Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dolls dolls dolls! I picked up this magazine because it had this article about Nancy Anns in it.. I love nancy anns. I have two, I want more! and I would love one of these new ones. I went on line and looked them up, they're 89.00... anyone want to buy me a present! haha... yeah, I couldnt convince my kids or husband either! I could get a few old ones for that price anyways.. but they sure are cute! So while I was looking for a picture of my nancy anns, (I only have a pic of one.. and too am lazy to take and download another pic tonight!) I also saw these pictures.. some have the same dolls in them, but arent they soooo adorable?! I love tiny dolls!! anyways, thought I'd share these pics.

Then theres this picture.. these are what i've been working on the past few days.. no wheres near done yet.. I'll post when theyre finished! the next picture down is more of some projects that I have started! someday i may get to finish them!

Dolly update! I have heard back from all but 5 of you letting me know youve gotten my email and contacted your partners! please if your one of the 5, touch base with me. thank you for being such great swapper girls!!

ok.. must go back to my crafting area (my kitchen!) and work on something before i take my before i go to bed nap!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week girls! I wish I could stay home and play.. but I have to go to work.. lots of bad boys to contend with !

obsessing now.. over nancy anns... maybe they will be in my dreams tonight! seriously do any of you ever dream about cute little dolls and bears!? I do! Then I wake up and want to create them, or wish I could create them! Once I dreamed I was on Oprah and she gave me this box of the most precious little dolls! then I woke up... and was so disappointed it wasnt real!

night girlies! Sweet dreams!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


So girls, we have 27 swappers in all! 27 very talented , creative and beautiful woman! yup thats us! talented! creative! and beautious!!

The rules are... you have made a committment.. please do not let your partners down. put your heart into creating something especially sweet for your wonderful partner! if for some reason you suddenly find that you cant honor your committment contact me immediately so I can make sure your partner does not end up disappointed. I wouldnt make such a big deal about this except that I hosted a swap recently where a few people did not follow through! this has caused me to look over our list of girls very carefully! But I must say that I trust all of you!!♥♥
We have until Feb 29th to complete and mail our dolls. I would love it for everyone to take a picture of themselves with the doll they make and then again with the doll they recieve! ( this is my swap right? I can make up any rules I want! hahahaha !) ok.. You dont really have to do that, but dont you think it would be nice? Like awesomely nice and it would make me happy.. (not that you care how happy I am.. but I do!!!)
Your doll can be made from any medium and should be between 9 and 15 inches.. (I think thats what I said before!)
(I'm thinking my next swap will be for miniatures under 6 inches.. stay tuned girlfriends! I can hardly contain myself now that I've thought it!!!! I have a serious obsession with tiny things! Oh dear I have gone off on a tangent!)
Remember my dears, its a beat the winter blues swap.. think cheerful ! sunshiney ! sweet! hmmm.. am I leaving anything out?
I hope everyone is happy with their partners! I am thrilled with mine! Everyone should be happy! I really think we have a very creative group.
Oh I just love you all!! ♥♥
(my Im just full of sap tonight arent I?)
have a lovely! leave me lots of messages! (at least let my know you got the email with your partners info!!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

dollyswap update.............

Do you like my valentine tree? I keep finding myself just standing in the kitchen loving it!!

Were doing good girls! there are 18 of us right now. I think I said I'd keep it going til the 23rd. so we're sure to get a couple more.

I just need to remind everyone, that i need your addresses, email addresses and blog addresses!

I bought some fabric yesterday to use for my doll. remember the theme.. sunshiney sweet! I will post everyones names and blog addresses here tomorrow, or will actually probably just add the rest to the previous post where I've already started.

Today I made two bears for a bear order.. they still need noses, bows and tags. I'll finish them in the morning and will post their pics sometime this week. I cleaned today too! And I made chicken and bisquits for dinner,yummy!

Tomorrow morning I'm having a little tea party! (yay! I'm off!) Just a few girlfriends coming over to chit chat and munch on sweet rolls and coffee cake. I'll be up early baking !

Look at these cookies my husband brought me this morning! isnt he sweet! He brought me two, and then he ate one! thats ok though.. cause I loves him!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello everybody! just wanted to take a minute to give you a quick update on the doll swap. so far so good. There are about 11 of us right now and we still have 6 days left for signing up. Hopefully there are a few more creative doll makers out there who want to join in the fun. keep spreading the word!
I promised my friend Terri at http://primtiques.blogspot.com/ , who gave me this sweet little award that I would pass it on this week.. so on with award giving!
This award is for all of you dolly makers who are signing up for the doll swap... because you are soo making my day (days) by joining! so this is for you:

mica at garboodles

Well that was a lot of work getting all of these address's on here! hopefully they work!

HEY! Yay! I have all of my valentine swap things finished! So off to the mail tomorrow or saturday!

then I can start on the easter stuff!

I also have to come up with a little valentine craft because I'm having a little tea party on feb 2nd. two of my girlfriends are coming over to play. I have to think of something fairly quick but awesome! any great ideas anyone?

but for now I really need to go work on a couple bear orders.. that need to be done , one tomorrow and two on sat! I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey! How do you like my new banner? My daughter has been playing with photoshop and made it for me! isnt it sweet! I think she did an awesome job and I'm so glad to know that she can do that.. I will keep her busy making banners for me!

Well finally I'm ready to post about the doll swap! Ok.. this will be the "Beat the winter blues doll swap", and the theme of the doll will be "sunshiney and sweet". the dolls can be made out of any medium and can range in size from 9 to 15 inches. All I ask is that you put your heart into the doll and make it special, because that way everyone will make something extra nice and everyone will be happy with what they recieve! I am so excieted already!

I'll take sign ups until jan. 23. and will email or post partners on the 24th. That will give us the rest of Jan and all of Feb to design and finish our dolls. Lets have the mail out day be leap day! Feb 29th! then we will all recieve our dolls at the right time to cheer us from the winter blues! (well those of us living in snow country anyways..) Everyone else lucky enough to live in sunshine all year around, will be recieving a little extra dose of sunshine in the mail!!
Ok.. so.. please email me vivianneroni@yahoo.com to sign up, please include your name, mailing address, email address, blog address and your flickr if you have one. Also please consider this a committment. I hate to have to throw that in, but I hosted a swap a while back and some people made and sent, and didnt recieve. How disappointing that is.. I'm still trying to make up for it to them! Please contact your partner and keep in touch with them.. Here is a great chance to make a great new creative blog friend!
Ok, and lastly, I have to make a badge or button or what ever you call it! so I will do that hopefully today.. or heck.. I'll be right back, I'll do it now!done! what do you think? ok? I had trouble with the size. couldnt get it how I wanted it! well, this will do.. so everyone, please post it and spread the word to your doll making friends!So on to other things.... I recieved this little award from my sweet friend at http://primtiques.blogspot.com/ how nice of her to think of me.. I 'll pass this on during the week, but for now I just want to say thank you!I have all my valentines stuff out now.. I really dont have much compared to 11 christmas bins, 3 halloween 2 snowmen, and 2 easter! Just one smaller sized bin.. thats it... I think I'm going to make myself a valentine swag. one of these days. I have a couple new bear orders and I really should be working on them today. eh! "theres always tomorrow" but one does need to be done by Friday. so really if not today.. then it really has to be tomorrow.. no room for procrastination here!
So while I'm here, shall I post my valentine pics? Ok.. (I think you said yes!) did I tell you I have a nasty little sinus headache? I woke up this mornign and thought I had a hang over! We went out to some friends last night, I had 2 momosas thats all.. I only had two because I am on call and didnt dare have any more! anyways, I sure enough woke up withthat stupid headache.. well now after pumping myself full of liquids and eating and taking 2 extra strengh tylenol at 6 am and then 2 more at 10am.. I am realizing that its definitely sinus! and it wont go away!
OK so the pics.. let me get to that now..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

morning ramblings...

Just a very quick post this morning. a few pictures. I did manage to get all (well most) of my christmas stuff put away. I had to keep out my snowmen! Winter has barely started.. why put them away yet!

I also got most of my valentine stuff out. I dont have a lot of valentine stuff. but I do have some cute things. I didnt take any pictures of my valentine decorations yet. but I did take pictures of some things i've been working on for some swaps. the problem is.. I cant show you yet.. so there are some sneak peeks below. well, except for this one below.. this is just a couple of my tiny dolly friends, that I gave a little valentine too! the rest are sneak peeks!
I'm not sure whats going to happen with these yet!
This is a little peek at part of my faerie zine vintage valentines swap...
This one is a sneak peek for Debra S at hophopjingleboo! I still have a few other things to work on for other swaps! so much fun! And I'm still lookign for people interested in doing a doll swap ... pass the word!
I didnt work on anything last night.. I was a bit grumpy! so last night I played with some old toys, had a drink and indulged in some icecream them fell asleep with the kitty on the couch!
Unfortunetly, I've been here longer then I intended.. Now I have to hustle my little self off to work!

Friday, January 4, 2008

lots of swaps going on right now! I'm just a glutton for punishment! I've joined quite a few. Plus I'm making something special for a few of my snowman friends who didnt recieve anything from their partners. I plan on parking myself at my craft table (which translates to the kitchen table!) tomorrow and sunday and creating away the weekend. I will take time out to do some laundry and to make dinners.. and possible bake something ..and of course to play on the computer when I feel like it! but other then that.. I'm just playing this weekend!! I have sooo many ideas.. my brain may burst.. I dont know what i want to do first!
My husband is doing very well. thank you for your prayers and concern. He has been going out every morning to get coffee and visit at the corner diner.. well the corner is about 4 miles from here! I dont know why I just called it the corner diner, I've never called it that before! Oh well. in any case he is doing well.. He needs to put some weight back on.. he lost about 15 pounds, and he didnt have an ounce of fat on him to begin with.
ok remember to spread word about the doll swap.. I'll post about it again.. and do a little advertizing on flickr!
toodles for now!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

DOLL SWAP to start the new year off.

Ok.. I promised Fran that I would put together a doll swap, so lets see what kind of interest we have.. and any ideas you have about themes and making the dolls will be good to hear as well..
looking forward to your comments!