Friday, October 31, 2014

oh.. I love me some halloween!

OHHHH... its here... one of my favorite days of the year. 
wishing it was going to be a little nicer out.. but ehh.. its october 31st and its always hit or miss.  weve gone trick or treating over the years in pouring rain where my little bethany butterfly had to shed her melted cardboard wings in someones garbage along the trick or treating path!  weve trick or treated in the snow, in the wind, and on days when it was very warm!  our car has broken down and weve had to trick or treat  where we were while waiting to be rescued!  (luckily everyone was already in costume!)  Weve also come home from trick or treating and been locked out of our house! oh so many trick or treating adventures!

Our costumes have been, cowboys, indians, raggedy anns and andys, gypsys, mad scientists, butterflys, clowns, hobos, mice, rag dolls, ghosts, and I cant remember what else.  but all 4 kids went out every year and I dont think I ever bought a costume.  they were always made from scratch from stuff we had.   I wish I had pictures of them all!

You would think as much as I take pics now I would have a bunch.. I have some.. a few, somewhere.  but I didnt used to take a lot of pics for some reason.   duh! Im making up for it now!  well, and its so much easier now with digital cameras, cell phones and computers!   remember the photo booths where you could drive up and drop off your film to be developed and then pic it up the next week?  

So for today, Ive painted my nails orange and put halloween tattoos on them!  but I washed a few off this morning cause they looked stupid!    Im going to do my hair pink I think.  I have orange hair chalk too.. but I dont like orange hair.  and of course, I love pink hair!  anyways.. pink hair with some spiders in it..  no real costume.  Im just being me with pink hair and spiders!  
I'll be packing bony Neroni up and having him ride around in the car today.. maybe I take skelly dog too..  maybe even bonita.. I havent decided really.
I bought donuts to take to work.. and I made brownies last night to take too.. but the brownies... yuk.  I threw candy corn on top and it melted into the brownies.. and its not good.  so that'll be staying here for hubby to break his teeth on..  (not really that bad I suppose..)
My grandbabies are coming to visit me at work today so that I can properly show them off in their costumes!  And then afterwork I'll be going over to the kids house to hand out candy there... because I DONT GET TRICK OR TREATERS AT MY HOUSE!  can you believe that?  I used to think I should put up a little tent in town and hand out candy there.  Im lucky if I get three kids at  my door...
sooo. thats that.   
Its supposed to be cold and rainy..   
I think I threw my coats away last year to make sure I bought a new one for this year..     havent done that yet...  
Happy Halloween my ghoulish bloggy pies!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pre halloween festivites

We had a great weekend!  I had a halloween teaparty on saturday.. (though no one drank any tea!) some of my besties came and all of my daughters came.  we had a good time. Lots of food, lots of laughs! 

 I doctored some of my pics up at picmonkey to dress the girls up a bit!   I love playing in picmonkey!

and of course, I always have the hardest time trying to pick out just a few pictures to post.  I usually take so many and then its hard to decide what my favorites are...  the problem is that I always have too many favorites! 

 my friend fun Brenda brought her skeleton "Chubs" over to visit my skellys.  She dressed her up like an old woman, complete with old granny shoes and a shawl!  she was hysterical!

And the skellys seemed to have a good time hanging out together.. maybe a little too good of a time...  check out where boney neronis hand is!   but old chubs seemed to have a good time.  we had to keep our eye on them though.  

After the teaparty, the girls and I took the kids to browns pumpkin patch.  they kids had a blast.

Probably could just let the pics speak for themselves.  but... 

 isnt Ella beautiful with that hair?!

 violet is crazzzzzzzzzy and she basically crawled through the pumpkin patch stopping the check them out and kiss them here and there!

Marla is nuts too!  she looks like shes singing here, but Im not sure as her mom took this pic and I stole it from facebook. 

I bought them tattoos.. and marla wanted hers on her nose and forehead.  Her momma told me the next day that they didnt come off and she went to church with that black cat on her forehead!  I bet everyone at church got a kick out of it! lol! 

Ella was a big help when it came to the wagon cause she held onto violet so she wouldnt fall off!  

And torry was pretty good at pulling the wagon!

and then there was icecream...

 yummy icecream.  with black and orange sprinkles on it.

mmmmm... ice cream!

And if case youre wondering where Lilly was during all of this.. 

her precious little self was tucked away in her mommys snuggly thingamajiggy!
Only 4 more days til halloween.  I dont even want to think about packing all my stuff back up.  If I could go directly from halloween to christmas it wouldnt be so bad.  but I have turkeys and pilgrams.. who need their turn. lol!
have a great day my bloggy ghoulfriends!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

eye candy

 oh how cute it this little jar with the scalloped lid?  I know, right!   Kmart.. christmas section!    They are for making those cookie mix gifts.  6.00 bucks.. a little much for a plastic jar.. but stinking cute!  It came with a red ribbon, but of course.. its halloween time, so I changed it to a halloweenish ribbon.  You could switch the color up for all holidays.  easter pastels  red valentines.. green for st pattys..  anyways.. its really adorable!  I might have to go get some more.  They would make really cute gifts as well!
 Heres my other candy jar.  This is just a big glass cookie jar.  I stuck one of those window clings on it.  I know... good idea!  huh!?  lol!   and is that candy not just stinking cute?   Bought it world market in Ohio.  I want more.  but we dont have one around here.

I bought another skeleton yesterday...  hes living in the back yard.. no one can see him but me.  Well I mean You only see him out the window over the stove.. I needed to see something cute out there.  He looks much closer then he is.  Hes really quite a ways back there.  Its a little cold this morning.. poor guy is probably chilled to the bone!  LOL!! 
OK, Im off to hang out with my besties today.  a little shopping and lunch.  perfect way to spend the day!  Can't beat that!
Happy Sunday my bloggy pies!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Its all good...

  Its all good today girls.. just in a little mood yesterday morning.. one of those moments of discontentment, but I have a grateful heart and those moments never last long.  I am always 100% grateful for every bit of my life..even if my house is a wreck!  I am grateful to live where I live, to have raised my children here.. and that it is comfortable and cute and filled with love.  And so much more.. and even if I complain about going to work.. I do like my job and the people I work with and I am blessed to have a decent job.
And on that note...  TGIF!!!!  only working half a day, mammogram this afternoon, and then I forgot that I am watching violet this afternoon and evening.   That makes me smile.
wondering why Buffys pic is here this morning?    lol!   last night she wanted my attention and she just kept chattering and whistling and calling me.  then all of a sudden she said "what ever!"   We about died laughing.   I say that to her sometimes if Im giving her something to eat and she throws it out cause she doesnt want it.   I'll say, "whatever buffy" and walk away.  I was really surprised when she said it last night.  I do love that silly bird.
Okeedokie.. have a great day and a great weekend my friends!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

blaa blaa blaa...

OH my!  I think marla's thinking "grammie needs a dentist!"   These are a few pics from monday.  Arent they cutie pies!?    they sure did love playing with those teeth.  We had a fun day.. except for when they were playing Pirates with paper towel rolls while I was making dinner.. and I thought they were just sword fighting, till I came in the living room and found them beating on buffys cage with them.  the poor parrot was huddled back in a corner of the cage... then I turned into grammie monster and they were a little surprised that grammie yelled at them like that..  

They played with those teeth all day.  In fact, Tiffany posted  this pic on facebook yesterday and said that Marla had been Roaring in lilliannas face!  oh dear... I created a cute little orange toothed monster.
Im feeling a little crappy physically and mentally this morning.  wishing I had a fairy god mother and some super creative energetic friends around to help me fix up this disaster of a house  (oh and some money! cant forget that.) sometimes I think I should get rid of everything and start over fresh, without so much stuff.  Im actually a jealous person.  I watch house hunters and some of those programs and then I start hating my own house and want to change everything.. .or really, just want to move!  by myself!  to a little cottage on the lake. ..  alone.. with figgy and frannie and buffy... lol!  

OK.. enough of that..  back to reality.. I just need to make the best of what I have.  And I do.. most of the time...   blaa blaa blaa.. waa waa waa... whine whine whine!    I really should get off this stupid computer and do something constructive.!
Look how cute my little violet pie is!   I have the cutest little grandbabies!  I cant believe I'm getting another one in jan...  isnt that crazy?! 
I have a big pink like blood spot on the white of my eye this morning and a headache.. I hope Im not having a stroke or something...  
ok.. Im sure Im not and I shouldnt joke about stuff like that. 
just a little out of sorts today.  I need to eat some healthy food and go for a walk.
busy day ahead and its almost friday!  only working half a day tomorrow cause its mammogram day.  then I think Im going to a show tomorrow night maybe..   saturday Im supposed to see my dear old blog friend Natalea  and sunday Im going out with a couple friends shopping, eating and maybe to a movie.   so busy weekend ahead.  And, inbetween all of that, I have to keep working on bears. 
So I suppose that I should go work on some bears now.  
Happy day my bloggy pies!

Monday, October 13, 2014

just a quickie post!

 Good morning ghoul friends!   just stopping in for a very quick post this morning.  Wanting to wish my canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving!  Its also Columbus day here.. but its just not the kind of day that we say, "happy Columbus day" for.. not that I dont wish everyone a  happy day!
stayed busy with bear orders this weekend.  pretty much didnt work on bears much on saturday as I shopped with daughter Bethany most of the day.  but yesterday, I was proud of myself.  I stayed focused! woohoo!  (I have a terrible problem with that...) 
Im about to do a little sewing for about an hour and then heading out to the grocery store.  And then... to pick up princess Marla pie!   Not only will Miss Marla be here, but Torry and violet pies as well!  Lilly is staying home with her momma.   I have a few little plans to keep my pies busy and happy today..  Camera battery is charging as we speak!   Im sure we'll have a fun day and I will be exhausted later! lol!
Still so many bears to make.  I have a bunch of big orders and a few smaller ones..  33 bears in total.  thats a lot of bears.  so I am working on them.. I do a lot of procrastinating though! lol!
have a great day my friends.. I really need to make some tea and do some sewing!
Happy Columbus Day! LOL!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

in a hurry!

 I feel like the rabbit on alice in wonderland.. running running .. running.. late.   Well, Im not late for anything.  but I'm always in a hurry! lol! ( oh heck.. thats not true, Im late for all kinds of stuff.. thats why I never give an actual time.. I always say, "around such and such a time..."  lol!!  Because Im always getting caught up in something totally random at the last minute..  like right now.. rushing because suddenly when I should be getting ready for work, I find myself thinking..  Ohhh, I have time to put up a quick post.  and then I see Figgy and Frannie sitting her next to my computer with their eyes all squinty and cute wanting me to pet them.. and then I decide, I need to take their pictures.. which then means I need to Hurry and upload them.. label them and save them!  
 because its seems totally necessary to share them with you here, this morning.. like now,  because of course everyone in the world.. ok.. everyone in blogland, needs and wants to see figgy and frannies awesome cuteness this morning!  right?!  right!
Oy vey!   so.. I havent been doing much this week.. working and making bears.. many many bears to get done this month... might spill over into november which I was trying to avoid..  
oh my... November???  that is sooo close! 
 I think Ive decided to have a  little halloween teaparty.  Cant have all this cuteness and keep it to myself.  You are all invited!  lol!  (I WISH you could all really come!)   I made some invitations yesterday, but I think Im going to make different ones tonight..  Maybe I'll show them to you if they come out cute. 
OK.. OK.. OK...  Ive got to go!  still need to shower, pack a lunch, stuff a bear and feed the bird.. all in 40 minutes..  do you think I can do it???     Im gonna try!  
toodles and have a great day!

Friday, October 3, 2014

birthday pics

 I had a great birthday yesterday.  spent the first half of the day working on bears and puttering around.  took care of some business and then picked torry up at his babysitters!  We went to get some more smaller pumpkins to put in the little wheel barrel.. (cause, you know, I really needed more pumpkins!)  torry had fun picking them out.  Then he and I went to throw rocks in the lake for awhile, cause little boys love to throw rocks!  I was a little nervous because we didnt go to the "beach" or the other place we go.  not enough time for the beach and the other place is a little too remote and I dont like to go there with out other people.  (just my own insecurities..)  the boogie man might be down there.

We had a fun afternoon though..  He is a busy little boy. but he was very good and sat still on those rocks.  its a pretty steep there and if you were to fall  you would definitely at the very least get hurt.. so I wouldnt let him move much!  

So then, we met the rest of the family at a BBQ restaurant in Batavia.  We all ate too much and had a good time.  I find that when all my grandbabies are with me I dont eat as much and I dont function on a very adult level, like, its impossible to have a conversation with anyone.  I am totally distracted by their stinking cuteness!  lol!  so I really didnt eat much of my dinner, but I'm taking most of it for lunch today !  I did manage to eat a piece of cake last night though!
 I got great gifts! My kids and kids in laws are all very generous and thoughtful!  and they know what I like! 
  and I love them all!   
  (my feet are freezing.. in case you want to know!)
 glad its friday, but Im on call this weekend til next friday.  so who knows what the weekend will bring. 
I have bears to work on and a turkey to cook tomorrow.  Im sure I'll have to do some on call stuff in between.  
 Sunday Im going to see the musical "from here to eternity".  not on stage,  but its being shown at a movie theatre, a special showing I guess.  Im looking forward to that.   hopefully on call doesnt interupt the show for me!  fingers crossed!
 anyways.. thats about it..   I have to get ready for work.  only half an hour before i have to leave and I havent done a thing yet.  
 Have a great weekend!!
heehee.. see what some of my birthday gifties were?   LOL!
Who gives their mother animal skeletons for her birthday!?  
my kids do!  thats why they're the best! 
can you hear the music from the adams family?  its playing in my head right now..   Actually,  I taught buffy to whistle that, but she hasnt done it in a while... I shall have to remind her about that!  
gotta go! 
happy day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ghouls just want to have fun!

made some halloween cuppies...  arent they cute!?
So much cuteness in my life!
and lookie below.. 
every good little ghoul should have a little boney skelly doll!
 Dont you think?
 to kiss and hug and rattle around...
 maybe to gnaw on a little...  and in the end, you know, to break his leg off!  lol!
 little ghoul girls just wanna have fun!

 So do big ones.. and I do..
always have fun..
well, pretty much, next to always.
Happy day and Happy OCtober!
October is my favorite month... 
starts out with my birthday and ends with halloween!
what could be more perfect!? 
toodles for now!