Wednesday, November 30, 2016

you will love this! (well I do anyways!)

For your christmas pleasure!  this is so stinking cute!  just had to quick share this with you all!

Have a great day bloggy pies!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

early morning chit chat..

Well, we had a great thanksgiving.  Most everyone was here.  We ate a lot..  a few of them actually go somewhere else to eat before they come here and eat again!  lol!  I dont know how they do that.  I was so stuffed.  There was a lot of food and everyone went home with left overs.   I really dont think any of the little kids ate...  accept for marshmellow rice krispis that I made for them, because I was pretty sure they wouldnt eat pie!  lol!

Now that thanksgiving is past, Christmas is On!  I've been working on christmas projects for a while really, but finally this weekend I started decorating.  The Kitchen and bathroom are done and the living room is almost done.  The tree went up last night, but I'll work on decorating it later.  Garlands still need to go up, maybe later today.    As for the outside..  I'll do it when the mood strikes me.   There is still a lot of stuff upstairs that I'm not going to use this year..  I have too much stuff!  well at least I say that.  If I could get my bedroom and craftroom cleaned up some of it might get used..  we'll see..   lol! 

So I thought Id show you these photos.   Ive been busy the past couple months making christmas elves.  A friend of mine has been hosting a big christmas open house in her barn for the last 20 years with a bunch of artists and she has been bugging me for years to make elves for it. So this year I finally did!  I made about 25 elves altogether and sold everyone.  the few that didnt sell there, other friends bought.  and I actually have to make two more.   A nice way to make some extra money and I like making them.  But like anything else.. after  you sit and make a bunch.. you do sort of get a little tired of them. But they really are so cute!
Ive been making elves for longer then Ive been making bears.  I would guess about 25 years.   maybe longer.  They started out as ugly little woodsmen.    Its funny, because some people absolutely love them and some really dont!  You should see them when I make a bunch of heads and body parts and have them all in a pie plate to go in the oven!  lol!   We always joke about me "cooking body parts again"!  lol!

 There are elves all around my house for christmas.  I think I'm going to make myself a couple more though.  I LOVE the reindeer fabric on the one aboves apron and I need to have one like that! A friend just made me a rag quilt using that fabric in it.  I'll have to post a picture of it next time.  sooo cute!

   So for today.. I think I'm taking Marla birthday shopping.  Her party is next sunday.  Can you believe she is going to be 5 on 12/28?  and Torry will be 6!   Tiff is celebrating Marlas birthday early this year.  a great idea i think.   Torrys birthday is on the 8th and  Bethanys is the 6th.  Im trying to start a tradition to take each one of my pies out shopping to pick out their birthday presents. 
OK.. Ive blabbed on enough here.  I guess I should go work on bears or elves....    I want to have everything finished this week and in the mail!  5 bears to go!   

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

early morning thanksgiving crafting!

More turkeys! lol!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy buddies! 







I'm thankful for so many things.. for just about everything..  my list would be so very long.    so I shall just say I'm grateful for each day and all it brings.  
don't eat to much!  
yeah, right..
gobble gobble!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

omg.. just shut me up already.. bla bla bla! lol!

 Good morning on the thanksgiving eve day! lol!  I just have to make a big deal out of every day.. don't I?  I have to say.. I love my life and I do like to celebrate everyday in some way.   And isn't each new day a gift for us?  And aren't gifts special?  and special things should be treated as special??  and shouldn't we be thankful for all the gifts we receive?  well I am.  I can honestly say that I look forward to each new day and am always grateful to get up in the morning and find something to do that makes me happy.   Some of that is because I'm selfish.. and a little self serving.  sometimes I have to remind myself that life isn't just all about me.. lol.. though in my world most of the time it is.  though I do like to do things for the people I love..  but is it about them or about me?  because it makes me happy to do things for the people I love.  well, usually.   sometimes I do things that I don't want to do for someone else..  and then its not really about me.  or is it?  because if I didn't do it, I would not be happy with myself..  hmmmm....  so does that make it about me in the end?   yikes..    
Oh.. what ever!  
here.. here is a collage of some turkeys that Ive made in the past couple years.  the pine cone turkeys were this years little obsession..  but I'm over that now.   note the pine cone turkey in the center of the collage.. that one I did not make, that was made by my dear friend Kelly...  one of my favorite thanksgiving treasures!
I think I'm ready to eat some turkey and stuffing and then pack up all these little turkeys and move on to decorate for Christmas! lol!  (Friday!)
I have a lot of cooking to do today.  In fact I should not be sitting here! but I didn't want to miss the chance to wish all my bloggy buddies a very happy Thanksgiving.   I am thankful for soooo many things.  So many blessings come my way over and over and over again.  God is so good to me..  to us.
OK.. off to the kitchen for me..    I am looking forward to the smells that will be soon created in there!  
happy thanksgiving my friends!    I am thankful for all you that come to visit me and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Finally Friday!

finally Friday!  I have just been trudging along this week.   not functioning at my highest level, probably because my brain is clogged with holiday stuff.    Thanksgiving.. Christmas...  shopping, planning.. you know all that stressfully fun stuff.

Tonight we have a birthday gathering for my son at his house.  Then tomorrow morning I plan on a major grocery shopping trip.   gotta get the turkey and all the other thanksgiving goodies!  And then the rest of the weekend I need to focus on getting some major stuff done around here.  I have a whole bedroom set on my front porch which needs to come in... but so much needs to happen before that can happen.  Major stuff really.  

I have Wednesday off this next week and will do a lot of precooking before Thursday, but there's a lot of house work that needs to happen before then.  Seriously have considered paying someone to help me move stuff and sort.  I think I need a dumpster.  for real.   well whatever..
I'll get it all done eventually!

I'm looking forward to the holidays.  I enjoy all the hubbub and cooking and fussing over stuff and of course I Love my family all together.   Even though it can be a little overwhelming with everyone here.. there is not a lot of room. but we persevere.  the kids will be cute even though there will inevitably be some little fights.  They are little still and want whatever the other has! Including me sometimes!  
( I am well loved by those little cuties!)

well anyways.. just wanted to pop in and say Happy Weekend before Thanksgiving!  hey.. do you love this turkey garland above?  OMG!  I do!  I got it from Kris Hurst.. she rocks..
 I love love love it!

aww!  look at the little pinecone turkey I just made this morning!   hes sooo cute!  see.. gotta have a little play time before going to work.. its what keeps me sane.. or maybe its what makes me insane!  I dont know!  
Have a great Friday! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

turkey talk

gobble gobble gobble!  have you been to TArget and did you see the cute thanksgiving plates?  well if you did, in the set up around them you may have seen the little packet of turkey heads and feathers that are meant to make place cards.  I original bought a pack for my grandpies to make the place cards, but then realized there were only enough for 10 in a pack.  And there are way more of us then that.  so I bought something else for the kids to make and I made these little turkeys instead!

I painted small styrofoam balls brown and poked the feathers into the back of the balls then glued the heads on with hot glue.  Then I added pipe cleaner hooks to hang them by and tied them onto a little orange tinsel garland with some twine.   I think they turned out really cute!  they are pretty simple-ish.. nothing fancy.  but I think they are just right.  I would have liked to come up with a different way to attach them to the garland. but I was doing this at 4:30 this morning! lol!  (I know.. nuts.. right?)

The holidays are coming up so fast now aren't they?   Thanksgiving is only like 11 days away, And Christmas is about 42 sleeps away!  I don't really count weeks, or days.. I really count paydays.. and there are 3 of them! lol!   We also have 5 birthdays before Christmas.  Well Marlaina's is technically right after Christmas, but we are doing it a few weeks before.  which is a good idea.  Both big Torry and little Torry have birthdays coming up, Robert just had one, but his "party" is this Friday.  and Bethany's is in a couple weeks.  Hopefully, I'm not forgetting anyone! lol!!

So whats everyones plans for Thanksgiving?  whose cooking, whose having company, and whats everyone making?    dinners here at 4:00 on thanksgiving.  and I'm cooking the works.  I could go for a turkey dinner right now! lol!  I should probably go buy a turkey soon..  I want to make sure I get a huge one.  and I suppose I should clean out the freezer a bit to make room for one!
Okeedokie bloggy pies...  I think I'm going to run to wally world..   I need a few things.  its finally late enough for me to go.. I got up at 4:13 this morning..    and its 7:08 right now, so I think I shall throw some clothes on, comb my hair, brush my teeth and run!    have a great day!