Friday, July 31, 2009

300th post and swaps!

Happy Friday!!!
♪♪How I love fridays.. oh yes I do.. they make me happy, dodododooo♪♪

hmmm.. just a little carried away there for a minute... but its friday.. and that happens to me sometimes!

Now I have a three day weekend.. and it starts out tomorrow at the

YOu know I love the beach! Bethany and I are going and my dear friend Sandy and her daughter, grandson and son.
I ran to the city after work today to barnes and nobles to see if they had the new artful blogger.. they didnt! but I got these!
Perfect beach reading for tomorrow!
I have to remember to go get some Good sunscreen in the morning..
I'm a little obsessed at the moment making these little guys.. I'm gonna have to make a trip to hobby lobby this weekend to get more supplies!
yes girls.. my etsy is getting closer and closer... someday soon!

And so far for the swaps we have 9 shadow boxers and 6 pinkeepers! all great creative players.. I want them all for my partners! and have actually swapped with most of them before. So think about it girls, this is going to be a fun swap! I think you can click on the picture to take you to the post about the swap if you want to read more about it... but if not, just scroll down, its the last post!

I know a lot of you are on face book, I didnt want to be, but my daughter Bethany signed me up and now I go on there for a quick peek most every day.. but I do have to say that I found my sweet precious childhood friend on there!! what a treat! she lives in CO now. We have a phone date for tomorrow morning.. (before the beach!) so excieted to catch up with her.. Its been a lot of years! so face book has earned big points in my book.. just for that reason.

this is such a hodge podge post.. bits and pieces of nothing important! sometimes I wonder why anyone stops by to read this crazy thing! Oh and guess what.. this is my 300th post! I should probably do a give away.. but I dont know what to give . I have to think about it. I'm sure I'll post a giveaway of some sort with in the next few days! But I do want to thank you all for coming to visit me here.. I certainly wouldnt be posting here for the 300th time if no one was reading them! You guys rock.. I love love love all my blogland friendS!!

ok.. should get off of here.. but first.. DId you see where I found Figgy and Franny tonight?? I couldnt find them.. didnt think of looking on the counter.. wher they know they dont belong! and there they were, the two naughties! Eating peas left over from dinner!! eiy yie yie!

have a sweet and creative weekend girls!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

♪♪Say say oh playmates.. come out and play with me♪♪ Its SWAP time

heres a little shadow box I made last year for a sweet friends birthday!
Come on all you creative wonderful ladies, dying to get started on your halloween art! Its time to annouce a new swap! I hope everyone is up for a little halloween challange. This one is something a little different.

This one will be a halloween shadow box swap . You will have one partner that you will swap with, YOur swap piece must consist of hand made items , but you may incorporate it into a store bought shadow box if you want to and you can use some bought items if desired as well.

Sign ups will be from now through August 12th. Partners will be assigned the weekend of the August 15th and you will have until October 7th to mail them out.

You need to have an active blog so that your partner can see who you are and what you like and what kind of art you do!

Please email me with your name, mailing address and blog address at

As usual, before mailing, everyone should take pictures of their pieces and forward them to me so I can post them all at one time the week of halloween!

YOu can use what ever mediums you choose to use for this project. But it has to be special, like something you dont want to give away! I suggest you make two! one for yourself to keep as well!

Now call me crazy! Cause I'm going to run 2 swaps simultaneously! The second one is a Halloween pinkeep! Same rules as above apply! When you email me besure to let me know which one youre doing or if youre crazy like me and you want to do both!
heres a pinkeep I made last year also, I think for the same friend who got the shadow box!

OK.. Sign ups start now! I'll be excietedly checking my emails to see whose coming out to play with me!!
oh please do!
oh! and please spread the word!
I posted a swap badge on the side bar here for you to use if you want to!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

blogger messed up? or is it my computer?

hey all.. somethings wrong with my stupid blogger.. my playlist isnt showing up.. I cant see any of the videos you girls have posted in the last day and I couldnt upload a video either.. anyone know why maybe?? Also, I'm not sure if comments are showing up here. please leave me a comment so I can see if that is working or not..


Monday, July 27, 2009

a little peek a boo!

Sometimes you know, you just get struck with a little bit of inspiration! Thats what happened to me this weekend. I found a new flickr friend.. Judibird, and she makes the most awesome little animals, but the black cats inparticular, I fell in love with. Then my sweet friend Jenny (be cheery) makes the absolute sweetest little clothespin dolls! I had been trying to make a clothes pin doll for a few days and they just werent coming out cute.. like, I wouldnt even consider showing them to you! Anyways, so I was obsessing about judibirds cats and jennys dolls and then next thing I know, I had to make a black cat clothespin doll! And when he was finished he needed a friend and I had to make him a little pumpkin head pal! I have more ideas swimming around in my head now too! but I have a bear order to work on ... so the other "friends" will have to wait!
Speaking of friends, Yesterday I needed to go to lockport for something and on the way I thought Id head to Buffalo Stamps. Then I thought, Oh! I should call Natalea and see if she can meet me at Tim Hortons .. and Jenny too! and they were both free so I got to spend a couple hours with the girls! Jenny brought a few of her clothes pins doll, which is part of why I went home obsessing about making something!

While we were together, we started planning our trip to Ohio for the Country Living Fair! Yay! we're going. Now.. I'm obsessing about that ...

Yes.. there is always something sweet to obsess about!! like a rootbeer float.. yup.. gotta go now.. hubbys making them now!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Who do you think did this??

yEs.. IT was the Naughties!

omg... its raining again!!

are you tired of the kittens yet?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Well, it stopped raining just long enough for me to take these pictures of my totally neglected garden... If thats what you want to call it! I have soo much weeding to do!

I cant believe all the rain we've had this month. this weather pattern really sucks. I want to go to the beach but the weather just isnt cooperating. I have a sand box on my desk at work and its seeming like thats the only sand I'm going to get to play in for a while! Hey, at least the lawn is mowed!

The tupperware party went really well, considering I never sent out any invitations and only called people two days before. I ended up with 10 guests and about a dozen outside orders. Not bad for the last minute. And I'm getting exactly what I wanted for free, plus a couple other little free things and 2 half price items.
I ended up making a veggie pizza, a fruit pizza, and also served crackers, cheese and pepperoni as well as little eclairs and m&m's. the veggie and fruit pizzas were SOOO good.
Thank god its Friday ... We have a graduation party tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night Jennifer is in yet another show! Not really sure I'm going to this one though. But I feel like I should. I have no plans other then that. I need to do some laundry, and I have bears to start for another order.. but I think I'm going to try to make something else more fun, first! not sure what yet.. but I'm craving cuteness!

here are the recipes for the fruit pizza and the veggie pizza... try them if you havent already.. they are sooo good!

2 packages of cream cheese softened
1 roll refrigerated sugar cookie dough
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 cup of sugar
Assorted fruits ( I used, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas and mandarin oranges.)

Spread cookie dough over pizza pan. cook the crust as directed on the wrapper. In a bowl mix softened cream cheese with vanilla and sugar, mix well. Spread on top of cooled cookie crust. place fruit on top of cream cheese mixture in circles. serve right away.

2 tubes refrigerated cresent rolls
2 cream cheese softened
1 envelop of ranch dressing mix
Assorted veggies (I used brocoli, red and orange peppers, tomatos, radishes, and carrots. I meant to put black olives on too, but forgot them.

place both tubes of cresent rolls on large non stick baking sheet. Roll out to form crust. Bake according to directions. Cool.
mix softened cream cheese with the package of ranch dressing. mix well and spread over cooled crust.
add your choice of veggies

heres a couple pics of the babies!

FRannie pants.. isnt she lovely? their eyes are glowing yellow from the flash, but are really the most beautiful blue!

figgy wiggles! They are getting so big!

OK.. Thats all for now folks.. gotta do something constructive! like lie on the couch! I'm sooo tired!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hot, muggy and possessed!

Its a muggy night here! GAve the kittys an ice cube.. they were so funny with it. Figgy kept licking it, then as it melted, he was licking the floor!

Right after work today, I went and bought a new area rug for our living room. Of course, I am not a patient person and I had to get it opened up and put down. I had wanted to pull up the old carpet and clean up the wood floor and then put the rug down, but I decided that for tonight I just wanted to see what it would look like. so thats as far as I got. It so thick and pretty.
I've been puttering around moving things and cleaning up a little, My daughter had a tupperware party a couple weeks ago, and I became possessed by some evil tupperware spirit, that put words in my mouth and made me speak.. I heard the words come out of me in a deep gutteral voice.. very possessed like.."I'll have a party..." The words were coming out of my mouth and I like had no control! I think my head spun around a few times too... yeah, thats what was happening. I hate having those darn partys.. but at least once a year... something snaps in me and I find myself with a house full of people buying baskets, or jewelry, tupperware or who knows what else!
To make matters worse.. I'm sooo into having this party that I never sent out the invitations.. so at the last minute today (partys thursday night) I ran around inviting.. no begging a few girls to come over so I dont look like a total jerk! Now, I have to clean my house..... and I'll have to figure out what to serve. Not wanting to bake, so it'll probably be veggies and dip, crackers, cheese and pepperoni and some bakery cookies. If I had off on thursday, I'd make lemon pies. I could do ice cream sundaes. ehh.. I just dont know. SO girls.. youre all invited! (heehee!) well really you would be if you all lived near by!
'course, Id be calling you at the last minute, begging you to come over!

Heres another cute kitty picture.. my son and his girlfriend got a new kitten and brought it over to meet figgy and franny the other night. Her name is Sophie. she is adorable. Figgy and franny liked her just fine, but she sure didnt like them!

Ok.. I have to go to the living room and admire the new rug before I go to bed.. night all!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

busy like a bee!

Its been another busy weekend. I have been out it seems like every night for the past week! Or at least running around like a lunitic! Tuesday was a beach day.. cant remember if i was home tuesday night or if we went somewhere, Wednesday we went to Toronto to see the Sound OF Music and didnt get home til late. The show was really good. Except the guy that played the captian was sooo stiff. I actually started to laugh (quite inappropriately !) in one part of the show when the Captain opened his mouth and started to sing, and it just struck me soo funny that I started to laugh hysterically. Well, you cant laugh out loud in a theatre like that.. so I put my hand over my mouth, sunk way down in my seat and proceded to have silent convulsions of laughter while tears rolled down my face and people around me were probably irritated! My friend Brenda said she couldnt even look at me or she would have lost it too. and my daughter Jennifer said, she knew as soon as he opened his mouth that I was going to lose it. It was good though. The kids that played the vantrop kids were soo cute and so good!

On thursday it was back to work and then that evening, to quilt guild meeting. we made little bunny purses.. cute, but I didnt finish mine. I'll show you if I ever do finish it.

Friday night I went to another musical with my daughter. We went to see Gettysburgh which was written by a very talented man from our area. It was really good.. no fits of laughter this time. (thank goodness... though it is so much fun to lose yourself in laughter!!) Yesterday, I puttered around here in the morning, went to the grocery store and then to two graduation parties, got home around 10 last night.

Which brings us to this morning.. now I'm sitting here talking to yous.. with little frannie snuggled up inside my robe like figgy was the other day. Im headed out to a friends shortly to teach her to blog!! I'll introduce her after shes up and running! After that, we're going to see Oklahoma again (my daughter is in it) as today is the last day. They are doing a 2:00 matinee and a 7:30 show. we're going to the matinee.

Luckily I have tomorrow off, and plan on staying home and doing some house cleaning and garden work. orrrr.. I could go shopping!

I'm in a summer book swap that Kai is hosting. We're supposed to send a copy of a book weve enjoyed and also something that represnts the book. so I'm doing the secret life of bees and sending the little needle felted bee I made, some honey, a honey pot and also a little wind up bee! I hope my partner likes these things!

And cant wait to see what I get in return!

Woah, hes pretty ugly!

Well, I need to go get dressed, I'm going to a barn sale! hoping to find some little treasures! I bought this the other night and I need stuff to put on it! Got any good ideas?? Have a sweet sunday girls!

Anyone interested in a special halloween swap if I can think up a good one?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

catching up!

I've been trying to get to the computer to make an entry and to read blogs it seems like for days and days! I think I've checked in at a few blogs, but thats it! So I'm staying up if it kills me to get this entry in!
Look at my figgy pie! I was trying to finish up this bear order tonight and he just wanted me to hold him sooo bad!

He kept jumping up.. (killing my sunburned legs by the way.. with those stinking freak'n needle claws they have!) anyways, he'd jump up and I'd put him down, they he'd jump up on the table and get in the way, and I'd put him down. up and down up, and down! finally, I cleared a spot for him on the table to sit, and he sat there with his eyes closed!
He was falling asleep. The poor baby was like, rocking! All of a sudden he was going to tip over and I felt so bad, because he just wanted me to pick him up!
So finally I scooped him up and tucked him into my bathrobe like a baby carrier! It worked perfect, he was tucked in where he likes to be and my hands were free to finish tieing on tags!

He was sooo cute like that. I had to take our picture!
so anyways... finally!! here is the first memory bear order that I needed to finish.. I wanted to have them done by last thursday. so I was a little behind. but they are done now! thank God. there were 12 in this order.

They are in memory of this womans mother who passed away in Janurary this year. she sent a couple sweat shirts, a couple cabin creek shirts, and pajamas. I hate working with silkie slippery stuff! I really dont like how those ones came out.

I hope she likes them. Though in this picture above , the do look kind of cute. that pink ones nose needs to be redone. I hope I remember to do it tomorrow night! shes got some pretty big bugg'n out eyes goin on there !

I'm my own worst critic. But arent we all. These memory bears can only be as cute as what they are made out of. I just take the orders and make what they want! I didnt think I liked the green nose on this little guy above, but maybe I do!
What they are made of, also has a lot to do with their size. They are all made from the same pattern, but the stretchy stuff makes bigger fatter bears.

My favorites of this bunch, are the big fat dark blue ones with the angels on their bellys. The woman told me that her mother was really into angels, so I made each to the bears some felt angel wings. I thought they were cute. I need to get some glittery silvery pipe cleaners to make them each a little halo. I thought I had some, but must have used them for somehting!

So, anyways, heres the whole crew. Finished!! yay! now I have another order for five. Five will be a piece of cake compared to 12~

Heres a couple beach pictures. This one is actually from the other day when I went to the beach by myself. What a wonderful day!!! It was so nice out. I sat on the beach for a while working on those bears, then moved under a tree and spent a couple more hours. It was so relaxing!

These are from today.. though my girls will kill me when they see these. I took pictures of them sleeping! heehee!! They slept, I say and looked at magazines and froze my butt off! it was only low 70s, which would have been fine, but there was a cold wind coming off of the lake!

HI sleepy bethany!! I just deleted the one of Jen, she really wouldnt have wanted it here. We all got sun burned today! my legs are pretty pink and sore. Jennifer is usually white as a ghost, and her chest was looking pretty red when we got back.. she is going to be pretty uncomfortable tonight. Poor thing. Bethany was a little red too, but she will be brown as can be tomorrow. She tans beautifully. Jen and I dont!

The other night , jenny, Sandy and I went to Nataleas for her garden party. IT was a stormy day, but just in time for her party the sun came out and it was gorgeous out. We had a great time. Nat and Kevin had other friends over too. There were two very nice friends of nataleas who we told all about our blogging and artsy obsessions...
I have no doubt at all that they think we're all freaks! ok.. maybe we are.. maybe we're not.. but one thing is for sure... we all know how to have fun! We laughed a lot!

One more thing before I go.. A while back I won a little name the dolly contest on the very sweet blog of Happy loves Rosie. I was so lucky to recieve her wonderful package yesterday. I love everything Happy! thank you so much. She sent me some sweet patriotic things. I feel like I've gone on vacation and and have these wonderful souveniers from across the ocean! ( I dont think I spelled souveniers right! oh well) Be sure to visit Happys wonderfully bright and cheerful blog!
OK.. ONe last thing...
I had 70 followers, and now I have 69.... someone doesnt want to follow me anymore! how sad is that!?
Ok.. its 11:49.. I should get off and get to bed.. big day ahead tomorrow.. Jennifer and I and two of my girlfriends, bambi and brenda are going to toronto to see the musical, The Sound Of Music! then Thursday its back to work!
Good night all you sweet blogger pals!
Oh.. one more thing.. I need a tag designed for my memory bears.. my business is called "Always RememBEAR" I'm thinking of having a contest to see if anyone can come up with something sweet and then maybe for a prize, make a bear for that person.. well, just thinking about it.. thats all for now!
no.. one more thing.. Over the next couple days.. I will catch up on everyones blogs! promise!
good night girlies!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

hmmm... what do you think?

well, I've been playing a little bit here. Thank you to those of you who left me tips and emailed me! not sure this is really what I originally wanted to do, but this is what i came up with for now. Is it too dark? does any one have any really cute ideas? You know me, I'm all about cute or vintagey. thats what I was thinking of , cute vintagey beachy.. I couldnt find what I had in mind.
OH DEAR!! Guess what happened? my poor little Figgy wiggles got stung by a bee.. its reallllly swelling up. I suppose I should call the vet or something.
gotta run.. let me know your ideas!


MOrning all!
Just a quick thought and questions..
I'm thinking that I would like to make some design changes on my blog. Ive been checking out some or your blogs and they are sooo cute! But when I go in to look at customizing, I'm not seeing what I want.
some of you have the sides of your blogs scalloped. I want that. I also want a cute paper like background behind it instead of just this plain pink. And I noticed that someone has a cute little flowerey border between each of her posts.
any one out there have any ideas how to do any of that stuff?

Friday, July 10, 2009

off to the beach!

ahhhhhh...... cant wait to get there! I'm actually going by myself. I've never gone to the beach for the day alone before. At first I thought "how weird" but the more I think about it, the more relaxing I think it will be! I have 6 bears packed ready to be finished, some magazines and a book. I'm stopping at the store to get a couple bottles of ice tea and some pretzels or something, maybe a small sub. I am taking my swimsuit, just in case I decide to excite everyone on the beach with my voluptuous body! I really hate to cause such a commotion, especially when I'm by myself.. but still, just in case dipping my feet isnt enough, I better bring it!
I have the sunscreen packed too.. I got a little burned on the fourth and my face is peeling!
I'm off today, monday, tuesday and wednesday! woohoo!! 6 days in a row! Lots going on over the weekend. well, today you already know.. beach and bear day. tomorrow we have a graduation party to go to in the afternoon and then I'm going to Nataleas from kandeland for a gathering! Sandy from sandys creations is coming to spend the weekend at nataleas and our sweet Jenny (be cherry) is coming too. Cant wait to see the girls!!
Sunday, two graduation parties.. both children of two of my best friends!
monday.. no plans yet.. well other then to finish whats left of the bears and deliver them! Tuesday... BEACHDAY with my daughters! Wednesday I'm off to toronto on a bus trip with a bunch of people to go see the musical production of the Sound Of Music! and thursday... its back to work... blah yukko! but we just wont think about that yet!
Ok.. so off I go... to the BEACH!! yay!! see yas later!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

just a quickie here.
thank you, thank you, thank you! for the prayers for my dad. he made it through triple bypass surgery. He went in at 8:00 this morning and we didnt hear anything until 3:30 this afternoon!! but he did well. the doctors were pleased with the way his heart was working as soon as they had finished! He'll be a new man now!
what a long stressful day.. and then one of the boys I work with ticked me off soooo bad while i was already very stressed waiting to hear from my step mother.. I totally lost it on him. I was so mad at the kid for being a defiant pain in the ass, that I was spitting while I yelled at him. then when I finished, my heart was beating so fast, I was actually shaking! I dont usually get that mad! I was quite surprised at my reaction to him, but I think it was mostly the stress of waiting to hear about my father.
oh dear..
so tomorrow.. I have one word.... well maybe 3...
teddybears and BEACH!!
Yup, I'm going to pack up a bunch of bears to work on and go to the beach. by myself no less. I cant wait!!!!
Jen's in the show Oklahoma, and it opens tonight, so, i'm off and on my way out to go see it! She plays aunt eller.
talk to you tomorrow!
(wow.. no pictures in this post.. its barenaked!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

daddy update

Thanks so much to all of my sweet bloggy friends! Your prayers mean so much to me.. to us! My step mom told me tonight that she came on my blog last night and saw that so many were praying ! And she told my dad. It does mean alot to us.
My father will be having open heart surgery in the morning. I think at 8:00 am. I believe he is having triple bypass surgery, but possible quadruple. I'm unsure as I'm not there and I'm not sure that Carol really understood. so please continue to keep him in your prayers. I've been talking to him everyday. He is sounding very tired. They had him sitting up yesterday, but apparently there were some concerns about his heart last night and his blood pressure is very low, so today he had to stay lying down with oxygen.
He is trying to be brave, but I know hes worried, as anyone would be. He told me tonight that he appreciates the prayers because he doesnt think hes on the "big guys" good side. I told him he didnt have to be. and he told me that hes not ready to leave this world yet. I of course told him that we arent ready for him to go either so not to even think about that kind of stuff and that I would talk to him in a couple days when he is feeling a little better.
aww.. my poor little daddy! I hope he recovers very quickly. I cant stand thinking about him being in any pain.
I went to my lake tonight.. needed a few quiet minutes. what I really need is a beach day. A whole day at the beach.. I will have one soon. I'm off from work friday through wednesday. I may go by myself on friday, as I dont think anyone else will be able to go with me. I can take bears to sew!
I'll post again tomorrow when I get home and let you know that he made it through in flying colors!

HUgs and thanks!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

prayers needed! (updated)

HI girls.. I had wanted to post about our great weekend tonight, but it will have to wait. In stead I need to ask you all a favor. my daddy had a heart attack tonight. Hes in florida and I dont know many details, other then that they think it was mild and they are doing some tests on him and he will be in the hospital for a few days at least depending on what they find. Please pray for him and also for my step mother as she is scared. Maybe in a few days I will tell you about my father. I love him.. please pray for him to be OK!
thank you!
I just spoke to my step mom and my sister tula. It seems that my father had a major heart attack and that he may not have made it if they hadnt gotten to the hospital when they did. He apparently has a very diseased heart or arteries and very clogged arteries besides. they did something for him tonight so that blood can get to his heart and then in the morning they will run some more tests. They think he is going to have to need to have heart surgery of some sort. Please keep praying. My father is precious! I havent seen a lot of him over they years and I just cant lose him. K? so thank you for your prayers! I know I can count on you girls!

Friday, July 3, 2009

july 3rd

My little 4th of july friend! made a few years ago.. I like to try to remember to carry him around on the 4th! So he is out and about to go into my purse for the weekend! I was hoping for beautiful weather for today cause I really wanted to go to the beach! but it didnt happen, at least the weather for the weekend is supposed to be perfect.

I have today off for the holiday and so far have spent it sewing. (probably just as well that it wasnt beach weather, or I wouldnt be doing what I needed to be doing!) Working on those bear orders! I have 12 cut out, and 6 of them with their pieces all sewn. I plan on getting the other 6 sewn together today and then through out the weekend and during the week I can stuff and finish them. MY plan is to have them finished and delivered by next thursday !! Yup.. I'll be hustling my butt off to do it.. but they need to be done and out of my life so i can start the other order and get that done and out of my life as well.. There are too many little fun projects dancing around in my head that I want to do!!

I had some help today at the sewing machine.. the naughties... they are into everything! but how can I resist their cuteness!? cause after they play and mess everything up, then they turn into tired little purr babies and they curl up cute nearby and fall asleep! or, in this case watch me sew!

I had to take a break from the sewing to do a quick post and then its to the kitchen. We spend every 4th of July with our closest friends, the Fellers and the Flanagans. The Fellers have this gorgeous property and a great pond and pool, so we always spend the afternoon there.
Lyndonville, the town I live in has a huge fourth of july celebration every year. theres a parade, and arts and crafts show, Tractor pull, bands, a chicken bbq, a car show, and then in the evening, we've been having the buffalo philarmonic playing, but this year they have a big band concert (which I LOVE) and then a great fireworks display!
We start the day at the parade up town, and then walk throught the craft show and usually end up talking to a bunch of people, then we head to the fellers to hang out at the pool and eat for the afternoon. then we decide if were going to the concert or not. if not, we stay at the pool. then I go home and make big paper bags full of buttered and salted popcorn to take to the fireworks. Everyone meets here and we have a convoy up town to the soccor field where we watch the fireworks from. Always Always a great time!
So this afternoon, I have to bake a cherry pie and a lemon merenge pie. It'll be so hard not to eat them until tomorrow! Im also making strawberry pretzel jello dessert, pasta salad, taco salad, and develed eggs. I'm starving for all of those things right now! There really nothing that great to eat here! I want a burger or something off the grill, but I'll be ending up with PBJ in a minute!
so anyways.. thats all for today.. What are all of you doing for the 4th?