out together very often.. maybe I should let them so she will quit begging for a blythe girl!!

So thats all for now folks! hope you enjoyed the valentines teaparty pics!

Friday, February 13, 2009

an early easter tweet!

Thank God its Friday and a three day weekend! Its been a long week. I usually like my job enough that I would tell you I will stay there forever and retire from there.. I like the bad boys I work with. But wednesday, I actually looked in the want ads... I dont like to give details of my job here, but let me just say, there are some days when I have to deal with very ignorant, miserable people out there who like to spit nasty venom at people (one inparticular) because they dont want to do the job that they choose to do! I'd love to go into detail, but I cant. I've already said more then I should. I am so thankful that God blessed me with a cheerful heart and the ability to bounce back from anger quickly! I just come home and make something cute!

I'm having a valentines teaparty this weekend.. so be sure to come back to see the pictures! I'm excited about it I think it'll be fun!
Also... I have to clean my house .... really.. I keep waiting for my fairy god mother and house cleaning fairy to show up, but they dont.. so.. I guess I'll have to do it myself!
gotta get ready for work now.. see yous later!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

good morning all you Glories!

GOOD MORNING ALL YOU GLORIES! (my dad used to say that to me.. well, except that he wouldnt call me all you glories.. he would just say, good morning glory. I used to like that!)
So anyways.. Good Sunday morning to you all!

I've had a fun weekend so far... out to breakfast and a little bookstore and joanns shopping yesterday morning.. I do have a magazine addiction and I spent quite a bit there.. but I'll have fun later today looking through them all! So you see Lisa Kettells "Altered ARt Circus" ? I had to have it!

Then in the afternoon my blogger flickr pal Natalea and I got together to stalk out the house of one of our flickr blogger pals who is moving from AZ to our area (and hopefully will arrive today). We had fun there.. we made a snowman, put up a sign adn some balloons which I'm sure didnt make it through the night.. it was wayyyy to windy! and left her a card. I hope she gets there before the snowman melts.. I think it was 50 degrees yesterday! though we made the snowman around 5:00 in the afternoon, so it was cooling back down to the 30's for the night. we thought that would be a fun surprize to welcome our friend to ny!

so after that, it was a little more shopping with my daughter and out to perkins to eat!
When I got home I worked on these.. which are for Kecias easter swap! I hope they turn out cute when they are done!

so today.. I will be listening to the playlist on my blog of all my favorite oldies, working on these ornies , reading magazines, and then this evening, Im going out to dinner and to a musical with my daugther and her godmother. We're going to see the Drowsey Chaperone. Before you click on this to watch it, make sure you scroll down and turn off my playlist!

this looks like it will be a fun show. A lot of singing and dancing... and thats what its all about right? I'm looking forward to it! Have a great Sunday , Im going too!! ((Hugs))!

Friday, February 6, 2009


a valentine bear dressing up for easter! some of us just like to get a headstart on the next holiday .... I have a couple cute things up my sleeve for easter... but really we must finish up with valentines first!

speaking of valentines day ... At work were are playing valentines day like we did when we were in school.. we have a "class list" and there are 52 of us that chose to play.. (I was amazed that so many wanted to!) anyways, everyone has to design a mail box of some sort and bring in our valentines to put in the boxes! some of the people that didnt want to do the valentines are going to be judges and well have a mailbox contest. There are some really cute ones.. You know I will take pictures and post them! I dont know if I'll post all 52.. but we'll see! I think it'll be fun to get 52 valentines! I bought mine from current.. I'm not making 52 valentines.. though some of the girls are.. there are even guys joining in the fun! so stay tuned next week for mailbox pictures!

I'm so glad its Friday. its been a busy week and I am so looking forward to the weekend. In the morning I'm going to breakfast and shopping with a couple girlfriends. .. JOanns... barnes and noble.. (and maybe somewhere to buy a couple new bras! ) I'm going with my friend that had breast cancer. She has finished all of her treatments and now is preparing for reconstructive surgery. I still cant get over her bravery and wonderful attitude through the whole ordeal. Love her to pieces! I want to pick up the new copy of where women create.. do you think I could use some ideas?? LOok at my messy space!

I recieved a few swap packages this week.. this one came from Jullie in Australia.. She was my partner in the tokens of love swap. I cant believe all the sweet little things she fit in the box! thank you soo much Jullie! I love that little sheep.. but I dont see him in the picture!

These sweet things came in the mail today and they are from Stella bella! Stella was my partner in Dollys heart swap. I adore these sweet little pieces of art! Thank you soo much! I already have them in places where I will be able to enjoy them!

And... Check out these tiny little clothes pins with the sweet little hearts on them.. These came as a surprise from my precious little friend Kai. Thank you soo much Kai. YOu really are precious!

Well, I suppose its 8:40 and I havent had dinner and my husband is starting to rummage around in the fridge.. I really should go fix us something to eat.. I think it'll be bacon cheeseburgers with pepperjack cheese... adn tater tots.. and cottage cheese.. though if I eat all that now.. I wont be hungry later for ice cream.. or popcorn... Oh dear.. Ive not done well with changing those stupid eating habits!!!! I do have a tread mill now though and I have been using it! ok.. off for now!
ummmmm, I had to come back quick to post a picture of dinner. I dont know why.. just because.. and by the way.. this artery clogging meal was SOOO GOOD!!!! american cheese, hot pepper cheese, blue cheese, bacon and onions.. with cottage cheese and tater tots... nothing very healthy here... nope not tonight! and... Theres no way I'll be eating any icecream or popcorn now!
have a sweet weekend!! Im going to!